Carving Her Initials Ch. 02

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Dianne hung up the phone and looked back at me, then got up. She was going to let Sue walk in here and see me naked tied to our bed with her panties in my mouth and Di’s initials carved in my chest.

The door bell rand and I heard Di and Sue giggling down the hall. Apparently Sue was less confident about this than Di had been.

Sue was wearing a pink silk gown that was just long enough to keep me from being able to see if she was hearing any panties under it. Di was still in the see through baby doll that matched the panties in my mouth.

Sue leaned over me to examine the initials on my chest. “Did he bleed much?” she asked.

“I casino oyna kept blotting it. The talcum powder made it clot like that.”

Sue looked at my half-erect penis. “Did he have any trouble getting an erection after you carved him?”

“No, but he never does. Does Hank have…”

I couldn’t believe they were having this conversation right in front of me.

“Well, I’ve never come on to Hank when he was hung over. The last time he got drunk he was with me and (sniggle) he couldn’t wait until we got into the house.”

“Really? You did it in the garage?” Di asked, trying to suppress the giggles.

“We started there. canlı casino I was pretty well wasted too, but I remember riding the pony and looking at the rose bush by the front door. The next morning I picked my bra up off the front lawn. When he woke up he complained about itching all over from the grass.”

This talk was getting my penis back to horny all over again. Then the phone rang and Di picked it up.

“Hello…Sue! It’s Angie!…Uh huh…No, don’t untie him! Sue and I will be right over! Bye. Come on Sue, let’s go have a look at Bill!”

As Sue started out Di bent over to kiss my cheek and say “Don’t go away Sweetie, I’ll kaçak casino be right back!” and stuck her tongue in my ear. They left me there and I heard the door close behind them.

My wife was going to the neighbor’s house in just the see through baby doll with her ass and pussy bare to the world! And my buddy was going to see all three wives mostly undressed! If I didn’t know Bill as well as I did I might have worried, but these girls were not into swapping. They were doing this to tease us. In a few minutes Sue would be going back to do Hank while Angie did Bill again and Di would be here for another round with me. My erection was almost full staff just thinking about it.

Just then I heard a tap at the bedroom window. I strained my neck to see Dianne knocking from outside in her nightie.

“Sweetie, I don’t have my key! I locked myself out!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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