College Lesbians Ch. 01

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I have always considered myself a lesbian, I guess. I never really looked at boys in a sexual way. Even when I was growing up I tended to look towards other girls. I have never been one to advertise my sexuality. I wasn’t ashamed or anything, it just wasn’t something that I needed to talk about. In high school I ran track and that landed me a full athletic scholarship to college. It also kept me well in shape. I have short blonde hair, just past my ears. I prefer short hair because it keeps out of the way easily if I need to put it up when I am running. I never liked the short spiky haircut, and this seemed more to my liking. I have blue eyes and I am told I have a cute face. I weigh 100lbs, am 5’4″, and hope to keep my runners physique even after I graduate college in a few years.

I am a freshmen now and I am studying business economics. I am not sure yet what I really want to do when I get out of college, but my major lets me pick and choose eventually. I got lucky in my dorm and have a double room all to my self. I was able to have the unused bed removed from the room and have my sewing machine and fabric tables set up in it’s place. I like to sew and create clothes from time to time. It’s a hobby I learned from my grandmother. I had heard lots of the other female athletes complain about their sports bras and underwear, so I decided to make it a project of mine to try to come up with a new design.

I started out by asking what the other girls like and don’t like about the existing options for female athletes. I then asked for any suggestions or wishes as far as new designs go. They all seem pretty straight forward: needs to not be made of cotton or any other sweat absorbing material, needs to flex with them, readily available and inexpensive, and no interior seems that could rub against them during whatever athletic activities they are doing. I then looked at the current options that are available to females. After that I compared them to what options are designed for males. I found that any tight fitting undergarments were made in about the same ways. I settled on a spandex/polyester combination.

I designed several different options and then made them up. After that I used them myself to get to know what needed fixing, before I offered any sort of beta testing. I hit a few snags that resulted in two designs disintegrating while I was in the middle of practice. Luckily for me, none of the other girls noticed that my underwear was now nonexistent. I finally had six designs that worked for me, were comfortable, easy and inexpensive to make, and I was now ready for further testing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was really onto something here.

I then posted a few fliers announcing that I was giving out my designs to female athletes for free. I would even design the items based on their measurements. They could have a custom made set of athletic undergarments for free, all they had to do is give me their thoughts and suggestions after they had used them for a while. My designs went fast. Within a week of posting, my whole track team was using my underwear and loving them. Word of mouth soon had the female basketball, softball, and aerobics teams beating my door down for their own sets.

I will admit to having a tough time keeping a straight face when I was measuring some of these girls. It was not uncommon for me to have a naked gymnast or cheer leader in my room, as I had to measure them for a proper fit. I was always professional, but WOW! I would sometimes have to relieve some tension after they had left. Everyone loved them. I had not one complaint. I even started having girls offer me money for more. I kept the price low enough that I undercut the leading commercial brands, but high enough that I was making some good money.

I had even been able to work out a good way to not have to custom make everything. I went with sizes 1-5 for all the underwear, that way I could avoid listing them as x-small to s-large. I found most girls hated to say that they were and extra large, even if they couldn’t fit into a large. So the numbers system worked for me. The fabric was stretchy enough so that all the girls that used my underwear were satisfied with the fit. The female coaches seemed particularly interested in my designs, one even helped me out in speaking to a lawyer and working a patent through.

At any rate, I had enough to do between school work, track practice and meets, and the making of the underwear that my social life took a dip. I really didn’t notice at the time, as I was never a real party girl to begin with. But the other girls on the track team commented that I needed to get out more. I usually just shrugged it off, but they were adamant that I needed to get out and have a good time. It was known that I was a lesbian, and not the only female athlete that was a lesbian, and it was not a big deal. But I got dragged to a frat party on a Saturday night.

I hated frat boy and most sorority girls with a vengeance. I had yet to meet a frat boy that didn’t make a comment about bringing me back to “the winning team” or implying that I just needed to be with a real man and I would not be gay anymore. Ironically I also got asked casino oyna if I had any lesbian friends that I could bring to a threesome, so that was always fun. I had also developed a bit of a reputation for nut shots after a comment or suggestion was made about my sexual preference. And I viewed most sorority girls as cum dumps, considering how I saw them act. So I was not in the best of moods when I got dragged to this particular party.

