Change to Normal Ch. 02

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It had been long day and it finished with a crazy night, driving home I had a lot on my mind. I was exhausted from playing basketball all day. Today had been a little bit tougher than past Saturdays. I was sore and aching from all the hits and bumps that my body had endured throughout the day.

The night games were the worst and this Saturday night was no exception. Plus on top of everything else that I endured all day, a friend of mine had dropped a bombshell on me right after I had taken him home.

I had my windows down because I wanted to feel the summer breeze as I drove home. I needed the feeling of not being trapped. At this age I had become an expert at trapping myself. I was young and still hadn’t figured out that life had a way of always fucking with you when you least expected it. This was most definitely one of those times. But I couldn’t dwell on it.

I would be home soon and I knew that on top of the crazy shit that I had just put myself through, I wasn’t done. I was going to have to deal with a very pissed off little Viking girl.

I had promised her the night before that I would be home early to take her to the movies. But so far I was already two hours late. For all I knew she had already left a long time ago and I was coming home to nothing.

Being that it was 1977 there were no cell phones so there was no way for your girl to keep track of you. All that it meant was that I had no clue what I was walking into.

Casey and I had started a relationship sometime around the end of May, the beginning of June. It was already late August so our relationship had evolved from those early days. In the beginning it was really innocent stuff. Taking short walks during our work breaks. Sitting around holding hands and talking about the elusive everything and nothing.

We enjoyed meeting up at parks for walks or at restaurants for dinner or just hanging out around town. Being that we were both young and inexperienced in the entire grown up way of dating, things were innocent. Sort of, kind of.

At the time I was nineteen getting ready to start my second year of college. Casey was eighteen and getting ready to start her freshman year at the Baptist university across town from the Methodist university that I attended.

She still lived at home with her mom and dad being the all American girl. I had my own apartment downtown on the eleventh floor of my eighteen story apartment building. At that time I was renting a modest efficiency or loft as it’s called these days. I couldn’t afford much because I was the typical poor college kid.

The first time that we hung out we had a very intense experience on a rainy Sunday afternoon. That was the first time that Casey had ever experienced an orgasm. Now hold on, get your mind out of the gutter, we didn’t have sex but we had a very intense episode.

After that we both took things slow. It’s not that we didn’t want more than the hand holding, petting and tender kissing. Quite the opposite, we did want more. It’s just that we could never create the opportunity for it to happen. We were always at work plus like I said Casey lived at home and even though she was eighteen getting away wasn’t easy for her.

Casey’s father was very strict and he kept a close watch over her. I also suspected that he might be one of those prejudice dads because Casey made it clear that I couldn’t pick her up at her house. I especially couldn’t come over to see her. That’s why we always met for our dates and I never picked her up.

Being a young Hispanic male in Texas you kind of knew where you were and weren’t wanted. Never mind that I was a light skinned Hispanic as white as any tanned skinned white kid.

With certain people as soon as my last name was known things would change instantly. But Casey seemed to always find a way to get around her father and I just acted as if I didn’t have a clue. But I had my suspicions.

Oh but we did work together and we had shared many an embarrassing moment or two at work. Like the one day that I was kissing her in the walk-in cooler and had my hand up her skirt.

Not only was my hand up her skirt it was also inconspicuously under her soft little panties holding on to her very nice bottom. Her skin felt so smooth and soft in contrast to the actual firmness of that wonderful little tush. I can still remember the look on Mr. Lewis’s face as he opened the door. “Get out of here you two.” His face was aghast when he first saw us but Mr. Lewis really liked us.

We were his favorite employees’ and as soon as his mind let him catch up with who he was actually looking at he just smiled giving us both that knowing look. “Casey I know your father and you young man go clean up the dining room. Clean something, anything, just get out of here.”

Casey’s face turned a deep shade of red as we walked out of that walk-in cooler. Tara, one of our co-workers, knew that we had been busted doing something. She gave Casey one look and busted out laughing.

