Cruise to Alaska Day 02

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I have never been a great sleeper. I sleep lightly, waking up often unless I’ve been screwed into exhaustion. I was wide-awake at six a.m. As I came out of the bathroom, Carrie was still sleeping soundly. She looked so young and innocent. I had a passing thought. I could see myself being exposed on the evening news as the neighborhood dirty old man, lusting after a sweet young virgin. I opened the curtains letting in a flood of light, sat down at my computer and began to work on my soon due story.

About eight, I heard, “What did you do to me last night.”

“Good morning, I was hoping you would not remember the trapeze, the whips, the chains and the female midgets.”

She jumped out of bed, pretending to be irate, “You are absolutely horrible. I have to pee.”

“Can I watch”

Sweetly she replied, “If you want to.”

She might have been ready to pop, but it took Carrie a long time to pee with me sitting on the bathroom floor staring between her legs. I was grinning and looking at the matted dark hair she had all the way around her cute little pussy. She had shaved and trimmed close but, she had left a complete circle of three fourths inch long hair all the way around. It looked like a target.

Finally, Carrie finished. “Want to wipe me too?”


She wiped herself, stood and took a couple of steps into the shower. “I’m going to take care of you later. You want even be able to walk straight tomorrow. Now, let me get ready. I really need you to take me to breakfast.”

“Only, if I get some wet clean hugs and kisses when you get out of the shower.”

I was crisply dressed and waiting for Carrie when I heard the shower turn off. I did not really expect her to cater to all my silly comments, but here she came, dripping wet and hugged me, making sure she dried as much of her body – front, back, top and bottom – as she could on my formerly unwrinkled shirt and slacks. Well, I did ask for it.

She got ready very quickly. We headed to breakfast. I had not changed. When she noticed she almost gasped, “You didn’t change. What if someone asks why you are all wet?”

“Then I’m going to tell them in exact detail, what you did to me since the moment you got up.”

Carrie was actually worried and shocked, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“O, Yes I would and I would love doing it. I’d send all those old fogies back to their rooms hyper ventilating and trying to stop thinking about that beautiful wet body of yours rubbing all over me.” Carrie was getting into the thought. She was smiling at me, not worrying about anyone else’s opinions now. She was just enjoying our naughtiness. I bet she was a little wet, hoping someone would actually ask me why I was a wrinkled, wet mess.

I grabbed the daily schedule of events outside the door as we left the cabin.. We were holding hands as we walked into the Lido Restaurant for breakfast. I felt ten feet tall, showing off with such a young, beauty.

We ate and planned our day. As it worked out, Carrie would be pretty much on her own for the day. She wanted to attend a port of call shopping talk, tour the ships kitchen, go to a cooking class, wander the ship and make an appointment for a full treatment in the Greenhouse Spa and Salon. I asked her to make us a reservation for the Pinnacle Grill for one evening during our cruise. Carrie said she definitely wanted me to take her to the eight o’clock Southern Nights show in the Mondriaan Show Lounge. We decided to meet for High Tea at three in the afternoon. She knew where to find me, if she needed me before then. I would be diligently writing, sitting in the Explorations Café – that’s like a Starbucks with a library.

At three, Carrie found me in line for High Tea. She was excited to tell me all she had done and how wonderful everything was, then the pastry table grabbed her attention. I guess she did not know what to expect at High Tea and was blown away by what was spread in front of her. For such a little thing, she could really eat desserts. illegal bahis She was giddy and thought it was hilarious to insist that I hold my little finger high from the cub as I drank my coffee. I did notice that her third trip back for dessert seemed to be more for flirting with a tall, handsome Danish looking ship’s officer.

As Carrie sat back down I kidded her, “Well I hope I get at least one more night with you before you dump me for that young, uniformed Adonis.”

“Hay, I see you looking at the other girls. He is kind of cute. Don’t you think?”

“He is the ugliest person I have ever seen in my entire life and I’m not into looking at men this trip.”

“He is not ugly. He nice. He offered to give me a tour of the bridge, tomorrow.”

Little did I know that one more night with Carrie was all that I was going to get. Carrie was off again, we would meet at eight for the show.

Off and on for the rest of the day, I planned my seduction of Carrie. I ordered champagne, a fruit and cheese basket, coffee and desert. I tried to remember all the playful and serious things she had told me. I remembered, her ex was threatened by sex toys (I had brought a couple); she had never done anal; she had never been completely tied up; her ex was usually fast in and fast out leaving her to take care of her self in private later; she had never masturbated in front of anyone; she had never climaxed just being fucked and she once asked me to write a rape story for her.

