Coming Home Ch. 02

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When I woke next morning the sun was streaming in through the window and it was eleven. I was famished. I looked at myself, naked and sticky and wondered for a minute if it had all been a dream. I got up from the bed and stretched and saw the patches on the bed sheet. Got I had spewed a copious amount, I looked out of the window and I saw mom and Liza getting out of the pool, both naked. I smiled. So it had all been real. I opened the window and called out.

“Hey gals, what does one have to do to get food here, I am famished.”

Liza laughed and answered back. “Take a shower and come down bro, we will have something ready for you.”

I took a nice cold shower, feeling clean and nice I put on a loose T-shirt and a shorts. I went down to the smell of bacon frying.

“Yo, mother fucker.” Said my brother.

“Hi sister fucker.” Said my sister.

I laughed at the impossible truth in their words. Mom put a plate with bacon and eggs before me. Both were wearing T-shirts, the long knee length ones and I could tell they were not wearing anything underneath.

My cock began to harden at the though. I was too hungry to do anything about it though and wiped off the plate before me. After a huge cup of coffee and a burp I leaned back on the chair and smiled at my two gorgeous girls. “So what is cards?”

“Fuck, fuck and more fuck.” My sister declared. My mom echoed the words.

“Hell, girls, even with my horny libido there is only so much I can fuck.”

“Okay then, let us go to the lake and we watch men and women and you tell us which one you like to fuck and we will tell which men and what we would do to them.” My sister had an imaginative mind.

“I will prepare a picnic lunch then.” My mother sealed the decision.

We had a great afternoon. I saw a few chicks I would have loved fucking, a couple of blondes, a couple of brunettes and a redhead. I specially drooled over a Latino chick whose ass seemed just so juicy. I told them that the Latino was made for anal fucking.

Liza saw my hardon and laughed. “Oh my, Jack likes a good ass. Mom, beware, your ass is on the line one of these days.”

Mom laughed. “Sure honey. If you promise to be gentle I casino oyna might even let you. God, how long since I had it anal. sixteen years or so.”

Liza liked a black hunk who seemed was like he was practicing for Mr Universe contest. Mom was a little more conservative in her tastes, though she too went for the younger ones.

We walked about and had early dinner at a nice Indian restaurant. The Tandoori Chicken was spicy hot and made us all sweat. The cool beers were a great help. We walked about some more. Nodding to friends and saying hi to some and stooped to inquire about them and their family with some others. This was a small town and we virtually knew everybody.

We reached home and decided it was warm enough to go for a dip in the pool. We dumped our clothes and jumped in. It felt much better after that and we went in sat nude on the couch watching the television. I was looking at my mom and feeling the heat rise up again. She saw my rising cock and said. “Liza, we got a hot rod that needs attention.” With that she bent and started to suck my cock. Liza came closer and started kissing me and then holding her tits she offered one then the other nipple to suck and tease.

I sought and found my baby sister’s pussy, wet already and finger fucked her, my middle and third finger in her tight pussy while my thumb played with her clitoris. She began to come and flood my hands with her juice.

“Liza your turn to suck while I bring mom off.” They changed places. Liza was not an expert at cock sucking as mom was, one could immediately. “Mom, you have not taught Liza how to give a good head.” I said between sucking the two thick nipples.

She was as wet as Liza and the slightest touching of her clitoris was making her come. I took the finger and brought it to mom’s lips to suck. She licked her juice from the finger greedily.

I was time for me to fuck and get a good piece of action. “Mom, it is your turn to be Liza today. Go down on her while I fuck you from behind.”

Liza sprawled on the carpet as mom took her position between his legs. Mom, I could tell was a good pussy licker too from the way she got Liza to come. I aimed at the half open pussy lips and started canlı casino hammering, my thumb massaging her ass hole. I dug the thumb into her ass and she squealed and began to push herself at me harder. I was enjoying the tight feeling of her ass around my finger, slowly thrusting it in and out. But I was near to coming and I don’t like to waste good cum. It has to either go into some throat or some pussy.

I removed my thumb from her ass, dipped my finger with the slick juice from her pussy and put first one finger then another into her ass as I began pounding her for the final lap. She had given up licking Liza’s pussy now and with her head on the crotch was moaning. I was coming.

“Oh yeah, Mom, my own personal slut mom. You like being fucked by your son, huh mom? Take your son’s cock and squeeze it dry, oh yeah…”

“Fuck me son. Fuck me baby.” And then we came together. I stayed inside her till the cock began to turn soft.

Later I said: “Mom, your ass could take two fingers, I am sure with a little bit of jelly it would take my cock too. What say you that we dedicate the rest of the night for ass. You and Liza.”

“I don’t think I could take that monster in there Jack.”

“That’s what you feel now sweetheart. After a little finger fucking and a lot of lubricant it will take a horse in. Go bring back some KY Jelly.”

Liza came back with a tube of KY and three cans of beer. We rested for a a while, drinking the cold beer and replenishing the lost water. We decided then that mom’s bedroom would be more comfortable with its large bed and air conditioning.

I lay on the bed, Liza came over on top of me and we began to kiss. I held her off for a minute to tell mom to start working on Liza’s ass with her fingers. I wanted my sisters ass tonight. Mom got to her job with pleasure. I first felt Liza stiffen as mom’s finger invaded her puckered hole and then slowly as I kissed her told her to relax she began to enjoy it and moan. The kissing was getting me hard too.

“Mom, let me take over. You go and watch me fuck your daughter and wait your turn.”

I asked Liza to go on all fours and took my position behind her. I slid my cock into her heavenly tight kaçak casino cunt and started to slow fuck her while my finger probed her anal opening. Soon I was fucking her steadily with two finger moving in and out of her ass quite easily. When I got three finger she squealed and then slowly relaxed. I knew it was time. I opened her hole with two fingers and squeezed more KY into it.

I placed my cock on the opening and pushed, The head went in and I stood still as she writhed in pain. As the pain slowly subsided and pleasure replaced it I began to slide more of my cock into her. She was now enjoying it. I slow fucked her. Her ass hole gripping my cock in a strangle hold. I slow fucked her and she said. “Faster Jack and harder.”

I began to fuck harder. Mom slid down under her and began to suck at her clit. This set off Liza into a frenzy of orgasm, she screamed like a banshee and I went wild with sadistic lust as I fucked her harder and harder.

When I came into her she was already like a crazed women, shouting and mumbling and drooling.

* * *

My stay for the week was the most wonderful one. I was drained off every single drop of semen my body could produce. I was fucking like mad. It was a teenager’s heaven.

I remembered one conversation during one of the sessions while I was ass fucking mom and Liza had got a life like dildo and was fucking mom’s pussy with it when she told about her fantasy of being gang fucked by several men. With a cock each in her ass, pussy and mouth and other waiting to replace as soon as one was spent. She wanted to feel her every crevice filled with semen and fucked all night long till her body could stand it anymore.

I wondered if I could make that fantasy come true. I had enough friends who were definitely well endowed and horny. I could easily persuade them – hell I could even get them to pay me for it – to fuck mom. The only thing was how to maintain her identity a secret. I would want to go around even among friends that it was my mom.

I had to think of some way. I had to have my mom’s fantasy come true. And while I was at that, I might even add some variety to it with some black cocks too.

I reached my room and started immediately to make a list of boys I could get into the act. All possible ones and trim the list to nine. Three for each act while the two batch waited getting ready.

I knew I had some hot steamy time ahead.

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