Corporate Games Ch. 01

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Copyright 2005 by the author, all rights reserved.

I’d been invited to Tom’s final interview for the job; it was company policy at Wilson Industries to involve spouses in the selection process. Lizabeth Wilson, daughter of the company founder, walked into the conference room. Life suddenly got more interesting.

She’s a tall blond, with great-looking breasts and shapely legs. I stared at her cleavage and nylon-clad legs, which surely led to delicious soft thighs. I had an urge to touch her thighs and use my tongue on them.

She smiled as I stared at her. Bitch! She knew I was interested. Did she sense that I’d been involved with women before I met Tom?

“Tom,” she said , “you may have to go on extended trips around the country, as part of your Marketing job. Is that OK?”

Tom answered, “That’s fine, Lizabeth. I’m sure Edith won’t mind. How about that, honey?”

I answered Tom while looking at her, “OK with me. I’ll find something to pass the time when you’re away.”

She and I exchanged vibrations. Tom hadn’t a clue to what was happening.

Two weeks after Tom was hired, Lizabeth sent him on a trip to meet customers on the West Coast. He called me when it was late afternoon in L.A., and early evening here in New York.

“Hi there,” he said. “I had a good day and it looks like a fine trip so far. By the way, I called Lizabeth and gave her a progress report. She seems pleased with the way it went. I’ll call you later in the week.”

I sat there, waiting for another call… the phone rang. It was her.

Her voice was soft and throaty, “Hello, Edith. This is Lizabeth. Tom just called me to say that things are going well.”

“I heard from him already with that news. What’s on your mind?”

“Come over to my place. You must be lonely. We could comfort each other, because I don’t have a lover with me either. Dress casually.”

That turned me on. I’d been thinking about her ever since we first met at Tom’s interview. Now she mentioned not having a lover. Was that a fucking clue? Only one way to find out. I accepted her invitation, saying, “Give me your address, I’ll be over in an hour.

I stared at my image in the bathroom mirror while dressing for my session with Lizabeth. Although I’m on the slim side, no lover has ever complained about my body. I work out a lot and jog in Central Park whenever I can. In addition to lipstick, the only makeup I use is a touch of rouge on my nipples: not too much, but enough to highlight an asset of mine — pert, erect nipples. Many a lover has licked casino siteleri my nipples and sucked on them. They’re very sensitive. When I masturbate, I use one hand in my cunt and one hand playing with my nipples. That always gets me off.

Lizabeth lives in an elegant town house in the Village. A short Hispanic-looking maid answered the door. When I gave her my name, she responded in accented English, “Welcome, miss. I am Maria, Madame Lizabeth’s maid. She is expecting you.” As Maria walked in front of me, I noticed her ass cheeks clearly moving under her dress; I figured she was naked underneath – no panties. I must have been horny as hell to think about the maid that way, while she was taking me to Lizabeth.

Maria led me into the living room. Lizabeth rose from a couch and kissed me on the cheek, “Edith, how nice to see you.”

She wears her hair a bit longer than shoulder length, and she’s fine-boned as Limoges porcelain. ‘This is a very classy woman,’ I thought. ‘But she’s dressed like a goddam slut for me!’

Lizabeth wore a white silk blouse with the top buttons undone, giving a great view of her breasts. Under a short tight skirt in black silk, she wore black fishnet stockings. The white-and-black outfit was simple and sexy. She looked ‘good enough to eat’, which was exactly what I had in mind. The bitch was as interested in me as I was in her. It was shaping up to be a hot adventure; I felt moisture already between my legs.

She held my hand and pulled me down to the couch, next to her, “It’s about time we got better acquainted.”

I had nothing to lose by being very direct; I’d been dreaming about eating her ever since we met at Tom’s interview. “I think you’re a hot woman and I want to see and taste what’s under that skirt.”

“Are you always this bold up front?” she said.

“No, but ever since I first saw you, I’ve been aroused as hell. Show me what I want to see!”

“I’ll show my pussy,” she said. “But first show me what *you* have. Take your clothes off!”

I did as she ordered. I stood up and took my clothes off, very slowly. First, I removed my necklace, dropping it on the end table. I smiled at her, just as any stripper would, for a client. She wet her lips in anticipation. At that moment, my only thought was to show her my body and get her excited.

