Comfort Zone

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So here I am, naked, in the bathroom, holding it. How the fuck did I get here? I don’t properly recall. Can I back out now? Do I want to? My heart is beating so fast, I swear it is going to come through my chest.

I turn it over in my hands, feeling the material. It feels so alien to me. How can that be?

She’ll be back soon.

I make up my mind and hastily rush to put it on. Why won’t my fucking fingers work?! I’m all bloody thumbs as I try and work out which way round it goes, and which bits my legs go in. Bloody hell, you need to be a member of Mensa to get the thing on! There! Finally, I stand up, and I’m wearing it. Now to adjust the straps. Again with the clumsy fingers. What is that about? Wow, it’s quite comfortable. Do I feel comfortable though? Yeah not too bad, I think to myself with a smile.

God, she’s going to be back in a minute. What’s she expecting? I am no stud, and I clearly have no clue what I’m doing! Oh, fuck! Well, here goes…

I step out the bathroom door and walk over to the bed. I lie down and then shift position so I am half sitting and half lying. I’m just wondering if I look ok when, bam! the thought occurs to me, should I attach the dildo to the harness? Will I look stupid if I do? Will I look stupid if I don’t? Just as I’m working myself into a panic about what to do, in she walks, and I catch my breath.

Seeing me with the harness on she gives me a smile. Oh man, that smile.

I nervously smile back. I should know what to say. I’m usually confident, but this has me so far out my comfort zone.

She saunters over to me and casually picks up the dildo as she passes it. I catch my breath as casino oyna she trails it up the inside of my leg. “You appear to have missed something, hunny.”

I try to take it off her, but once again my fingers become clumsy and I fumble it, dropping it between my legs. Fuck, why can’t I just be cool and sexy? I rush to pick it up, but she beats me to it and once again trails it up the inside of my other leg, eliciting a shiver as goosebumps appear on my flesh. She plants it firmly in my hand, leans over, and kisses me gently on the lips.

I lean forward trying to maintain the kiss as she starts to stand. I move to put my hand on her hip but she is half a step out of my reach.

“Put it on, hunny.”

This time I am ready for my own clumsiness and take a little more time slotting the dildo through the O-ring, and even then it takes some patience. Once it is firmly and comfortably in place, I move my hands to my sides and look down…

… Holy Fuck, I have a cock!

Possibly one of the most bizarre moments of my life.

But then I look up at her and see the uncontained excitement and lust in her eyes, and I feel my entire body respond to her. With a warm rush, my pussy is soaking and aching for her.

I reach my hand out, and she takes it in hers. She steps forward and guides my hand between her legs, then grins at me as I gasp. She is so wet. I slowly circle her clit with my middle finger, gently gliding over it feeling the soft, smooth slickness of it. She moans and moves to lie next to me on the bed.

I move onto my side and kiss her slowly and deeply, sliding my tongue into her mouth and feeling her respond. She moans canlı casino into my mouth, and I feel my clit throb in response.

Still kissing, I place my hand on her stomach and gradually move it up towards her breasts. Taking the right one in my hand I squeeze it firmly and she arches her back in response to it. I dip my head and take her nipple in my mouth. I feel it stiffen with my tongue and take it gently between my teeth, flicking the tip of my tongue over it. Hearing her small gasps I begin to kiss down her her stomach, soft little butterfly kisses that I know leave her wanting more. I run a lazy trail with my tongue back up her stomach and move to kiss her, then I feel it bump her thigh. Fuck, I’d forgotten about that!

I kiss her quickly on the lips, nibbling her bottom lip slightly before once again kissing down her stomach, running my hands over her skin, touching as much of her as I can. God, this woman is beautiful.

I stop when I get to the faint outline of hair and just nuzzle my lips into it, feeling the way it gently tickles. Mmmm… Ok, so I know what I’m doing now. I smile to myself as I move into a comfortable position between her legs.

I softly, oh so softly, lick up one lip before doing the same to the other. Hearing her gasp, I use my fingers to part her lips and lick all the way up her with a slow, sensuous lick. I do this several times, loving the way she arches herself to meet me, urging me on. Feeling myself get wetter, I become more urgent and start to circle her clit with my tongue. She is so wet, and I love the way she tastes. I moan deeply and push my tongue into her. I don’t know if it’s my tongue or my moaning, kaçak casino but she cries my name and grabs my hair. Oh my god, that feels good, and I moan again, circling her clit quickly now. She responds, and I feel her starting to build up… ooph.

I stop what I’m doing and she makes a disappointed noise quickly followed by one of anticipation as I kneel between her legs. The dildo is brushing her pussy, and I know if I just thrust forward a little, it will slip into her soaking cunt. She is trying to push herself against it, so I tease a little, pushing forward so just the tip enters her. She is moaning, and her eyes are begging me. I smile at her, enjoying this.

Keeping eye contact, I lick my thumb and then run it over her clit. Slowly circling it, I feel her leg jump a little as she moans. She raises her legs and wraps them round my waist, pulling me towards her. As I move on top of her, I thrust, and the dildo is pushed hard into her. Her eyes widen and she moans.

Fuck, this is weird. I have no idea how it feels for her other than the gasps and moans of pleasure. I put my hands on her hips as I thrust into her.

She is calling my name and rising to meet me with each thrust. I start to feel a sensation building up within me. My clit is throbbing and aching to be touched but I don’t want to stop. I want to make this beautiful, sexy woman cum.

She slides her hand down and begins to rub her clit, slowly at first, then building speed. I hear myself say, “Fuck,” she might as well be touching me; I can feel every movement.

I know she’s close, and that sends me into overdrive as I feel my own orgasm start to rip through me. Oh god, please let her cum. With that thought, she digs her nails hard into my arm and cums, calling my name.

As the waves of my orgasm pass over me, I feel her shudder under me and know that she has cum very hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20