Chris and Janet, Birthday Present

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Chris and I have been together now for almost 6 months. The sex is great. The boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is so so. I am a gentleman. I like opening doors, pulling out chairs for the lady and walking on the outside. I enjoy holding hands, placing my arms around the girl’s waist and just spending time with a woman. Chris is well independent.

Over the last 6 months Chris started working for the local phone company and I completed my photography course. I also got a job as an event photographer, which means weddings and corporate get together. I worked mostly evenings and weekends. I did work days when I didn’t have a night or wedding assignment scheduled. Chris worked mostly days. This was another thorn in my side. I really wanted to spend more time with my girlfriend.

My birthday was coming up and Chris was planning something special. She wouldn’t tell me what, but she did make sure I knew not to work the weekend after my birthday.

Thursday night we were together at her place. Chris was so excited. She was sure I would have a great time and she got me a very special birthday present.

Janet came down the stairs, saw me, came over and gave me a hug and wished me happy birthday. She had a big smile on her face.

Janet looked at Chris and said “Have you told him yet?”

“No and don’t you say anything either. It is a surprise.” replied Chris.

“Well, you have to tell him soon.” Janet smiled and left the room.

“Tell me what?” I asked

“You will find out soon enough.”

Being at her parents place, we kept our activities to a minimum. We kissed and when no one was in the room, let our hands roam. At 10 o’clock Chris kicked me out so I could get some sleep. She wanted to get together early in the morning. She hoped to see me for breakfast at her place around 8 AM. She was going to cook me breakfast.

I knew something was up, but agreed and went home. My dad had a present for me. I was turning 19 and out of school, I had completed my trade school early and was working basically full time. He thought I deserved a little something. He gave me $50.

I woke up Friday morning at 7:45 AM. I forgot to set the alarm. Chris only lived a few houses away so I arrived a few minutes late. She was in a great mood. So was Janet. They both gave me hugs and kisses. I was waited on hand and foot. Chris made bacon and eggs, coffee, toast. Janet got the orange juice and set the table. Mr. L came down and asked what the special occasion was. He thought it might have been Sunday. The ladies told him it was my 19th birthday.

After breakfast, Chris and I got some time for ourselves. I wanted to get some quote work quote done in the darkroom, but Chris said we had all weekend. We went to my house. My mom was up, dad had already gone to work. Chris and mom talked for a few minutes before Chris told my mom that we were going to the shore for the weekend. I think my jaw might have hit the floor.

Mom took it better than I expected. She told us to be careful and to call when we got there. She asked that we stop in and see her sister on the way down to the shore and give her my mom’s love. With that Chris says I have to pack.

We head to my room and I grab a suitcase. As I am getting some things ready, Chris pulls out a pair of dress pants and shirt and tie! She tells me not to forget my swimsuit and shaving gear. She is standing there in the middle of the room when I realize, we haven’t even kissed and it my birthday!

I stop put my arms around her and give her the best kiss I know how. She must have been pretty horny. Before the first kiss is over, her right hand is rubbing my cock. She breaks the kiss and goes over and shuts my bedroom door.

Chris is getting really good at giving me blow jobs. She knows how to shallow me almost all the way down her throat. She has also learned how to control my orgasm. She will take me in her mouth and glide up and down on my cock while her hands stroke my cock. One hand is almost always on my balls. When she feels my balls start to retract sometimes she will slow down or stop and other times she goes at my cock like there is no tomorrow.

Today she STOPS! Gets up, gives me a kiss and says she is saving it until later! What the hell!

We head back to her house and she packs. I stay down stairs have a coke while I wait.

Janet comes into the kitchen and sees me alone. She come up behind me and gives me a hug and kiss on the neck. At first I thought it was Chris and I reach behind me and grab her pussy.

“Well, I know what you want!” exclaims Janet.

“I’m sorry Mrs. L! I thought you were Chris.”

“Did she start something and not finish it?” Janet is looking directly at my cock.

Besides the fact that Chris didn’t finish me off in the bedroom, Janet’s kiss and her staring at my cock have started things stirring.

Janet licks her lips and then turns and leaves the kitchen without saying a word.

Chris comes down about 20 minutes later all packed. She tells her mom that casino oyna we are leaving and will be home late Sunday.