I went to the small store and purchased four pair of stockings. In the room I made two ropes from them. Later I went back and bought another pair of stockings. Carrie was in for one a hell of a night.

The show was good. Carrie had bathed and dressed just prior to the show. She was striking in her black velvet short cocktail dress. We “casually” stopped by the Piano Bar for a couple of dances, some neck kissing and Carrie had a couple of tropical, strong, rum filled drinks that I had prearranged that afternoon. She was hungry and warmly pliable, so we went back to the room.

The steward had done a wonderful job, complete with a candle that shouldn’t have been there. We began to undress and feed each other; playing and getting more silly with each other all the time. Officially, dessert would be much later, but I had not planned the bowl of whipped cream for dessert. Somehow, a nude Carrie began to get dots of whipped cream on herself and I began to search them out and lick her clean. She decided to help. I was pleasantly amazed surprised at a few of the spots where the little vixen put dabs of the cream, testing if I would lick it off. I never missed a spot.

I made the room very dim and I had pushed her into a sitting position at the top of the bed. “Rub yourself for me Carrie. Let me watch you make yourself cum.” She hesitated, “Please, Carrie, rub your beautiful cunt. I want to watch you.” She started to rub her clit softly in little circles. She began to pull at her pussy lips with the other hand. Her hips were moving now. After a few minutes, she sighed in frustration, “I can’t with you watching me.”

“Let me help then.” I grabbed her by her ankles, pulled them to the foot of the bed and reached under each edge of the mattress for the stocking rope I had there. A quick slip loop over each ankle and she was open wide. I moved up her body, pinning her as I did the same stocking tie trick to her hands. She was tied spread eagle. Carrie pulled hard to get free but quickly found she was helpless. As I blindfolded her with another stocking and gagged her with the last one, I leaned close and whispered very softly, “Carrie I will never hurt you but I am going to scare you a little.” I stepped completely away, giving her a moment to struggle against her ties and realize she could not scream or see what was going to happen. Much louder and roughly I said, “Carrie, you are helpless now. I can do anything I want to you. You will have to endure any pain I want to inflict on your body.” My whispered illegal bahis siteleri message was now confused in her mind. She did not know if I would hurt her or not.

I started by spanking her pouty pussy and clit with my hand. About eight strokes, the last two were on her clit and stingingly hard. I pulled her nipples and twisted them until she tried to get away. Now, for more confusion, I began to softly kiss her body. For a full ten minutes, she relished my tongue and lips sucking her as her body the way she had taught me last night. She was wet and moaning. I twisted her nipples again. This time she did not pull away, just moaned again. I went to her feet and spanked the bottom then kissed the bottom, bit her toes and then sucked them. Back to her nipples, twisting them lightly while I licked her neck. Her body was on autopilot, moving to get both the pain and the pleasure, starting to search for a way to release the sexual tension building in her body. That release would be a long time coming.

I moved away from Carrie. Her body kept moving and she made a low groaning sound. Her body went rigid when I pressed the vibrating rabbit directly onto her clit. I held it there until her belly tightened. I turned off the rabbit but put the head into her and worked it back and forth letting the little ears determine depth as they bumped into her proudly standing clit. I was hitting her G-spot. I turned on my torture tool again. Carrie’s body rose to make sure the toys did not get away and to increase the pressure on her little button.

She was right there when I took everything away again. Her body was frustrated and settled down onto the bed slowly. The rabbit returned. Thrust into her fully powered, on high, this time twirling on its own inside her, the rabbit’s ears flapping her clit.

I could hear her sucking air through her nose, unable to get more though her mouth. She was trying hard to help me, thrusting her hips into the rabbit. I was nude now waiting for just the right moment to replace the rotating rabbit. I could see her belly muscles tightening even more and watched for her toes to tighten that last little bit. They did, I jerked the vibrator from her cunt and slammed my dick into her in one viscous push. Carrie launched her body. If I did not have her tied down, I would never have been able to stay on top of her. I was not gentle; I fucked her hard. This was not rape but it was violent.

