Cindy and Mindy Ch. 01

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Ch. 1 – Homecoming

After 5 years of studying abroad, I was quite happy to come back home to my own little backwater of a town. Back to all the nice memories.

I really wanted to visit my neighbour, Miss Shanks. Back in the day, while I was still in high school, I started babysitting her twins when they were 10 years old. This was always a bit awkward, as the girls, owing to their mother’s genetics, were as tall as I was. By the time I left for college three years later, at only 13, they were already several inches taller. Off course, they were still obedient as I was the older person, but already the start of puberty could be noticed in their teasing and occasional ignoring of orders. But I couldn’t care less if I was babysitting Bigfoot because of Miss Shanks. I loved being in the vicinity of her so much that I tried finding any excuse just to be near her.

And when I finally turned 18, she rewarded my attention by seducing, making love to and raping the teenage me, as the first girl I ever had.

And what a first, Miss Shanks was hot beyond belief. At 6’7″ she was over a foot taller than my tiny 5’3″ and strong enough to easily lift me. She had a fit and toned body with large bountiful breasts, and a slim narrow waist spreading into a wide curvy ass continued by endlessly long thick strong legs. She was the embodiment of voluptuousness, and true to her stature, the entire neighborhood was drooling after her, but I never saw her with other men.

The reason for this was that Miss Shanks was a futa, meaning that between her lovely well shaped thighs, along with all the appropriate female parts, she also had a penis. Or rather, she had a cock as the thing was too big and intimidating to be called a penis. It was huge, easily twice my size even limp and as big or bigger as anything I ever saw in porn movies. I fell in love with it immediately, much to Miss Shanks surprise; I guess she was expecting me to run away.

I used to love watching her ride me. She would squeeze me in a crushing embrace between her long legs and continue to pounce on me almost hard enough to break the bed. And all the while her large breasts would slosh heavily into each other in crashing waves while her 14″ erection would slap heavily onto my stomach, occasionally squirting spurts of precum almost as large as my own cumming spurts. When she finally came, it was almost like a flood. If I didn’t jerk of for a week, I would be able to cum barely one fifth of what she could. I must admit, in the beginning, I was quite intimidated by her size. When we were both fully erect, I could barely reach up to half the height and barely a quarter of circumference of the large thick throbbing thing. It felt really humbling to have it flop down on me completely, covering my own erection under the prodigious mass of cock flesh. But instead of freaking out, I have soon developed a burning passion for her thing.

Her additional equipment fascinated me to no end. I loved watching it outline against her clothes, or watching the large purple head peaking out of her skirt, pulsing with her heartbeats. And after sex, watching the 11″ flaccid thing flap against her thighs as she walked naked.

I considered for casino oyna a while that I might be gay, but I soon found out I had no attraction to the male gender whatsoever. As soon as I left for college, I started feeling a craving for her. Sure, there were other girls that I had sex with, but the image of Miss Shanks bouncing on top of me was always nagging at the back of my mind.

During the next six years, I didn’t visit home very often. The first few visits, I met Miss Shanks a few times. After that, we would always miss. She would be visiting her daughters in their school while I was at home. So, when I finally graduated and came back, I made it my priority to visit my neighbor as soon as possible. Finishing up all the greetings and other necessities with my parents and relatives the first two days, my hands were almost shaking with anticipation for the upcoming visit.

Miss Shanks was delighted to see me, and I shared her opinion as soon as I saw that time had little influence on her figure. Just as I was getting ready to hug the object of my desires, Jerry came out of a side room. Jerry was mighty pleased to meet me; I wasn’t pleased to meet him. Jerry was Miss Shank’s new husband, to the effect that she was now Mrs. Clink. This would mean that all of my pent up desire would forever have to be silenced.

Feeling very much down, I had a dinner with them in which Mrs. Clink didn’t try to flirt with me at all and they were both very pleasant. Miss Shanks mentioned her daughters, and how they were coming home tomorrow from school, asking if I had seen them on TV a few days back. Apparently, Cindy and Mindy were a part of a TV news report, but since I hadn’t seen it, it’s best that she doesn’t spoil the surprise. Feeling quite crushed at the moment, I didn’t really care, I just nodded dumbly finishing my dinner and excusing myself to leave.

It was than that Mrs. Clink asked if I was free tomorrow, and my hopes jumped, but were immediately dashed when she said they were both out of town for a few days. But if I was free, would I mind picking up Mindy and Cindy. She was certain they would be happy to see me after such a long time, and they often ask about me. Also, I would get a chance to see how much they had grown, and maybe even take them out for a date.

This idea set me back a bit, I never thought about Mindy and Cindy like anything other than as kids, maybe because I met them when they were 9, or maybe because they were always intimidatingly bigger. But they would now be 19, and probably already fully grown women. If they were anything like their mother, they would probably be smoking hot, although maybe a bit taller. Well, I did grow 4″ since last I saw them and at 5’7″ Miss Shanks now only had a foot over me. If I am lucky, the girls would not be as tall as her; and as I always considered girls a few inches taller very hot, I agreed.

Cindy and Mindy

On the second day, I was at the train station a few minutes early and waiting for them to show up, wondering how I would recognize them after more then 6 years. But then I saw them and any thoughts of them as kids has evaporated from my mind. There was no doubt they were Miss Shanks’s daughters. None of the other canlı casino people at the station came even up to their shoulders. Most of the people had their heads at the same level as Cindy and Mindy’s breasts, and their breasts were bigger than the tiny heads beneath them.

