College Fun: Parent’s Weekend

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This dream from my wild perverted imagination includes oral, anal, vagina, group and lesbian sex. It also has a very twisted ending. Thanks to angel love for her expert editing. TSG.


“Oh, oh, yes. Fuck my asshole. God, stretch me with your monster cock.”

Christopher held onto the redhead’s hips. The first five inches of his nine-inch cock was buried and he pounded her from behind. He had cum once earlier, and normally would last much longer, but the tightness of her sphincter was testing his limits.


Earlier, Christopher drove his Mercedes 430 series into the parking lot of the Starbucks. After a quick dash across the rain-soaked lot, he entered and saw his party sitting in the far corner.

“Hi, Uncle Chris. You’re right on time as usual.” Christopher’s nephew, Mike, got out of his chair and met Christopher halfway across the coffee shop. The two men embraced in a bear hug and kissed each other’s cheek.

“Sorry for the last minute change in plans. Your brother and sister have the flu and your Mom didn’t want to leave them. I hope I will do?”

Mike laughed and put his arm around his Uncle’s shoulder. “I doubt it, but last minute replacements are hard to find,” he said as he led Christopher to the table.

“Ladies, this is the famous Uncle Chris. Chris, meet Lori and her Mother, Grace.” Christopher held out his hand to Lori, “Pleased to finally meet you Lori. I’ve heard a good deal about you from Mike and his Mom.”

Lori was a knock-out. Her shoulder length dark brown hair framed an innocent face, with a deep tan, dark brown eyes and a pearly white smile. She was dressed in a typical college uniform: a very tight tee that showed off her massive cleavage on top and her flat, tight belly below. Her jeans were skin tight and highlighted slim runner’s legs and a world class ass.

Christopher could tell where Lori got her good looks. Grace stood tall at 5’9″. He guessed she was in her mid-forties, but looked a decade younger. She had a regal face, short red hair and an athletic body. Grace was dressed for the fall, Long Island, NY weather. She wore jeans and a bulky Irish sweater. A black waist length leather jacket was draped across her shoulders.

After getting a cup of Starbucks best, Christopher joined the group around the small table. “What is the schedule for the day?” Christopher asked.

“Well,” Lori started. “We’d like to give you and Mom a tour of the campus. There’s a tailgate picnic at noon. The parent’s weekend football game starts at 2:00. After the game, we thought everyone could rest for a bit. We have dinner reservations with ten friends and their families at 8:00. How does that sound?”

“Lori, you’re going to think I’m a party pooper, but it’s 35 degrees and going to pour all day. I’m not going to freeze my ass off and be sick for a week.” He looked at Mike, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sorry.”

“Thank God,” Grace said as she clapped her hands. “The last thing I want is to be outside in this weather.”

“Listen,” Christopher continued. “We know you’re disappointed, but let’s make the best of the situation. Grace and I don’t need to be babysat. Take Grace’s car. Go tailgate. Go to the game. Then pick us up at the Marriott at 7:00. You have your fun. We’ll stay warm and dry. And, we’ll all have a nice dinner together this evening.”

“Are you sure . . .?” Mike started to ask…

“Mike, for God sake, go have fun. Ok?”

Mike smiled and started to laugh. “I thought we’d be stuck entertaining you all day. It sounds like a plan!” They all joined in the laughter.

After putting Grace’s suitcase into Christopher’s trunk and exchanging hugs all around, Christopher and Grace drove to a nearby deli for lunch and then to the Marriott.

Christopher found out that Grace was 46 years old. She was married for twenty-four years to a successful banker. Her husband traveled five days a week. Grace didn’t work. She kept herself busy with volunteer work, girl friend lunches and daily visits to the gym. Grace’s husband was in Japan for ten days and couldn’t make the Parent’s Weekend.

There were two staff members at the Marriott front desk, so Christopher and Grace checked in at the same time. As Christopher signed the necessary paperwork, he heard Grace say, “What do you mean I don’t have a room. Here’s my reservation number.”

He watched as the woman punched Grace’s reservation number into the computer. “Ma’am, our records show that the reservation was cancelled three weeks ago.”

“I made the reservations myself and certainly didn’t cancel them. Please check again.”

The woman pressed some keys on her computer and started shaking her head, “I’m sorry Ma’am. We don’t have a reservation. I’m sorry to tell you this, but the hotel is sold out because of Parent’s Weekend. So are all the other area hotels.”

