College Slave Ch. 02

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Hey, this took a while huh. Will be posting an update on my profile. As usual, lemme know if you have any comments/criticism, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, enjoy.


Unsurprisingly, Abigail was not able to sleep well her first night in the cage. She had to constantly adjust position else her arms, which were duct taped tightly behind her, would begin to cramp. Every time she did so, the movement would cause the clamps on her nipples to shake, moving the pain up from a dull ache to a sharp throb. She shut her eyes once again, pleading silently for sleep to come.

She woke with a start some time later to the sound of the bedroom door creaking open. She shut her eyes and let out a low groan as someone turned on the lights, momentarily blinding her.

“Shhhh now, wouldn’t want to wake up the others!”

Abigail looked up to see Cassidy standing over her cage, keys dangling in her hand. She wore only a slight red negligee, her firm breasts almost spilling out the top. From her low point of view, Abigail could easily tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Oh no, she thought.

Cassidy unlocked the cage and beckoned for Abigail to come forward. This proved to be quite challenging as she had to worm her way forward without her hands, trying to avoid banging her metal collar or improvised nipple clamps against the cage. When she finally made it out, she kneeled defferentially in front of her master. She wasn’t sure what Cassidy had planned, but she wanted to please her and avoid as much punishment as possible.

“What a good little slut,” Cassidy said with a grin. She bent down and gently caressed Abigail’s face with her finger. “How are you enjoying your new living arrangements?”

“Um. The clamps hurt. Goddess. And I don’t like the cage.”

“Well that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Tell you what though: I’ll make you a deal. Come back to my room for some fun…” She moved her hand up, running her fingers through Abigail’s smooth black hair. “…And if you please me right then I’ll let you sleep in a real bed, without the clamps. Sound good?”

“Yes!” Abigail said. She was so eager to escape her punishment for the night that she barely gave thought to what Cassidy would even have her do.

Smack! Cassidy slapped her across the face. “Don’t think you can forget the rules just because I’m being nice. Try again.”

“Yes Goddess” Abigail replied, her face stinging.

“Much better. Now let’s get these off you.” Cassidy quickly undid the first binder clip. Abigail gasped as the dull throb was replaced with a rush of pain. She had to strain to keep quiet, afraid to wake the rest of her owners. Cassidy took off the other clamp and Abigail doubled over, the blood returning to her nipples bringing new waves of pain. She hadn’t anticipated that taking them off would hurt this much!

After giving Abigail a moment to recover, Cassidy helped her up and led her out of the room. The hardwood felt cold against Abigail’s bare feet as they made casino siteleri their way silently to Cassidy’s room. Once inside, Cassidy closed the door and turned on the lights. Abigail could see that the room was about the same size as her own, but better furnished. Her suitcases lay open on the floor, and clothes were still haphazardly sticking out of dresser drawers. While she was still taking in the room, Cassidy began undoing the duct tape binding her arms behind her back.

“Celine and Savannah already got to play with you, and I think it’s only fair that I get my turn,” Cassidy said.

Abigail turned around. “What would you like me to do, Goddess?”

Cassidy pulled the naked girl close. “As long as you please me, you can do whatever you want. Let’s see what you can come up with.”

Abigail began to panic. Her career in girl-pleasing was fairly short so far, and messing this up could backfire disastrously. Cassidy’s face was uncomfortably close to her own, and for a moment they just stared at each other. Abigail could see the lust in her eyes, and could feel her hot breath against her own lips. Hesisitantly, she leaned forward for a kiss. Their lips met, and she only had a moment to enjoy their tender softness before she felt Cassidy’s tongue pressing into her mouth. At the same time, she felt Cassidy grab her by the (still sensitive) ass and pull her closer. As Abigail moved away from the sudden touch, she moved forward into the kiss.

Cassidy’s tongue pressed further into her mouth. Abigail faltered, taken off guard by the intimacy of the kiss. But she was tired, sore, and had just gotten through a long day of being dominated by strangers. She decided to give in to this moment and let herself experience whatever pleasures may come, because they were certainly better than spending a night in the cage.

She wrapped her arms around Cassidy as the kiss continued. Not sure what to do with her hands, she slid them slowly down the girl’s body. Cassidy had just grabbed her ass, so she decided to do the same. She grabbed a handful of Cassidy’s firm cheeks, massaging her skin slowly.

Cassidy pulled out of the kiss and grinned. “Enjoying yourself, are we?”

“W-well…” Abigail stammered. She had to admit, this fondling and kissing was hot, regardless of the situation. She wasn’t really into girls, but getting her body touched like this all day had started to get her worked up. Before she could answer, however, Cassidy reached down and slid her finger down to Abigail’s cunt. She then brought the glistening finger up to Abigail’s lips. “I think this answers my question.”

Abigail tried to stutter out a response, but as soon as she opened her mouth Cassidy slid her finger inside. She worked her finger around Abigail’s mouth, forcing the girl to taste her own juices. Delighted at Abigail’s confusion, Cassidy pressed her face close and whispered, “What do you want to do to me?”

“I… I want to eat you out, Goddess.”

“That can be arranged,” Cassidy said, as she climbed canlı casino onto the bed and got on all fours. Abigail got on the bed as well and knelt behind her. In front of her was Cassidy’s round pale buttocks, and below that she could see her smooth pussy, cleanly shaven and freshly wet. Cassidy leaned forward to press her face against the bed, lifting her ass and pussy into the air for the obediently waiting teen.

