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Winter break was over and the students and staff that lived on the premises of the School of the Sacred Heart were beginning to fill the halls, dorms, and classrooms once more. Amy Chasteman and Teresa Knight were just two of the seventy young girls who resided within the walls of the two hundred year old academy.

Both girls were looking forward to the 2013 semester more so than any semester before. They had been attending the all girls Catholic school since early childhood and had grown up as best friends, and later had petitioned the housing department to let them become roommates. Now they were seniors and both had celebrated their eighteenth birthdays over winter break. This was their last semester at School of the Sacred Heart and as they shared their holiday experiences with one another both girls realized that they had not yet accomplished all they had hoped to accomplish before graduation.

“So, you didn’t do it either, did you?” Amy asked Teresa.

Teresa shook her head no. “I just couldn’t. The opportunity was there. My cousin Jeffery, he’s a couple years older than me, and hot — very very hot, and he’d have been willing too, but I just couldn’t do it.”

“Did you even try?” Amy asked.

Teresa blushed. “Yeah. I paraded around in my skimpiest pajamas, granted only when no one was around and I made sure my breasts “fell” out of my bikini whenever we were in the pool together and once, I even “accidentally” brushed my ass against his crotch when we were in the kitchen, helping make cookies with mom.”

Amy’s eyes widened in their sockets. “What did he do?”

“Oh he copped a feel and he even told me if I was offering than he’d meet me in the jacuzzi.”

“But you just couldn’t do it, could you? Was it because he was your cousin?”

“I don’t think so. He really is a stud. I think, all of this,” she swept her hand around the room, indicating her Catholic upbringing, “actually worked on me.”

“So you’re giving up on the whole idea of losing your virginity before leaving Sacred Heart?”

Teresa chewed on her lower lip. “Well, yes and no.”

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

“Well, I have another idea. But first, I want to hear about your failed attempt at losing your cherry,” Teresa said.

Amy sighed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I so fuckin’ failed. Made a fool of myself. He got his cock out and,” she turned away and shook her head in shame, “it was so fuckin’ big.”

“You got scared?” Teresa asked in a soft understanding voice.


“It’s okay Amy. Cocks are scary. Their so big and I’ll admit, I was scared that if Jeffery and I did do it, that I wouldn’t be able to take him. When I rubbed against him in the kitchen, he felt like a giant cucumber,” Teresa admitted.

“But not all cocks are big. I mean sure most of the ones that we’ve seen online are, but there have been a few that looked doable,” Amy said, as her flushed cheeks slowly came back to a more normal hue of peach.

“They’re all doable,” Teresa told her.

“I guess,” her friend muttered. Amy then took a deep breath. “So what’s your idea?”

“Okay, first I want you to know as gross as this sounds it’s fuckin’ amazing.”

“Um, okay.”

Teresa walked over to one of her suitcases that she’d not yet unpacked. She pulled out a black canvas bag and sat back on her bed. Amy scooted over and Teresa opened the bag, then dumped its contents out on the bed.

“What are these?” Amy asked. “They don’t look like the regular toys we’ve got.”

“They aren’t,” Teresa said. “These are anal toys.”

Amy’s jaw slacked. “Eww,” she said, then jumped off the bed. “That is gross!”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “I told you it would sound that way, now get back here and listen to me.”

Amy’s lips were curled in disgust, but she did as her friend had commanded. “I’m not touching them,” she whispered.

“They’re new, you dork. I bought them a couple days before daddy brought me back up here.”

“Then how do you know they’re amazing?” Amy asked, before picking up a small purple cock-like toy. The tag on the end identified it as a vibrating dildo for beginners.

“Okay, gross thing number two. The ones I used were my parents,” Teresa confessed.

“Oh my God, Teresa! You used your mom and dad’s toys!”

She nodded her head. “Hey they were there and don’t worry,” she laughed, “I cleaned them, both before and after.”

“Tell me this,” Amy said, bringing her legs up and crossing them in front of her “How did you know they had them and how did you know that’s what they were?” She lifted one eyebrow and waited to hear her friend’s story.

Teresa chuckled softly. “I caught mom and dad fucking one night during break. As you know we have both an indoor and outdoor pool. Well I was going to go swimming and pulled open the door to the pool room and heard this groaning and grunting noise. I knew immediately what it was, because after all those videos online you start recognizing the sounds illegal bahis of fucking. I wasn’t sure who it was though, because I couldn’t see them. We had a butt load of… .”

