Class Reunion

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“Are you serious?” I blustered, looking over my shoulder to see if anyone else had heard. Her eyes never wavered from my own, she didn’t blink; she just smiled seductively. “But my wife!”

“Well, if you don’t want to that’s okay.” She said with no hint of neither disappoint nor malice registering in her voice.

I was sitting at the table with an old classmate during our 5 year class reunion enjoying my umpteenth cold beer and engaging Lacey in raucous conversation. We grew up as friends, neighbors, and sometimes sex partners, but never actually dated. She hadn’t changed much. Her blonde, shoulder-length, extremely curly hair was the same, her blue eyes as I had always remembered them; only the confidence on her face had changed. We had not seen each other since graduation as our choices carried us in different directions.

Lacey was divorced, I had married Bobbi only a scant 6 months before. I stared open mouth at her boldness, recalling her 5’7″ frame with smooth white skin, large breasts with pale nipples, flat stomach, and very bushy snatch stretched across my bed. She was better than average to behold, but certainly no rival for prom queen. She did have wonderfully long legs though. My cock began to twitch as I weighed my options, “Think we can do it without getting caught?”

“We can sure try!” she purred. “Meet us there at 1 am, I am going to get Donna.” She left and I watched her ass sway seductively across the room and approach Donna. Donna was another neighbor and friend, but we had never had sex. Donna had been married since graduation and was standing beside her husband while he talked to the guy next to him. Lacey motioned her away, spoke briefly to her then left. Shortly thereafter I watched Donna and her husband have a short, heated discussion, then she too left. Donna was tall with flame red hair, maybe 5’9″ and thick in school. She wasn’t heavy, just big. The last 5 years had been generous to her, she did not have a particularly attractive face and that had not changed, but she had slimmed down and the effect was dramatic. Her breasts jutted from her chest, the size of softballs, and gravity had only begun to affect them. She had a nice full ass that was much more defined than it ever was in school.

Could I actually do this? It would be tricky, especially since my wife had went home early and may not yet be asleep. I needed to go home and get something before meeting Donna and Lacey at the old grade school building. It was a perfect place to meet, way off by itself from the cluster of houses that was my old hometown, no lights, and you could see and hear if anyone was approaching. I was in luck as I went to the nightstand beside the bed and got what I needed. Bobbi was asleep and didn’t stir as I left the room and silently pulled the door shut.

Since it was only about half a mile, I opted to leave my car at the house and walk so I would not draw any unwanted attention. I made it there at 12:45 and took a swing on the playground to wait for the girls.

Donna and Lacey got there 20 minutes later, more than once I about chickened out and left. “Hi Tony!” Donna called and waved enthusiastically. “Shall we get to it?” Both girls were approaching from the Jeep they had just parked.

“Get to what exactly?” We all turned as Bobbi, obviously not asleep and having followed me, spoke from the shadow of the building. There was a distinguishable shake to her voice as she fought to control it. I couldn’t see her eyes because of the pale light but what little moonlight there was glinted off the barrel of the .38 Police Special I kept concealed under our bed.

“Don’t make me ask again you Son-of-a-Bitch!” Her voice shook but the gun hand remained steady. “You have one chance to come clean. Total honesty Tony or so help me god I will blow your balls off!”

“Bobbi, I …well … I …” seeing I had no other option I gave up trying to think of a story and went for the truth. “Lacey and I were talking at the bar and she asked how sex was after getting married. I told her it was great, but I still want to try anal and you were too scared.” Bobbi snorted a derisive little laugh.

“So güvenilir bahis these two are giving it to you then?” She had calmed and her voice became even. Bobbi is a beauty, she stands 5’6″, 115 pounds, long, thick, brown, wavy hair that reached a point between her shoulder blades, brown eyes that laughed when she talked and all the right curves in all the right places. I doubted seriously if her eyes were laughing now.

“Well, no, not exactly.” The girls just stood and waited, holding their collective breath. Bobbi went to school with us, but was 2 years behind, so neither Donna nor Lacey really knew her too well. “You know Lacey and I use to have sex in school, and she told Donna how big my dick is. Well, Lacey said Donna had been dieing to find out for herself since we were juniors. She said that we could try a threesome if I was willing. I know it was stupid, I know I shouldn’t have even considered it. Please Bobbi, please put the gun down so we can all go home and forget about this.”

