College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 06

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I put the marker into my boy-shorts as the Alpha picked up my naked girlfriend. I followed behind them as they walked over to the nearby exercise building. Seeing my beautiful girlfriend carried in his muscular arms sent a beta shock to my tied penis. It seemed that tonight would be constant lowering of my existence as a traditional man. “How low does this go?” I wondered.

We entered the beautiful detached spa and Jake laid my girlfriend down on one of the cushioned benches. The building had an exercise area to the right and a large shower room to the left. We were in the middle, which was a sort of wealthy person’s locker room. There were lots of plants and windows, but the room was still very private.

Jenna hopped up, “I’ll be right back honey,” she said to him kissing him on the cheek. She ran down the hall and activated the shower head so that we could both still see her wash herself off. Her body looked amazing.

Jake for his part, pointed to the ground near the cushioned bench that she had just gotten up from. I instantly knelt where indicated. He looked into one the the full length mirrors and admired his cock a bit. Damn, I thought, some guys are just lucky.

Jake sat down on the bench near me. He didn’t acknowledge me as Jenna came walking back. Her body looked amazing as the water dripped off of her fit figure.

She immediately sat on her knees right next to me and lifted his cock and took it into her mouth. It was inches from my face as she diligently reanimated his impressive dick. “Hold her hair bitch,” Jake commanded. I listened and held her hair back as she went up and down on his shaft. She occasionally looked up at him with her beautiful doe eyes.

Within a minute or so he was already rock hard again. He swatted my arm away and grabbed her hair. He pushed himself upon her a few times and then pulled her off.

He stood up and easily lifted my girlfriend off of the ground. He placed her gently on her back on the bench. Her legs were spread and her feet were up. He positioned himself between her legs.

He looked down at me with derision. “I’ve been fucking your girlfriend for a while now,” he said in a cocky, but earned tone. “But I think it’s time we really make you a cuckold.”

Jenna looked at me on my knees next to her Bull. She gave me a sweet smile and then rested her head back down on the bench.

“Take my cock in your hands,” he said calmly. “And then guide me into your girlfriend. You will be a part of your casino oyna cucking.”

“What?” I asked out shock.

He smacked the back of my head, “Now!”

Without thinking I grabbed his thick cock and aimed it at her beautiful pussy. It was so heavy in my hands.

He moved himself closer so his considerable cock-head was just on the tip of her shaven lips. My humiliation was total and my defeat complete as I sat cock-tied and helpless as the Alpha prepared to take her right in front of my eyes.

He laughed a cocky laugh, “Well this was too easy,” he said. “You ready to make your little boyfriend a cuck?” he asked her.

Jenna nodded and then started, “I love you hon…”

Without letting her finish he drove his shaft deep inside her. She let out a loud gasp that seemed to be a combination surprise and pain.

“Oh my god,” I said as his thick cock stretched the shit out of Jenna like I had never seen before. She grabbed her tits as she adjusted to the massive member thrusting in and out of her.

Jake kicked me aside as he got a better grip of her legs. I positioned myself next to Jenna as she was getting rammed. She reached out her hand and I grabbed it. I held her hand as the beast above her thrust his powerful hips violating her internally deeper and deeper with each drive.

Her noises turned from the initial pain to incorporate more and more carnal pleasure. She was making noises I had never, ever heard her make. Her pleasure was deep, intense and came from a place I had never known existed.

Jake seemed to simply be fucking a hole with animal-like passion that I also had never known. He pulled her legs and hips down on his cock as his entire shaft entered my girlfriend with little to no thought of how she might feel. He was her fucktoy and that was clear to all.

Jenna had to release my hand she was getting fucked so hard. Her body was his plaything and he was very strong. Finally, he seemed to be getting near completion as Jenna’s screams got more intense.

He let our a loud roar as he unloaded deep inside my girlfriend. Jenna’s screamed in ecstasy as her body seemed to spasm all at once. Her body bucked as she flexed muscles I had never seen. She reached out for my hand and squeezed it to the point of pain as she had the most intense orgasm I could imagine was possible. They had simultaneously made fucking magic.

