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Amelia was an interesting girl. Though we’ve long since gone our separate ways and fallen out of contact, I can’t help but remember our time together.

The younger sister of a friend of mine, I first met Amelia during college when she was still 18, but not far off 19. I, on the other hand, was several years into my 20s. Her brother, Joe, introduced us when she was having issues with her computer. Joe knew I was good with computers and asked me to take a look at things. After that night, our paths crossed periodically, and one night we met up in the dining hall. I typically take a walk in the evening and invited her to join me. One night turned into several nights as we became good friends and then quite a bit more. Amelia was also overweight when I first met her. Not significantly, mind you — “husky” probably describes it best.

One thing about Amelia that caught my attention relatively quickly is her hair. She kept it long. Very long. I mean beyond her waist long. But she cared for it very well, keeping it quite healthy. And she wore it in all kinds of different styles, sometimes wearing it up, but tending to wear it somewhat down, but rarely just loose.

Over the course of the next couple months, we took a walk probably every night, taking the time to talk about everything from classes and current events to the quirks and traits of our roommates that piss us off. This pretty much was our dating routine for quite a while, and it suited us quite well and allowed us to fall deeply in love with each other. I didn’t try to impress her in any way significant. All I did was just listen to her.

Now while we enjoyed walks virtually every night, we eventually did start incorporating other activities into our relationship. We went out to eat on occasion rather than meet up in the dining hall, watched movies on occasion, and met up in the college’s game room, among other things. Sex wasn’t a part of our relationship as Amelia was a virgin. Wait, no, virgin does not describe it. She was completely untouched — never been kissed until we had our first together, never even been on a date with a guy, as innocent as you can imagine.

I was also a virgin at the time, but not completely untouched like Amelia. And given the way things in our relationship had evolved up to that point, I didn’t want to push things in any particular direction. So otherwise we kept walking, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

On a Saturday night several months into our relationship, we met up at the dining hall for dinner as was typical and tried to come up with an idea of what to do that night. Amelia had a particular movie in mind to rent, so we walked to the grocery store in town and rented Chocolat along with another movie whose title I cannot recall.

While there, “I have an idea,” I said. Amelia perked up and gave me her attention. “Let’s get some Chocolate as well.”

She loved the idea and we bought a couple bags of Chocolate — when you’re with a woman and Chocolate becomes part of the discussion, you don’t go small. Thankfully the night was cool, otherwise the Chocolate we bought would not have lasted very long along the mile-long walk back to campus. My roommate was also gone for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves.

We watched the other movie before watching Chocolat. During Chocolat we decided to indulge in the Chocolate, feeding it to each other as we lay under a blanket as the movie played. I’m still not entirely sure how things progressed from there. Perhaps it was the close intimacy of laying together on the couch combined with the Chocolate in both our systems. I couldn’t really say.

After the movie finished, I got up and took it from the DVD player and sat back down on the couch. Though the time was in the bottom half of the 1am hour, I was still wide awake — possibly because of the Chocolate and soda we had been consuming for much of the night.

I couldn’t tell if Amelia was just as awake as me as she had migrated to the corner of the couch, almost cowering into the shadow. Partly covering her face, I could still tell she had an embarrassed smile on her face. Through our relationship I had turned Amelia’s face very noticeably red multiple times, yet this seemed to be one of the rare occasions she turned her face red on her own. Multiple times I asked her to tell me what was on her mind, and almost every time she refused, eventually giving in, “I wonder what you look like without your shirt.”

I couldn’t help but smile and silently wonder what she had in mind, “You want to find out?”

She dropped her hands to her lap and looked at me intently. “You’re serious?”


I started to take my shirt off when she raised her hand to me, “No.” She sat herself up. “I want to do it.” She stood up and walked over in front of me, extending her hands, “Stand up.”

“This should be interesting.” I took hold of her hands as she helped me stand from the couch. I placed my arms above my head as she slowly lifted the shirt up and off my body, tossing it to the couch canlı bahis behind me. Her hands felt chilled as she ran them around my chest and abdomen. The smile on her face could easily have spanned ear to ear, but her face I think could not have gotten any more red.

