Chapter 4: My First Ass

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Have you ever had a crush on a classmate but were to scared to say or do anything? Of course, this simple question has got a lot of criticism as to why or why didn’t you just go up to her and say hi. THE ANSWER IS NOT SO SIMPLE. Everyone who reads this, think of that one girl or guy whom you had a crush on. People will tell you that it was your fault for not going up to them and asking them out. But it isn’t. It’s how we function. We all have a fear of embarrassment and rejection. That’s why we sometimes ignore that person but deep in our hearts, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you did it…

I attended University of Toronto for my freshman year in post-secondary education. A girl by the name of Sarah (I shouldn’t give last name for purposes below) was in my Biology and Humanities class and my Neuroscience class. She always sat at the back of the class like me on her cell-phone but she was damn smart. She had long and straight blonde hair, watery blue eyes, an oval face with pale skin. She was a little bit overweight but not so much. She wore lots of make-up including eye liner, she wore very tight clothes which showed her skin and body, and she was really hot. She worked at Pearson Airport part time to help pay for school.

She always used to go up to the male professors and flirt with them for marks or help on a test. I loved her so much by her looks, but her flirting with teachers got me jealous. She also had a boyfriend. What made me do what I did to her was because she never once looked at me during class. A lot of girls are friendly; talking and flirting with boys. But this girl was different, only talking to her boyfriend and teachers. She didn’t even look at anyone else. “Maybe she needs to be taught a lesson…” I thought to myself.


I casino siteleri learned everything about Sarah. Her schedule, friends, family, and even what she does on the Internet. The only problem was that she was a class-mate of mine. This was a serious issue which would greatly effect my decision on if I should take her or ignore her. I decided that I would have “one moment” to decide on what occurs to her.

One day, we had choose lab partners for the Biology section of class. I sat beside Sarah, smelling the beautiful fragrance coming from her body. “Would she choose me as her partner in class?” I thought. I was smart, I knew what I was to do, and I didn’t have a partner for now. But she didn’t choose me. Instead, a black man came up to her and asked her to be his partner. She agreed.

PERFECT. By doing this, she let me know something. I now knew that she didn’t even know I was there, which was good for me.


I used two small needles and entered Sarah’s one bedroom apartment. It was a small home, but similar to my apartment. One kitchen, one washroom, one t.v. Nothing special. Her boyfriend wasn’t home tonight, sleeping at his own house. I closed and locked her front door as I entered. I walked towards her bedroom and gradually walked there. Her bedroom door was slightly opened, making my job much more easier.

I could see Sarah sleeping on her back under the blanket. Her head was outside the blanket, all glowing through my night-vision goggles. I crept my way towards her bed and looked down at her. I looked down and took out my needle with M99 Etorphine Hydrochloride. When I looked at Sarah’s face. HER eyes were open.

“AHHHHHH.” Sarah screamed right before I could cover her mouth.

I stayed calm, covered her mouth with one hand and injected the needle in her neck with my other hand. She tried to fight canlı casino me but to no ad-due to my strength. I laid her down on her bed. I was wondering if anyone heard her screams. The windows were closed in her bedroom and her scream wasn’t as loud as I had expected. I quickly closed her bedroom door and locked it. Then I moved the curtains over the windows. I decided to try something new. I turned her so she was on her stomach. This way it will greatly reduce her chances she’d know my identity if possible. I took out Sarah’s clothes off from her body and tied her hands and legs to the bedposts like usual, just this time on her stomach. I duck-taped her mouth, twice in case she managed to break free and was able to scream. Then I waited, looking outside. Were the police on their way?

I waited about 10 minutes, staring outside. I was expecting to see bright lights, maybe emergency noises? Nothing happened. It was a cool night here in Toronto Canada. The month of April brought fresh clean air over the Winter storms.

I turned around as soon as I saw Sarah starting to buckle her body. She was awake… scared, of course it was obvious she should be when an intruder is in her home. Her body was shaking, she was trying to break free out of her bed-prison. But no luck. She managed to calm down and just rested her body thinking I wasn’t there.

“Listen you ugly bitch, I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know. All I want is to fuck you please and thanks.” I said. I had to make her think I haven’t even seen her before. Or that could be a step into them catching me. She was crying. Beautiful.

I took off my clothes making sure to keep my mask and night vision goggles on. I then went in-between Sarah’s legs and stared at her amazing ass. She was 20 years old, her skin was pale, very clear and clean skin. She had some body fat on her stomach but not much as I mentioned. Her pussy was clear from pubes, her pussy lips sticking out kaçak casino and inviting me in. I could see her ass-hole, as well because she was on her stomach. It was small but it looked as inviting as her pussy.

I wanted to fuck this bitch so bad. No choices or chances for her. I want her! I held my penis and rubbed it against her pussy. She began to try to kick me. But no luck. I opened her pussy with my hands and shoved my penis in her vagina. It was really tight, and wet. I was fucking her doggy – style. It smelled like she wet her bed tonight. I didn’t care. I began fucking her cunt harder and faster than I had done with any of the other victims. I began moaning louder and louder. She also began to moan with me under the duck-tape.

I felt like I was reaching the point of no return. I was gonna cum in her pussy but I pulled out and shoved my dick it in her ass. The head of my prick went in but nothing else. I started to push in and out of her small ass-hole until I exploded my cum into her asshole with only the head of my prick in. It was so hot in her ass-hole.

“Holy fuck!” I screamed as I fucked my first ass and dumped my load in it. “O.M.G, that was amazing!”


Sometimes things don’t go the way you’d expect. I didn’t choose to write in great detail about raping Sarah because of what occurred after raping her. Nothing happened to me however. It was all about what followed days after raping her. She wanted to tell someone but she knew that I would come after her friends and family because of the letter I left her. I guess her life was already a downward spiral, she committed suicide 3 days after I was done with her. The school never did tell everyone about her passing away, but people knew through MySpace and Facebook.

So this might be my last story. Thanks for reading a bit about my life. Yesterday I raped my long awaited friend Laura. I don’t know whether you want to hear the story or not, comment or private message me. Thanks. Have a good life all. Hopefully you don’t see me in your bedroom 🙂

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