“Don’t say “butt load” while talking about anal,” Amy said, making a face.

Teresa again laughed. “Okay. Well, anyway, we had a lot of relatives spending winter break with us, so it could have been anybody, but lucky me, when I peeked in I saw my dad pounding my mom from behind. And while his cock was plunging in and out of her, he had this thing in his hand. He was going to town on her and she was loving it. She was cursing and pushing back, screaming at him to “fuck her ass”.”


“I know, right! So there I was quietly watching mom and dad fuck, when he pulls his dick from her pussy, and the toy from her ass and shoves his cock into her asshole. I got so wet Amy. I thought for sure I was gonna come. I knew then that I had to try it,” Teresa confessed.

“What? Toys?”

“No. Anal.”

Amy’s eyes grew more wide, her jaw dropped and words seemed lost to her.

Teresa continued her story. “Well, I left mom and dad alone and headed back to my room. I looked around for something, anything really that I could shove up my ass, just to see what it felt like. I grabbed my hairbrush and used just the first two inches of the handle. At first it stung and it hurt a lot, but then I realized my ass wasn’t like my pussy. My pussy was wet and my ass, well it is what it is. So I cleaned off the brush with a lot of soap and hot water, then I shoved the handle into my pussy and made myself come. After that I had a lot of wetness. I pushed the tip of the brush against my asshole and slowly pushed it back. All that juice, well it worked. After some tense and sore moments I started to move the brush in and out.”

“What was it like?” Amy asked.

“Amy, I’m not lying. It was fuckin’ unreal. I felt the ridges of the brush rubbing against my ass. The sensations were unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I pushed the brush in deeper and then I started rubbing my pussy. I had to bite down on my tongue to keep from squealing. I was having that much fun. When I came, I came hard. The hardest I’ve ever come.” Teresa shook her head back and forth, flopped down on the bed and sighed. “Damn, I could fuck my ass right now and die a happy woman.”

“But Teresa,” Amy’s voice was soft and low, “what about, well — you know, the smell and the poo.”

Teresa sat up. “Yeah, that was the other gross part of the story. I pulled the brush out, rinsed it off then threw it away. That’s the only drawback though. Other than that it’s the best thing ever and,” she sat up more straight and stared at her friend, “I’m still a virgin.”

Amy wiggled her lips back and forth.

“Amy, I had this amazing fucking orgasm and I didn’t have to shove a dick up my pussy to do it. So, I’m thinking we keep our cherries for our future husbands, like the good Lord wants us to, but we go ahead and take it up the ass. On our wedding night we’ll still have cherries to pop and the good Catholic boys that mom and dad want us to marry will never have to know we were ass sluts.”

“But, Teresa. I can’t get over the smell or the icky factor,” Amy admitted.

“Condoms sweetheart. We get the guys to wear condoms and I went online and found out ways we can prepare ourselves for a cleaner experience.”

“You mean enemas, don’t you,” Amy said, once more curling her noise in disgust.

“Yep, and a bland diet, lots of liquids. If we plan ahead of time we can limit the yuck factor a lot.”

“You really have been thinking about this a lot haven’t you?” Amy asked, as she picked up another toy. This one was labeled: Anal wand with rotating action.

“Amy, I’ve been thinking and doing it all summer. The only thing I haven’t done is let a guy fuck me. Those cocks still scare me,” Teresa said. “I want one though, a cock shoved up there pounding away. Mom looked so turned on by Daddy’s dick. I want that too.”

“But how do you find a guy with a small pecker?” Amy asked.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that. We need to investigate before we approach.”

“Meaning, check out a guy’s length and girth before we ask him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine?” Amy said. She then laughed. “And how do you suggest we do that? Walk up to some random guy and say ‘Hey would you mind dropping your pants, letting me get you hard and then stand there, and wait while I decide if your cock is too big for my asshole?’?”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “No,” she said, then stuck out her tongue. “I think we go to some of the area high school games and maybe some of the college ones. We watch the basketball players, football players, the soccer boys and we pick and choose who has the smallest crotch.”

“Don’t they were cups when they’re playing. You’re not going to know what you’re getting until it’s hard and taking in oxygen,” Amy said.