As canlı bahis I headed out to the dining room I left Casey to suffer with her innocent embarrassment behind the counter with the others. I couldn’t help but grin as I walked away.

“Shut up!” Casey was growling at Tara and that just led to another round of loud laughter. Casey was something else. A big part of my attraction to her was that she was very independent and head strong.

Little miss thing didn’t take any crap from anyone. If she didn’t like something that you were doing or if she didn’t approve of your behavior she would let you know quick, fast and in a hurry. But somehow with me it was different. I was always amazed at how someone so tiny could command such respect.

She stood just five feet tall…maybe. Plus she only weighed around a buck o’ five, if that. Oh but little miss thing had a body. One that most women would kill for. She had a perfect set of 34 C’s which were very, very perky. On a tiny body like hers they looked as good as you can imagine. Her stomach was tight and flat. Then there’s her firm, hot little bottom which caused many a second look from all the guys.

Yes sir she was one that you didn’t mess with. Then there was me. I can’t explain how our relationship evolved because it was all so surreal to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was some dog or hunchback. I was and still am a handsome man. Back then I was a young… handsome man. I had a little height on me and filled out nicely.

Seems that I went through my final growth spurt somewhere between the nineteenth and twentieth year of my life. I was and still am 5’10”. At that time I was playing a lot of basketball in the hot rec centers around town so I had a very lean, defined muscular body. My straight brown hair had grown to shoulder length, boyishly handsome face and I had my brown eyes. Like two milk duds in a bowl of milk or something like that.

I had a nice behind myself that received just as many complements and the athletic legs to match. Both of us had a smile that could catch anyone’s attention. But here was the strange part.

Casey was very outgoing, very vocal. I was not so much of either. I kept to myself because it always seemed that I had lots on my mind. I was dealing with a very personal issue that kept pulling at me.

She was always quick with the idea at work or she was always the life of the conversation. She loved pranking others and if something was wrong she had this way of sensing it. She would always be ready to help any way she could.

When it came to me you had to ask me what I was feeling and dig a response out of me. Like I said, I was going through some personal issues that were fighting to define the person that I wanted to be as opposed to the person that I was expected to be.

But when nobody was around things were different. Things weren’t what they seemed. In private she was very quiet and I was very vocal. When nobody was around I did most of the talking between us and would lead the conversation. My little Viking princess would be right there next to me taking it all in and hanging on my every word.

I was getting used to our roles that we were establishing with each other even thou our roles weren’t quite defined. Tonight however the roles in our relationship would get set in stone.

I was dealing with a hard night thanks to a friend of mine that I played ball with. My running mate dropped something on me that I thought I was over with a long time ago. At least I thought I was over it, maybe I wasn’t. Needless to say I had more than usual on my mind.

Walking into the lobby of my apartment building I wasn’t surprised to see that little miss thing was nowhere to be found. Usually she would wait for me in the lobby of my apartment building. When I didn’t see her I figured she must’ve gotten tired of waiting and just left.

I knew that she would be upset with me because I had promised to be home early. I promised that I would spend time with her. Great, she probably got pissed and left I thought to myself.

As the elevator doors opened to the eleventh floor I started walking down the hallway and right in front of my door there she was. Sitting on the floor waiting for me. I was always happy to see her and she was normally always happy to see me but tonight something felt off.

As I walked up to my door she stood up and she had that scowl on her face. “Where were you? I thought you said we were going out tonight? Look David you can’t just make plans with me and just not show up…” Before she could finish her sentence I raised my hand up, open palm.

She stopped talking the minute my hand went up.

Right on cue this little fireball just froze. She immediately straighten her posture like a little soldier coming to attention. Placing her hands together and holding them in front of her all the while looking down at them.

I don’t know when or how I developed this power over her. One day I was bahis siteleri just the man in this relationship or at least one day she allowed me to be the man. It sounds confusing but at that age I never imposed myself on anyone. I was a very passive young man.

