Christening the New Business

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It all started with my wife’s best friend’s announcement that she was ready to open a very exclusive restaurant. My wife was incredibly excited and offered to help with ideas to make it an instant success. I didn’t pay much attention until my wife/mistress told me that I was going to have an important part to play in the inaugural event. When I asked what I was supposed to do, she told me to wait, that it was going to be a surprise.

When the day arrived, my wife informed me that we needed to be at the restaurant no later than 5pm for the 6:30 opening. She still refused to tell me what I would be doing and I becoming increasingly anxious. Still when the time came I was ready to go and we got there on time.

I should take a moment to explain my relationship to my better half. We both are dominant, but, early in our relationship I was shocked to realize that I loved being dominated by her and she loved being the MISTRESS. We have had many adventures with her being in control and me being subservient. Needless to say, I was somewhat concerned about what was to take place on that particular night.

When we arrived my wife’s friend and she began to discuss what was to happen that evening. It was a gourmet dinner, by invitation only, for four couples. They were all among the towns elite, all relatively young and known (by my wife’s friend) to be swingers.

The setup was beautiful, a table large enough to seat all eight comfortably, covered by a white linen table cloth that nearly reached the floor and lovely crystal and silverware. The menu was casino siteleri extraordinary as were the wait staff. The room was dimly lit by candlelight and there was soft music in the background. Everything was ready and perfect. I thought.

My wife turned to me, smiled and told me to go into a side room, take off all my clothes and come back.

I laughed and refused.

She told me that I would do as I’m told and to stop fooling around. I had no choice; I cannot refuse her anything, so I did as instructed.

I came back out with just my shorts on, hoping that it would be enough as there were waiters and waitresses in the room. My wife took one look and demanded that I get naked. I pulled off my shorts, trying to cover my cock and balls with my hands.

I was then told that I was to get under the table and when the party was seated, I was to orally satisfy each man at the table and then each woman. I couldn’t believe my ears, but, knew that there was no sense in arguing. I would end up obeying in the end.

What I didn’t know was that the diners had been told that there would be some sexual surprises during the meal and that they each should try not to react so as not to give it away.

After a few minutes I heard voices and soon the couples were being seated. Once everyone was in place, I tentatively place my hand on the crotch of one of the men. He jumped slightly, but, then stayed still. I unzipped his fly and worked his cock out. He began to stiffen instantly as I played with his balls and stroked his meat. It began canlı casino to be fun for me; I wanted to see if I could make him groan. I took him in my mouth, working it in and out, up and down. I could feel the vibrations when he talked which made it even more exciting. I was soon rewarded as he came deep in my throat; I swallowed, sucked till he was dry and moved on.

The other three went pretty much the same and I started on the women. Of course, by this time, the women were aware that something was going on under the table and had started peeking to see what was going on. It seemed to excite them terribly to know that a man was sucking off their husbands while they had dinner. The first woman that I got to was soaking wet. As I pulled down her panties, she raised her ass to help and then threw her legs wide to receive my mouth and tongue. She was squealing in moments and came wonderfully.

After I had finished each participant, the hostess asked if anyone wanted seconds. They all responded with an affirmative. My wife told me to come out from under the table and meet the guests. With great embarrassment, I complied with her command.

One of the women reached out, grabbed my erection, pulled me over with her to the table, got on it, pulled me between her legs and stuffed my cock into her drenched pussy, telling me to fuck her. My wife sat down next to her and told her husband to come lick her cunt, he did. Here I was fucking one woman while watching my wife being eaten by another man; it was such a turn on.

Within minutes everyone’s kaçak casino clothes were off and everyone was fucking, sucking or having it done to them. When I came, my wife told me to clean the lady up with my tongue. I was happy to obey and she soon came again. Then my wife told me that the man she was with had done a good job and should be rewarded. I didn’t have to ask what she meant; I just dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth for the second time.

The event went on for quite awhile and everyone got what they wanted, including one guy who wanted to take me in the ass while I ate his wife again. It was a fantastic time for me as well as for them.

Eventually, they were spent and left. My wife had me stand at the door, still naked and kiss each one on the crotch as they left. I thought we were done at that point and started walking toward the room where I had left my clothes when she asked me where I was going. I explained, but, she said that I wasn’t finished. Turning to the wait staff she told them that they were all wonderful and deserved something as well.

I ended up blowing the waiter and eating the tasty, little waitress until she begged me to stop and fuck her.

Finishing with them I turned around to find that my wife had her friend bent over the table and was shoving a huge strapon into her dripping cunt. Unsure what to do, I just stood and watched. My wife looked up, noticed my inactivity and called me over. She pulled out the strapon, stepped back and told me to bend over with my head in her friends crotch. When I did, she shoved the dildo up my ass.

The evening finished with the two girls sitting side by side on the table, making out while I alternated licking their cunts till they both came.

I am looking forward to the next “special”dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20