Bobbi laughed. “No. No, I don’t think so.” She started walking toward us, the pistol held steadily out in front of her. “You two,” she indicated Lacey and Donna “strip and lay over those swings.” Having no other choice the girls did as directed. “You, you asshole, go see if this bitch has anything to tie them up with in her car.” I went and returned with a small flashlight, having found it, but nothing else of use in the Jeep. Bobbi snorted again. “Well then ladies, you best not move or I will shoot all three of you.” She took the silence as consent. Bobbi took the flashlight from me, had me strip and go stand in front of Donna and Lacey while she covered us with the pistol from behind the girls. She spotlighted my cock with the flashlight and said, “There it is Donna, and the bastard is too scared to even get it up!” She laughed. “Put you dick in her mouth!” Donna didn’t seem at all scared as she licked her lips readying herself for my dick. I was hard in moments. Donna was an excellent cocksucker. “Fuck her mouth with it!” I complied. Donna flat out impressed me as she put her hands on my ass and started pulling me in. My cock at full mast is eight inches long and 6 inches in girth. Here I was fucking her mouth like a pussy! “A natural red!” Bobbi had moved the light to view Donna’s ass and pussy, she laughed. “Come here Tony, I have a little surprise for you.” Reluctantly I pulled my cock from Donna’s mouth and moved behind her. Lacey was still bent over the swing next to us, watching and waiting to see how we were going to get out of this one.

“Fuck her ass.” She was pointing the gun at Donna. At these words, Donna tensed but did not get out of the swing. I reached for my pants. “What are you doing?” Bobbi asked with the muzzle now pointing at me. “Getting a condom and some lube!”

“Oh no you’re not, just stick it in there you want it so much.” Donna tensed further as I placed the head of my cock to her anus. I whispered to her, trying to get her to relax, and without Bobbi seeing, I was able to at least drop some spit into the crack of Donna’s ass before I started pushing in. How long it took I have no idea, but her sphincter finally “popped” and let my head slide in. Bobbi was losing patience, “Hurry up already!” With that she placed the flat of her foot on my ass and pushed. The force of the push made Donna and the swing move forward as well as I, and with the backward swing and the added weight of Donna upon it, my cock went right to the base in her ass. Donna screamed so loud that her voice echoed in the still night air. It was a damn good thing that the town was too small to have its own police force, and too tame to keep anyone’s interest past 10 pm. I was in heaven now stroking my cock into Donna’s ass with as gentle and slow strokes as I could manage. Donna for her part was managing well, she kept grunting and breathing rapidly. A moment later my attention was diverted to the left where Lacey still lay naked over the swing. She watched Bobbi move behind her, and then looked at me, curiosity and fear were etched across what I could see of her face. “Just keep fucking her ass, and don’t worry about me.”

I watched in türkçe bahis total amazement, my cock still pumping in and out of Donna’s full, tight ass, while Bobbi pushed two fingers inside of Lacey’s pussy, then brought them to her asshole. I couldn’t see the expression on Bobbi’s face, but Lacey held her breath, her eyes closed, while two fingers were pushed past her sphincter. Bobbi had left the flashlight on the ground, and each time she pushed her fingers into Lacey’s ass, Lacey would swing forward enough, where the light from the flashlight shown, so that I could see my wife’s fingers buried in her ass. I started grunting and soon shot a load into Donna’s ass. “Fucking bastard.” Bobbi said while still pushing her fingers in and out of Lacey’s ass. “Just like a man to make a mess and not clean it up.” Understanding what she was saying I reached for my shirt to wipe the sperm dribbling from Donna’s ass. I turned to see the barrel of the gun pointing right at my forehead when Bobbi said, “With your tongue.” I had left Donna’s ass gaping pretty wide from the fucking she had just received, and consequently could slide my tongue pretty far inside. I had never done this before as Bobbi wouldn’t allow anything near her ass, but I found that I rather enjoyed it and soon Donna was moaning her orgasm to the rhythm of my tongue in her ass and her finger on her clit.

“Now it is her turn!” Bobbi said as she pulled her fingers from Lacey’s asshole with an audible “pop”. My cock was already hard from tonguing Donna’s ass, and since Bobbi had loosened her up a bit, I had no trouble sliding into Lacey’s ass. A minute later, I saw, again to my amazement, that Bobbi now had at least two fingers in Donna’s ass, pumping away!

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” It was Mike, Donna’s husband. Where he came from I don’t know, but when he yelled I jumped up and my cock came out of Lacey’s ass. Mike had the gun. I hadn’t noticed that when Bobbi went to finger Donna’s ass she was using her other hand to rub Donna’s clit.

Mike took a couple of seconds to assess the situation, then started to undress, all the while holding the gun on the four of us. He stood before us now completely naked and since dawn was fast approaching I could see everything a lot clearer. His dick was hard, and at that, couldn’t have been more than four or five inches long and considerably skinnier than mine. “I don’t know about her,” he indicated Lacey, “But she likes it real hard and fast in the ass. DO IT!” Bobbi looked up at me nonchalantly from her knees, moved back, grabbed my dick, aimed it at Donna’s ass and shoved me forward. Donna screamed again. I started pumping hard and fast. Soon I had a rhythm using the natural motion of the swing Donna lay upon and was slamming into Donna’s ass so hard that I was sure my pelvis would bruise. “You get your pants off and get over that swing, you get under her.” Mike pointed to Bobbi first then to Lacey. Donna screamed with an intense orgasm and her sphincter pulsed up and down my cock as I stoked in and out. I sprayed the inside of her bowels with what felt like a gallon of sperm from the sucking sensation her quivering anus was giving me.

