Chicks Just Get In the Way

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“Think Alexa will fuck me?” Austin asks as he tunes his guitar slung across his knees. He listens intently to the notes from the strings as he watches me with a devilish smile. He likes making me squirm.

I shrug. The question doesn’t require an answer. When Austin sets out to fuck someone he does it, and the person involved doesn’t have much say in the matter.

Still, I’m moved to at least a token protest. “What about Patrick?” I point out.

He makes a dismissive sound. “That pussy? I’m not worried about him.”

“How are you gonna get rid of him then?” I retort. “They’re Siamese twins.”

A big grin spreads across his face. It’s the grin that never fails to give me chills and a slight quiver of apprehension in the pit of my belly, because I know exactly how his evil little mind words.

“I’m not,” he announces, smirking. “You are.”

I groan. I fucking knew it. “Austin, no. No more schemes.”

“Come on…” With his most winning smile, he slides closer to me. I shrink back into the corner of the couch to put some distance between us but he presses his thigh right up to mine. He leans into me, staring into my eyes. Austin’s eyes, light gray with a startling ring of deep blue around the edge of the iris, are dangerous weapons I’m not equipped to resist and he knows it. As he burns me with his smile a wave of dark hair falls forward and I fight the urge to reach up and push it back from his eyes. Those pink cherub lips part in a self-satisfied smile as he watches me melt into a puddle before him. My resistance is utterly gone. I’ll do whatever he wants. I always do. He knows exactly how much I want him and I hate him for it at the same time my love gnaws at my stomach like a disease.

I put up more protests, struggling somewhat weakly against his will. “Every time they come over here he’s stuck to Alexa like a leech. He’s probably not even in to guys. What if he’s totally straight? If he decides to punch me -“

“Take it easy, Will.” The smile tilts as he slips his hand over my knee and slowly rubs my thigh. I don’t react. If I try to push him away he’ll only laugh at me. Ignoring him is my only defense. I’ve become rather good at it the past few years. He already has my heart – and my balls – in a death grip. I won’t give him the satisfaction of wearing it on my sleeve for him to taunt me with. But still, I have to bite back a whimper as he breathes his boyish breath on my cheek while his hand strokes my thigh just above the knee, sending jolts up my leg, straight to my cock. I press my legs together, praying he won’t see the bulge forming in my crotch.

“I’ve seen how he looks at me,” Austin says softly against my ear, making me shiver. I marvel at his ego even while my hard-on throbs. How he looks at me. Always with the me. “He might be with Alexa, but the boy is curious. I can feel it. He wants a taste and you’re gonna give it to him tonight.”

I draw back and try to look him straight in the eye without flinching. I take his wrist in my hand and pull it off my thigh. “No, Austin,” I give one last attempt to save myself. And Austin doesn’t like it when I get independent. His grin gets wider and he breaks away from my grip and goes straight for my crotch. He laughs at me when he feels my erection and he rubs it lightly it, making it harder and more urgent.

“Well well, what’s this?”

“Shut up.” I turn red and I push at his hand but he just snickers.

“Aw c’mon, Will,” he breathes in my ear. “You wanna be my wingman, don’t you? It’ll be fun and you know he wants to.” Squeezes my dick to make no doubt who *he* was. Pulls back and leers at me, watching my face. Sometimes I just hate him so much. He knows how I feel. No matter how I try to hide it he knows.

But it’s my own fault. I went down on him a couple of times a few years ago, when I was learning my sexuality and I needed sex so bad I thought I’d explode. He never reciprocated, just sat back and enjoyed it, but he figured out then he can get what he wants from me by teasing me sexually and I can’t resist him. Cocky bastard.

I give in just to make him stop torturing me. “Okay, dammit,” I push him away and he draws back grinning his victory. My stomach churns with the unique feeling of nausea and euphoric lust only Austin can create in me.

Patrick plays bass and Alexa is a singer. They’ve been over a couple of times to play with us. We’re trying to get a band together and since my dad has a nice big basement, we practice at my house. Dad doesn’t mind. Between work and his girlfriend he’s gone most of the time anyway. He doesn’t mind if we drink as long as we don’t drive; he might mind us smoking pot, but he doesn’t know about it.