But I figured I could have a good time, and maybe laugh at some drunken idiot’s or skank’s ability to showoff and inevitably injure themselves. I dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt, as it was my usual attire. I kept close to a few friends as we mingled, as I sipped a beer for the majority of the night. I eventually made my way to the upstairs balcony and was relaxing by myself. I jumped a bit and spilled the rest of my beer over the balcony when a feminine voice behind me said hi. I turned around and saw a very cute brunette standing in front of me. She apologized for scaring me, as she unsuccessfully tried to stifle a giggle.

She was my height and about my weight, though her breasts were easily a D cup, as opposed to my small C cup. Her hair was down to her shoulders and it was pulled back in a tight pony tail, that showed offer her beautiful face and gorgeous green eyes. She was still trying to hide her smile at my jumpiness, but her cheeks had an amazing blush to them. Her skin was paler than mine, as I usually had a full time tan due to running track. She extended her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Amy Waters. I really am sorry, to scare you. I really wasn’t trying to sneak up on you.”

I shook her hand and was happy to not stutter when I answered, “Jessica Martin. It’s cool. I really couldn’t hear much over the music.”

She smiled shyly, as she tried to hand me her beer cup, saying “Sorry you dropped your beer. You can have mine. I really don’t drink much anyways.”

I shook my head saying, “It’s ok. I am not a big drinker either. I just took that to be nice when a friend gave it to me. I’ve been nursing it for over an hour, so it was pretty much flat anyways.”

She continued to smile shyly as she asked, “Do you mind if I join you out here? I’m really not a big party girl. I got dragged here by a friend, who seems to have ditched me.”

She seemed really hopeful and obviously out of place. I nodded and beckoned her beside me as I said, “Sure. I’m not a big fan of these things either. But my teammates seemed to think I needed to get out more, so here I am.”

Amy leaned against the balcony beside me and sat her beer down untouched. She seemed to enjoy the quieter atmosphere out here, as opposed to the loud ruckus of the party inside. She smiled pleasantly as she turned to me and asked, “You said your teammates brought you. What team do you play for?”

I hesitated, as I wondered if she was nonchalantly asking if I was gay. I answered, “I run track. I have since high school. I’m studying business economics here. What about you?”

She smiled shyly as she said, “I’m majoring in historical architecture with a minor in medieval literature. I’m here on a drama scholarship. Are you on an athletic scholarship?”

I smiled answering, “Yep. I’m a jock. Full athletic scholarship for track. I run the 5000 meters event. I doubt I’m Olympic material, but I enjoy it. It also keeps me fit and got me to college. Are you wanting to continue to act when you get out of college?”

Amy shook her head smiling as she said, “No, I’m not interested in acting beyond college. I just did it because I am good at it and it got me here too. I’m not interested in acting in movies or TV, and that’s where the money really is as far as acting goes. I don’t want to be famous. Too much dram in that life. Plus I hate the paparazzi scene. There really isn’t a lot of money to be made in stage acting anymore. I’m a freshman, so I still have plenty of time to decide what I want to do. What about you?”

I liked her outlook on life and her dislike of the limelight. I found myself relaxing into the conversation, as I answered “The same really. I’m a freshman too. I’m not sure what area of the business world I want to pursue. But I have a lot of options. So where did you friend run off to?”

Amy scoffed as she said, “No clue. Probably hosting a circle blow for the drunken frat boys in one of their rooms. She’s my friend, but she is such a slut. I just came along because she wore me down with all of her begging. She’s my roommate and she can never wait to regale me with her most recent ‘conquest.’”

I laughed at her description, guessing that she didn’t hold the frat boys and sorority girls in high esteem either. I nodded as I said, “That’s one of the reasons I chose this spot. I’m away from them so I don’t have to smell or hear them, but I can still see them do something stupid. It’s my new favorite past time. I call it ‘idiot watching.’ Sooner or later some drunken frat boy or sorority skank will do something stupid while they are egged on my every other drunken idiot and wind up getting hurt in some miraculous way. I view them the same way I view wild animals. They are best watched from afar, where you can’t canlı casino smell them but you can still watch them doing funny things.”

Amy laughed at my analogy as she nodded. I quickly asked, “You’re not in a sorority, are you?”

