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I spent my Saturday as I usually do: driving down to Delaware, visiting my girlfriend for the weekend. It was a long drive and I allotted the time to drinking several beers. The sun, magnified through the window, roasted hot against my face, but outside the air was ice. I rolled down the windows and poked my hand out through the crack, it came back frozen.

I arrived at her house and found Molly in her bedroom, in bed, asleep. A conscious wind blew through my body, a current of electricity through my nerves.

White sheets were pulled over her body: draped like a veil over her figure, her features formed through the satin. Her head and bushy brown hair poked out at the top. Her pale skin: closed eyes, plush cheeks, soft puffy lips, round chin, turning into a swan’s neck, melting into the sheets. Her breasts formed two snow-covered mountains, a rolling valley between them.

Her body moaned. Her lips quivered, and she turned over, with her back facing me, curling her legs up under her as if praying. I moved closer to the bed, and knelt down.

Her hips rose up, sloped down to her legs and trailing off… I pinched against her left ankle, lifted the sheet up, and exposed her flesh. I leaned down and inhaled the mushroom sweet scent. Her feet were arched in unison, her ten toes pointed downward. The toenails were painted a dark red, red as wine, and were long and tapered.

The tops of her feet were smooth and white like bread. I twisted illegal bahis my head and looked at the underfoot: the sandy white skin, hard and firm at the ball, gradually softening, folding up and forming dunes, and that small spongy oasis at the center of her sole. Her heels were hard but soft.

I reached down and unzipped my pants, unsnapped them, and let them fall to the floor. I stood in my short gym shorts, a huge cylindrical bulge breaking through the nylon, hovered over my sleeping girlfriend, a ravenous dog, my hungry eyes locked on her innocent feet. I licked my lips. Then I lifted my left leg up over the bed, stepping down lightly next to her. I squatted over her, my pelvis hovered above her feet.

I reached under my shorts and pulled my erect cock out.

My cock was circumcised, clean, and almost unused (one of the many problems of long-distance relationships). The tanned skin of my thick shaft was smooth and tight, my mushroom tip was pink and soft and virginal, a pearl of pre-cum rested on top. I squatted down and measured the size of my cock against the size of her feet: hers a size 6, and I had a full 3 inches on her. God blessed.

The pearl on my tip oozed out, and I pressed my spongy pink head into the fleshy pillow of her soft sole. The two soft fleshes mingled as one, and when I pulled away, a line of cum wired our bodies together. The cum coruscated. My two fingers were ringed around the base of my dick (“Ok!”), damning illegal bahis siteleri the flow of more cum. The line snapped.

Molly’s body shivered, and I froze. The paranoia passed.

I gripped my cock and pulled up, milking some of the remaining pre-cum out and then I deposited it between her toes. I continued to jerk on my dick, pumping slow and hard, letting the oozing sap make her feet sticky and glistening.

I gripped the head of my prick and painted the spongy epicenter of her two soles. I rolled my head around in my fingers like a ball of clay and then pressed into the crevice between her parallel feet, digging into the squishy flesh. With my supporting hands on either side of her, I eased my cock between the soft cushions of her inner arches.

Inch by inch my cock wedged in, pushing the two feet apart. When the bottoms of her feet pressed against my groin, I pushed harder and her right heel dug into my hairless balls. I moaned.

I pulled my dick back halfway to the shaft, and then pushed it back, her soles back up against my groin. My balls were ground against my thigh by her heel. I did this a few times, slowly first, then picked up speed and momentum, until my balls were rocking up against her heel.

I rocked my pelvis back, so the head of my penis was engulfed in spongy foot flesh. In this position, I made small rapid movements of my pelvis, so my head was vibrating inside her archway. The mushy flesh cradled canlı bahis siteleri my red cock head, coaxing cum to flow. This made the satiny flesh slick and greasy, facilitating my piston to slide in and out rapidly.

I was fucking her feet now. I grabbed the tops of both of her feet and jammed my cock in, out.

In, out.

I grabbed her toes with my left hand—her nails digging into my palms—and her heels with my right, and I slammed my dick in, out.

In, out.

I could feel the friction of flesh between my hot pulsing shaft and her soles. Beads of sweat were pearling my forehead. My scrotum tightened up, a heavy weight came over my lower torso, pinching my ass cheeks together, then the heaviness began to slowly spread like plague, rising up to my torso and gripping my stomach, in and out my dick slid out and I grabbed my hot shaft and cocked and

Exploded! A shotgun blast of hot white cum shot out and splashed up against the walls of her underfoot, soaking the spongy flesh. I cocked and another spurt of juice hit the bottoms of her feet, now coated with thick translucent cum that was oozing down, spilling off onto the bed and forming a puddle.

I pushed my head against the forehead of her foot and then drug it down to her heel, smearing the oil into her flesh. Then I moved my dick head up and down just under the ball of her foot, across her sole.

“In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.” I moaned.

“Amen.” Came a voice.

I looked down and when my eyes cleared I saw Molly, the recipient, her big doughy brown eyes looking up at me with approval, her lips wet, she looked satisfied and proud. She looked holy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20