I get up from the couch and go over behind my drums to get away from Austin and nurse my damaged heart. He doesn’t care how much he stomps on it. He calls me his friend, and I suppose I am: I do anything he wants. Go along with his schemes, drive him everywhere, listen to his stories about all the girls he fucks. And if he notices me getting jealous he laughs at me and rubs it in my face. Hell. I like to think I wouldn’t, but I know I’ll suck his dick again if I get the casino oyna chance. If he asks, I’ll do it. Maybe that’s why I hang around him, waiting for that moment, if it ever comes…

Alexa and Patrick get there and we jam around for awhile. I have to admit Alexa is a cute girl. She’s just Austin’s type. He likes them petite with small tits. Dark hair cut across her forehead in bangs, then flowing down her shoulders. And Patrick is yummy. I do like redheads, especially freckled ones. He’s quite tall with an almost thin body and shy green eyes and he usually looks at the ground except when Alexa is talking; she seems to talk for both of them because he doesn’t say much.

Curiously I watch him. Now that I’m really paying attention, I notice that Patrick’s eyes seem to follow Austin a bit more than I would’ve thought about before Austin said what he did. As much as I hate to admit it, Austin was right. Patrick’s ripe for the picking. And come to think of it, he and Alexa seem to be more good friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. There is a level of comfort between them I don’t see much between couples. The more I watch them the more I think, this might not be a challenge after all.

Austin gets up from the couch and dims the lights so only one bare bulb burns over the stair. On his way back he reaches up over the washer, behind a pipe, and grabs the tin Sucrets container where we keep our stash.

He sits down on the couch cross-legged and grins while he rolls a fat joint. “This is some crazy weed,” he announces to Alexa and Patrick. “It’ll really make you fly.”

Alexa moves to edge of the couch to wait her turn eagerly while he lights up and inhales. He grins, holds it, and then moves up close to Alexa’s face. She grins with understanding. She opens her mouth and leans forward, he locks his lips to hers, molding them to her mouth and blows, filling her lungs with smoke while she inhales deeply. Her head rolls back a little and she coughs, recovering, but then she takes the joint from Austin’s fingers and she’s grinning as she takes a deep hit off it with the finesse of a seasoned pot-head, while we all watch in admiration at her technique.

I just happen to be sitting next to her on the other end of the couch, and Patrick is on the floor at my end leaning his back against the chair. I wait for her to pass it on but all the sudden she leans into me, grabs the back of my head and presses her open mouth to mine. I’m surprised but I open my lips to hers and close my eyes, inhaling the acrid smoke. Instantly I feel lightheaded as the carbon dioxide fills my lungs along with the familiar burn of the smoke. Shit! I reel and cough as she pulls back grinning.

“That was fucking….” I’m too dizzy to find the word. Austin and Alexa laugh, but Patrick only grins and I’m not too high to notice he seems a little nervous. His eyes dart to Alexa and she grins at him and gives him a little nod.

Alexa points to Patrick when she hands me the joint. “Now you pass it on to him,” she orders.

I grin and nod. They’ve discussed this. Or it’s a spontaneous plan between the two of them happening before my eyes. The same plan Austin came up with. This is gonna be even easier than Austin thought…

The hit from the joint totally knocks me flat and for a second I tumble through space, thinking dimly, holy shit! I almost can’t stop myself from laughing and blowing it when they start laughing at the look on my face. But I choke it back and lean over to Patrick, down on the floor. He tilts his head shyly and I slide my arm over his neck and close my eyes as I press my lips to his soft mouth. He opens shyly and I blow, filling his lungs as he breathes in. The sensation of feeding my breath to him makes me tingle all over and I can’t stop myself from sliding the tip of my tongue over his as I pull away, head spinning.

Patrick looks startled, closes his eyes as he holds in the hit for the required moment, choking a bit just like I did with the effort of holding the smoke in his lungs… then lets it out and shakes his head comically while we all laugh. He glances up into my eyes and when I pass the joint to him I brush his wrist with my fingertips. When he looks away shyly, he’s so cute I want to jump him.

Patrick’s turn and he coughs and coughs when he inhales, and when he blows it into Austin’s mouth he ends up mainly just coughing and not getting a good seal on Austin’s lips, losing most of the hit. Alexa sits back with her eyes all sleepy, grinning at the two of them as they pull apart.

“Now that’s hot,” she announces.

“What is?” Austin is on her, high-beam charm.

“You know,” she giggles. “Watching guys kiss. It’s so hot.”

“You think so?” He leers, the devil in his eyes. Turns to me and grins, his teeth all in a row like a shark’s. My heart sinks but only a little this time as the heavy, fragrant smoke stuffs my brain with cotton. Smoking pot always makes me so horny. And hungry. And stupid. Stupid enough to do whatever Austin wants without even pretending to protest…

He takes the joint from Patrick and starts the circle of mouth-blowing again; this time he sticks his tongue canlı casino in Alexa’s mouth and she giggles. We’re all stoned already. When the weed comes to me I take Patrick’s head in my hand and close my fist in his silky red hair. Succulent, innocent and a little nervous, he shivers. I close in on him like a hawk hunting a trembling mouse. His eyes flash doubt as I brush his tongue with mine again. But he doesn’t pull away and a second later he hesitantly responds. His quick, nimble tongue gently probes my mouth and then darts away. I blow the smoke into his lungs and he holds it as I capture his tongue with mine, demanding his response.

