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She was nervous. The blue dress she was wearing did nothing to calm her nerves. It was thin but not so thin as to see through it, not to mention at the back it came down to just below her knees, in the front it came down to just below her crotch.

Her legs were covered in black tight stretch ¾ leggings that finished just up under the dress, covering her crotch nicely.

She was quite stunning. Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and a cute smile that said a thousand words. Her figure was reasonably attractive, carrying a bit of baby fat around her tummy, her breasts; a modest 18C, but her nipples did their best to strain against the dress, particularly since she was told not to wear a bra. The Knee high black platform boots she was wearing made her stand 6ft tall.

Standing In front of an apartment door, she paused holding her breath then knocked 3 times on the door as she had been told. She had nothing on her, no ID, no Keys, No Money, just as she had been told. She hoped beyond anything that no one saw her hiding her own house key outside just as she left, otherwise she would not be able to get back in when she got home from this…

She remembered just as the door opened in front of her the rules he had told her to follow:

* Do not look at me in the eye

* Do not speak unless spoken to

* Do all that is ordered of you

* Address him as sir at all times

If she failed to remember and comply to those rules, she would be humiliated publicly.

She stood in front of the door for ages, desperately wanting to look up at this man’s face to perhaps guess what he was thinking, but she restrained herself. After what felt like ages, but was only 30 seconds, “come in slave” he heard him say. She quickly walked in, her boots “click, click, click” as she entered the wooden floored apartment.

“Are you going to be a good girl and do what you are told? Or should I just let everyone in the country, especially your family know just how much of a slut you are?” he said sharply as he closed the door, she had barely walked in and came to a sudden stop at hearing those words, breathing a little deeply, “yes sir”.

“yes what?” he asked a bit more loudly than he intended but as he saw he jump ever so slightly, he knew it was better, “yes sir, this slut will do as she is told” in barely above a whisper she replied.

He smiled and walked around her.

She could see without raising her head that she was in the living room, a couch, a chair…a table in the middle of the room a bit in front of her. She almost looked up further but as she realized that he was not only watching her, gauging her reactions, he was circling her, looking at her.

She could feel his eyes on her, and it made her cheeks flush bright red. She felt like a piece of meat…like a slave.

He watched her chest rise and fall; he noticed the way her nipples were straining against the fabric of the dress. He could also see she was trembling ever so slightly. He wondered, was it fear…or excitement?

(24 Hours Ago)

She had always been very shy, Nervous, Self-Conscious and Anxious. Yet the prospect of being online and displaying herself for the world to see didn’t seem to mind too much to her. He had seen her online multiple times, anything between showing her naked breasts to being completely naked and doing depraved things for complete strangers.

He noted she not only loved to wear a collar but she also loved being controlled and dominated. It seemed to make her blue eyes shine the most.

One day, he realized something, he knew who she was. Not only that, he knew where she worked, where she lived, casino oyna he even managed to figure out most of all her details pretty easily. The boring part of it, where she worked and such, didn’t faze him, it was the fact he knew she would be easily humiliated and it would be the easiest way to control her.

He has private messaged her that day when she was online.

It was perfect timing because she was totally naked and looked like she was enjoying herself. He clicked in her username “SubErin4U, and messaged, “Hi Erin. Lovely body you have their”. Her reply came with a wave and a smile “hi hun, happy your like it”. He smiled and laid it down “I do, so much I want you. I know who you are” he typed, watching as her smile dropped ever so slightly, and then perked up again almost dismissing what she had read.

“I doubt it hun, I don’t go out much”. “He typed back quickly “I know where you work, what ur real name is and I will expose you if you don’t do as I say. u get one chance, then ill post everything about u at ur work, to your parents, at ur old high school and too all ur friends”. That got her attention, he smile was almost gone from her face, and he could see in her eyes she’d do anything to make sure to not let that happen. She tried to kick him and ban him from her webcam website, but his extra bit of technological know-how made that impossible for her, which then made her think he was serious.

“What do you want?” she replied on her keyboard. He could see that she was ignoring the other users asking if she was ok or to do things for them, his smile was wide as he gave her the rules and her instructions to turn up at his place tomorrow at the right time, 1 minute after and she would be public, everyone she knew personally would know everything little thing about her.


“Take your boots off, socks off, dress off. Leave the tights on” he said after a few minutes of watching her stand in his apartment.

She did this quickly, her boots and socks first. He watched as she neatly placed the socks in her boots, zipped them up and placed them against the wall neatly.

He was also delighted to see her tight were ¾ so her ankles and feet were exposed. He watched her take her blue dress off and neatly place it beside her boots, then stood up in the same spot, arms at her sides, head down. She didn’t think using her arms to cover her breasts would be a good option.

It was quiet, she could hear herself breathing deeply, which only made her jump more again when he said firmly “sit on the table” and tapped the table.

She moved quickly and sat u ass covered in her tights on the table and kept her head down. She had come this far, hopefully he wouldn’t hurt her as much as she’d feared. He grabbed her wrists and put a leather wrist cuff on each and buckled them shut. Each one had a little bit of rope attached to it, so she assumed it was to tie it to somewhere. He then slipped a blindfold over her head and covered her eyes.

