Come Back To Bed

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Author’s Note: I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to post this story. After all, it’s one of my first attempts and is not very good at all. For some reason, maybe a caffeine high, maybe the fact that it’s very late at night, I’ve decided to submit it. Please forgive me.


I woke up late in the morning, the digital clock warning me that it was far past breakfast. Drowsy, I stretched my limbs, opening my body like a flower and yawning as I did. Next to me, my boyfriend groaned, throwing his arm over my hard chest and pulling me close to him.

“Not time to wake up yet,” he mumbled into my ear, nipping it softly.

“Justin,” I murmured, turning around. My cock rubbed against his leg, sending a shiver through my body. The tiny hairs on his upper thigh tickled the flesh between my legs and I felt a slight stirring in my crotch, a warm feeling spreading through the core of my cock as it swelled gently.

“What’s this?” Justin teased, nudging his crotch closer to mine. I felt to soft skin of his cock, already hard from pleasant dreams rub against mine as it swelled a bit more, the limpness leaving it as it grew big.

“Breakfast casino oyna in bed,” I teased, moving my hand under the covers and gripping his cock with my fingers and palm. The silky skin felt hot against my hand, and slowly I began to stroke it, pulling his foreskin up over the round head and holding it there, the way he liked.

“You know just what I like,” he groaned into my ear, pushing his body closer to mine. His warm skin felt so good I didn’t want to let go, but a throbbing in the rest of my body urged me to move upwards.

Thinking fast I shifted in the bed, keeping my hand tight around Justin’s staff and positioning my legs on either side of his body. I was facing his feet, my cock pointed straight to his mouth. Laughing, he sucked it in, and I gasped as I felt the hot insides of his mouth working on my body.

“Oh, god,” I murmured. Justin’s tongue wound around my cock, his lips tightening around the base and pulling my whole length inside his throat. Eagerly sucking he pulled back and pushed further up, his mouth a hot little hole, fucking my whole length.

I lowered my face to his member, inhaling the canlı casino sweet scent of his body. His curly hairs tickled my nose, and as I groaned with pleasure I rubbed my cheeks against his cock. The skin felt good against my face, and I placed wet kisses all over the head.

My hand moved down between Justin’s legs, and he spread them eagerly for me. My fingers traced their way down his cock, feeling the softness of his scrotum, and began to stroke his balls softly. Happy with my new efforts, Justin began to suck harder, and between the pleasures I was almost afraid that he would pull the whole thing off.

“Ouch!” I said, stopping my work.

“Oh, god, keep going,” Justin mumbled from around my cock. I smiled to myself and bent back down, licking his cock with my tongue like a cat laps milk. Eagerly, anticipating my treat.

My tongue was working so intently on Justin’s staff I hardly noticed that he had stopped sucking on me. Smiling to myself I continued my work. He was enjoying himself too much to do it for me, and since giving is half the pleasure I was content to keep on going.

“Fuck me,” Justin groaned. “Fuck me, please?”

I kaçak casino took my mouth off his hot staff and twisted around, kneeling between his legs. Taking his thighs in my hands I spread them generously, looking down at the small brown hole I was about to invade. My cock still slick from his mouth, I pushed gently into the tight opening.

“Oh god,” Justin cried, his body tensing as I broke through the muscle. It was a wonderful dry, tight feeling as I sat inside my boyfriend, enjoying his squirming body around my rock hard cock.

“You’re a nice piece of ass,” I laughed, pumping into him hard.

After as much foreplay as we had had, it didn’t take much before I lost track of myself. My thrusts melded together in my mind, and time stopped. My whole body stiffened and I felt my balls constrict, my cock tightening and my hot liquid shooting for release.

At the last moment I pulled out of my boyfriend, rubbing my cock against his. He knew what was coming and was not surprised when my load hit his belly, but instead reached down and began to play with his own.

Spent, I collapsed on the bed next to him, my sticky hands moving down to his own, helping him pull his member until he too had finished.

“I love you, Justin,” I whispered into his ear. “You’re the greatest.”

“Thank you,” he said, and we fell back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20