Casey’s Infatuation Ch. 01

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This story is completely fiction, and just a story of my own crazy imagination. If you like Chapter 1 then tune in for Chapter 2. Coming soon…….I hope.


The windows began to shutter slightly as the wind outside beat on the delicate glass taunting Casey and all her boredom. She sighed, drowning out the mellow tone voice of Mr. Crawford. Casey’s eyes wondered towards the clock once again only to realize that 2 minutes had passed since the last time she had looked at it.

“This is torture.” She said to herself under her breath. The young man in front of her gave a half turn in his seat to get a glimpse at her.

“What?” Casey asked harshly.

The man turned back around without saying anything. All Casey could think about was being freed from the torturous prison of the school walls. She longed for the feel of the wind gliding across her face. It’s amazing how many little things we take for granted until they are taken away from us.

Casey took a deep breath and turned her attention towards the teacher trying her hardest to focus on his words. All she could here from those moving lips was the teacher’s thick accent.

“Tennessee,” She thought in her head.

She had never even been to Tennessee and she didn’t know anyone from around there, but for some reason she was almost certain that Mr. Crawford was a Tennessee man. The thought brought a little smirk to Casey’s face which quickly dissolved as boredom continued to take over her mind. Mr. Crawford wasn’t a very handsome man. Perhaps saying that he wasn’t very handsome is being too kind. His unruly salt and pepper hair looked like it was begging for a comb. He had a shabby black moustache to go along with his hair. If you get close enough when talking to him you can still see some remnants of his lunch. He wore oversized glasses that completely engulfed his tiny little eyes. From the looks of the rest of his body you could tell that he has probably never missed a meal or snack in his entire life time. His belly looked as though it was desperately trying to pull free of his tucked in blue striped blouse. He was a mess for lack of a better word, and must have been in his late 40’s.

Casey’s eyes were drawn once again to the clock.

“Okay, only 20 minutes left.” She said to herself just loud enough to catch Mr. Crawford’s attention.

“Miss Lavontey, did you have an answer to my question about the flawed character of Mitzy in this story?

Casey rolled her eyes.

“Mitzy is your typical character who is obsessed with avoiding any kind of situation. She withdraws both physically and psychologically, and this affects her through out her everyday living. She begins to avoid everything and everyone. Scared of her own voice I like to say.” Casey finishes.

“Well, thank you very much for putting your own insightful little spin on that. Maybe this class would interest you more if you actually paid attention to something other then the clock.”

Casey leaned back in her seat and smiled, completely aware that her answer was excellent and exactly what Mr. Crawford was looking for. He just didn’t want to look stupid in front of the whole class.

Fifteen minutes later Mr. Crawford finally dismissed the class. Casey gathered her book bag and ran out of the classroom doors.

“Free at last.” Casey stretched her arms as she made her way down the stairs.

“I thought you were rather witty.” A voice came from behind her. At first Casey wasn’t sure if the person was talking to her, or on the phone. When she turned around she saw a young lady staring at her. The woman’s eyes were a magnificent shade of green and they seemed to be staring right into Casey’s soul.

“Oh, well thank you. It wasn’t a difficult question.” Casey replied, unable to stop staring at the woman.

“Yes, but you presented the answer so well, considering that you were paying absolutely no attention.” She gave a little laugh.

“Uh huh.” Casey answered.

The young girl smiled at Casey as they parted their separate ways. Casey couldn’t help but to notice her kind and warm smile. She was so genuinely happy. Casey felt knots in her stomach as she watched the woman walk off.

“Whatever.” Casey thought to herself as she rushed to get outside. As soon as she set foot on the pavement her pocket began to buzz. Casey gave a little giggle as it tickled her right leg. She dug her hand into her pocket until she found her cell phone. She flipped the phone open and smiled at the name displayed. It was Brian her boyfriend.

“Hi baby.” Casey answered.

“Hey, how was class?” Brian asked.

“Boring, as usual. I wish Mr. Crawford could find something interesting to talk about for at least 10 minutes out of the 2 hours that I’m in that class.”

“Aww, I’m sorry baby. Well, at least you’re done for the weekend. You know what that means!!”

Casey smiled.

“Mmmmmm, yes I do.”

“So I should be over around 8 or so. Don’t start the party without me.”

