Conjuring An Astral Lover

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Jonas had researched many different religions after he moved out of his parents’ home. He had become very disgusted with his former faith when the preachers at his church had started speaking out against homosexuality. The derogatory, mean things people had said were heart breaking in many ways. After carefully thinking about the alternatives he concluded that paganism was the perfect way for him to worship and follow his beliefs.

Browsing through the mall bookstore he noticed a book with a bright blue and red cover, Finding your Soulmate and Love on the Astral Plane, sounds promising thought Jonas to himself. As he picked up the small book from the store shelf.

“Will this be all sir?” Asked the clerk.

“Umm, yes. Thanks.” Jonas mumbled as he was digging through his pocket for his wallet.

“Oh, hey, I know someone who changed his whole life with this book. There is a great candle spell in the back.’ The clerk blurted out as he bagged it up.

“Well thanks again.” Jonas quickly walked to the door, feeling awkward.

When he settled into his desk at home, he casually set the book aside. It was buried under a pile of papers on his desk forgotten.

It had been several months since he had went out on a date or met anyone who he was interested in. The need to be discreet and his loaded work schedule made it difficult to get out and socialize.

Weeks later, Jonas was going through his mail when he noticed a package wrapped in plain brown paper. It did not have a return address on it and looked suspicious. For reasons he could not explain, he felt compelled to open it. Inside were two red candles and one green with gold stripes. “How strange,” thought Jonas to himself.

There was a small machine printed piece of paper in the wrapping paper. The note read “Find your perfect lover, Astral Spell candles.”

“O.K., this is weird.” Jonas sighed, bewildered, and ran a shaking hand through his short brown hair. His light brown eyes fell on a corner of the book he had purchased then tossed aside without a second thought.

Flipping through the pages he came upon a section entitled, “Meeting Your Soulmate on the Astral Plane.” Glancing over the section and the accompanying ritual, he thought that it did not look too difficult. “I’ll do it!” Jonas spoke aloud.

He prepared for the evening ritual with great seriousness. Jonas made a purifying bath with sea salt, set up his altar space, and smudged the ritual area with sage. Thoroughly, he followed the instructions outlined for the ritual. After lighting his candles, he slipped into a meditative trance and allowed his astral body to detach from his physical body.

Jonas realized he was standing on an unspoiled beach with a small beach house a short walk from the gently rolling surf. Feeling drawn towards the 50’s style bungalow, he walked up the wood steps to the wrap around porch and knocked on the front door.

“Come in!” shouted a friendly masculine voice from the depths of the casino siteleri house.

The some hesitation, Jonas opened the creaky screen door and stepped inside. “I’m in here,” said the voice, “making a drink.”

Following the mysterious voice, Jonas made his way to a retro style kitchen decorated in pastel shades.

A tall man with a muscular build and long, dark hair was forcing fruit into a blender while draped casually in a small white towel. He turned to glance at his guest. “Jonas, I was expecting you. I see you received the candles I mailed you.” His strong, fine boned face lit up with a smile of welcome.

Jonas was dumbfounded. “You sent me the candles? How is it possible?”

After a brief moment, the interesting stranger handed Jonas a drink. “Come out with me and I will be happy to explain.” He led Jonas into an airy sitting room. His broad back of sculpted muscle seemed to fill the doorway as he passed through it.

“My name is Matthew. I am human, like you, merely visiting the astral plane. I located you by using a pendulum and the guidance of the spirit. Does this upset you?” Matthew asked with concern.

“I am amazed that the spell I worked brought me to a real person. And I am shocked that none of this is some weird coincidence.” Jonas felt attracted to Matthew’s hard body, exposed to advantage by the towel. “I am not sure what to think right now. I have never had an experience like this before. It is a bit unsettling. However, if I wasn’t interested in meeting you I didn’t have to accept the invitation.”

“I am pleased you decided to join me here, for an astral blind date. I don’t believe in coincidence, fate is another matter though.” A quick flash of humor showed in Matthew’s jade eyes. “Would you like to walk out to the beach?” He asked with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“Certainly, let’s go.” Jonas was completely infatuated by unusual man and felt an instant knowing that this truly was his soulmate.

The sun was moving lower in the sky. The horizon turned red, purple, and pink in the glory of a perfect sunset on the ocean.

Matthew reached out to grasp Jonas’ hand tentatively and guided him towards a prepared spot on the beach where a blanket had been spread on the sand. Tugging his hand, Matthew drew Jonas down to the blanket. He released his towel and leaned back exposing his sleek body to Jonas’ eyes.

Jonas gazed at the incredible body laid before him like a starving man at a banquet. His cock grew heavy with anticipation. He hastily removed his ceremonial robe. His body was light skinned but well toned.

Matthew’s eyes glinted with mischief; he picked up a handful of sand and let it trickle through his fingers onto Jonas’ stomach.

Jonas grabbed Matthew’s hand and pulled their hard bodies together. He kissed Matthew, plunging his tongue into his mouth; tasting the sweet, intoxicating fruit drink. Matthew returned the kiss, laving Jonas’ tongue with his. Their stiff erections brushed against each canlı casino other.