“Yeah. I never said my plan was perfect and illegal bahis siteleri didn’t have holes,” Teresa admitted.

“Well, you think about it, while I look at your toys,” Amy noticed Teresa’s smile, “I’m not saying I’m in, but I am curious.”

“Just play with some of the toys and you’ll see, you’ll want a cock in your ass before your done coming,” Teresa told her. “I’ve got to go. I volunteered to help Sara with a catering job that her mom has lined up. I want to earn as much money as I can before classes start and I get too bogged down with homework.”

“Have fun. Lookin’ at all these toys I bet your private stash of mad money is a little light,” Amy said with a soft laugh.

“No shit.”


Teresa laughed. “Sorry!” She left the room and headed off campus, making sure to check out with the den mother as well as the guard at the gate.

While Teresa was gone, Amy picked up each toy and began to cut off the tags as well as tear into the plastic that kept them from her curious hands. Once she had them all laid out on the bed, she inserted batteries into the ones that needed them and began to turn them on and off. Her pussy flexed as she imagined the toys being pushed int her ass, but she also felt a small wave of nausea as she imagined the substances that would cover the slick new toys. Those thoughts brought her back to the part of Teresa and her conversation that covered preparation.

She left the bed and headed over to her computer, which her cousin had happily rigged so she could manipulate the security of campus administration and wonder about the internet and all the sites she wanted without anyone being aware. Teresa had the same software on her computer, thanks to Jeffery and a twenty dollar bill her roommate had given him.

After an hour and a half of playing around online, Amy was horny and in need of a quick come. She had learned enough to know that though the act of anal play could be messy it could be fun too. “Besides,” she said to herself, “that’s why we have soap and water.” She got up and walked over to her friend’s bed. Her lips puckered up as she tried to decide what toy to try first.

She picked up a small, pink, silicon dildo. It didn’t do anything special and Amy quickly dismissed it. “I don’t want to just let it sit there,” she said to herself, “where’s the fun in that?”

Amy then picked up a dark maroon dildo, that came with a silver remote. She picked up the small slip of paper that had come with the toy. Once she read the directions, and toyed with the remote’s settings she felt more sure of what she was doing.

Teresa had provided everything and for that Amy was thankful. She walked over to their bedroom door and locked it. Teresa had a set of keys and Amy knew her friend wouldn’t be back until later that evening.

With the door lock and her stomach tightening in anticipation of trying something new, Amy took off her clothes, picked up the dildo of her choice and a bottle of warming gel that Teresa had also purchased. Once she determined she was comfortable on the bed, she squirted a generous helping of lube onto the dildo and rotated her hips. Amy pushed the head of the toy against the crack of her ass, and felt the gel touch her cheeks. She licked her lips, stuck out her tongue and furrowed her brow. Her expression bore a look of pure concentration.

As she worked to get the toy between her ass cheeks, she felt uncomfortable and inexperienced. When she finally felt the tip press against her asshole, she paused and took a deep breath. Her other hand wrapped tightly around the small remote and she held onto it with a death-like grip as she pushed the dildo into her ass.

The toy started out narrow and slowly widened until the base was reached. The base was also silicon, but it had a ring of rubber attached to it, so that Amy could easily pull the toy out when she wanted. The remote gave her another sense of control, because she could shut it off if she got too scared or she discovered she didn’t like the experience at all.

The initial invasion of her ass made her wince in pain. She hardened her jaw and pushed more of it into her anal cavity. Several long deep breaths later Amy silently cheered herself. She had gotten all 5 inches in and she hadn’t died.

With the anal toy now buried in her ass, she took a moment to let her muscle adjust to the new feelings. Every fiber in her being told her to push the dildo out, but she knew that she had to keep her muscled flexed so the toy didn’t slip free. After a couple of minutes she was ready to turn the dildo on low.

Instantly the toy began to vibrate and Amy bit down on her lip as images that were less than pleasant played at the corner of her mind. “Stop it,” she whispered to herself, and took a deep breath, before recalling one of the videos she’d watched online. The woman had been masturbating and fucking herself with an anal toy, so Amy slid her free hand down to her pussy and began to slide her fingers up canlı bahis siteleri and down her smooth mound.

