Consummation Ch. 01

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“So Brad, how’s it going with Julie?” I asked.

I hadn’t seen Brad in a couple months and was in town for our yearly college homecoming. He and I had been roommates all through school and only got to see each other on special occasions since I moved a couple of hours away after college.

The festivities were in full swing and the bar we were in was packed with former classmates and friends. I had to lean close to Brad so he could hear me over the music and drone of conversation all around.

“Well, Todd it’s like this. Ever since her sister’s wedding she’s been like this sex maniac or something. It’s been great.”

“So you’ve been getting it a lot?” I said.

“Not just that. You remember how she was proper and all?”

I nodded.

“Well, she’s been…I don’t know. Kinkier.” Brad looked around as if fearing his voice was too loud.

“Kinky? Julie?”

Brad looked around. I knew he was making sure his girlfriend for the past six months wasn’t close by. He then leaned to speak into my ear.

“After her sister’s wedding, she started wanting me to fuck her in the ass. You know, weddings will do stuff like that to women.”

While Brad was speaking into my ear so I would be the only one privy to his girlfriend’s new found desires, I spotted Julie across the room over Brad’s shoulder. She was gorgeous for sure. Blonde hair, deep blue eyes and wearing a tight fitting black dress that accentuated her lustful curves.

I could definitely see why Brad liked her. But he had confided in me at the aforementioned wedding, in which we all attended a couple months earlier; that he was already getting bored. She was from a wealthy, influential family and he was afraid to push his natural kinky tendencies with her out of fear she would dump him. So he was content with missionary sex just to be in bed with this beauty.

As he revealed his newfound anal joys, Julie saw me talking to Brad. She put her finger to her lips. It was then that I knew.

You see, the wedding was the first time we had all gotten together in months. Julie hadn’t been dating Brad for long and I was in between girlfriends. So it was great to be back in town to see everyone. Especially, Brad.

Brad real close, in fact. It had started innocently enough. We shared girl conquests and porn magazines at first. Soon we got horny one night and started jacking off together. One thing led to another and before long we had engaged in oral sex with each other a few times.

I know, you’re thinking we were suppressing homosexual tendencies; fine. Whatever it was, we only sucked each other’s dick three or four times all through college and didn’t talk about it much after that. The first time was on a dare, the second and third we were half drunk and the last time we decided was for old times sake before graduation since we hadn’t had sex with any males but each other and figured it was our last chance. One of those wild college experimentations, I guess you’d call it.

And it was our last experimentation. It was not until a year after college that Brad and I finally got the nerve to confess to each other that we had wished we had explored this side of our sexuality more. But it seemed we never found the opportunity to finish what we had started in college.

A few quick sucks between two horny guys in a dorm room didn’t amount to the kind of sex I had started fantasying about. And Brad had dropped enough hints over the next year that I knew he had fantasized about it too. So we just fantasized about what could have been.

Fantasized until that weekend of the wedding, of course.

Brad had invited me to stop by his apartment when I got in town. I did and when he came to the door he was wearing just his tight white underwear. Nothing sexual intended, I just arrived earlier than he thought and he was shaving after a morning shower.

He thought nothing of it as he let me in the door and I guess I didn’t either until he turned to walk back to the bathroom to finish shaving. Suddenly, I found myself staring at his tight muscular ass in those snug fitting jockey shorts.

I followed him to the bathroom and he finished shaving as we talked. I ran a fitness center in a nearby city so I had to stay in shape but Brad almost put me to shame.

His abdomen was ripped. His thighs and ass were firm. His biceps bulged. When we fooled around in college it was just that; fooling around. Maybe it was all the fantasizing about finishing what we did in college, but suddenly I was getting an erection drinking in Brad’s masculinity.

Brad leaned over the sink and finished shaving as I stood at the bathroom door to talk. I don’t know if it was because I was bi-sexual, had gay tendencies, was horny having just broken up with my girlfriend or just the excitement that we might finally be in the right place at the right time to fulfill our fantasy of many years but suddenly I wanted to fuck that masculine figure. But I didn’t quite know how to work up to it.

“So where’s Julie? I thought she stayed here a lot.” casino siteleri I said.

“She’s gone to work. In fact, she just left.” He was finishing up shaving.