Matthew gently pushed Jonas back against the blanket. He pressed small damp kisses in the tender spot under Jonas’ ear and licked a hot wet trail down his neck. Jonas groaned with pleasure at the erotic sensation. Matthew continued trailing his moist tongue down Jonas’ chest. Lightly brushing the sand off his stomach, Matthew circled his navel, marking a wet path down to his groin.

Taking one tight ball into his mouth, Matthew sucked on it lightly while he gently rolled the other one in his fingers.

“Gods, Matthew, your mouth is incredible.” Jonas gasped.

“I’ve hardly started.” He wrapped his tongue around the base of Jonas’ cock and licked it from bottom to top before taking it into his mouth. Strongly sucking on the hard dick, he bobbed his head up and down, his hair sweeping Jonas’ thighs. His tongue was working Jonas into a fever, he felt like he could cum at any second.

“Turn over. I want to out my dick into your tight ass.” Matthew whispered his breath hot against Jonas’ ear.

Slanting Matthew a sultry look, he turned to comply.

“You have a great ass.” Matthew ran his hands down the cheeks firmly kneading them with his fingers. Separating the twin globes, he dipped his tongue into the sensual cleft. Lapping at the valley, he toyed with the tight pink bud, eliciting moans of pleasure. He carefully pushed two of his fingers into the hot cavern, thrusting gently, preparing it for further penetration. Grasping his heavy cock, he slid the head into Jonas’ hole. After he felt the muscles start to loosen and accommodate him he thrust in to the hilt. They moaned in unison at the liquid sensation of hot pleasure.

“Jonas, I can’t wait any longer, I want to cum in you so bad.” Matthew caressed Jonas’ cock and balls, heightening the erotic energy of his thrusting.

Jonas was lost in sensation. The strong deep thrusts and the hand jacking him off were causing his balls to tighten. He could feel his orgasm building like a volcano about to erupt. “Faster Matthew! Please, I am going to cum.” He exclaimed burning with passion.

Matthew felt his own orgasm was eniment and slammed his hips back and forth brutally.

Jonas cried out. His body stiffened and his breath caught in his throat as the powerful orgasm ripped through him.

Feeling Jonas orgasm around him, Matthew managed two more ferocious strokes before his own reaction overtook him. He gave a harsh groan and pulled out to spend his thick, white jizz on Jonas’ cheeks.

Collapsing together, they lay quietly for a short time when Matthew reminded Jonas they must go back to the physical plane.

Jonas woke from his meditative trance, his skin still tingling from the astral lovemaking. His ceremonial robe was wet with sperm. His body had experienced his climax even though on a different plane. He had found his love but was not with him physically. The thought brought him great frustration. kaçak casino He went to bed wondering how to fix this predicament.

The next day Jonas received a small note asking him to come by the company headquarters. With a feeling of trepidation, he walked into the president’s office.

“Jonas, thanks for coming by.” Howie Landis welcomed him in with a handshake and gestured for him to have a seat. “As you know, we are opening several new restaurants in our chain this year.”

Jonas nodded his head, curious as to what this meeting was about and feeling slightly anxious.

“You have been with our company as an assistant manager for three years and have an excellent record. You have earned the “Best Trainer” award two years in a row. We think you would be the best choice for the head manager position for our new high profile restaurant in Key West.”

Jonas’ mouth dropped open in shock. This was the last thing he was expecting.

“Well, Jonas do you want the position?”

“I don’t know what to say, it’s a terrific opportunity.” He stuttered, trying to kick his brain into gear. “Yes, absolutely. When do I you need me to go?”

“The building will be complete in about a month. Do you think you can be ready to go next week? By the way, we will pay for your moving expenses and what ever expenses you will have for apartment deposits and first month’s rent. Oh, and you will also receive a raise of $7,000 and a yearly bonus.” Howie made this announcement as if he said this sort of thing every day.

“A week, wow, uhm, sure.” Jonas was trying hard to keep his composure. He felt like he had been hit by a truck. How could he move across the country in one week?!

“Great. Here’s your plane ticket, your hotel reservations, and the company credit card. Have a terrific career, you lucky devil.”

Clutching his newly acquired life in his hands, he stumbled from the office in a state of shock.

With help from relatives and friends, he was able to pack all of his earthly belongings for transport to his new home. The movers would pick it up in a couple of weeks and take it to his new apartment.

Three weeks later Jonas gazed up at his new neon sign. His own restaurant. He sighed in satisfaction. “Life would be complete if I could just have Matthew in it,” he thought. Without Matthew, he felt something was missing.

He noticed someone watching him from the doorway of the health club across the street. A young man in his late 20’s stood with his hand on the door. Long hair caught in a playful gust of wind. He dropped his hand and started to walk towards Jonas.

Matthew reached Jonas and kissed him softly.

“Its you, you’re here. Real flesh and blood.” Jonas felt a tear flow down his cheek.

“That’s what the green and gold candle was for, to bring us together by the blessing of the gods.” Matthew threaded his fingers through Jonas’s.

Jonas knew his life had been changed completely. His heart was full and he could soar to the heavens in freedom.

* * *

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