Christine’s Toys

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This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading this stop now. (MF oral,anal,toys)

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I usually spent most of my day traveling throughout the state for my job. On this one particular day around lunchtime I stopped at an Adult Boutique to browse for a bit and perhaps pick up a few porn videos. While I was there, this very pretty girl entered the boutique. It was very quiet in the store since I was the only one there along with the guy behind the counter. She had extremely nice long dark hair, had a dark complexion and an incredible body. She wore a blouse and a long black skirt, which didn’t reveal much, but I could tell how she was very nicely put together. She was such a very curvaceous and exotic looking creature I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

I watched her while she spent most of the time looking at different shaped dildos. I couldn’t help wondering why such a pretty girl was interested in some sex toys. She certainly could have any man she wanted with her beauty.

I slowly maneuvered myself closer to her and began looking at some of the stuff nearby. I picked up a package of anal beads and just nonchalantly asked, “ever use something like these?” I sensed a slight embarrassment at first, but when she ultimately told me she had, we began a conversation about the different toys around the store.

Her name was Christine and she explained her frustration in her marriage, which led her to visiting these boutiques. We must have spent over half an hour just talking about sex toys. In that short time we were really getting to know each other, so I asked her if she’d like to meet me after work for a drink. Surprisingly enough, she accepted and we arranged where to meet.

The rest of that afternoon seemed to drag on forever. I couldn’t wait to meet Christine after work. Finally at about 6:30 she walked into the cocktail lounge where we arranged our meeting. We had a couple drinks and talked mostly about sex and our own married life situations. Then I simply asked her if she like to spend a couple more hours with me. I suggested getting a hotel room and trying out her new toys. It really wasn’t too much of a surprise when she accepted that invitation too. Fifteen minutes later we were in a hotel room together.

Christine stood there right in front of me looking so pretty. I started right in by unbuttoning her blouse and helping her off with it. I began lightly caressing her breasts through her beautiful red laced bra. She looked so sexy and hot in it. Her breasts were so soft to my touch even through her bra. I just couldn’t wait to see her gorgeous tits. Then I unzipped her skirt and let it fall down to her ankles. She stepped out of it.

From that point on here’s how Christine experienced the rest of our evening.

I turn you around and began feeling your ass through your panties. I just love the softness of touching your beautiful ass. Then I unsnap your bra and let it fall to the floor. And finally I just grab hold of your panties and pull them down exposing you completely to me.

“So what do you want first, Christine” I asked? “You want the dildo or should I use these beads?”

I already know what I want to do. I decide I want to leave you in suspense, so I continued without waiting for an answer.

I keep caressing your body all over. I start running my hands over your breasts. I kiss them. I grab your nipples in my fingers and squeeze them lightly. Then I suck your nipples into güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my mouth one at a time. Your nipples begin to grow hard as I tongue them and gently bite on them.

I reach between your legs and begin rubbing your slit. I feel you stir and I begin to feel a wetness on my hand. Then I tease your cunt by slowly probing and playing with you. Each time I slide my finger across your slit I let it dip inside you deeper and deeper until I eventually have one finger up inside you.

“Do you like me probing around inside you?” “You’re so wet, Christine.” “So hot.”

You moan out, “Oh my God, that feels so good.”

Then my other hand caresses your ass feeling the soft skin of your asscheeks. I work my hand into your crack and stroke through it several times. Then I begin playing and teasing your asshole. I press on your tight anal hole letting my finger just push hard enough to spread you open. You moan to me, so I ask. “Do you like me playing with your asshole, Christine? I press my finger harder against your tight pucker and let it slip inside. You’re so tight. Your moaning becomes louder as my fingering of your asshole and cunt continues.

I position you down on the bed on your back. I pull your legs apart and push them up toward your head. I want access to both of your holes at once. I begin licking you, my tongue lapping across your cunt. You’re so wet already. I eat from your hot fuckhole, tasting you, sticking my tongue in you, nibbling on your clit until you’re wiggling on the bed. Then I go lower toward your asshole.

“Want me to lick your asshole, Christine?”

“Do you want to feel my wet tongue in your asscrack?”