The nervousness she had felt was soon replaced with an odd heat. It started out warm, but soon grew hotter. Her pussy seemed more sensitive and her clit felt harder. She felt the dildo in her ass and wondered how much it was truly affecting her. With a small hint of hesitation, Amy turned the remote off and instantly felt as if her best friend had left her. No more than ten seconds later she had the vibrating toy pulsing again.

Amy closed her eyes and let the feelings and sensations she experience guide her fingers as well as when and if she changed the pulsating action of the dildo. Over the course of several minutes she used two fingers in her pussy, rubbing the walls and scratching the tender flesh with her nails. She massaged her clit, tugged and twisted it and increased the tempo of the toy to the second level.

Only once did she try the third speed, but the rolling waves of euphoria actually frightened her, so she turned the toy back down to two and went back to what she felt was safe. When she finally came, she was grunting low and an animal-like sound poured from her throat.

After climaxing Amy turned the toy off and left it in her tight ass until her pulse returned to normal. Then she took a deep breath, reached back, and pulled the silicon dildo from her tight and slippery hole. Her nose curled as she breathed in the scent of her bowels. “Soap and water. Soap and water.” Amy repeated the mantra, as she headed to the bathroom and began the necessary and unpleasant job of washing off her friend’s toy.

Five minutes later, and with her hands red from the intense heat she’d used in cleaning the toy, Amy climbed into the shower and washed herself. When she came out, she was wrapped in a towel and she put Teresa’s toys, along with the lube and extra batteries back into the canvas bag. A long slow breath passed through her lips. “Okay, she was right. Now I want to try a cock.” Amy got dressed, picked up her purse and headed to the school gym, which was shared with the all boy’s Catholic school St. Thomas.

When the two girls met up again, both had stories to tell. Teresa talked about the food that was served as well as a couple of the young men that had also arrived to help Sara’s mom. “They weren’t too bad looking either,” she said, “and I got a chance to see their cocks.”

“How’d you manage that?” Amy asked.

“Well, I had too pee something awful and there was this freakishly long line for the ladies room, so I decided to pop into the one the boy’s use. There’s never a line for the guy’s bathroom. Well, I picked a stall and sat down. I had just started peeing when I heard voices. I squeezed my bladder and waited to finish peeing. I couldn’t just pee and then walk out.”

“Aw, why not,” Amy said, laughing. “You could have just checked their wankers out and solicit them on the spot.”

“Haha,” Teresa answered back, rolling her eyes at her friend. “Well, I leaned as far as I could without falling off the toilet, and quietly unlocked the stall door. The boys were there, the ones helping out at the party, and they were standing at the urinals peeing. They were talking up a storm too. Man, boys can run their mouths. Anyway, there I am holding my piss, when one boy finishes up. He turns away from the other and starts stuffing his cock back into his pants.”

“Nice,” Amy said, with a smirk. “And how was it?”

“Well from what I could see he wasn’t super long, not like my dad’s and nothing like those guys online.”

“So, you think their ass worthy?” Amy asked.

Teresa lifted a brow.”Oh, someone wants it in the ass now, don’t they? Did you play while I was gone?”

“I may have,” Amy answered. “So his cock wasn’t super long and the other guy?”

“Well, his was really short, but fat. I’m not sure what that means.”

“It could mean anything,” Amy said. “I still think we need to get them hard and then decide.”

“We can’t just get a guy hard and not let him fuck us. We’ll be raped, or called cock teases,” Teresa said. “I don’t want to be a cock tease.”

“No, you just want to be an ass whore.”

Teresa blushed. “So do you,” she said. “So how was the toy?”

“Fucktastic!” Amy got up and picked the toy out of the bag. “I cleaned it real good,” she told her friend. “I used the remote and kept it on two. I tried the third one, but that was so fuckin’ weird.”

“What do you mean?”

“I felt like my chest was being squeezed by a vice and my pulse was racing. My head was pounding and I had a hard time breathing,” Amy explained.

“Oh you silly girl,” Teresa said, “you were on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm. Maybe even multiple.”


“Yeah, really. You need to use that toy again and go to town. Rev that sucker up and just let it pound your ass till you pass out!”

Amy shook her head no. “I don’t want to pass out!”

“It’s wonderful — passing out from an orgasm. I did it the second time I put a dildo in my ass and a bullet vibe on my clit,” Teresa admitted.

“Well, it doesn’t sound safe,” Amy admitted. “But enough about that. I wanted to tell you about the cocks I saw tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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