It seemed obvious but I asked it anyway, “Enjoying yourself?”

Amelia looked up at me, looking into my eyes. I could only speculate as to what was running through her head. I leaned down and touched her lips with mine. When our lips parted company, I couldn’t help but smile as well, which prompted Amelia to inquire, “What’s on your mind?”

I, at least, didn’t resist in answering, “Might I see what you look like without your shirt?”

“Sure,” she seemed very matter-of-fact.

Amelia lifted her arms over her head as I pulled the shirt up and off her body and tossed it to a chair behind her. Bound within the black bra, I saw her cleavage for the first time. She was typically modest, so I never saw any of her chest until that moment. I could also see for the first time just how all of our walking allowed her to slim down. Amelia had shrunk into a wonderfully slim figure, yet not skinny, and while her tummy wasn’t exactly flat, it was quite close to being so.

I just had to get my arms wrapped around her. I needed to feel her bare skin against mine. I turned her around and I pulled her in close, gliding my hands around her bare skin. How can I describe how it felt? My instincts seemed to take over. I just wanted to feel every inch of her body, glide my hands over all of her.

“Things still seem a little one-sided,” I remarked. “Can we get this bra off of you?”

Amelia turned around and looked up at me, hesitating a moment before answering, “Okay you can get my bra off me.” I had no idea she would be this uninhibited. Perhaps it was due to the Chocolate, or maybe something a little deeper.

Reaching behind her I wrapped both my arms around her to go for the hooks when she reached for my left arm and pulled it down to her side. “Only one hand.”

I looked into her eyes, “You know I’ve never done this before, at all, right?”

She was insistent, “One hand only.”

I leaned in further to get a better glance over her shoulder to see if I could get a view of the hooks. She nudged me back so I was looking her again in the eye. “Without looking,” she further insisted.

“You’re not going to make this easy,” I more declared than inquired.

“And why should I?”

I didn’t have a response. I just looked down at her as she looked up at me. Was she enjoying the challenge as much as I was looking forward to just getting the bra off her? And with just one swift motion, not even really thinking much about it, the hooks came loose. I turned her around and slid the straps loose and pushed the bra down her arms.

Almost by instinct I cupped her bare breasts in my hands. Amelia took a deep breath in and brought her arms over her head and behind mine, raising her tits up more, making them feel firm. As she exhaled she let an inquiry ride her breath, “And what made you think to do that?”

I combed my fingers around her firming nipples. My voice hovered between a whisper and a statement, “Nothing in particular.” I took a deep breath. I could swear I was feeling sparks shoot between our bodies. “I’m kind of running on auto pilot here.” And that autopilot was leading my hands all around the front of her body — her stomach to her breasts, all across her young and firm skin.

“And where does that want to take you?”

Moving back slowly toward the couch, I kept an arm around Amelia’s waist. I sat down on the couch, spreading my legs wide so Amelia could sit on the couch right in front of me. I wrapped my arms around her again, holding her close, feeling her completely bare upper body against my skin. Energy and electricity seemed to build up within me. I had to lean over her shoulder and kiss her lips otherwise I was certain I would explode.

But touching her lips with mine didn’t release any of the tension. It only served to increase it. Kissing her so our tongues could play didn’t help either. I needed more of her if I was to survive the night, or so I could swear.

Almost by instinct my hands went down from her chest and across her stomach. Sharp and short breaths left her nostrils and graced my cheek, becoming more sharp the lower I went. My hands crossed from skin to denim and immediately met resistance when she, likely by instinct, grabbed my wrists and held my hands steady. She broke her lips free and whispered, “Are you sure you want to walk that path?”

Part of me was confused by that question as it seemed incomplete. Was she willing to walk that path so long as I was willing to do so, or was she wanting any degree of hesitation on my part to justify not going any further? Given how things had gone so far, I felt I needed to go further still. “Do you?”

“I’m not sure.”

Amelia loosened her grip on my hands but didn’t completely let go. She spread her legs more, her jeans becoming tighter bahis siteleri against her crotch as I slid my hands slowly down further and across her pussy. Her breathing went sharp as she took a deep breath in, letting her words ride a breath out, “Oh my God”.