“I wonder if I can get you to act like a filthy dirty slut if I tried to push my tongue into your asshole.” “Have you ever had that done to you?” I ask.

You’re already so turned on that all you can do is moan out to me. “Oh my God.” “Ohhh!”…”Ohhh, it’s so good.”

I sense you’ve never had your ass licked. So I lick up your whole crack tasting every inch of your hot flesh between your cheeks. Then I concentrate on your asshole. I love the feeling of the rough pucker of your anal hole on my tongue. I lick it and lick it more. I use the tip of my tongue teasing your asshole as though I’m going to shove it inside, but I don’t.

You’re squirming on the bed now crying out to me. “Oh, fuck.. that’s so good.”

I get you up on your hands and knees so I can get better access to your beautiful ass. I move your knees apart and spread your cheeks with my hands. Your ass is exposed so wide for me. As I pull your asscheeks apart your anus also slightly parts showing me the pinkness inside your back hole. Gently I place my tongue to your ass. I lick the delicate flesh of your wide-open asscrack and again taste the sweetness of your magnificent body. I get extremely turned on when my tongue touches your asshole. I concentrate my attention there, swirling my tongue around and around examining your puckered anal ring and the soft fleshy tissue inside your asshole. It’s so soft and warm on my tongue as I gently probe past your puckered ring into the musky, moistness inside.

I continue my lovemaking of your anus, licking you, probing inside and burying my tongue in your anal hole. I am totally consumed with ravishing your asshole. I can’t get enough as I lick and probe your butthole inserting my tongue deeper and deeper. You become crazed with passion bucking your hips wildly. The sensation rips through your body like you’ve never felt before as you continually cry to me. “Oh Fuck.”… “Oh güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my God, it feels so good.”

I grab the cock shaped dildo and place it on your wet cunt. It must be easily at least ten inches long and two inches in diameter. I wiggle the head of it within the folds of your wet cunt. Then while I’m still probing your asshole with my tongue I begin pushing the dildo into you. Your cunt spreads open gripping the hard dildo and taking it inside you. You cry out to me, “Oh my God…” I slowly push it going deeper and deeper and deeper. It looks so nasty seeing that big rubber cock going further up inside your juicy cunt. “Oh Christine, you’re taking it all.” I keep pushing it until only a little piece remains and I feel it totally buried inside you. Between my tongue on your ass and the dildo up your cunt I feel your body quivering from the increased sensations I’m giving you. And you keep moaning.

“Ohhh!” … “Ohhhh!” …

“Oh, my God it’s so big.”

I slowly pull the huge cock out a little and then push it back in fucking you with it. I keep penetrating your cunt with the dildo and licking your ass. Finally after a few minutes of having you so close to the edge and on the verge of cumming, I back my mouth away from your asshole and pick up the strand of beads.

There are ten beads on the strand with each one slightly larger than the next. The last one is about an inch in diameter. I start with the largest one placing the one inch round bead on your tight puckered hole. As you kneel there on the bed, I use one finger and begin pushing on the bead. Your asshole begins to stretch to accommodate the entry of the hard round object. Then as your anus widens and opens up, the one-inch bead quickly disappears into your ass, sort of as if your asshole just swallowed the hard plastic. You let out a long moan. “Ohhh,… Ohhh, God!…” “That’s so good.”

Then I push my finger into your tight asshole driving the bead deeper into your rectum. “How’s that feel, Christine?” “I’m gonna shove all of them deep into your ass.” Afterwards, I pull my finger out and place the next bead on your anal hole.

One at a time I insert the beads into your ass by pushing them through your asshole with my finger. When the last one enters your ass, I drive my middle finger completely inside you to push them as deep as I can get them. I can feel the hard round objects in your ass as I probe and wiggle my finger in your rectum. “How’s that feel, Christine?” “I’ve got them way up inside your ass.” All that remains is the strand of plastic that connects the beads sticking out of your asshole.

“Oh, I can feel them.” “They’re in so far,” you whimper out.

I’m so aroused I begin responding to you in such a dirty way, “You’re such a nasty little girl letting me do this to you.”