Abigail began gently tonguing her owner’s lower lips. She parted them with one hand, and let her tongue probe the opening. She heard Cassidy gasp in surprise and excitement as Abigail’s mouth began exploring her nether regions.

Just have to make her climax, then I can finally get to sleep, Abigail thought to herself. She started to stroke her tongue across the full length of Cassidy’s pussy, gliding from her opening to the top of her hood and back. The scent and taste grew stronger as she continued. Cassidy began slowly grinding her hips back against Abigail’s face. She had to be mindful of keeping the same rhythm as Cassidy’s hips without bumping her face too far forward, which would press her nose against the gir’s asshole.

Cassidy’s moans and whimpers slowly grew louder and louder. Abigail hoped that her noises wouldn’t wake any of the other girls. The last thing she needed was more roommates to please.

As her servicing continued, Abigail noticed her tongue was growing sore and tired. She hadn’t even known that could happen!

She stopped licking for a moment and cautiously asked “May I use my fingers, Goddess?”

“Mmhmmmm, yes girl. Give it to me,” Cassidy gasped out. She was breathing hard, and Abigail was guessing she was close to orgasm. I’m almost jealous; she’s really enjoying this, Abigail thought. Focusing back to the task at hand, she slowly slid one finger inside Cassidy. She thought back to the few times she had tried fingering herself. Cassidy was just as warm but felt wetter and, unless she was imagining it, slightly looser.

“Moaaaar,” Cassidy groaned. Abigail complied, inserting a second finger and began thrusting back and forth, once again trying to match Cassidy’s rythm. As she continued pumping, she felt Cassidy tense up as she climaxed, letting out a long groaning gasp. She withdrew her fingers as Cassidy continued to pant, recovering from her orgasm.

After a minute, Cassidy collected herself and sat up. “You’re pretty good at this, huh?”

Abigail blushed. “Um, thank you Goddess.”

“No really. You fell into this whole submissive thing pretty fast. Know what that tells me?”

“I don’t know, Goddess.”

Cassidy leaned forward to stroke Abigail’s face. “It tells me you enjoy this. Isn’t that right?”

“Well, uh-” Abigail stuttered. Cassidy interrupted her with another long, deep kiss. When she finally pulled away, she slid a hand down to Abigail’s exposed cunt. Abigail gasped and tried to pull away, but Cassidy held her close and began rubbing her palm against the outside of her slit.

“See? You’re kaçak casino already wet,” Cassidy said. Abigail wanted to refute her, but she could feel the moist warmth between her legs betraying her. She definitely didn’t want to be in this situation, but at this point…

Before she could make a final decision, Cassidy pushed her down onto her back, then crawled on top of her. She was now straddling Abigail, her still-dripping cunt leaving wet streaks on Abigail’s stomach. She leaned forward, and Abigail could feel her hot breath as she said “Now it’s your turn, right?”

Without waiting for a response, Cassidy reached behind her to continue playing with Abigail’s pussy. With her other hand, she reached forward and began fondling Abigail’s soft tits. Abigail gasped as her master stroked her erect nipple. At the same time, Cassidy plunged a finger into Abigail’s pussy. Abigail tried again to protest, but the combined sensation of her nipples being teased, the hot body pressing down on her abs, and the finger rythmically stroking inside her was too much. She was left wriggling and moaning incoherently as warm pulses of pleasure grew between her thighs. Right before the pleasure reached its crescendo, Cassidy withdrew her finger and stopped.

Abigail looked up, confused. “Hnngg?” she managed to get out. Cassidy grinned at her, still slowly rubbing her nipple but ignoring the bucking of her hips and she tried to get something, anything, to grind against her dripping pussy so she could finish her orgasm.

“There’s one last rule we forgot to explain to you. It goes like this: you are our property. We own your entire body. Therefore, you need our permission to do anything. Including cum. Make sense?”

“Yes Goddess,” Abigail mumbled, still panting deeply.

Cassidy resumed rubbing the outside of Abigail’s slit, but didn’t penetrate. “So what do you think you should be doing?”

Abigail, aware of her current situation and desperate for release, gave in. She knew Cassidy wanted to hear her beg. “Pleeease Goddess may I cum? I’ll be a good girl, please!”

“There you go,” Cassidy said, reinserting her finger and redoubling her efforts. Despite (or possibly because of) the brief pause, Abigail was on the brink of orgasm. She felt the warmth within her rise again, and this time she reached climax, letting out a long moan and shuddering deeply. She threw away her resignations to being turned into a slave, and for a moment she was able to forget about the stinging aches of her breasts and ass. She gave up on keeping her voice down for fear of waking the others, and continue to moan loader as she lost herself in the overwhelming sensation of her orgasm. Cassidy continued to finger the brunette as Abigail bucked her hips beneath her.

“T-Thank you Goddess,” Abigail whimpered, still feeling the aftershocks. Cassidy wanted to say something back, maybe to humiliate her more, but she could see that Abigail was close to drifting off to sleep. Unsurprising; she had had a long day, and cumming that hard took a lot out of her. Instead she lay down next to her slave and pulled the blankets over them both. Tomorrow they could get back to training, spanking, servicing, and humiliated, but for now they slept.

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