But for some reason when it came to Casey we were both very comfortable with the roles that we were defining for each other. One day I just took control and she just accepted it. Again in private our demeanor or our personalities switched.

Somewhere down the line over the summer she had handed over all control of herself to me. I was in charge and not her. I say she handed over control because as I said in the beginning, nobody told her what to do.

Nobody except me…

Maybe the reason for it was because of that day that truly started our relationship. That Sunday afternoon in the pouring rain. That day for that one moment I had brought her to her very first orgasm without even taking her clothes off and not just any orgasm. A very powerful orgasm that shook her hard.

The entire episode that rainy afternoon was very happen chance, luck, it was all luck. If that day played itself out again ten times it only goes that way once. Maybe after that day she perceived that I held a power that nobody else could ever hold over her.

Maybe it was days after that when I walked her to her car after work. There at night with the danger of someone walking up on us in the parking garage. I began to kiss her passionately then I took her hand and placed it on my manhood. Allowing her to hold it as I kissed her. I remember telling her to hold it until I gave her permission to let it go.

The look on her sweet innocent face as I said those words was beautiful. Then she gave me her approving nod. When we were through making out I pulled back from her lips and told her, “Ok, you may let go.” Right on cue she did as I said and I could tell by the smile on her face that she was very happy with herself.

Casey obeyed me, something that I took in stride…

Then again maybe it was the night that we were playing miniature golf. I remember feeling devilish so before we started I pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “Go in the bathroom and take your panties off. Then come out here, kiss me and put them in my pocket.”

The look of fear in her eyes that night as she made her way to the bathroom. She loved wearing nice short, form fitting skirts when we went out and that night was no exception. As she walked towards me I could see that she had something balled up in her hand.

I pulled her into me and she slipped her hand in my pocket as she kissed me. I knew that now I had her panties. That night Casey wasn’t her loud talkative self. That night she was quiet and very attentive to my needs. Very obedient and subservient.

Later that night when I kissed her goodnight I gave her panties back. I didn’t slip them into her hand discreetly, I held on to them by the waist band with my index finger and my thumb. Allowing her tiny panties to unfurl into the night breeze like some kind of miniature banner. Then I handed them to her. It was late and nobody was around but still, the look on her face was priceless.

There were other nights where she allowed me to play my games. I often wondered if it was me enjoying these games. Coming up with these ideas and telling her to do them.

Then again…

I would think to myself, maybe she’s the one enjoying it. Wondering what I was going to come up with next, then actually doing what I told her to do. It got to the point that I couldn’t tell who was getting off on these games more, her or me.

Of course the walk-in at work was where she always made sure to catch me. I would be in there getting something or doing something. She would magically show up. This meant that I was going to get some kisses and she was going to get her bottom and 34’s played with. Until we got caught.

It was a wonderful time but we had not seen it through to the end. Then, there was tonight…

“Why are you here? So you just want to bitch at me? Is that the only reason that you decided to stay here for who knows how long, sitting out here in the hallway?” Casey didn’t answer me she just kept looking at her hands. I reached out and lifted her chin with my index finger.

“Did you hear me?” Right on cue she responded. “Yes sir, I heard you.” She paused, “I was upset because you weren’t here.” A longer pause, “I was upset because I had plans for us tonight and you were out all day playing basketball with your stupid friend.” I could see her starting to get teary eyed.

After all this time this was as close as Casey had ever come to stepping inside my apartment. I had never invited her up to my apartment even though we both worked downstairs at the sandwich shop on the first floor.

I don’t know why I had never invited her up. Maybe it’s because of the issues that I was going through during that time in my life. Then again maybe bahis şirketleri I was just scared to ask her up. I had never been alone with a girl and Casey wasn’t any girl. She was a gorgeous creature, a beautiful young lady.