She laughed loudly as she said, “God, no. I had a girl offer to let me pledge her sorority, but I turned her down flat. No, I have no interest in all that. You?”

I shivered comically as I answered, “Hell, no. Most of those skanks are just cum dumps. I never got into the whole clique routine in high school and it’s just worse in college. No thank you. Hopefully my teammates are having fun, but I would not like to see what they are getting up to either. Or who they are going down on, like your friend.”

Amy laughed at my teasing of my teammates and the jibe at her friend. She nodded, as she continued to lean against the railing. Just then we were rewarded by some drunken idiots charging out onto the front lawn carrying two empty kegs. We watched as one of them tried to hold up both kegs over his head for some unknown reason. We were rewarded by seeing him drop the kegs so that they swung down and smashed him in the legs, causing him to scream in pain and fall down. We laughed hysterically, as his drunken buddies helped him to his feet and back inside the house.

I nudged her with my hips as I said, “Told you this is a great spot for ‘idiot watching.’ And that was just the second one I have seen tonight. The first one thought he could blow fire using what looked like tequila and a lighter. Yeah, he set his hair on fire. These people should have their own judge standing by for the ‘Darwin Award.’”

She laughed again hearing my story. I looked at her and smiled as I enjoyed the way her face lit up when she smiled and laughed. I caught myself admiring her figure. She obviously had big breasts, but she also had a very cute butt. She filled out her pants very well. I wondered how it would feel to run my hands over her butt. She had enough ass to be referred to as a bubble butt, but not too much to have a fat ass. Her frame was what I would classify as “big boned,” maybe. She had not exactly a muscled physique, but a certain country girl look to her body. I could definitely see her at home on a farm or somewhere rural, but I could not detect any southern accent.

I then enquired, “Where are you from, Amy?”

She stifled her laughs at the drunken idiots antics as she smiled at me and struck a pose declaring, “Kansas through and through. You?”

I smiled back at her cuteness, as I said “I was born in California, but I moved around a lot as a child. I went to high school in Chicago.”

We smiled at each other, as we lapsed into a comfortable silence. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I saw her glancing over at me and looking me up and down. I tried to nonchalantly give her a good view of my body. God, I would love to get her alone somewhere. I was about to break the silence, but was interrupted when my teammate Beth suddenly ran up behind me saying, “Jessica, there you are. What are you doing up here?”

I turned around, annoyed by the interruption as I said “I told you guys that I hated these frat parties. I came out here to get away from the drunken frivolities.”

Beth looked confused as she swayed drunkenly and asked, “Drinking what? You don’t even have a drink.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled as Amy piped up, “She said ‘drunken frivolities.’ It means stupid behaviors.”

Amy and I shared a quiet smile, as Beth shook her head and shot back “Whatever you two are drinking up here, we have to go. Steph did a keg stand and we have to walk her back to the dorm. She has already thrown up twice and pissed herself. I’m not putting that lightweight in my car. Come on.”

I sighed as I turned to Amy, saying “Sorry. Duty calls, apparently. It was nice talking with you. I’ll see you around.”

Amy smiled back saying, “It was nice talking to you too, Jessica. Hopefully we’ll run into each other sometime for some more ‘idiot watching.’”

I smiled as I nodded my head, and followed Beth downstairs. I helped my other teammates walk Stephanie out the front door. I glanced up at the balcony and saw Amy still standing up there. She smiled and waved at me. I smiled back but couldn’t wave, because I had to help hold my drunken friend up. I nodded my head to her to try to get my point across. She seemed to understand, because she smiled wider at me. I turned and continued our long walk across campus to our dorm. Getting back, I helped take Stephanie to her room and deposited her on her bed. Her roommate was with us and said that she would look after her, so the rest of us left her to it.

I considered going back to the party to talk to Amy more, but decided against it. It had been an hour since we left, and it was now 2am. I doubted she would have stayed much longer anyways. I was a little disappointed, but returned to my room. I stripped and got into bed thinking about Amy and her smile, as I drifted off to sleep.