“Now, the both of you get over here and watch, don’t move or I put a slug in the back of your wife’s head Tony.” I hadn’t met this guy before the reunion and he looked pretty serious so I stayed put, my anger rising. “Since your husband fucked my wife in the ass, I am going to fuck your ass bitch!”

Bobbi looked up at me with a distinct lack of fear in her eyes. “Lacey, lick her pussy, Bobbi, get your ass ready, and you come here.” He pointed the gun at me. He made me stand behind Bobbi and watch. Bobbi licked her fingers, reached behind her, spread her ass cheeks wide and began to run a finger around and around her tight virginal anus. With my anger near fever pitch my cock betrayed me and began to grow again as I watched Lacey’s tongue flicker over Bobbi’s clit as her own finger pushed into her asshole. She added a second then third and pushed past the second knuckle. “Enough bitch, you go and watch her face.” Mike ordered. He knelt down, told Lacey to keep licking no matter what and in one motion güvenilir bahis siteleri pushed his little dick all the way into Bobbi’s ass. He grabbed her hips to keep her from getting away. My anger was about to blow when the whole gravity of the situation dawned upon me. Donna set next to me calm as can be watching her husband impale my wife’s virgin ass onto his dick. Bobbi had straightened her legs, pushing to get away from the dick in her ass, but only managed to move the swing a foot or so farther up its arcing path. Mike had a firm grip on her hips, gun resting on her left hip, his dick still lodged firmly in my wife’s ass, as he shuffled his feet forward to ensure he stayed in. Lacey curled her back in order to keep her tongue in contact with Bobbi’s pussy, and now was obviously sucking her clit for all she was worth. Bobbi stared me dead in the eye, holding her breath for what seemed an eternity, the sun breaking the horizon, and then exhaled slowly. She began to shake violently as the familiar sounds of her imminent orgasm rose from her throat. Gasping, and moaning she bucked onto Mike’s cock as he shot his seed into my wife.

He dropped the gun, and as I made to grab for it, Lacey pulled it up and aimed it at my chest. I was shocked, confused, betrayed, angry … you name it, whatever it was I was feeling it. She forced the rest of us to get dressed at gunpoint and made us load into her Jeep. Donna was driving; Mike, Bobbi, and I were in the back seat, Lacey in the passenger seat so she could keep the gun on all of us. We returned to Bobbi and my house. After getting everyone inside unobserved by the neighbors, Lacey made me sit at the kitchen table then handed the gun to Bobbi.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked looking at Bobbi. The coffee was already hot, Bobbi must have set it before going to bed, odd since she doesn’t drink coffee, and Donna set a cup before me. She showed me the gun was not loaded.

Bobbi started to explain how she was ready to try anal, but just couldn’t bear the thought of my large cock “ripping her to pieces”. So she tracked down Lacey since she knew my cock size from school. The whole forced sex/rape thing had been a well- devised plan from Lacey. Her and Lacey couldn’t resist the urge to have some fun with me. She introduced Donna and Mike to Bobbi and they had met a week prior to the reunion to finalize the plan. They all deserved an academy award. Bobbi knew I would love to see her with another woman and when she suggested it to Lacey, Lacey jumped at the chance. Most importantly, since I couldn’t be the first to fuck Bobbi’s ass, because of my size, she wanted me to share the experience with her and also lose my anal virginity. It turned out that Lacey too lost her anal virginity that night, having an affinity for large cocks. And Donna had only had Mike’s cock in her ass. She was craving a larger cock. So everyone seemed to get what he or she wanted.

“Now honey, I am a little sore, Mike was supposed to be gentle,” she looked over at Mike sipping his coffee, who just grinned, “but I think I am ready for you to try and put that monster cock of yours up my ass.”

We elected to all shower first and since Bobbi had not gotten to return the favor of licking Lacey’s pussy we would try a threesome. Lacey, Bobbi and I had worked ourselves around so that Lacey was on her back in a 69 with Bobbi bent over her and my cock sliding slowly in and out of her ass. I guess the muffled cry of Bobbi gasping into Lacey’s pussy was too much for Donna. Mike was way back in the kitchen fixing breakfast and Donna came in, straddled Bobbi’s back and pushed her ass into my face.

She was slamming three fingers into her pussy while I tongue-fucked her ass. It was my third nut in the evening and I thought my insides where coming out. It was powerful. The pile of women in front of me nearly toppled when I came, pushing all the way into my wife’s well-fucked ass. I guess I passed out. The next thing I remember was seeing the girls in a daisy chain. It must have been the screams and grunts from their simultaneous orgasms that brought me back to my senses.

Breakfast was great! And although we can’t always get all of us together, we enjoy a weekend gathering from time to time with however many can make it. By the way, Lacey is now married and it was fun to fill all three of the ladies holes in succession on our last gathering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20