Carrie’s New Life Ch. 6

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Chapter 6: Carrie Discovers A New World

“We are going to release you now Carrie, but you are still to do just as you are told or the restraints will go back on. Do you understand?” said the leader.

“Yes.” said Carry “I’ll do anything, just make me cum!”

Just then, the door opened again and two beautiful women in nothing but stockings and high heels were led into the room. Their hands were bound behind them as two other men pushed them toward the bed. Their handcuffs were removed and the blonde girl was turned to lie on her back next to Carrie. The short haired brunette was forced to kneel between her legs. Carrie was pulled up from the bed and was pushed down on all fours with her mouth inches away from the brunette’s pussy which was leaking cum all over the carpet. one of the men that had just entered knelt behind Carrie as another man straddled the blondes face.

“I’m sure you know what is expected of you all. Eat her, Carrie. Lick Tom’s cum out of her cunt.” Said the leader.

Tom. Carrie had nearly forgotten all about Tom. Where was he now. Carries head was pushed forward into the other girl’s pussy and she automatically began sucking on her hole. Then Carrie finally felt a very large cock push casino siteleri deep into her cunt. She moaned in ecstasy as the huge prick slid into her slowly.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for Carrie?” said the man who had entered her. It was Tom! His cock slammed back into her hot little hole as the brunette pushed her ass back in her face. One of the other men now straddled the brunette’s back with his hard cock facing Carrie. He stroked his cock with the same rhythm as Tom fucked her. Soon the man was shooting his load all over Carrie’s already cum drenched hair and the brunette’s ass caught the next squirt from his prick. She heard some of the men beside her grunting as she felt another load land on her back.

“Fuck me Carrie.” said Tom as he pumped her hole. “Cum on my pole baby!” His breathing coming in pants. Carrie felt the first wave of her orgasm come over her as Tom’s cock swelled inside her. As he rammed in again she felt his hot prick fill her pussy with his load. Another wave shot through Carrie’s pussy as the man straddling the blonde shot his load in the girls mouth. His cum dripped out of the corners of her lips and onto her tits.

As Carries orgasm finally faded, she felt Tom’s cock canlı casino soften and slip out of her cunt. Another man pulled the brunette away from Carrie’s face and pushed his cock into the short haired girl’s mouth and began pumping furiously. Tom turned Carrie onto her back and slid his tongue into her dripping hole then began sucking hard on her clit. He found the vibrator next to him on the floor and , switching it on, slid the chrome cock into her pussy while he worked his mouth over her joy button.

Carries hadn’t noticed that most of the other men had left the room. The two girls and the leader were the only one’s left besides Tom and herself. The leader pulled the com drenched blonde from the bed and told her to lay down beside Carrie. The brunette was told to lie on her back beneath Tom so she could let him fuck her mouth. Then the leader knelt between the two girls on their backs and waved his slick purple cock in their faces. The blonde opened her mouth to take it in her throat while she fingered her own clit.

Carrie felt yet another orgasm coming and lifted her head so that she could take the leaders’ balls into her mouth. When he saw what Carrie was doing, he stopped pumping the blonde’s face and kaçak casino laid his nut sack inside Carrie’s mouth. Then he grabbed the blonde’s head and got her bobbing up and down on his pole while Carrie licked from his balls to his asshole and back again.

Now Tom was working her cunt even more furiously as he plunged his cock deep into the brunettes throat. She felt the vibrator ram deeply into her hole and felt her own cum flow around it as she came again.

Suddenly the leader and Tom both began to moan. They were both ready to cum and Carrie couldn’t wait to see where they would deposit their loads. The leader pulled his cock out of the blonde’s mouth and started jacking off, aiming his prick directly at Carrie’s face. Tom had straddled her chest and started stroking his tool in the same rhythm occasionally slapping it against her tits. The brunette had replaced Tom’s tongue with her own and slid the chrome dildo deep into her ass.

“Oh God!” moaned the leader as he began to shoot his cream all over her cheek. After he had milked most of the cum from his prick hole he slid his spent tool into carries mouth and ordered her to clean him off.

Then it was tom’s turn. As the leader pulled away, Tom immediately replaced the leader’s cock with his own and began to fill her mouth with a huge load of his sperm. The vibrator in her ass and the brunette sucking on her clit was bringing her to the peak and, as she came again, the room faded to black.

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