“Oh, it’s not a party until you casino siteleri are there.” Casey grinned.

“I gotta go now. Love you babe.”

“I love you too. See you tonight.” Casey replied.

Casey couldn’t get the smirk off of her face for the entire walk back to her apartment imagining all the dirty things they would do that night. Casey pushed the unlocked door to her apartment open to see Emily sitting on the futon watching television. Emily had just gotten back from soccer practice and was only in her sports bra and soccer shorts. Casey let out a loud sigh as she walked past Emily.

“You wanna put on some clothes? Gosh! The neighbors are probably staring.”

Emily laughed.

“If I wore more clothes you wouldn’t be able to admire my magnificent body on a daily basis.”

“Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot how gorgeous you are, Emily.” Casey replied.

“So what are we doing tonight?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know about you, but Brian is coming over and we are going to spend some quality time together.”

“Oh really? I want to go to a party.” Emily announced.

“I thought you had given up on drinking during the soccer season.”

“Fuck that. It’s been 4 months 18 days 3 hours and 27 minutes since my last drink. I feel deprived.”

Casey shook her head. Emily laughed and continued flipping through the channels. Casey went into her room and locked the door behind her as she took out her British Literature book and began to study. There was nothing else to do while she waited for the time to pass. Outside of her door she could here Emily snickering at whatever she was watching. Casey looked at the clock. It was 7:36pm.

About ten minutes past eight Casey’s phone began to ring. Casey grabbed it from her desk quickly and answered.

“Hey, Brian. What’s up? Where are you?” Casey quickly asked. Casey was getting worried because she wasn’t used to Brian ever even being five minutes late.

“Sorry I didn’t call earlier babe. I got caught up at Joey’s house. He’s having a going away party for his girlfriend and I promised I’d stick around for a little while.”

“But I thought we were supposed to be hanging out tonight. Just you and me.” Casey pouted.

“I know. I’m sorry.”


“I think that you should come over here. He’s throwing a really nice going away party. There aren’t very many people here though. I think one of his friends just left to buy a keg or something. I know you’re not big on beer but that’s the only alcohol they ever have. Plus he has a lot of unoccupied rooms upstairs, if you know what I mean.”

Casey smiled and her heart raced a little. She had never imagined having sex with Brian in some one else’s room. The idea felt so dirty to her.

“Okay, maybe I’ll stop by for a little while. Can I bring Emily? She’d kick my ass if she knew I went anywhere without her.”

“Of course you can bring her! So I’d better go, but I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

“Me too. I should be there in about 15 minutes.”

“Great! By babe. I love you.”

“Love you too.” Casey closed her phone and placed it on her desk beside her laptop. She rose from her seat and headed for her room door. Before she could touch the handle the door swung open. Emily stood on the other side still wearing her sports bra and shorts with a big grin on her face.

“So Mr. Perfect Boyfriend is late. Was that him you were talking to on the phone? What did he have to say for himself?”

“You are one extremely nosey roommate. Did you know that?”

Emily’s smile only grew.

“I don’t think you’d love me any other way.”

Casey rolled her eyes.

“We have been invited to a party. So hurry up and put on some decent clothes, I told Brian I’d be there in 15 minutes.”

Emily looked overjoyed.

“Yes finally! A party! Some excitement in my boring life!” Emily ran to her room and began to change clothes.

Casey closed her room door and walked over to her closet to begin the daunting ritual of trying to find something nice to wear. Different occasions call for different types of clothes and Casey wasn’t sure exactly what kind of clothes to wear to a farewell party. Within five minutes Casey heard Emily knocking outside of her door. Casey opened her door to reveal Emily in her devil red tank top that showed off 70% of her chest, and her mischievous black skirt that was about 7 inches above her knee. Her dark hair was up in a bun and she wore dangling red earrings that perfectly matched her outfit. Her black heels looked painful to Casey, but also very hot. It was obvious that she was wearing her favorite push up bra. This was definitely an outfit that she hadn’t worn in a long time. After Casey finished looking Emily over from head to toe she smiled.

“There is no doubt that you look very lovely, but I’m afraid that I forgot to tell you what kind of party this is.” Casey began.

Emily’s grin began to fade.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a going away party for a friend’s canlı casino girlfriend. Brian said there aren’t a lot of people there.” Casey explained.