He pulls away coughing and sprawls back onto the floor. I grin down at him and move onto my knees next to his chest. He props his head against the chair as I hold the joint to his lips and watch him inhale, watch his eyes go back in his head. When he looks back up at me I dip down and wrap my lips around his, drawing his breath from his open mouth. Carbon dioxide and the THC mingle and I reel from the intense high. Oh, fuck… My brain struggles to process it as my lungs struggle to hold it. I glance through the fog over at Austin grinning his shark smile with his eyes gleaming at me like cold and shiny jewels.

Anger floods me. My best friend. I’ll show him to fuck with me. I’ll show him what I’ll do if I get the chance.

Impatiently I hand off the joint back to Alexa, still on my knees next to Patrick. He’s motionless, totally limp and unresisting, just looks at me with glassy eyes as my fingers pull the hem of his black t-shirt up over his belly, up to his nipples so it bunches under his arms. His stomach is smooth and lean and his skin is satin to my lips. I dip down, tracing the line of his sternum down his belly to his navel. He jumps at the contact with my tongue and the animal in me reacts to his innocence and his jolt of pleasure. I thrust my tongue into the dip of his belly button and wiggle it while he squirms on the floor and whimpers, his hand lightly brushing my back.

All this time Alexa is staring transfixed at what we’re doing. I’m intensely aware of her and Austin out of the corner of my vision. Austin persistently kisses her neck, but she’s all but ignoring him, open-mouthed at what I’m doing to her boyfriend. Or not her boyfriend. Whatever he is. Boyfriend or not he likes it. Only a trace of his former hesitation remains as he opens his mouth to mine when I kiss him again, harsh and aggressive, fucking his mouth with my tongue in a hard and breathless rhythm.

“I never saw this side of Will,” Alexa breathes, her voice trembling. Austin responds in a low chuckle.

“Oh, he loves cock. You should see him give head, he’s great at it.”

That just spurs me on. Patrick’s cock kicks against my palm as I slide my hand over the crotch of his jeans and cup his balls, stroking his shaft with my fingertips. I pull Patrick’s t-shirt over his head. Skin pale cream silk, arms and shoulders a glorious wealth of freckles. He lifts them as I draw off the shirt and toss it aside. Mmm. His cock is thick and eager in my hand. Appreciatively I lick my way down his smooth hairless chest to the fly of his jeans. His breath catches as I press my face to his crotch, licking the outline of the head of his cock through the rough fabric. My other hand slides up his chest, toying with his innocent peach nipples that are little hard pebbles to my fingertips.

“Alexa,” Patrick whispers with something approaching panic catching in his voice, “I don’t know if -“

“Shh,” she soothes him. I can hear her breathing hard but she tries to sound reassuring. Austin is groping her tits from behind but she doesn’t really appear to notice. “Will won’t hurt you. You know you want this… it’s time, baby.”

“Oh yeah, it’s time,” I breathe wickedly. Even through the denim I can taste his salty excitement. With a little shiver and a sigh he gives in to Alexa’s words and relaxes. I smile. I won’t hurt him, not even a little. Not unless he likes it.

Slowly I slip the button of his jeans open and smoothly slide the zipper down. I lick the dark wet spot on his blue boxers and feel the tip of his cock give a little jolt. I breathe in the delicious smell of his sex. And at the same time I watch Austin out of the corner of my eyes. I want him to watch this. And he is watching – at first he was just focused on Alexa but now I can see his eyes keep going to Patrick and me. Patrick is just a limp and moaning puddle on the carpet, a casualty of my wicked fingers and tongue.

He whimpers when I abandon his cock to untie his boots and pull them off. On my knees I slide his jeans down his legs and over his feet. I push them to the side and run my hands up his calves. Smooth silky hair glints reddish-gold. Satiny skin prickles under my palms as I slide up his thighs and gently ease his boxers down his naked legs, catching his white socks on the way.

“Oh my God,” he whispers in wonder. Lifts his head to watch in amazement as I toss his underwear on top of the rest of his clothes and then I smile up at him. His face turns red but he smiles back, eager even if he’s still a bit nervous. kaçak casino Against his belly his cock is hard and flushed dark red, dripping eagerly. Very nice – about seven inches and cut, thick and twitching. Sparse baby fine reddish curls and big heavy balls beckon me.