“She is gorgeous. You’re one lucky guy Brad.”

Brad washed his face and started putting aftershave on and primping over his hair. “I don’t know Todd. She’s kind of straight laced, you know.”

“But she’s drop dead gorgeous.”

“Yea, but it took a while to get her in bed and being from an up scale family, I think she has some pre-conceived notions of what sex can be about.”

“You mean she won’t suck your dick or hang from the chandelier.”

“She just seems to be holding back. We fuck but not much different than past girlfriends.”

“Have you told her you’re a kinky dude? You like, chandelier swinging, dick sucking action?”

“Well, no.”

“Then how do you know she’s not your dream girl?”

“Come on Todd. She’s from this ritzy family. You don’t just start fucking a girl like that in the ass and telling her you want to be tied up.”

“Afraid you’ll scare her off?”

“We’ll get to know each other with time. Time will tell.” He said.

Brad leaned over the sink again to fix his hair and brush his teeth. The outline of his ass in tight white underwear was inviting.

“Well you just need to be honest with her if sex is boring. You never know, she might be thinking the same thing you are but is afraid to say anything.”

“Yea, right.” He mouthed spitting out toothpaste.

“If you and I had been honest in college with each other, we’d have had a better time rooming together, don’t you think?” I figured I’d risk it. I knew Brad was looking for an opportunity every much as I was but neither of us seemed to be brave enough to start the conversation.

He rinsed his mouth and adjusted his underwear waistband. He then reached for some cologne. “I’ve thought about that a lot, Todd. And just between you and I, we should have…well, you know; we should have done more.”

“Fucked.” I said.

Brad put on the cologne. He adjusted his underwear again and now I could see why. His dick was getting hard and pushing against the fabric. He looked over at me. “I think I’d have liked that.”

“Like you’ve said on the phone, if we ever find the right place and the right time?”

Brad was finished getting ready. There was a wide mirror in front of him that ran the entire length of the bathroom. He put his hands on both sides of the sink and pretended to examine his face and teeth.

“Well, come to think about it; Julie just left for work five minutes ago. She’ll be gone all day.”

His dick was now straining hard against his underwear. My guess was that he didn’t want to leave the sink and make it obvious that he wanted it as much as I did. He kept facing the sink and mirror but I could clearly see his bulge from the side. It matched mine, which strained against my pants.

I stepped into the bathroom and stood behind Brad. We looked in the mirror at each other’s reflection.

“We’ve got all day?” I asked.

“All day.” Brad said into the mirror at my reflection.

I reached out and touched his shoulders with my hands. I ran my fingers over his shoulders and down to his biceps.

“We could do a lot of catching up in a day.” I said.

Brad reached his hand back and touched the bulge in my jeans behind him.

“Well we can’t catch up when I’m the only one with my clothes off.” He said.

I slipped off my shirt. The reflection of two bare-chested, muscular men filled the large mirror. I kicked my shoes off in a corner and unbuckled my pants. Our eyes never left our reflection as I let them fall to the floor.

Now I stood behind Brad in my underwear. It was the tight white jockey shorts as well. My bulge pressed lightly against his jockey short covered ass. I reached around Brad and massaged his bulge and felt along the outline of his dick.

It was as large as I remembered. He closed his eyes and pushed his ass toward my own bulge.

I leaned forward and kissed the back then sides of his neck. He leaned his head to the side so I could kiss some more.

Soon my hand slipped inside his underwear. I found his dick and fondled it. It was warm. I wanted to free it from its confinement. Slowly, I continued to kiss Brad down his back. First his upper back, then gradually kissing my way to the small of his back as I sank to my knees behind him.

When I reached the top of his waistband as I knelt behind him, I slowly slipped the elastic from his hips and pulled his underwear to his ankles. He didn’t resist and kicked them somewhere in a corner.

The view of his naked ass was amazing. It was round and firm. His dick had popped free and pointed toward his abdomen. I kissed each ass cheek.

I kissed my way down each cheek until I kissed the back of both thighs. Tilting my head to one side I could see Brad’s balls hanging below. I continued to kiss the underside of his ass cheeks, nuzzling my head between his thighs until I could canlı casino kiss those luscious balls that hung so invitingly.

Brad spread his legs apart so I could reach them. He even grabbed both sides of the sink and cocked his ass back toward me so I could access anything I wanted. Anything, I desired.

