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“That’s where guys go to suck dick,” Ashley blurted out.

“What?!? Where the hell did that come from?” I laughed.

“The boat launch we just passed by. Yeah, at least that’s what I’ve heard. That’s what the kids said back in high school at least. A couple friends of mine even swore they saw our math teacher down there. That and my parents always told me to steer clear of it if I was out wandering by myself. Between them and the kids stories, made it seem believable to me.”

“Well… okay then,” I said. “Seems your little hometown has a seedy side.”

Ashley laughed as we took a right onto my road. “Yuppers… might not be as classy as you big city folks and your sex shops, but we make due with what we got,” she said in an affected southern accent.

“Big city, good one Ash,” it was my turn to laugh. “You know I grew up two towns over, right?

“Whatever dude,” she said sarcastically, as she pulled in my driveway. “Here’s your stop playboy.”

I leaned in to kiss her goodbye. “See you tomorrow,” I said as I got out of her car.

“Mmmm… definitely. Pick me up at 8, you’re driving tomorrow.

“Sure thing,” I said leaning through the open window. “Oh, and by the way, we city guys call them Adult Bookstores.”

“Ewww, that’s somehow worse,” she said, as she put the car in reverse and backed down the driveway. She waved goodbye and took off down the road.

Ashley and I had been dating for a couple months now. She had no idea I considered myself bisexual, or that I had been with guys. I wasn’t about to tell her either, especially not this early in our relationship. It had been a couple years since the last time I had met with a guy and her mention of that boat launch had my mind turning. To be totally honest with myself, I would not mind sucking some dick right about now. I guess that meant I was going to check out this boat launch for myself.

Now, I really didn’t know much about “cruising”, outside of stories I had read. My only real experience was at the aforementioned adult bookstore. That, to me, wasn’t really cruising though. All I had to do there was hop in a booth with a gloryhole and wait for a horny neighbor. If I was lucky, with a quick wag of my finger, a nice cock would pop through the hole and I would get my fill of anonymous cum. How to do that out in the open, I had no idea. Hopefully there was some truth to the stories I had read and I could just stumble on someone jerking off.

I was hard thinking about sucking cock so I slipped into some pantyhose. Ashley didn’t know about that either. I’m not a crossdresser really, I just love the way lingerie and casino oyna pantyhose feel. My hard cock tented the hose, I wasn’t overly endowed, but a respectable 5.5 inches. I slowly started to stroke myself. Thinking about dick and the feeling of the nylon it didn’t take long before I shot my load, the thick cream oozing through the nylon. I spooned my cum up off my hose and licked my fingers clean, my softening cock felt the cool wetness of the remains of my seed.

I swapped out my seeded hose for a pair of bike shorts, the spandex felt almost as good on my bare cock as the nylon. I hopped on my bike and headed down to the launch, figuring it would be a little less conspicuous than my car, easier to hide. It took me about 15 minutes to bike down there, a bit more than I thought it would, but not a bad ride. The pavement gave way to gravel as I made the turn down to the launch.

About a half a mile down the dirt road opened up to a parking lot. A couple trucks and a few cars were parked there, more than I thought there would be. A couple guys were hanging out by their cars chatting. Another guy was hooking his boat back onto it’s trailer, his family waiting in the truck. There was a bike rack, a notice board and what looked like a hiking trail between them. I saw a man come out from the trail and get into a car parked next to the bike rack. As I parked my bike he pulled away and another guy came out from the trail, trying to look a little too casual.

“At least that increases my odds,” I thought to myself.

Another car pulled into the vacated spot as I locked up my bike. I stood up, stretched and headed for the trail. Before heading any further I stopped and tied my sneakers, bending not so subtly to do so, my ass cocked just right. I gave a look behind me as I did and I thought I saw the man in the car check me out. I started down the trail, about twenty yards down the trail forked to the left and right. I stopped, deciding which way to go, I started to the right. I glanced back and the guy from the car had made his way onto the trail.

About a hundred yards down the trail I gave another look back, apparently the other guy had taken the trail to the left. “Maybe today isn’t the day for me,” I thought to myself. After about 15 minutes on the trail, the urge to pee hit me. I stepped off the path and found enough coverage behind a tree to relieve myself. I pulled my cock out from my shorts, the cool air felt good on my bare cock. As I finished peeing, I shook the drops from my dick, and kept stroking. I was far enough off the trail and it didn’t look like I would be getting any kind of action, so I figured canlı casino I would give myself another good wank.