I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it, showing her my tits; I hadn’t worn a bra. She stared at my nipples, lips moving automatically, as if she wanted to kiss them. After showing her my tits, I took off my skirt, revealing that I hadn’t canlı casino put on panties either. I stood there, stark naked, letting her drink in the sight. She pulled me down to her, put her arms around me, and kissed me, sticking her tongue into my mouth. My pulse was pounding, and my fingers trembled.

“Enough of the show,” I said. “It’s your turn, Show me *your* pussy.”

After hesitating for a moment, Lizabeth stood up. She lifted her skirt, very slowly. Her black stockings went only up to mid-thigh. Above that, her white skin was alluring and inviting. Finally she raised the skirt all the way to her waist, and then she spread her legs for me. She didn’t have panties on either, and she’d shaved!

She wore a black garter belt, which held up the stockings. It was almost pornographic, the way her black garter belt and black stockings framed her pussy, which was bare and inviting. Her mound was waiting to be kissed and caressed. She sat down again, with her knees spread wide.

I knelt in front of her and bent to my task, kissing her thighs at first. Then I moved my head up toward her pussy, very slowly. She said, “Keep that up, you slut!”

After spreading her labia apart with both hands, I used my tongue, licking along her slit all the way to her clit, which was exposed and waiting for me. Her girly cock had come out from its hood to greet me.

I nibbled on her clit; she moaned. She moaned even louder as I sucked on the clit and then bit it, ever so gently. After ten more minutes of my loving attention to her button, she came, flooding my face with her hot juices.

Lizabeth stood and announced that she had to pee and would be right back. I watched her beautiful ass as she walked away. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was her tugging my shoulder. I awoke to an amazing sight.

She has standing there, with a blue strap-on attached to a harness around her hips!

“Have you ever been fucked by woman?” she asked.

“No, never. Will it hurt?”

“No more than getting fucked by Tom. And I use lots of lube. Get on your back and spread your legs real wide for me.”

I lay back, spread my legs apart, and watched her. She applied something to the strap-on from a tube and stood over me, “Lie back, bitch, I’m going to fuck you.”

I did as she ordered. Lizabeth put the tip of the latex cock at the entrance to my pussy and held it there, applying slight pressure. Then she pushed her way into me, stopping occasionally, and then pushing again. I thought about Tom, how he’d never been so kaçak casino slow and deliberate as Lizabeth. He just banged his way in, moved in and out as fast as possible, and then came.

She pushed the dildo so deep that it banged against my cervix. Her movements sent surges of sensation through me. Every surge was like a mini orgasm. Like an addict, I kept rocking, wanting more. She responded to my moans, fucking me until I came.

I lay there, breathing hard: oblivious to anything else in the world .

It was the best fuck I’d ever experienced, with Tom or any other lover.

I suddenly realized the maid was standing in corner of the room, watching us.

“What the hell is she doing here?” I asked Lizabeth.

“Don’t worry about Maria,” she responded, ” I found her in a place in Mexico that caters to customers with all sorts of sexual desires. She services me whenever I’m horny and need something special. When you come here again, I can involve her in our sessions. Would you like that?”

“I guess so. What does she do?”

Lizabeth laughed. “What *doesn’t* she do? She’s very good at using a flogger. Maria is also marvelous at giving or receiving anal sex. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, I haven’t. Sounds painful to me.”

“My dear, with practice and lube, it’s a marvelous experience. You’ll love it.”

We embraced on the couch and kissed. Lizabeth pulled away from me after a while, “Edith, I have some important calls to make. Sorry about that. I’ll make that up to you, when we both have more time for lovemaking. I’ll call a cab for you. Maria will take you out to the front door, to wait for the cab. See you soon.”

It seemed like a damn curt dismissal to me. Had she just played with me to pass the time, or was she serious about having a love affair? Maybe I was envious of other women, or men, with whom she’d had sex. I was horny, confused, and jealous.

Maria led me to the front hallway. I had the strangest feeling about the short brown woman. I had no idea what she thought about what had happened between me and Lizabeth. Had she been aroused by watching us? How would she be as a lover, as part of a threesome? We stood there, side by side, with not a word exchanged. As the cab arrived, she brushed her lips against mine and opened the door for me.

When I got home, I had to masturbate to fall asleep. My mind was full of mixed images: the tall beautiful blond with a tasty cunt, and the brown-skinned woman who had served in a dungeon in Mexico.

What happened after that evening is another story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Copyright 2005 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. Comments are welcome.

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