Their mutual orgasm seemed to last a full minute as they looked into each other eyes. He looked at canlı casino her with some sort of powerful animal lust or that of at a conquered prey. She looked at him with supreme gratitude and submission. I looked at both of them with shock and awe.

He slowly lowered her back onto the bench as she had gotten a bit lifted during the experience. He slowly pulled his thick cock out and Jenna let out another loud gasp as he fully withdrew. He wrung the last of his juices around the entrance of her now gaping hole. He seemed satisfied as he surveyed the scene. He had a fucked slut on her back filled with her with his sperm and a cuckold in chastity staring at him with complete amazement. He was the unquestioned king.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me between her spread legs. He didn’t have to pull hard as I knew where he was leading me, but the gesture was loud and clear. “Look at that,” he said pointing at my girlfriend’s gaping pussy. “Whose is that?”

Jenna looked up at me. I hung my head in defeat, “That’s yours Sir,” I said meekly.

“That’s right,” he said confidently. “Now clean it up!” With that he smacked the back of my head.

I dove head first into her used pussy and put my tongue square onto the biggest glob he had left. It tasted salty and warm. Jenna laid back down satisfied, “Good job honey…” she said trailing off in contentment. I kept to my task licking and cleaning all that I could find. She would push more Alpha juice out of her and I would clean it up as quickly as I could.

I felt my boy-shorts open as Jake pulled out the marker. He pulled my panties back exposing a bit of my ass and made another mark.

“Well, that’s two down,” he said matter-of-factly as he walked off to the showers.

Jenna sweetly rubbed my head as I continued to clean her. Her body and affect were completely relaxed.

The almost sweet combination of their juices and the smoothness of her skin were my only experience as my brain pushed aside the complete emasculation I had just been exposed to. To save my sanity, I needed to focus on my immediate senses. Their taste, her feel, and the void between my legs were all that I knew at that moment. My masculinity was gone.

The trance was broken by Jenna’s voice, “You were amazing honey,” she said almost purring. She pushed herself down on my face a bit. “Concentrate on me now,” she said as she pulled my hair a little. I obeyed and went to the task that I was familiar with and put my tongue square on kaçak casino her clit. She let out a soft gasp.

I proceeded to please her as I knew I could as she proceeded to grind my mouth. It did not take long. More of her juices entered my mouth as she had a very quick, but passionate orgasm. Her body got taught and her grip on my hair got tighter as her body got tense and then relaxed. It was not as intense as the one she had just experienced with Jake, but it seemed more intimate as she sat up on the bench and held my face as I knelt between her legs.

“You are awesome,” she said as she kissed me on the lips. She stood up and walked right past me into the shower with Jake.

I watched as she wrapped her arms around his strong neck as they embraced. She held up his considerable cock and looked into his eyes, “I love this thing ,” she said smiling.

He just laughed and smack her ass. “Yea? No shit,” he said somewhat playfully.

I reached down into my panties to make sure my penis was even still there. I quickly looked down and sure enough there it was, locked in its pink cage. Jenna had never said anything remotely similar to me. He brought out something in her I never, ever could. That thought sent a small beta pulse to the cage. It was quickly broken by the sound of Jake’s voice.

“Hey cuck, get in here,” he called.

I looked up and couldn’t see them. I lifted myself up and went into the shower area. In the corner I saw them in an extremely expensive hot tub. The thing looked custom and was far beyond anything I had ever seen in a private home. They were both relaxing naked with her legs draped over his lap.

“Go back to the bar and get us some drinks,” Jake said with his head reclining and not bothering to even look at me.

I looked at Jenna and she blew me a kiss with a slight, not-unfriendly smile. She seemed pleased with me and how I was handling everything. But it was clear that when he was around, her focus was on him.

I exited the building and went back to the main building with the bar. Again, that beautiful thing was behind the bar as she shot me a curious smile.

“Uh… Jake,” I said before being interrupted by her pointing to the tray on the bar with the drinks. I guess she had them ready?

I quickly picked up the tray and, knowing the routine, tried to hurry out the door.

She called out as I was about to exit, “You have something on the side of your mouth.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and felt for where she was talking about. It was a decent glob of Jake.

I looked back at her and she shot me a playfully evil smile. I must have looked terrified as I lost no time in getting out of there with the drinks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20