I was mid wank when I heard a soft rustle of brush. I stopped and gave a look around. I couldn’t see anything or anyone, the tree and the brush around it had me pretty well hidden so I continued. As I got closer to cumming the rustle came again, only closer. I was too close to stop, but I did look again. I spotted someone, their jacket sticking out from behind another tree about 20 feet away, giving them away. I kept stroking and turned a little to face their direction. I caught him peek out from his hiding spot just as I shot my load. I shot six or seven heavy ropes, the cum exploding from the head of my cock. Having someone watch me turned me on so much.

My spying new friend stepped out from behind the tree, his cock in hand. It wasn’t the guy who had come onto the trail after me, just another hiker. Our eyes met as I squeezed the remaining seed from my cock. He kept stroking and motioned me over with his free hand. I walked over letting my cock hang from my shorts. I got a better view of him as I stepped closer. He was an average looking guy, close cropped salt and pepper hair, I figured about 50 years old or so, with a slight belly. His cock was about 6 inches and on the slim side. I started to get hard again the closer I got.

I stopped a couple inches in front of him, my hand reached down to fondle his warm cock. He returned the favor and began stroking mine. He leaned in and kissed me, our lips met and parted, he slipped his tongue into my mouth. His hand left my cock and he pulled me into him, embracing me as our tongues clashed. The kiss was wet and lust filled. He pulled my shorts down as I reached my hands up to hold his face, greedily accepting more of his tongue.

He broke away and pushed me down to my knees. I was face to face with his cock, the head glistened with pre cum. I put my mouth over the head, swirling my tongue over the velvety mushroom. He put his hands on my head and forced his length down my throat. I gagged at the suddenness of it, my saliva spitting around his girth, but I quickly recovered, accepting his full 6 inches, He held my head firm and proceeded to pound away at my mouth. After a minute or so he pulled his cock from my mouth with an audible popped from my tightly sealed lips. His rock hard cock bouncing before my eyes.

He stood me up and turned me around. He bent me over a little and got behind me. I stuck my ass out as I rested against a tree. His hands kneaded my ass cheeks, spreading them, exposing my tight hole. He started to kiss around my ass cheeks, kaçak casino making his way towards the center of my brown eye. Pulling my cheeks apart he buried his tongue in my ring. I moaned heavily as his tongue worked it’s magic. He worked a finger, then two and finally three, sawing into my spit slick hole. My body, acting on instinct, pushing back for more.

He stood and held me around my waist, he lined his cock up with my hole and pushed in. His cock split my hole, I pushed back to accept the rest. His cock slid in slowly, filling my hole, I moaned as I felt every inch invade me. He pulled out and spit on my hole, pushed his cock back in again with a little more gusto. I arched my back giving him better access. He held my hips tightly and started to piston in and out of me. He started to grunt as he picked up speed, moans hiccuped out of me as he slammed his cock home. Grunts and moans were joined by the slapping of his groin against my ass cheeks.

I was in ecstasy, I had never been fucked so hard before. I was near breathless with the pounding I was taking, pain and pleasure consumed me. His grunts were replace with heavier breathing, he was getting close. I wanted more, forcing my ass back to meet his thrusts. His pumping became a little more erratic, he held me tighter, stopping me from pumping back into him. With a final thrust he buried his cock deep in my ass, bucking with each rope of his seed shot inside me. He sawed into me a couple more times with his cock softening, the smell of sex filled my nostrils as his cum dripped around his cock from my loose asshole.

As I regained my breath, he wiped his cock off on my ass. His cum leaked from my ass, down my leg, collecting in my bunched up bike shorts, still wrapped around my knees. He pulled his pants up and walked away. I tried to regain some composure as I watched him disappear into the woods. I felt his cold, sticky cum smear into my legs and ass as I pulled up my shorts and headed back to the trail. Thankfully there were no other hikers on the trail when I emerged from the woods.

I saw no one else as I made my way to my bike. I unlocked it and hopped on to ride out, quickly rising up from the seat. My ass was sore from the pounding it had taken, so I had to stand to ride. I could only hope the wet, cum stained spot was not too visible from passersby. I made the trip home, quickly ducking inside my apartment, luckily avoiding any neighbors. Once I was in my bathroom I stripped out of my shorts, feeling some of the drying cum peel away from my skin. The ass and crotch were stained with thick jizz and my juices and again the smell of sex hit me. The musty, sweaty scent filling my nostrils, making me hard again.

I jerked off again in the shower replaying the quick, hot fuck session I had just had. I also started thinking about my next trip down there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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