It had been three days since I met Amy at the party and I have yet to get her off my mind. Thinking back to that night, I could clearly classify her behavior as flirting. kaçak casino Plus she did check me out at least twice that I noticed. I kicked myself several times for not running back to the party after I helped Stephanie back to the dorm. I didn’t want to seem over eager, but damn I missed talking to her. I considered showing up at the drama building to see if I could spot her, but thought that sounded a little like stalking. I had been in a sour mood for most of the week trying to figure out a way to find her. I had decided I would just go to the drama building and ask around.

It was Tuesday night after my track practice and I was already showered and done with my homework. I didn’t have anymore underwear to make right now, so I was sitting quietly in bed reading. I heard a light knocking at my door and got up to answer it. I gasped and came up short when I opened the door to find Amy standing there smiling at me. We exchanged hellos and I had to fight the urge to throw my arms around her in a hug. I had missed her a lot, but tried to act as cool as I possibly could. I finally said, “It’s nice to see you. What are you doing here?”

She smiled shyly as she looked down, but answered back “A girl from the basketball team suggested you, because of your sports underwear. She said all of the team is wearing your stuff and I was hoping to buy a set. I have money, if you’re not too busy.”

I stuttered out, “Sure, but it will probably take a few hours to make a set for you. I didn’t realize you were active in sports, but come one in.”

She nodded and walked into my room. I admired her body again and had to chastise myself to stay focused. She was casually dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt, with her hair pulled up in a tight pony tail again. Her clothes showed off her lovely body perfectly. She turned around to face me once I hade closed the door and said, “Some of the other girls who are also in drama have roped me into playing some basketball from time to time with them during the week. Several of us complained about the bras and panties we wear. A girl from the basketball team mentioned you, and I figured since I knew you maybe I could get a set?”

I nodded at her explanation, slightly sad that she was just here for clothes. I kept my face normal as I answered, “Sure, it’s no problem. I hadn’t realized my stuff had gotten around. I’ve only been making them consistently for about a month now. But they aren’t expensive and like I said I can knock a set out in about 2 hours. I charge forty dollars for a set and you get to pick the colors. I just need to take some basic measurements, so it’s pretty easy.”

She nodded and smiled cutely as she instantly handed over two twenty dollar bills, showing that she was prepared. I turned and set the money on my dresser then grabbed my measuring tape. I stopped short when I turned back around, to find Amy had stripped off her shirt and pants and was unclasping her bra. I dropped my gaze and felt my face flush. I took a breath and looked back to see her standing in just a pair of red lace panties and her white short socks. I took a step forward as she asked, “Do I need to lose the panties too, or…?”

I had to stop myself from having her strip completely. I really only needed her to stand still. I had gotten so good at measuring the other girls that I didn’t even need them to strip to be measured anymore, but I held that fact back. I found my voice as I answered, “No, you can leave those on. I can get what I need, the measurements I need just like that.”

She beamed at me as I stepped forward. I had her hold her arms out and began to take her measurements. This was obviously unnecessary, I could have just asked her sizes and gone from there, but this would be better for a more comfortable fit I told myself. I dropped to my knees behind her and admired her silky skin as I wrapped my measuring tape around her waist. God her ass looked so sexy right now. I wanted to run my finger over her lovely bubble butt. I could imagine just leaning forward and placing a kiss to each ass cheek and maybe teasing her by biting her gently. I shook my head to try to clear it as I asked what colors she might like. I mentioned that I could use several different color patterns for the bra, but only two for the panties.

We chatted lightly as she discussed color patterns. I then had her turn around and face me so I could get a better measurement around her hips. I found myself with my face just inches from her lace panty covered pussy lips. I could clearly see her lips through her panties. I felt my mouth water with desire to lean forward and lick her pussy. I could smell her musky scent and was slightly stunned by the effect she had on me. I swallowed and hoped she hadn’t noticed my behavior. I continued to answer her questions as I finished measuring her for panties. I then stood back up and ran my fingers lightly over her hips. I was rewarded by hearing her moan quietly and shiver at my touch. I stepped away from her as wrote down her lower body measurements. I then wrapped my measuring tape around her chest above and below her breasts. I took time to write down her specifics, before I moved to measuring over her breasts. This would be difficult for me, she had amazing breasts and they were displayed perfectly in front of me. I looked into her eyes as I said, “I need to measure around your breasts now, is that ok?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20