They were not exactly identical twins. They both had the same drop dead gorgeous face, although Mindy leaned a bit more to hot while Cindy more to cute. They had the same penetrating emerald eyes, pert little nose, and full lips. Mindy had auburn red hair, while Cindy was a natural blonde.

As the crowd cleared, I could see them fully. They had the same body type as their mother, and instead of being thin and lean which would be expected at their height, they had huge breasts even at their size, a tiny narrow waist which flared into wide shapely hips, and continued endlessly in long legs currently completely hidden by skirts. Each step causing their heavy breasts to sway, long thick nipples poking even through their sweaters.

As a result of the sight, my jaw was somewhere around the floor. Mind you, I wasn’t the only one, most of the people in the station were watching the two amazon bombshells, some in lust, others in jealousy.

“Chris!? Look Mindy, it’s our little Chris!” Said the blonde amazon…

“Where, oh… Look at that, just as I remember him, except much cuter. Come here,” said the dark one, and walked over to me. As I was one of those people with their head at the girls’ breast level, the sight was quite amazing. Four jutting breasts were coming closer and growing larger, until they finally stopped looming right in front of my face threatening to knock me over. Mindy bent over to give me a hug and lifted me to her height pressing me into her firm bosom. Meanwhile, Cindy hugged me from the back pressing another firm set of breasts into me.

“Heyya Chris! How do you like the new Cindy and Mindy? We haven’t seen you in a while,” said Mindy.

“H..h.. Hey.” Was all I could say with my feet dangling in the air, and confronted with Mindy’s large green eyes, already completely stripped of any authority I could have over these girls due to age.

“Maybe we should put him down Mindy, we shouldn’t be mean to him.” Cindy said, her hot breath on my ear..

“OK, let’s try that,” said Mindy letting me go, but still holding on to Cindy. This caused me to slip in between their significant sweater pillows.

“Oh look, he completely disappeared,” Mindy joked… but then stepped back to allow me to see their faces.

“My, you two have grown” I managed to say once my brain finally got a hold of itself.

“And I was wrong, You are way cuter than I remember,” Said Cindy planting a wet kiss on my forehead.

“Thank you for picking us up, mom said that you would, and she also said that we should let you take us out for dinner.” Mindy said.

“Right, let’s get you girls home, you must be tired from the trip,” I said, leading the way to the car, where I noticed that we might have a slight problem. My car was not exactly built for driving 7 foot amazons around.

“Ohh.. You should have brought a bigger car, but it’s OK. We’ll just have to squeeze a bit,” Mindy said.

In kaçak casino the car I had to move my seat all the way to the front and the other seat down so they could sit in the back and curl their legs all the way to the front. They were still squeezed in really tight in the back, barely fitting, their curvy bodies mashed together.

“Dear god, how tall are you girls actually?”

“I’m 7’8″ and she’s 7″4” said Cindy, tossing her long blond hair behind her shoulder. That’s when I noticed for the first time that Mindy had heels on. Just big enough to be even with Cindy.

“But I have bigger boobs,” said Mindy, winking again.

“Yeah, two months ago, stupid, just like you were taller. You know I went through three bras since then,” answered Cindy, and then clamped her mouth as if she just noticed me in the car. “Sorry, Chris”

“Don’t be such a prude Cindy. Chris doesn’t mind us talking about our boobies, do you Chris?” retorted Mindy, while both I and Cindy were changing shades of red. “I used to be bigger than Cindy, and taller, but lately she seems to be exploding. The bitch is now taller and has bigger boobs.” said Mindy slapping Cindy’s breast which wobbled wildly, to which I swerved wildly almost crashing.

“Stop it Mindy, you’re making Chris uncomfortable.”

“Stop it Mindy” Mindy imitated in mock tones… “I’m a prude and I don’t like my boobs… pfft, you should be happy. If you or your boobs grow any more, I will become invisible next to you.” Mindy finished.

“For god’s sakes, none of you could ever be invisible, both of you are tall, gorgeous amazons. I bet you could cause a car accident simply by walking along the street” I blurted out hurriedly trying to end this uncomfortable discussion.

“Ohhh…Chris… thank you…” they both chirped sexily in unison. The sound of them two speaking like that in unison made my dick jump a bit in my pants.

“I think Chris deserves a kiss for being so nice, what do you think, Cindy?”

“I agree, but I don’t know if we can reach him inside this tiny car…”

“Oh, he’ll get a kiss afterwards for sure, but right now, we can give him something to look at.” Mindy said, turning around and with a short breathy moan twisted in her seat kissing the surprised Cindy on her lips.

“Please don’t do that! If we were not at a traffic light right now, I swear I would have crashed the car!” I said as soon as the person behind started honking bringing me back to reality.

Mindy just smiled and Cindy was looking down at the floor turning red.

We soon arrived at their house. I ran outside to open the doors for the girls adjusting my pants, hiding my erection. It was a magnificent sight helping the girls out of the car, seeing their face travel from below to way way above me.

“So, Chris, mom told us that you promised to take us out for dinner. Can we take you up on your promise?” Mindy bent over to ask, squeezing her breasts between her arms showing me her bottomless cleavage.

“Um.. uh.. sure, Where’d you girls like to go?”

“Uh.. uh.. we could go somewhere nice, I want to try out my new dress” Cindy chirped bouncing happily.

“Sure, we can go to uh Sidney’s, I’ll make the reservation.”

“Ohh.. nice.. We’ll be ready at 7,” They said in unison again planting a large wet kiss on each of my cheeks, Mindy also licked me on the spot.

“Dress sharp, stud,” she whispered.

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