“Talk to me,” I whispered.

“It just feels different,” she replied, “something I’ve never felt before.”

I unbuttoned her jeans. Amelia reacted with a sudden breath similar to when I first touched her crotch, only shorter and more sharp. At a slow pace I pushed the zipper down. I glided my hands across her crotch, then up across her tummy. She tried to get some semblance of normality to her breathing. Cupping my hands around her breasts cast any normality in her breathing out the window. Catching her nipples in my fingers forced her to grab onto my thighs.

I slid my hand between her jeans and panties. The heat radiating from her pussy through her panties could have seared my hand were it not for the juices her panties had soaked in. The grip on my thighs grew tighter as I fished around her pussy. Through her panties I could make out the contours of her pussy, finding where her lips came together and following that to find her clit. Amelia could have torn flesh from my legs.

She pulled my hand from her jeans. She stood up from the couch, facing away from me, and pushed her jeans off her hips. While she was bent over, I stood behind her and reached out and reached my fingers to her sides and under the waist of her panties. She came up straight virtually immediately, grabbing my hands and looking back over her shoulder toward me. I pulled closer to her and stood behind her, my hands still on her waist. She didn’t take her eyes off me.

“Are you sure?” she whispered.

I lowered my head down to her hear, whispering “It’s your call. How far do you want to take this?”

Amelia let go of my hands. I slid her panties from her hips to the jeans still suspended on her thighs. She didn’t attempt to stop me as I lowered myself down, sliding her jeans and panties down to her knees, then past to her ankles. I looked up and saw her looking down at me. I stood up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. Her breathing was short, yet simultaneously seeming labored.

“Talk to me,” I whispered.

“I’m fine,” she whispered back. Was she?

She bent over to make it easier to dig her feet from her jeans and panties, taking the socks she was wearing with them. She kicked her jeans out of the way as she stood up in front of me, her back toward me. Amelia at first seemed non-chalant in her nudity as she took a moment to adjust her long hair. I wanted to reach out and pull her naked body in to mine, but I stayed steady, wanting her to be in charge of this.

Amelia turned around and faced me, the first time I’d seen a woman full-frontal nude in person. If I owned a camera at the time, I know my first desire would likely have been to grab it and take photos. Instead all I could do was take as many mental photographs as possible. She reached behind her head and adjusted her long hair, her large breasts bouncing and shifting slightly as she worked. Seeing her slimmer figure, it was definitely clear she shrank over the few months we’d been together.

Her hair in reasonable order, she put her hands on her hips and looked up at me. “It’s a little chilly in here.” Standing naked in the room and that’s all she could think to say?

“How do you feel?” I inquired.

Amelia looked up at me, then pushed me down onto the couch. She leaned in at first, then pulled herself down onto my lap, straddling over me and looking down into my eyes. I looked up in her eyes, then down at her chest as her breasts hung loose, swinging a little in front of my face. Looking back up at her face, she pushed her lips to mine, moaning slightly against my lips before pushing herself up and sitting back on my lap.

She truly had gained a remarkable figure from all the walking that came not only as part of our daily lives as college students walking to class, but the nightly walks we took together. For a few moments all we could do was just stare at each other. She could no doubt feel the erection strained within my pants as she was sitting practically on top of it. I completely forgot I had grown so hard until her weight resting on it provided the reminder.

Amelia kind of slid off my lap and onto her feet, standing up straight. I slid forward to the edge of the couch and, grabbing onto her hips, swiftly turned her around (“What the?” she cried) and pulled her back down to my lap, scooting back enough that she was at least sitting on the couch, her back against my chest again. My arms wrapped around her, I slid my hands down to her crotch.

One touch to her pussy and her body seemed to melt and become rigid simultaneously as she seemed to need to brace herself with her hands clasping onto my thighs. Pushing my fingers through her bush seemed almost like… how to put this… fondling wet grass as her hairs had become a bit matted and tangled from soaking bahis şirketleri in what her pussy was making. I spared no hand for her breasts, instead using both hands to massage her pussy and glance across her clit.