Once I kissed my way to his balls, I started back up. Slowly I spread each cheek of his ass to reveal the glory within. Brad spread his legs a little more and cocked his ass back a bit as he now leaned over the sink.

His freshly showered ass was puckered in front of me. I knew we wanted to continue our experimentation from college but I never even fantasized about the feeling that came over me at that moment.

Who would have ever dreamed that I would want to kiss and lick Brad’s ass. But I did. My tongue flickered out and tested the folds of his ass. Tentatively, I licked around the entrance, exploring each fold one by one then finally attempted to insert my tongue within the puckered center.

I planted a full kiss on Brad’s asshole. Brad moaned softly. It was an intensely personal moment. My dick tented my underwear straining to be released and I felt this overwhelming desire for this man.

I found the edges of my underwear and flipped them down my legs and stood up in one motion. Immediately my hands went to Brad’s shoulders and started massaging them. My dick settled atop the cheeks of his ass and I let it slide up and down simulating a fucking motion.

Brad pushed his ass toward my dick. We both wanted it.

A tube of sex lube sat nearby. The kind you massaged on your lovers body but used for lubrication as well. It was half full. I imagined Brad rubbing it on Julie’s body before one of their straight-laced sex sessions.

There was nothing straight-laced about my desire for Brad or our desire for each other. I squirted some in my hand and rubbed it between the cheeks of Brad’s ass and over his puckered asshole.

He moaned and gyrated his ass against my hand. I squirted more lube and rubbed it over his ass cheeks then plunged a finger between the firm mounds of man flesh that formed that gorgeous masculine ass and into the depth of his asshole.

He moaned louder. Brad held his head down and was clearly savoring every moment. The more lube I worked into his ass the deeper my finger probed. Soon one then two fingers fucked my buddy’s ass.

The image of two men naked men reflected off the mirror, the light in the bathroom glistened off the lube on each mound of Brad’s firm ass cheeks. Brad’s body writhed in an erotic fashion to the motion of my finger within him.

“Fuck me Todd.” His words were breathless and pleading. His dick bobbed over the sink. His ass gyrated in my hand.

Without removing my finger from his ass, I stepped beside of him. He tilted his head to the side. I tilted mine. We leaned toward each other and our lips met. It was the first time I had kissed a guy.

It was firmer than with a woman but gentle still. Our tongues reached for each other and briefly met. But the kiss was just an acknowledgment; an acknowledgement that we both desired to consummate a long-standing desire.

I stepped behind Brad again. I removed my finger from his ass and spilled the rest of the lube onto my dick. Rubbing my shaft up and down it soon glistened, hovering over the cheeks of Brad’s ass, which he had shoved back toward me, assuming a wide stance and now leaning as far over the sink as he could, resting on his elbows.

My dick probed the flesh between the mounds of man flesh. Slowly it snaked between his firm cheeks until it found his glistening puckered asshole.

I rubbed it up and down, then round and round against the pink shiny folds. Then I pressed the head of my dick against the center of Brad’s ass hole. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. My breathing was quick.

Brad’s chest was expanding and contracting quickly as well. His back formed a V in front of me with his broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow waist and ending at his luscious tight man ass balanced on the tip of my dick.

I pushed gently. Brad relaxed. The folds of his asshole slowly parted like the iris of a lens. My heart skipped as the velvet head of my dick glided into him. My eyes locked on the vision of his flesh engulfing my dick.

The shaft followed. Effortlessly Brad accepted me; slowly ever so slowly inching it’s way within. It was like a flesh colored snake disappearing into a pink hole. Soon I was fully impaled within Brad’s body. A warm quiet settled into the room. We were joined and had become one for a moment; a union of one flesh in one moment of time.

Brad and I had been roommates once. We had even experimented in our sexual peaks of youthful inexperience. But now we were lovers; no more content to briefly taste the edges of our masculine desires. We were now consummating the fullness of our sexual explorations.

Brad and I began to slowly fuck in that bathroom. He moaned softly as I grasped his hips and kaçak casino fucked him. In and out, back and forth; we fucked. No more licking and sucking half drunk. We made passionate love to each other fulfilling our desires.