“Is there at least going to be any alcohol?” Emily asked in a disappointed voice.

“Yes, there is a keg.” Casey answered.

“Hmmm, okay. Well, I guess in that case I should probably wear my hair down.” Emily said and walked off into the bathroom. Casey laughed at Emily’s comment and then walked back over to her bed where she had different outfits spread out. Casey stared hard at all of them.

“Do you think you could help me figure out something to wear?” She yelled to Emily. About a minute later Emily was inside Casey’s room pondering over the outfits Casey had laid out.

“None of these will do. Do you have any other clothes?” Emily asked sarcastically.

“Of course I do, but none of those are right for this party.” Casey answered. With that Emily walked over to Casey’s closet, opened the door, and began searching.

“None of your clothes are revealing enough.” Emily said.

Casey didn’t respond.

“You should try on some of my clothes. I think we are about the same size.”

“That’s alright. Your clothes aren’t really my taste.” Casey answered.

“Oh honey. I’m hot and need you to fuck me now is everyone’s taste.” Emily replied.

“Not really mine.” Casey answered.

Emily continued to search through all of her clothes. After awhile she sighed and decided that it was hopeless to find the type of top that she had in mind. She turned around and shook her head at Casey disapprovingly.

“I need to take you shopping, hun.” Emily said. Casey laughed and pointed to the clothes laying on her bed.

“These are some of my nicer tops. Why don’t I put them on and you tell me which you like best.” Casey explained.

“Fine.” Emily agreed. She left the room so that Casey could change in private.

After showing Emily the first 3 shirts and getting a sickening look from her, it was time to try on the fourth and final one. When Emily walked into the room she told Casey to twirl around so she could get a better look. Once Casey had spun all the way around Emily clapped her hands excitedly. The light blue little blouse wasn’t exactly Emily’s taste, but it was the closest thing Casey had. Not to mention that it looked absolutely divine on Casey, showing off all of her curves and it even made her small breasts look inviting.

“You have a hot body. Did you know that? You should show it off more.” Emily said. And she meant every word. She was actually a little jealous that Casey had such an amazing body, especially since she hardly ever worked out while Emily worked out intensely everyday and played soccer.

Casey was a little shy about wearing the blouse. It was tighter then anything she was used to wearing and even buttoned all the way up it still showed off some of her chest. She thought about changing for a moment but then shrugged it off and just decided to wear the blouse.

“Fine, let’s go now.” Casey said to Emily.

They finally arrived at the party half an hour later then they expected. When Casey pulled up into the apartment she was taken aback by what she saw. When Brian had said that there weren’t very many people there she had expected maybe 15 people at the very most. In actuality there must have been about 70 people. The apartment was rather large so space wasn’t an issue. Casey wasn’t accustomed to being around so many people. Not to mention that half of the people she encountered were drunk. Emily couldn’t stop smiling.

“I thought you said it was just going to be a small party.” Emily yelled over the music.

“That’s what Brian told me.” Casey answered. The two walked together searching for Brian or some other familiar face. Suddenly Casey felt someone tap her shoulder and when she turned around she was standing face to face with Brian. Brian leaned towards her ear so that she could here him.

“Hey babe. I’m so glad you could make it. I know there are a lot more people here then I told you. Turns out a couple of Joey’s friends heard about the party and decided to invite the whole neighborhood.” Brian explained. Casey nodded.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked her. Casey shook her head. Brian kissed her on the cheek and then walked off.

“Where’s he going?” Emily asked.

“Don’t know.” Casey responded.

“Well, I’m going to go around and introduce myself to some hot guys. Want to join?”

Casey figured she’d stick with Emily since she didn’t want to wander around alone. And Emily was always able to handle herself much better in a party atmosphere. Emily headed towards the kitchen to find something to drink.

“Jackpot!” She said while handing Casey a diet coke.

“Is diet coke really a jackpot?” Casey asked.

Emily began to laugh as she grabbed a bottle from the fridge that clearly read Vodka on the label. Casey smiled. She hadn’t had any alcohol in quite some time. And she knew the beverage would kaçak casino help loosen her up. Casey found a cup and poured some vodka in first. She stopped, looked at the vodka and poured another two shots in. Then she mixed in the diet coke. Emily grinned as Casey handed her the bottle of vodka.