Tonight for some reason, that would change…

I handed her my apartment key and politely told her to get inside. No way would I ever hurt Casey but tonight with everything that had happened earlier I was not in the mood. But she was still my precious little Viking. I told myself to breathe. I knew that my actions had to be measured.

As soon as the door shut behind me I dropped my duffel bag and grabbed her by her wrist turning her around. I pulled her into my arms and leaned down to kiss her. Gently at first then I was kissing her hard, passionately and she was responding with the same enthusiasm that she always did when she was in my arms. Her arms instantly went behind my back and mine behind her as we pulled each other close.

My best friend growing up was an older girl, someone that I had grown up with. She was four years older than me and I had asked her every question about sex that I could think of. All the questions that a growing teenager thinks of.

More importantly I also asked about what she thought a man wanted from a woman. Also what a woman wanted from a man. Janie was always very detailed in her answers and her help had been immeasurable.

She had also helped me during a very delicate time in my young life just about a year and a half before all of this happened. Janie was also the cause of a lot of pain in my life. But that was a different story…

I knew what parts of woman’s body needed the most attention and which parts would lead to her orgasm. I had already made Casey orgasm several times in these past months just by playing mind games and heavy petting.

So even though neither one of us had ever had intercourse with each other I knew what I was doing. I knew where all of Casey’s triggers were on that precious little body.

Casey, on the other hand didn’t have a clue because she was still a virgin. All she knew about sex to this point was what I had been putting her through. Casey did love her orgasms and what girl her age wouldn’t.

I pulled back which startled her. “Get my shower ready so I can get cleaned up.” With that command I gave her a kiss on her forehead and stepped into the room.

As I started to take my shirt off Casey stood there with a bewildered look on her face. “The shower, go in there and turn the water on. I like a hot shower but I don’t want it to scald my skin. Go, get it ready, please.” I was speaking to her in a very calm manner then just like that a light bulb turned on in that gorgeous little head of hers. Off she went into the shower. I stood there with a grin on my face.

Tossing my clothes off, I made sure to wait for Casey step back into the room for the last part.

At the exact moment that she walked into the room I slid my shorts off in a very deliberate manner. Past my thighs, past my knees until I stepped out of them. I paused for a second, then acted as if I was looking for something, never making eye contact. I made sure that I was facing her so she could get a good look.

I caught a glance of her face as I did this and her expression was priceless. There I stood in front of her and I knew that she was looking at a man’s naked body for the first time in her life.

Let’s be clear, I looked good but honestly I’ve never had a massive member. At the same time during my last growth spurt my DNA had filled out that part of my body rather nicely. I was definitely above average but I have seen way bigger than mine. What I lacked in length I made up for in girth. But I’m sure that in Casey’s eyes I was hung like a horse.

I grabbed my towel and headed to the shower as she stepped aside to let me pass. “Pick up my clothes babe. When you’re through come sit in the bathroom and hold my towel for me.” I know there was no need for that but I really wanted to know how far she would let me go before she told me to fuck off.

As I was showering I heard the bathroom door open and close. I heard her sit down on the toilet seat and at that point I knew that all was good. I smiled because I knew that she really wanted to please me and honestly I wanted to please her too.

Turning off the water and pushing back the curtain I asked her for my towel which she was quick to hand over. She stood there like a good little soldier girl facing me and letting her eyes gaze over me as I dried myself off. I took my time to let her enjoy her show then I finished drying off and stepped out of the shower.

Next I did something that even surprised me at that moment. To this day I still can’t believe I did it. What I did could’ve gone wrong in so many different ways. But I was intoxicated with my control over her at that moment.

I didn’t even hesitate…

“Please lift up the toilet seat babe.” As she did as I asked I stepped to the toilet. “Hold it for me baby.” I was being very nonchalant about it. There was a pause as she stood there processing what I had just requested I could see that she was struggling with it. “Are you ok?” I asked.

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