Christopher watched as Grace’s jaw dropped open. “I can’t believe . . . “

“Hold on.” Christopher turned to the staff woman. “Could I talk with the manager, please?”

“Yes, sir,” the woman güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri responded. “But, sir, we’re filled. I’m the front desk manager. I’m sorry to tell you that every room is filled. We may get a cancellation, but as of right now, there are no rooms available. I’d be happy to get the general manager if you need him.”

Christopher thought for a moment. He shook his head and said, “No, thanks. That won’t be necessary.” Turning to Grace, he continued, “Let’s go to my room. I’ll make some calls and we’ll fix the problem.”

They gathered their belongings, rode the elevator to the sixteenth floor and found his room. The room was a typical hotel room, with a king bed, large TV, work desk, couch and separate bathroom.

After entering the room, Christopher called his travel agent, explained the situation and asked that they find Grace a room. He received a return call twenty minutes later. Four area colleges had scheduled their parent’s weekend for the same weekend. The closest hotel room was almost an hour away.

Hanging up the phone, Christopher said, “Grace, we have three options. Number one, you can drive back to Baltimore, tonight, after dinner. Two, you can sleep in the car. I’d recommend number three. I’ll share the room and sleep on the couch. No one needs to know,” Christopher finished with a shrug.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“I’m positive. Let’s unpack.”

After storing his clothes, Christopher hooked up his computer and checked his email. “I have a bit of work I need to catch up on. Make yourself at home. Turn on the TV if you’d like.

Christopher finished his work in an hour. “Grace, I’m going to change and go to the gym. I need a quick run to unwind from the drive.”

“I’ll see you in an hour,” he shouted as he emerged from the bathroom. Grace gave him an appreciative glance. He was dressed in a tee shirt, tight runner’s pants and running shoes. Christopher knew he looked good. After 30 years of running, weightlifting and martial arts, he was in tremendous shape.

Christopher lost himself in the run. He lasted a full hour on the treadmill, running at an eight minute mile pace. He was soaked with sweat when he finished. After stretching for a few minutes, he made his way back to the room.

He didn’t think to knock or announce himself as he reentered the room. Grace was on the bed. When she saw him, she frantically started looking around the bed and patting the covers. Her movements caused the TV remote to bounce off the bed and land at Christopher’s feet. He picked up the remote and said, “Did you lose something?”

From the cheesy music coming from the TV, Christopher knew that Grace was watching porn.

“Oh God, please turn it off. I’m so embarrassed.”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I love watching good porn on a rainy day.”

“The problem is, this is lousy porn,” Grace shyly admitted.

Christopher walked around the bed and sat on the couch. On the TV, a young blonde with fake tits was trying to deep throat a big cock. She was doing a really good job getting most of it down her throat.

He could feel Grace watching him. He decided to ignore her. He leaned back on the couch, got comfortable and watched the movie. Grace was right. The porn was below average. Gradually, he felt that she was paying less attention to him and more to the movie.

Eventually, Christopher snuck a glance at Grace. She was engrossed in the movie. He also noticed that she had taken off her bulky sweater. He could clearly see two large puffy nipples, poking from her shirt.

They watched the rest of the scene, including a very good facial. The start of the next scene included two women kissing. “Oh, I hate the lesbian porn. I put up with the enhanced boobs and Barbie figures, so I can see the over sized men.

“Do you like your men above average?”

Grace hesitated, and then said, “It’s just a fantasy. I’ve only been with three men, including the last twenty four years with my husband. They’ve all been about the same.” She held her palms about six inches apart.

Christopher smiled to himself. They watched the movie in silence for a few more minutes, until Christopher said, “I better get out of these sweaty clothes and take a shower.”

He stood in front of the couch and could feel Grace watching him. Slowly, he kicked off his shoes. Still watching the movie, he pulled the wet tee shirt over his head. For a forty-five-year-old man, he had a great chest. His shoulders were broad and trimmed down to a thirty-three-inch waist. The six-pack was gone, but there wasn’t any extra fat.

Christopher could feel the tension growing. He knew the outline of his semi-erect cock could easily be seen through the runner’s pants. He casually hitched his thumbs into the waist band of the pants, lowered them, pulled them over his ankles and dropped them to the floor.

He turned to face Grace, with his nine-inch cock getting hard. It quickly grew and pointed straight at her. “I’ll be in the shower, in case you need me.” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

Grace nodded her head in understanding, but her eyes never left his cock as he walked around the bed and entered the bathroom.