When they were done fixing their drinks Emily headed off towards the living room to mingle, and Casey followed closely behind her. Casey saw an unoccupied chair in the living room and started to head towards it when a familiar voice stopped her in her tracks.

“Hey, small world.” The voice said from behind.

Casey turned around to find a beautiful young woman gazing deeply into her eyes. It took a few moments before she could remember the woman. Then it suddenly hit her. It was the lady who had called Casey witty after the comment she had made in her English class. The woman looked a little different and a lot more dressed up, but she wore that same extremely cheerful expression on her face. As Casey admired her beautiful smile she began to suddenly realize that she was staring stupidly. Casey quickly looked away.

“Oh, I’m sorry….”

The lady laughed.

“For what?” She asked.

Casey stood there trying to figure out how to answer the question.

“For, umm….”

The woman held out her right hand towards Casey.

“My name is Madison.” She said.

Casey grabbed Madison’s hand and shivers instantly ran down her spine. There was something absolutely mesmerizing about Madison. Perhaps it was those piercing green eyes, or maybe her perfectly curled gorgeous red hair.

Madison kept a smile on her face the whole time. A man suddenly walked up behind Madison, and whispered something in her ear. Madison nodded and excused herself. She walked across the room to a large crowd and shook everyone’s hand. Casey continued to stare at her. Madison had a way of carrying herself that made others notice her. Her amazing body also caught lots of people’s attention. She was about 5’9 and had the most incredible long legs, and a tight ass to go along with them. Once Casey’s eyes moved onto Madison’s chest she was unable to remove them. Madison’s breasts looked like a small C, and they were perfect.

Madison suddenly looked over to find Casey still staring at her breasts. Madison’s grin grew as Casey immediately looked away embarrassed. Casey swallowed a large mouthful of vodka and diet coke and headed for a place to sit. On her way over to a chair she saw Emily dancing with some cute guy that they didn’t know. Casey safely made her way to a chair and gave a loud sigh as she sat down.

The music continued to play and people continued to dance but Casey just sat in her seat drinking. Suddenly she felt someone walk up behind her and she could feel their warm breath on her neck.

“Would you like to dance?” Madison’s voice came out softly.

“I…I don’t dance.” Casey responded.

Madison lightly laughed at Casey’s reply.

“Everyone dances.” Madison said as she walked around the chair to stand in front of Casey. She then grabbed Casey’s hand and gently lifted her out of her seat. Casey didn’t try to fight back. Madison placed a hand on Casey’s lower back and slowly slid it down to Casey’s ass. Casey’s eyes widened and her insides tingled.

“I seriously can’t dance, and it makes me kind of……uncomfortable.” Casey said in a very low voice.

Madison removed her hand from Casey’s ass.

“Have you ever tried to learn?”

“Yes. Well, kind of.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to force you.” Madison apologized.

“Oh no, you don’t have to apologize.” Casey said.

At the same time she felt someone tapping at her shoulder. Casey turned around to see Brian right behind her.

“Hey babe, I need to show you something upstairs.” He said.

“What?” Casey asked.

“You’ll have to see for yourself.” Brian answered.

“I’m in the middle of a conversation with……”

“It’s fine, really. Go ahead.” Madison interrupted.

“See babe, she doesn’t mind.” Brian said and kissed Casey on the forehead while grabbing her hand and then leading her upstairs. Brian led Casey into a completely dark room and went to turn on the lights. When the lights were on Casey was able to see a little black box lying on the bed. Casey looked over at Brian confused.

“Go ahead, open it.” He said.

Casey picked the box up and opened it. Her mouth hung open as she stared at the stunning silver necklace the box was protecting.

“It’s an apology for forgetting about our one year anniversary two weeks ago.” He explained. Casey was at a loss for words. Brian took the box from her and carefully removed the necklace. He placed it around her neck. His hands began to stroke her shoulders and he bent down to kiss her neck. Casey closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the attention but something was bothering her. Brian’s hands began to slide down towards her chest. When he got to her breasts he gave them a rough squeeze. Then his right hand went straight down and underneath her skirt. He grabbed her panties and started to drag them down. When her underwear was at her knees his phone suddenly began to ring. He gave a loud sigh and reached into his pocket and dug out his phone.

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