I then grab hold of the dildo sticking out of your cunt and begin fucking you hard with it. “How’s that Christine?” “I stuffed the beads in your ass and now I’m dildo fucking your cunt?”

“Now, Christine, tell me how this feels?” I lean down and begin licking the plastic bead strand protruding from your anus. I lick around your asshole teasing you. I put my lips to your ass and whisper to you, “want me to suck them out of you?” “Want me to suck the dirty beads out of your hot ass?”

I’m nearly crazy with lust as you continually moan out, “Oh yess… yess.. lick me… lick me… suck me… Oh, suck me…”

I back my mouth away and begin spanking your bottom, not hard, but just enough to give you a little sensation of being punished for being such güvenilir bahis şirketleri a nasty little girl. With my hand I start smacking one buttcheek and then spank you a little bit firmer on the other. “My God Christine, look at you.” “You look so nasty.” “Look what you’re letting me do to you.” “You’re a nasty little slut; beads in your ass and a dildo deep in your cunt.” You actually begin moaning louder to me, “Ohhh!”… “Ohhhh!”… “Yess!”…

“Christine!”… “My God Christine!”… “You know what you are? – A filthy dirty whore.” “You really like this, don’t you?”

My hand connects with your soft asscheek again.

“Smack!” “You’re a whore, Christine.”

“Smack!” You’re an anal fuckwhore.”

“Smack!” A dirty little slut.”

I’m so incredibly aroused that the more I do to you the more sex crazed you become.

I keep spanking you while I grab hold of the strand sticking from your ass. I begin pulling and yanking on the strand. I can see your asshole stretching outwards as the beads are trying to push through from the inside of your ass. Then suddenly the first small one pops out. I smack your ass and tell you, “that’s so very nasty Christine.” “What a little anal fuck you are.” I yank on the strand again and another round bead pops out of you. You let out a moan, “Oh, it’s so good.” I continue pulling and watching your tight asshole heaving in front of my eyes as the beads stretch your asshole open to allow them through. Each time a bead pops out, I spank your bottom and tell you how dirty and nasty you are for letting me do this to you. “You’re such an anal slut, Christine.” “Just look at the beads coming out of your ass.” “What a whore you are.”

Finally only one bead is left inside you, the biggest one. I tug on the strand and yank it feeling how it’s lodged inside you. Your asshole stretches and widens a bit and I see part of the bead appear. I pull it just a little keeping your asshole stretched and teasing you with the bead wedged halfway out of your rectum. “C’mon you little whore, let it out.” “Push that bead out of your ass, you little anal fuck slut.”

“Your moaning is nearly indistinguishable as you pant, totally out of breath, “Oh God… I’m so close… I want to cum… Oh…. Oh my God… Make me cum… Please…

I let the dildo drop from your cunt. I give short little tugs on the bead and coax you on. “C’mon Christine…push it out…and cum… cum for me.” “Get that bead out of your ass.”

I pull a little harder and the big bead stretches open your anal ring and plops out of you. I spank you hard right across your ass and cunt saying, “cum for me Christine.” Go ahead and cum, you fuckin’ anal whore.” Your body falls forward lying down on the bed, as you become overwhelmed as an intense orgasm instantly begins shaking you. I climb up over your ass and quickly just shove my hard cock into your tight asshole. Your body trembles from the feeling as I lay on top of your orgasming body and fuck your asshole hard and deep. Feeling your trembling body beneath me is more than I can take and it sets off my orgasm too. My cock begins throbbing inside you filling your ass with my hot thick cum. It feels so good that I grab your hair in my fingers and pull your head back as I force my spasming cock up your anal chute as far as I can.

I cry out, “Oh my God, Christine.” “I’m cumming in your ass.” Moments later my cock has drained completely and I roll off next to you. I hold you so tightly in my arms and whisper, “Oh, Christine, you’re so hot.” “You’re such a hot little bitch.” I kiss you hard on the lips and resume telling you how nasty you are. “You’re such a hot fuck whore and such a hot ass.” I kiss you again. We’re both exhausted.

We lay with each other locked together kissing. I can barely believe what’s happened today. All I’m thinking is that I want to see you again. But for now, I just want to hold you and enjoy you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20