Christopher turned on the shower and got in. He started a mental countdown. Starting at 100, he began to count backwards, wondering if he’d make it to zero before Grace came to the bathroom.

At forty-two, he heard the bathroom door open. Grace walked into the bathroom, leaned against the vanity and watched Christopher through the clear shower stall. He opened the door and waited.

When Grace didn’t move, he exited the shower with his proud cock leading the way. Standing in front of her, he said, “I know you want to feel it. Go ahead.” When Grace hesitated, he continued, “Feel my cock, Grace.”

Grace’s hand slowly reached out and took hold of his hard pole. Her hand circled his staff and slid up and down its length. When she mumbled something, Christopher asked, “Talk to me baby. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Oh Jesus, it’s so big.”

Grace had been watching her hand glide up and down his nine-inch pole. When she glanced away and into his eyes, Christopher pressed his water soaked body against her. Their lips met and his tongue easily worked its way into her warm mouth. The two tongues played together and when Christopher eased away, Grace was panting and out of breath.

He reached for the bottom of Graces now wet tee shirt and pulled it over her head. It took another few seconds to reach behind her and unsnap her bra. It dropped to the floor. Grace had beautiful C-cup breasts. They were full, with very little sag and topped with puffy pink nipples.

He pulled her against him and her bare breasts pressed against his wet chest. Their lips and tongues worked together. Grace breathed an, “Oh, God,” into Christopher’s mouth as he tightly pinched a nipple between his thumb and finger.

Christopher bit Grace’s lower lip, then smiled and kissed it. He pressed her firmly against the bathroom vanity and sunk to his knees in front of her.

Reaching for Grace’s feet, he struggled to pull her calf high leather boots and socks from her feet. He unbuckled her belt, popped the button of her jeans and worked them over Grace’s hips and off her feet. Christopher was treated to a tiny white lace thong covering a neatly trimmed and well-soaked pussy. He kissed the front of her thong and pressed himself against Grace as he rose in front of her.

Holding her by her hips, he pulled her against him. They kissed again. It was deep and hard. Her tongue explored his mouth as his hands reached around and grabbed the globes of her ass. Exploring her rear crack and pulling her against his hard cock. His cock wedged between Grace’s silky thighs and he sawed it in and out.

Christopher reached down and slid his arm behind her knees. Supporting her back with his other hand, he easily picked Grace up and cradled her in his arms. She stared into Christopher’s eyes and began, “I can’t . . . I’m happily married . . . I have . . . ”

Christopher kissed her again and plunged his tongue back into her mouth. If there was any fight left in Grace, it was now gone. She wrapped her arms around Christopher’s neck and kissed back with equal passion.

Christopher carried Grace to the bedroom and laid her along the edge of the bed, with her head resting on a pillow. He knelt on the floor beside her and continued the deep wet kiss. Christopher enjoyed kissing Grace. They playfully bit and licked each other’s lips and tongues.

Looking into Grace’s eyes, Christopher said, “Put your hands behind your head, close your eyes and relax.”

When she had obeyed, Christopher started to kiss her neck and ears. A satisfying, “Mmmmmm,” came from Graces mouth.

When he moved to her breasts, his mouth first kissed then sucked a nipple deep into his mouth. His hand caressed her other breast, then twisted and pinched her nipple. The satisfying, “Mmmmm,” turned to a more urgent, “AArrrgggg.”

“That feels so good. You make me feel so…..Ohhhhhh.” Christopher worked from one tit to the other. He sucked, licked and bit one while pinching, twisting and scratching the other with his hands.

Her boobs were turning a bright red as she launched into her first orgasm. “Jesus, oh Jesus, I’m cum . . . ” The redhead let out a silent scream. Her body tensed then shook as the orgasm rippled through her.

Christopher let her nipple pop from his mouth and kissed and licked down her body, as she regained control. “My nipples have always been sensitive, but I’ve never had an orgasm from someone playing with my boobs,” Grace said between breaths.

“Relax, sweetheart. There’s a lot more to come,” Christopher said as he worked his lips from her belly button to the top of her thong. Leaving the sexy white lace material in place, he kissed her covered pussy. Then sucked her juices from the thong.

“Oh please. It’s been so long.” She reached for her thong in an attempt to remove güvenilir bahis şirketleri it, but Christopher pushed her hand away.

“All in good time, baby. Be patient.” Christopher sucked her pussy through the lace. He could feel the engorged and swollen pussy lips as he teased the little married slut.