What I would have given to see what this looked like from the front… a mirror in the right place was all I would’ve required. Even now as I sit here reminiscing about that night, telling you the tale, I can almost picture how it must have appeared. Amelia’s head leaned back against my shoulder as my chin rested gently on hers, her neck exposed and almost demanding attention while my hands were between her legs, fondling and massaging her hairy pussy. Her breasts stood out in the cool air of the room demanding attention as well.

She seemed to do her best to keep her moaning somewhat low, though any attention to modesty lost its warrant when she first allowed me to touch her pussy. Her pussy coated my hands with its silky liquids and I could feel the tension building in her body as she pressed back against me. Much more was not required before she could no longer hold back on her moans and her pussy seemed to coat my hands even more. She pushed her weight back against me, forcing me to struggle to stay sitting up against her, but that struggle was lost as she pushed both of us back into the couch, forcing my hands away from her crotch while she lay back against me breathing like she’d just finished a sprint, occasionally exhaling epithets along with breaths.

After a moment’s rest, I helped her move off of me and next to me on the couch before standing up. Amelia shifted herself so she was sprawled out upon the entire couch, then turned only slightly to her side, just enough that she could look up at me with a wide grin on her lips. “Are you going to take them off?” She sat up on the couch, “Or should I do it?”

I could only look down at her. “Which would you prefer?”

She shifted herself toward the edge of the couch, then reached out for my belt. In a moment she had it unhitched, within a couple seconds after my jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, and a couple seconds later my jeans and underwear were at my ankles. I dug my feet from my jeans, leaving me standing in all my naked, fully-erect glory. Like a curious teenager, Amelia wrapped her fingers around it, pumping it a couple times with her hand, seeming to almost study it and explore it, as if there was some truth she could learn from it.

Looking down at her as she explored my dick, I tried my best to keep from blowing all over her face, but that being my first sexual experience, the first time a woman had touched my dick, it was a little bit of a difficult feat. After a few moments of this, Amelia laid back down onto the couch, sprawling herself out a little, but leaving her legs spread and her pussy visible. I crawled onto the couch on top of her, looking into her eyes.

“Are you sure about this?” I whispered. “Are you ready?”

She whispered back, “About as ready as I can be. You?”

I kissed her lips as I reached down to my cock, gliding it between her pussy’s very wet lips. The moment I entered she broke the kiss and started inhaling deeply as I pushed into her. “Talk to me,” I whispered.

She took a couple breaths before whispering, “I’m good. And you?”

I felt about like I was going to blow my load right there, and some first sex that would’ve been. Naturally I wasn’t going to tell her that, instead opting for the simple. I whispered to her, “I’m good.”

We kissed. There’s not really any other way to describe it except as an interlude for us to grow used to our bodies being together in that way. After all it was a new experience, and there was no need to rush it. Plus I needed to give my cock a chance to accustom itself to the wet warmth of her pussy otherwise it wouldn’t have taken much before I was going to cum.

But as we kissed, naturally our bodies started to move against each other. Just reflex, I guess. I was pushing deep into her as her body moved against mine in response, her legs wanting to wrap around me. It wasn’t like you see in porn where the guy starts furiously fucking the girl’s pussy as soon as he’s inside her. No we just took a couple moments to relax and enjoy the new sensations.

But even reflexive moving has consequences. No, I didn’t blow my load right away, but Amelia could hardly keep herself from holding back. That little bit of moving, that slightly deeper penetration, caused her to moan progressively louder against my lips until she broke away and moaned even louder. Her pussy gripped my cock tighter as well, making me wonder if I was going to cum with her that moment. Amelia’s first orgasm with me inside her couldn’t really be called body-shattering, but she couldn’t help wanting to kiss me with more fervor than before once it passed.

And looking into her eyes as she came… priceless.

Naturally this made me want to go further still, pretty much by instinct. Not a lot happened. I wouldn’t call it sex about which to be excited. I did what I felt came natural to me, and we eventually came together with our lips locked to each other, muffling the moans that wanted to escape into the room. When our mutual orgasms passed, we were left somewhat stunned and a little out of breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20