We pack the bags into her car and off we head to the shore. Its an hour drive and during the whole time, Chris is driving with one hand and the other is rubbing my cock. It takes me a few minutes, okay about 20, to realize that Chris is not wearing any bra. So my left hand has something to do in return to her treatment.

By the time we arrive at the shore, we are both ready to explode.

Apparently Chris’s parents have paid for a hotel room for us at one of the Casinos. Check-in is pretty easy and we are shown to our room. I tip the bell hop and close the door. Chris is standing in the room and as I approach, she slides pass me and goes into the bathroom. On her way in, she says.

“I’ll be right out. Don’t start without me.”

It seems to take her forever, but she comes out of the bathroom in a white teddy bear negligee. Her breasts are barely visible. Her nipples are pressing against the material. The panties are semi-sheer and I can just barely see what she calls her landing strip. Even across the room I can see she is very excited.

I am sitting on the love seat and she walks over to me and sits on my lap. My hands automatically go to her legs. She has great legs. So smooth and firm. Sometimes when we are making love, she wraps them around me and squeezes so tight that I think she will break me.

We begin to kiss and my hands roam up to her breasts. Our tongues are going at each other like no tomorrow and my cock has grown as hard as ever. It doesn’t help that Chris keeps wiggling on my lap nor does it help that her aroma is filling the room.

She stops kissing me and says:

“This is the first part of your gift. This weekend is all about you. I want you to be totally pleased. I am your sex slave. Whatever you want me to do, I will, without question or delay. Whatever you want!”

She kisses me again.

“This weekend we are going to be together all day and night. We can make love anytime and anywhere you want. You will go to sleep after having an orgasm and you will wake up having an orgasm.”

She kisses me again.

“There is a special gift for you on tomorrow night. I know that you have had a special fantasy. I am going to make it come true.”

“Chris, I have had many fantasies. Can you be a little more specific?”

“You will see tomorrow. Today is just about you. I am yours, take me anyway you want.”

“I’m not sure what you mean?”

“You can make love to me, you can rape me, you can fuck my ass and you can shove your cock down my throat. You can take me missionary style, cow girl, doggie style. You can fuck me as many times as you want. We can take a shower and fuck in the shower or the hot tub.”

“There is a hot tub?”


With that I kiss Chris. My hands work on her breasts and I squeeze her nipples. The straps of the nightgown are loose enough that I can slide them off her shoulders. As I kiss her I slide the left strap down. Then I start to kiss her cheek and down her neck. As I reach the base of her neck, I begin to nibble.

Normally Chris would stop me from leaving a hickey, but this time not a word or action. So I continue to kiss her shoulder and remove the nightgown.

I have Chris stand up and we go over to the bed. Standing by the bed I take the nightgown off and have her lay down. Then I take the panties off. My shirt comes off and joins the pile. Next my shoes and sock and finally my pants and underwear.

My cock is at it full length and maybe more than the 8 inches. Chris’s eyes are hungry, but not has hungry as I am. I need to cum.

I take my hands and pull Chris’s legs apart. Her pussy is puffy and very wet. I run my hand from her ass to her clit, collecting as much of the moisture as I can. Transferring it to my cock.

It is time to satisfy my hunger. I get between Chris’s legs and glide my cock to her pussy.

“Fuck your slave, master. Use me for your pleasure.” Chris says.

With that I push my cock into her. She is so wet that I slide all the way in, in one motion. Chris gasps and then kind of mews. My cock is buried to my balls. Something that doesn’t happen often.

I begin pumping in and out of Chris. Slowly at first then building speed. My balls slam against Chris and she is breathing pretty quickly.

“Oh SHIT, I’m going to cum!” Chris cries.

“Do it, so am I”

With that I start to cum and cum hard. I jam my cock as far into Chris as I can and let go. Chris is right there with me. She wraps her legs around me and goes into never never land. Her body is shaking. Her pussy is spasming around my cock and then she starts gushing. My cock and balls are drenched. Her juices are running down my leg and pooling on the floor.

“Damn that is so good.” Chris sighs.


Is all I can say

I lay down on top of Chris, my cock still inside of her. I can still feel her pussy spasm every now and then. We just canlı casino lay there for a few minutes.

