Corporate Rivals Ch. 02

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Chapter Two

My Nemesis

Morgan Thaler. He had been my nemesis ever since I took the Thoman job. Always dismissive of me whenever we had run into each other, I wondered how he would treat me knowing that I had taken what he thought was his. I had seen him in the gym often with his sales team. He had always had a great body and looked like he was packing. But whereas many would probably say he was drop-dead gorgeous, there was something about his face that prevented me from thinking of him as “sexy.” My tastes are particular and he would not be one that had me dreaming at night. Body contact with him would certainly get me to rise to the occasion, but he was not one that I could lust after, for some reason.

Exactly two days after Jim quit, I was approached by Morgan. I could see the glint in his eye as he walked up to me in the gym. I was alarmed at his rather direct approach.

“Evening, Tim. Congratulations on landing Ansaldi and costing me my top salesman all in one move. Slick. Adelman explained to me how this all happened. Hell, had I known that you were up for it this whole time, I would have finished you off myself and sent you packing long ago. You are a hot little number. I would be more than happy to put an end to Tim Hendersen strutting around this gym and glaring at me and my guys like we are intruders here. If the game is Top Cock, I am ready for you. But understand the stakes will be high.”

He was flexing his chest during his opening verbal move. He knew I could not help but notice the roll of his pecs under his tank top. His shoulders and arms looked strong. He was at least two inches taller than me and clearly outweighed me. His legs were hidden under track pants, as usual. He looked like he had always been an athlete and his stance and proximity to me made it clear to anyone who cared to look that he was either threatening or challenging me in some way.

Mastering my urge to just turn and walk away, I managed a smirk and a quick “Be very careful, Morgan. Think about this some more. I will contact you tomorrow morning. If you have not re-thought your invitation, we will set the conditions and the time then.” I was not done yet, though. I needed to know something…”Are you not yet old enough to know when to respect your elders?”

“38 is old enough to know when they do not merit respect. I hear about how you are in incredible shape for your age and how great you look for the mid-40’s. So what? The way I see it, I will do everyone in this gym a favor by adjusting your attitude, Tim. Talk to you tomorrow.” I turned around abruptly so that he could not see that I was already sporting a semi. I left the gym without changing wondering what the hell I had been missing in the gym this whole time.

The next morning as I settled into my office, the call was made and casino oyna he offered his conditions: The time would be over lunch that very day. The first to come would lose and the winner would cream the loser cock. The loser would give up Ansaldi. Quite simple, really. Since I held Ansaldi, he obviously thought there was only one outcome here. I accepted and added that the loser would verbally let it be known by simply saying “I submit.” I knew he was in for it and I like verbal domination. He chuckled over the phone and agreed.

It was clear that losing the Ansaldi account could break Morgan’s back professionally. He knew once I gained the leading market position for Thoman, I would ruthlessly exploit it and there would be no stopping us. So, he needed to get this handled immediately.

I arrived promptly at the private gym just outside the city that he apparently rented for some reason or other. The room was padded in black on the floor and the walls. I would say it was 10 x 10 with a a light in each corner mounted on the floor and pointed to the white ceiling. Strange to have such lighting in a room obviously designed for brawling of some sort.

As I enter he is already in the room and removing his tie. I can smell a combination of after shave and slightly sweaty dress shoes. If he only knew that the smell of his feet might make me hard, he might make short work of me, so I do nothing but stare at him while I disrobe. As he finishes and starts unbuttoning his shirt, he approaches me while I am doing the same. I was expecting some taunting as he smiled and began: “Interesting that we finally have time away from the others under these circumstances. I have always thought you rather eye-catching. Your chest is impressive and you look like you can handle yourself. I have often imagined a bout with you, but I did not want you to know that. I have imagined pinning you and then submitting you and the look in your eyes when you gave in to me and how you would look at me after that from then on.”

He was either plain stupid or way overconfident or both. Knowledge is power and the knowledge that he had wanted me had the power of a bunker buster. Game on, fool.

“Unfortunately, I have never thought you worthy, Morgan, so it never crossed my mind. Nevertheless, my hard will take yours down and I will really enjoy mounting you. While you moan beneath me, I may even slip my tongue in and pin your tongue to the roof of your mouth, so you can taste a real man.”

I could see anger and strong lust in his eyes all at once. Bulls eye. Those are the two worst emotions you can have going into a fight. As far as I was concerned, it was already over…

As with Jim, I offer a test of strength as we square up. Morgan accepts and flashes a grin. Our pecs come together with a loud slap and we both grunt at the impact. He is stronger canlı casino than I expected as he takes control and pushes my arms behind my back. I feel his hard, thick, cut 7 inches pressing against my rapidly rising member. He looks down and at this moment and, since I am not fully erect, he believes he “has me” in the size department. He grinds on me right there which brings out the best in my member quickly.