Stalking my prey, I nibble my way up his knee, using my palms to spread his thighs. His cock twitches as I lick around it, swirling my tongue over the sensitive skin of his hips and the crease of his thigh.

“Oh fuck, he’s really gonna do it,” Alexa chokes.

“Oh yeah, I really am.” I smile at the same time I wrap my hand around Patrick’s eager shaft. He gasps and so does Alexa. Austin is staring, I notice with a grin, his eyes wide and his lips parted.

Good. I want him to watch.

I raise my head and look directly into Austin’s eyes as I wrap my lips around the tip of Patrick’s cock. Patrick moans and his head lightly thumps the floor. I lick it slowly, my tongue circling the ridge of the head and gently probing the slit. I pread the slickness of his salty pre-cum with my tongue. And all the while I watch Austin, my eyes on his. He swallows, watching. He reaches down and adjusts himself. I grin. Alexa is breathing harder, squirming.

Patrick’s hand comes up and touches my hair gently and I start sucking slowly, taking the length deeper in my mouth. If I stroke I know he’ll shoot. His cock is smooth and luscious and I caress it with my tongue, seeking out his pleasure.

“Oh, hell.” Alexa pants. “That is so fucking hot. Austin – I wanna watch you so bad… Patrick, suck Austin for me… please…?”

Patrick doesn’t get a chance to answer. Austin croaks and suddenly gets up. Alexa grins in anticipation as he quickly strips. I love that this is making him hot. I still have my clothes on and I keep slowly sucking Patrick’s cock as Austin’s hands ease off my shirt. His hands feel so good against my skin. I want him so much but I won’t give him the satisfaction of turning away from Patrick to pleasure him.

“Patrick,” I whisper. I reach up and slide my hand under the back of his neck. “Suck Austin’s cock, baby. Nice and slow. He won’t let you gag.”

There’s a moment of hesitation but Patrick is too far gone to resist. He’s trembling with need and his long-repressed desire to do exactly what I suggest. As Austin lifts his neck and puts a pillow behind it Patrick reaches for Austin’s stocky prick and holds it a moment in fascination before he parts his lips and licks the tip. I know the fascination of that cock, and for a second I feel an almost blinding surge of jealousy that I’m not the one licking it. But then I remember everything Austin has done to me and I force my heart into a tight little ball.

As Patrick’s head moves forward and his mouth opens, engulfing Austin in its heat, once again Alexa and Austin moan in unison, their reactions connected. I draw back a bit and watch Patrick as he awkwardly bobs on Austin’s thick shaft. Frustration and pleasure war on Austin’s face. He likes this but he wants something more… substantial. He glances at me under his lashes as he bites his bottom lip but he’s not getting what he wants from me, not this time. This time he has to take what he can get.

Alexa slides down off the couch onto her knees and comes over to us with a wild look in her eyes. Her hands run all over our naked skins like cool feathers and she twines her fingers in Patrick’s hair and starts moving his head back and forth, controlling his motion as he sucks Austin; but she takes it too deep too fast and he gags, tears rolling down his cheeks. It’s only his first blowjob after all. He pulls back red-faced and gasping and I shoot Alexa an impatient look. She’s only in the way, messing up the flow of naked male flesh.

But now Austin is over the edge with need. He reeks of the animal desire to be fulfilled. I’ve waited a long time for this and even though I imagined it totally different, I no longer care how it plays out. I’m too high, both from the pot and the adrenaline pumping through me, to care anymore.

Pulling away from Patrick, I brush past Alexa. I grab Austin and push him face first against the couch with his beautiful bare ass spread to my eyes. My hands are shaking like a nervous schoolboy as I stroke his smooth, rippling back. Patrick and Alexa watch electrified. Austin is motionless but any minute now he’s going to stop me; I know that, but until then I want everything I can get. I want to fuck him. I want to drive myself up into him the way he is in me. I honestly don’t know if I’ll get that far but I need to at least taste him. Right now.

Taking his smooth butt cheeks one in each hand I spread them with my palms, exposing his tight, dark pink hole. I stare in awe as it tightens, beckoning me. Austin’s shining virgin asshole, right in front of my face, waiting for me with its little shadow of soft dark hair coming up from his balls that hang down temptingly in front. With my thumbs I spread his hole and lean forward, memorizing the moment when my tongue tastes it and his full sweet scent explodes in my brain. He lets out a muffled wail and I nearly orgasm right then and there. Austin. I’m between his naked spread legs licking his ass. I really am. And he’s not over me, snickering at my weakness and my unrequited love. He’s under me whimpering and wiggling, opening his hole to my questing tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20