“Chris, let me suck on you nipples.”

Chris gets up, kneels over me and places her right breast at my mouth.

“My body is yours my love and master. Drink from my nipple.”

She lowers her nipple to my mouth and I start to suck. It is so different when you are feed a nipple this way rather than taking it sitting up.

After a few minutes sucking on one nipple she changes to the other. When I finish both of her nipples are hard.

“Suck on my cock.”

Again, no argument. She gets between my legs and begins to lick and suck on my cock. It takes a minute or two, but she has me hard and is going to town on my cock. Having just cum, it takes a little while, but too soon she is getting me close.

“Damn Chris you are good. I am close to cumming again.”

“Yes, Master, give me your cum.”

“No, Not yet.”

I pull out of her mouth. She looks a little confused, but I pull her up to me and kiss her, holding her close.

“Let’s take a shower together.”

“That sounds like fun.”

The bathroom is outrageous. It is basically four rooms. There is a room for the sinks, one for the toilet, one for the shower and one for the hot tub.

The shower is a walk in shower that could easily fit 4 or 5 people, maybe more.

I adjust the shower and we get in. I don’t know if I can explain how sexy it is to see Chris getting wet. The water running down her body. I grab the soap and start washing her back. From her neck to her ass and then down the back of her legs. I lift first the left foot and then the right. Turn her around and wash up her legs to her pussy.

Bypassing her pussy, I wash her stomach, sides and then cup her breasts. The nipples are still hard and the feel is amazing. The soap adds a ingredient of silkiness. It takes several minutes before I can continue to wash my slave. When I finish with her face, she rinses.

Then I grab the shampoo and wash her hair. I am behind her while I rinse her hair. My cock is so hard it actually aches. Chris is facing a bench in the back of the shower at this point. Her eyes have been closed for a while now. I bend her over and she grabs the bench.

My hands run around the front of her and I cup her breasts. Squeezing them, tweaking her nipples. With my right hand I slide it down to her pussy and begin to play with her. I can’t tell if it is the water or excitement that has her so wet. But I spread her lips and finger her for just a minute. She is standing on her toes trying to get me to go deeper. I finally take my other hand from her breast and aim my cock at her pussy.

If I thought she was wet the first time, this time was like sliding my cock into a swimming pool.

Again I slid in without any problems. I started to pump into her. We both took it slow. We found a nice rhythm and were able to build up our excitement.

I could actually feel Chris getting wetter and hotter. I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell she was really enjoying the feeling of being fucked this way.

Then it hit her. She arched her back. She was on her toes. Her head came back and she started to scream. Her body shook and her pussy clamped down on me hard.

They say when a dog mates that it can’t pull out until the bitch is done. I am pretty sure that I couldn’t pull out of Chris at that time if I had wanted to.

After a minute or so, Chris relaxed and I continued to pump into her. Mistake or not, this caused Chris to start to spasm again. She cried out and I kept pumping.

Chris was still standing so I kept pumping into to her. Slowly pushing in and then pulling out. Every so often I would speed up and then slow down. It was during one of the speed ups that my balls began to boil. I kept hammering into Chris. Holding onto her hips and pulling her to me for all I was worth. Chris started mumbling and shaking as my cock let go. I only shot a couple of streams into her. But she kept shaking and shaking.

For several minutes she didn’t even try to stand up. She just held onto the bench. Finally she stood up. Facing away from me, she put her hand on the wall to steady herself.

“Sweetheart, I need to rest. I don’t know if I can do that again.”

I smiled and said “As long as you are naked and sleeping next to me that is fine.”

We dried off and laid in bed. Both of us fell asleep within a minute of laying our heads down.

I woke up to a fantastic feeling. Chris had been awake for a while it seemed. She was back into the nightgown and was slowly bringing me around with a very tender blow job. Apparently, my cock woke up before me as I was already hard.

Chris stopped for a second when she realized that I was awake.

“Please give me your cum. I want to taste it before we go to dinner.”

Her lips wrap back around my cock and her right hand resumes slowly stroking my cock in rhythm to her sucking. She also begins to go all the way down on my cock, taking kaçak casino it into her throat like her mother.