The tip of my cock felt her cervix with each thrust. I was hitting it hard enough that there was pain for her. Pain that she wanted and added to by pushing to match my thrust. The combination was too much for me and I came grasping her hips strongly against me so I could feel each squirt push out between the head of my cock and her cervix. I was finishing, Carrie was not. Deep in some caveman part of my mind, I knew she needed to be punished for being able to cum more than me. I pounded, I sweated and would not let her body defeat me. I would outlast her, unless I died first. I punished her clit with my pubic bone with each thrust. I realized she had arched her back and was holding us both off the bed. She finally had enough, when she collapsed, I swear we fell a foot back onto the bed. Carrie would remember being fucked, I was thankful to have survived so far.

Luckily, I recovered a little faster than Carrie because I had a round two in mind. I untied her hands and feet, turned her over and retied her, now, spread-eagled on her stomach. She was like a rag doll. I struggled and put a thin pillow under her hips to angle her ass perfectly for me. As she came back, I lay down on her back giving her hips most of my weight and started kissing her neck, ears, shoulders and started down her back. By the time I spread the cheeks of her lovely ass she was fully awake and realized what was going to happen. She began to struggle and complain into her gag. Some of the complaints subsided as I licked her little puckered rosebud. All of the complaints were gone when canlı bahis siteleri I pushed my tongue into it. As I continued to lick, push in, pull out and lick, she was clearly enjoying all the new sensations, pushing back to get more. I secretly oiled my fingers and the rabbit to continue phase two of my attack on her body.

She pushed back slightly when I pressed one finger against her. As it slipped in she tightened realizing that was not my tongue. The feeling must have been all right because she lay very still as I slowly invaded her all the way to my knuckle. I pulled back and tried two fingers. This she resisted. I slapped her ass hard and said, “Relax for me Carrie.” She did and both fingers went in about an inch and stopped. I held the pressure and told, “Push like you’re going to the bathroom.” She pushed, my fingers slipped in and I began to work my fingers in and out of her soft, pliable ass. Carrie could now imaging what it was going to be like to have me fuck her ass. Fear must have crept back into her mind, she tightened strongly around my fingers, holding them immobile. I slapped her ass again and she relaxed. Allowing my fingers to move in her again.

With my fingers held all the way into her, slightly curling and uncurling, I reached up and released the loops holding each of her hands. “Put your hands between your legs, Carrie. Make yourself cum.”

As she worked her fingers into her abused cunt, my fingers pumped in time with hers. I pulled out, replacing my two fingers with the vibrator. It was larger but well oiled and before I could slap her ass again and order her to relax, Carrie let the vibrator slip into her ass. I loved watching her asshole stretch around the vibrator. I wanted to make her squirm. “Good Carrie, you are opening up. You’re almost as wide as the vibrator can make you. When your ass is a little more open, I’m going to take your anal cherry. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I’m going to take you. Just like in your fantasy, you are going to be raped.” Her body wiggled and pushed against the vibrator. I could hear her groan as it hurt her to stretch her asshole wider.

My dick was very hard, throbbing and sore as I oiled it, still working the vib into Carrie. She was very close to cuming. “Stop your fingers for just a minute. Feel your virginity being taken away.” I pressed the head of my cock into her asshole and barely gained entrance. Damn this was tighter than I expected, but Carrie took any decision away from me. She pushed back. I know it hurt her but she groaned loudly and kept pushing. It hurt me too. I had to pull back, then push again. Otherwise, her hungry tight ass would have ripped the skin off my penis. Again she pushed. She wanted a dick all the way in her ass. I made sure she got what she wanted. When I bottomed out, we both were perfectly still for a few moments. I felt her fingers begin to move. She felt inside her cunt and she felt my cock through her cunts walls. She could feel me buried deep into her body. I began to fuck her ass and she began to frantically masturbate for release.

The new sensations, the fullness, the pain and her own fingers brought Carrie to the brink quickly. I felt that and pumped long strokes into her ass. I got there first again. When I said, “Carrie I’m cuming in your ass.” She screamed into her gag and came with me.

I had wet washcloths within easy reach. I knew we would need them. As I pulled out of Carrie, I washed both of us at the same time. She was perfectly still, not sure if she should be embarrassed by a man washing her ass. I got off the bed, removed her gag and blindfold, gathered all our stuff and dumped it into the shower. When I came back, I untied Carrie’s ankles and asked her sit up. As she complied, I poured her a glass of champagne and handed it to her. We toasted and I said, “You just had your first anal experience.”

Carrie downed the entire glass, holding it out to me for a refill. She drank half of that, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “You gave me a lot more firsts than fucking my ass.” I love a dirty talking woman.

After potty stops for both of us, we snuggled together on the bed. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. We slept until morning wrapped in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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