Abruptly, he releases my hands from being intertwined with his and wraps his arms around mine while picking me up. A worry niggles at the back of my head for a second before I realize that I am going to hit the mat pretty hard. With extreme force he throws me down. As the shock of the unexpected impact knocks the wind out of me, he launches himself on top of me in crushing splash that again drives the air out of my lungs. He then hooks his arms under my shoulders and starts to grind.

I was helpless. The onslaught was strong and he smiled into my face. Then he licked my lips before bringing his mouth down to my neck. “When this is over…I want you to know…that you are mine every time you look into the mirror…” he said while sucking on my neck.

Once I could think clearly, I bent my knees and braced my feet on the floor and started to buck upwards in a very slow, strong countergrind. This took him by surprise and he looked at me as though he were impressed. He then lifted his chest off of mine, looked me in the eyes and then dropped his heavy chest onto mine again. My countergrind came to a halt as the air was forcefully expelled from my lungs yet again. He was clearly going to batter my body while keeping his cock rubbing mine off. I did not expect this to be so brutal.

30 seconds later, I had my breath back and began the countergrind again. He lifted his torso once again and looked into my eyes, but I looked down between us at our wrestling cocks and drew his gaze there as well. He could now see me fully erect and that my cock was larger than his. He could now glimpse why my countergrind was so good. But as soon as he looked down, I looked back at his face. I know how dangerous it is to watch a cockrub. I know how distracting it can be. He continued to watch, however. He was entranced by the sight.

I used the distraction to bring my hands up to his shoulders and lock my arms straight. Now, it was going to be just our cocks. No more slamming his chest down on mine (though I must say the ruthlessness of his approach was rather hot).

By the smooth way in which he seemed to telegraph every move, it dawned on me that he had done this many times before. It was as if he had long practiced the steps he needed to overpower, demoralize and quickly rub his opponent into submission. I was not going to play by his rules, however. I knew he had lusted after me. The feeling was not mutual, though his rub kaçak casino was good and my cock was enjoying the ride.

Five minutes passed and we ground on. When he began to really enjoy the feeling of the cockrub and could no longer look at me at all because was obviously being overstimulated, I smiled up at him and spoke to redirect his attention to where I knew it would suit me best. “Are you feeling it, Morgan? Look at those gorgeous cocks going at it. I think mine has found a new best friend. Do you understand now what happened to Jim? Do you understand that you cannot win? You may have my body under your power right now but in moments, I will mount you properly and align our cocks so that you feel every single inch of mine. Then I will kiss you deeply and perhaps we will cum together. We can save victory for next time while we just enjoy this time. Think about it.”

Confusion. The face cannot hide it. He did not know how to respond, but he was interested in the idea that this did not have to be a fight with serious consequences.

Within a second, I abruptly bent my arms and used my large biceps to launch him off of me. Just as quickly, I was on top of him. Since my unexpected attack had caught him off-guard, I managed to chicken wing one arm behind his back while I held the other above his head. He could not do very much as we were now quite close to the wall near where his clothes were folded up. “Here we go, Morgan. Let’s cum together and get this over with.” I lowered my face and grabbed his left earlobe with my lips. “Oh yes…” I said into his hear.

He grunted loudly and shot. I moved our intertwined arms that had been stretched above our heads in closer to our bodies so that I could elevate myself and we could see his ejaculating cock. As his spasms slowed, I said to him “Say it, Morgan.” I thought I detected resistance in his eyes as he remained silent. Like he felt he had been played. Or maybe I wanted to see that so I could force the issue. I cinched up on his helplessly chicken-winged arm that was still behind his back. I only needed an excuse because I really did want to cause him pain. Reading my facial expression correctly, he then quickly said “I submit.”

I got up off of him and sneered “You did not earn enough respect for me to cream your cock, Morgan. Furthermore, I don’t think looking down at you under me, crushed and pathetic, could get me off.” With that, I grabbed his socks from the top of his pile of folded clothes. I brought them up to my face while turning around to see his rather nice feet. In five strokes I silently shot ropes onto his legs. I then grabbed my clothes and left the room.

I did not see him in the gym after that day and he resigned his position less than a month later. Rumor has it that his guys knew what happened between us and that he was never quite the same after that fateful day. No matter. If the Simi guys thought I was glaring at them like intruders before, I was really into it now. There was no disputing who owned this gym: Tim Hendersen, Top Cock.

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