Within minutes of her going to town on my cock my balls begin to retract. She knows I am close and speeds up her actions to get what she wants. Even if I wanted to, I could not stop her at this point. She was working my cock to get my cum and she was going to get it.

“Chris, I’m going to cum!”

That was all the warning she got. I came. Not as much as earlier in the day, but it still took everything out of me. When it was all done, my cock softened and Chris licked her lips making sure she got all of my cum.

“Thank you Master.”

“This is one great birthday present.” I smiled.

We rested for a few minutes and then got dressed for dinner. I asked Chris to wear a button down blouse without a bra and a skirt with the pair of crotchless panties I saw in her suitcase. I wore the dress pants and shirt with the tie Chris picked out.

Dinner was at the steak house restaurant in the Casino we were staying at. I had never eaten at this chain restaurant before. But the service was great. We were seated right on time, I didn’t know Chris made reservations. The waiter took our drink orders and left us to look at the menu. Chris told me to have whatever I wanted. It was to be billed to the room and her mother was paying.

I really wanted Filet and Lobster Tail, but I settled for the Filet, baked potato, Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce and an Ice Tea. Chris had the Salmon and rice.

Dinner was fantastic. After dinner we walked the boardwalk and along the beach. It was after 10 PM when we returned to the room. It was a great night. When we got back into the room, the bed was turned down and there was a bottle of Champaign on ice with two glasses. A note from the hotel wishing me a Happy Birthday.

I opened the bottle and pour us a glass. I had never had Champaign before. We took our glasses out on the patio and drank a toast to my birthday.

Standing on the patio looking out over the ocean was very romantic. Knowing that Chris was braless also made me horny.

I got behind Chris and kissed her neck. My hands began to roam her body. I rubbed her breast through the blouse and then down to her pussy. She spread her legs a little, letting me know that I could go under the skirt.

My hands pulled up the skirt, exposing her great legs. We were on the 9th floor so nobody below would be able to see anything and facing the ocean meant that no one could see us from their rooms.

With her skirt hiked up I ran my left hand up to her pussy while my right hand played with her breast.

With my left hand I started to play with her clit. It grew so fast. You would think that after fucking her twice and bringing her to at least 4 orgasm she would be a little harder to excite. No Chris, today she was ready and willing for anything anytime.

I slid first one finger and then two into her. Chris moaned and spread her legs even more. I took my right hand and pulled the skirt up to her waist. Her panties were exposed to anyone that could see us.

She was close to cumming already. I wanted it to be earth shattering so I pulled my hand from her pussy and cupped both of her breasts. The nipples were hard and with Chris that meant they were sensitive. Just the way I like them. I turned her around and began to undress her. She looked at me, reached up to the blouse and ripped it open.

Damn it was so sexy. My mind took it all in, in super slow motion. I watched her hands reach between the buttons and start to pull. The material stretched and then the top button pulled clear of the button hole. The next button did the same. The third button hung up and popped off the blouse. At this point her breast were beginning to expose themselves. First the swells of her breasts then the nipples. Finally the blouse was open all the way.

Chris took the blouse from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She reached her breast and cupped them.

“These are yours to do with what you want.”

I bent down and clamped my mouth onto her left breast. Sucking the nipple into my mouth. My tongue running circles around the hard nipple.

Chris placed her hand on the back of my head, pulling me tighter into her chest.

“Yes, take me. I am yours. Do whatever you want to me. Please yourself with my body.”

Since Chris is holding her breast for me, my hands are free. I take my right hand and spread her legs. My fingers slide back into her wet pussy.

Chris takes a deep breath as I start to finger her. She leans back on the railing, spreads her legs as wide as she can and gives me access to her inner being.

She hasn’t calmed down much from the few minutes before and is on the verge of cumming.

My cock is hard. Watching her rip the blouse off, giving herself to me and smelling how excited she is, I fulfill another fantasy. I turn her around, spread her legs, lean her over the railing and take my cock out. It is hard and ready, so is Chris. I come up behind her ass, rub my cock head along her pussy to get it wet and then slowly enter her.

“My God, you feel so good inside of me. Fuck me lover. Make me yours tonight. Fill me with your cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20