My hips rocked in erotic fashion, plunging my dick in and out of Brad’s ass. He held onto the sink and gyrated his ass towards me. The heat within him seared itself around my dick as it slid back and forth over and over again.

My body tingled. Beads of perspiration appeared on my forehead. Brad was soon sweating as well. I rubbed my hand across the perspiration on the small of his back and massaged it into his skin. I reached around and pumped his dick occasionally, which gave way to more moans of pleasure.

Every now and then I’d catch a glimpse of our bodies in the mirror. It was incredibly erotic; two male figures gyrating in unison. Male bodies joined; the sounds of sex and moans echoing within the tiled walls. During the heat of passion we were focused only on each other’s pleasure.

Our body heat was rising and passion had narrowed our vision. But somehow I saw it. It was a glimmer out of the corner of my eye reflected in the mirror. It was motion; subtle motion in the shadows outside the door.

The bathroom in which we were fucking was well lit. The hallway was dark. But reflected in the corner of the glass I saw something standing down the hallway.

It was a figure; a human figure. I followed the blurry lines in the dark hallway reflection and saw the face attached to the figure. It was Julie.

I slowed my fucking and started to pull out of Brad’s ass. But Julie’s eyes met mine and she touched a finger to her lips for me to stay quiet. My eyes drifted to the motion I had seen and it was her other hand. She was rubbing her pants; masturbating to the reflection of our fucking.

I looked at Brad. He was still in the throes of passion and did not see her. His head was down and he was clearly enjoying our lovemaking. So I continued to fuck my former roommate, her boyfriend, my lover.

My passion was building and clouding any logic or maybe it was the exhibitionist in me that made me continue with abandon. But to be truthful, a band could have been watching us fuck right then and I wouldn’t have cared at that moment.

The thought of being watched actually increased my desire, as the groans coming from Brad grew louder. Whatever it was, my strokes increased. In and out I fucked. Our bodies continued to sway in unison.

My body started to tingle more and my legs were growing weak. Brad sensed the building passion as well. He grabbed his dick and started jacking his dick off as I fucked his ass harder and harder, the strokes growing longer and longer.

Suddenly my balls contracted and my body started to spasm.

“Brad, I’m going to cum…” I breathed.

“Fuck me, Todd.”

“Oh, Brad…fuck….I’m….”

My head began to spin. I thought I would pass out. My hands left Brad’s hips and I grabbed both of his shoulders from behind and thrust my hips against the cheeks of his ass in wave after wave of involuntary spasm.

I felt hot cum burn through my dick with a sudden sensation of release as it flooded inside of my lover. My body gyrated in spasm after spasm. My hips jerked violently. I felt my own ass contract with each wave which expended itself within the depths of my lover’s luscious ass.

I watched as my body jerked within Brad’s sphincter. My dick was expanding and contracting; pumping it’s contents into him.

Brad moaned. His hand stroked his dick as I flooded him with my cum. Soon, my strokes slowed as my orgasm began to subside; my dick pulsations growing less and less.

But Brad’s was still building. He stroked his dick and moaned louder and louder; holding the sink with one hand and pumping his shaft with the other; my dick still impaled within his ass.

As my head cleared I looked back at the edge of the mirror. Julie had unbuttoned her pants and her hand had disappeared in front. She masturbated herself quietly in the hallway as I continued to fuck her boyfriend until his ass began to twitch.

He was emitting guttural sounds from his throat. Suddenly he gasped and streams of cum exploded from his dick. Stream after stream of pearly white fluid sprayed on the sink and mirror. His ass gripped my dick with each pulsation.

He pumped his dick a few more times before grabbing the sink in exhaustion. His ass relaxed and I let my dick slide easily from within him. Cum oozed from his ass as the head of my dick slipped over the rim.

Brad was panting. His head held down toward the sink. I looked back toward the edge of the mirror and caught Julie’s reflection. She was buttoning her pants quietly. Our eyes met again.

She smiled and held a finger to her lips again. She then winked and disappeared into the dark hallway.

She never mentioned our secret to me after that in the months that followed. I had often wondered what it could mean. Brad would have told me if she had said something. Apparently, she never did.

So months later, Brad not only was still with her but was happier than ever. As we talked in the bar, Julie winked after putting her finger to her lips and walked over to where Brad and I were talking.

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