Christopher spread her legs and kissed down her inner thighs. A disappointing groan escaped her lips as he left her cunt. When he reached her feet, he sucked each of her ten toes into his mouth. “Turn over baby. Turn onto your stomach.”

As she flopped onto her stomach, Christopher pulled the wet and tangled thong over her hips and down her legs. He spread her legs, climbed onto the bed and, starting at Graces ankles, kissed the back of her legs. When he reached the back of her knees, she took a deep breath and whimpered.

Christopher spent a few minutes kissing and licking the sensitive spot on the back of both legs. He watched as Grace ground her pussy into the mattress. Slowly he moved his kisses to her thighs and worked to the bottom of her ass. “Get on your knees Grace. Show me your ass.”

Grace struggled to her knees and her ass spread before him. She looked so fucking sexy. Her pussy was swollen, pink and sloppy wet. He kissed each cheek. Then Christopher shocked Grace as he licked over her rose bud and along her ass crack.

“What are you . . .? No one has ever . . . ”

Christopher took an ass cheek in each hand and spread them wide as he continued his oral assault on Grace’s asshole. “So good . . . so dirty . . . oh . . . Oh . . . Ohhhhhh.” Christopher speared his tongue into her asshole, as the married slut launched into another cum. He held her hips as she wiggled her butt against his face.

Once Grace settled, Christopher crawled from between her thighs and stood at the side of the bed. Grace remained at the edge of the bed, her ass high in the air and her face buried in a pillow. Christopher was proud of his efforts. He had given her two orgasms and hadn’t touched her bare cunt.

Christopher used his hands and fingers to caress her back and body. Grace started to respond again. He took a fist full of her thick red hair and raised her head from the bed. When she turned to look at him, she saw his giant and thick nine inch cock, just inches from her face.

“Suck my dick, baby. Let’s see if you’re any good at cock sucking.”

Grace’s hair was a mess and covered much of her face. Despite the hair, Christopher could see a confident twinkle in the eyes and smile on her lips. Still on her knees, with her ass high, Grace rested on her left hand, reached her right hand around Christopher’s waist and grabbed his ass. She opened her mouth and pulled him toward her. Christopher pushed past Graces lips and into her mouth.

He was shocked when she took seven thick inches on the first try. She held Christopher tight and over the next few minutes worked the remaining cock down her throat. When she reached the bottom, she looked triumphantly into his eyes. Grace let go of his ass and caressed Christopher’s swinging balls. He could feel Graces tongue work the shaft that was stuffed in her mouth.

He pulled half his cock from her mouth and jammed it back in, starting a slow steady face fuck. Grace gagged slightly each time he pushed into her throat, but she never pulled away. Spit drooled from the corner of her mouth and soaked into the sheets.

As Christopher continued to fuck her mouth, he reached over Grace’s upturned ass and slid his fingers along her sloppy twat. Her breathing changed immediately and she tried to pull her mouth off his cock. “No way, baby. Keep sucking,” Christopher teased. He dipped his fingers lower and circled her clit.

Grace shook and a muffled “AAArrrgggg,” escaped her dick-filled mouth.

“Oh baby. I’m going to love fucking your tight pussy. I can’t wait to bang your wet hole.” Christopher had been sliding into her for the last ten minutes. He knew from experience that her jaw must be getting sore. “Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Oh please. I need it so bad. Please fill me!”

Christopher positioned Grace on her back and at the edge of the bed. He stood in front of her, with an ankle in each hand. Her legs were spread wide. He positioned the head of his dick at her opening and easily slid the first two inches in. Christopher slowly fucked her pushing more of his tool in with each thrust.

“Do it . . . do it . . . oh God, fuck me . . . fuck ME . . . YYYEEESSSS!!!” Grace launched into another orgasm. Her hips left the bed and rose into the air. Christopher continued his slow deep strokes. Grace begged, “Harder…please fuck me harder.”

Christopher whispered, “We’ve got all afternoon baby.”

Christopher continued to saw into her hole. He played with her tits, pulling her nipples and slapping her jugs. Occasionally, he dropped his hands to her clit and caressed, pinched and slapped it. Every few minutes, Graces body would stiffen and she would explode in another orgasm.

“Get on your hands and knees, Grace. I want to fuck you like a slut.”

Grace turned over and got into a doggie position. Her ass was at the edge of the bed as Christopher stood behind her and reentered her gaping hole. Bottoming out on the first thrust, he grabbed Grace’s hips. “Are you ready to get fucked?” Christopher asked.

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