Her breaths were now even deeper and louder. She now had no idea what to expect, and yelped a little when he pushed on her shoulders back and she fell back on the table. She sighed deeply as when she landed on her back, her legs slightly in the air but dropping slowly, she realized she was resting on soft pillows.

She felt her arms being pulled to the top of the table, over her head and secured at a corner each. Now she started breathing deeply as he let go of her, she tried to bring her arms back to her side, but found them tightly restrained.

He did the same to her ankles and tied her thighs to her calves which kept her legs spread but bound to the table.

She canlı casino could hear her breathing loudly now, she desperately wanted to beg for him to let her go, but she know not only now that she was tied as she was, he could do what he wanted with her body, but if she resisted, he would make good on his threats and still use her body anyway.

While on one hand she was totally terrified as she had no idea what he would do to her or if he would let her go, but on the other hand…this had been a fantasy of hers, to be forced to obey someone with no other option, now it was happening for real!

She yelped loudly as he pinched her nipples.

The hormone therapy she had been using had made her breasts really pronounced, even for her 18C breasts, that and, they were always so hyper sensitive now. She could feel his hand then rest between her breasts and slowly, agonizingly trail down her tummy, over her belly button and slipped ever so slowly under her tights.

“You have been a very good girl. Would you like your reward now?” he asked as he watched her tremble. He didn’t have to ask, he knew she was excited. He watched her mouth closely. His hand slipped under her tights, and just as she said yes, his hand gently grabbed the hidden treasure under her tights, gently grabbed her cock, grinning as she said “yes…siiiirrrr” watching as she moaned the word “sir” loudly.

He hadn’t failed to notice, try as she might, he could tell she was aroused when he opened his door to her, and once she had taken her dress off, he had noticed her erection, even when she was blindfolded and tied down. “Good” he thought.

He had a gentle but firm grip on her hard cock, he was surprised, it was pulsing, a lot. He looked at her chest and could see it rising and falling rapidly. She was about to orgasm. He knew it, and the lack of breath she had and the sensations she was feeling, she knew it too.

Holding her cock gently, his hand under her tights, it keeping her cock hidden, he leaned into her ear and whispered “do you want to cum, Slut?” She was nodding a lot as she begged “yes sir! Please let this slut cum!”

He pulled off the blindfold and at the same time squeezed down on her cock with his fingers was all it took. She cried out loudly, moaning and as he tied body wriggled, she opened her eyes mid orgasm, and looked up at the roof…at herself! Attached to the roof was a giant mirror positioned right above her, she watched her self writhe in mid orgasm, which only made it last longer. She didn’t even notice him anymore, she could see him but didn’t pay any attention, and her orgasm was so big.

After a minute she finally came down from her orgasm, not taking her eyes off her lewd display for one second. She then looked in the mirror to see her tights where her cock is were totally soaked in her cum. His hand was still holding her cock and between that and her cum, she was in heaven. She watched with her wide blue eyes as her cock was stroked again under her tights, she was still hard and it felt amazing.

“Oh god that feels good sir”, “please don’t stop sir” or the one he liked hearing the most “make this slut cum again, this slut needs to cum” she kept saying. She was totally memorized. He watched her moan and gasp again as she came for the second time into her tights again.

Her entire crotch was soaked through, and the room was quickly filling with the scent of her cum. It had such a sweet smell to it, he just managed to catch a glimpse of her licking her lips. “Cute slut” he thought.

He felt her start to soften slightly, and his hand was cramping a little so he withdrew his hand from her tights, kaçak casino it was still wet and covered in cum. He wiped his hand from one of her breasts to the other, smiling as she couldn’t help but moan as he breasts were touch, her nipples becoming erect once again. Once he’d wiped his hand clean of her cum, he moved his other hand down under her tights and grabbed her cock again, and noticed it was hard again.

“my, aren’t you the most excited little bitch around” he gloated “ye…OW” she cried as mid-sentence he pinched her nipple hard with his free hand. “I didn’t ask u a question slut” he said. Funny though, her cock was throbbing again “oh, so you do get off on pain too you nasty slut” he said as he pinched her other nipple hard. And here she was still throbbing, she was close! Again? My, this girl was something else.

He removed his hand from her tights and she whined loudly “please let me cum sir! Pleeeaseee” she was begging. “Cum then you worthless slave” he said to her. He watched as the whole time, she had never taken her eyes off the mirror, she watched herself and as I reached with both hands and pinched both her nipples very hard at the same time, she came again!

He could hear just above her loud moans of orgasm, he could hear her cock release into her wet tights for the third time. He let go of her nipples just as her orgasm subsided. “Please sir, no more. I can’t cum anymore. My cock hurts sir!” she whined loudly. He looked over her bound body, she was sweating from the orgasms she has had. She looked very beautiful. It was amazing that she didn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

“Please, let me go, you’ve tortured me enough sir” she pleaded; she hoped he would listen, she felt exhausted. He grabbed her nipple with one hand and kept pulling up and up until it slipped painfully out of his fingertips. The cries he heard coming from her were very sweet, her body seems so responsive to pain and stimulation. He wished he could keep her forever but his time with her was almost up, so he calmly said to her, noting she still never made eye contact with him, her eyes were still glued to her image in the mirror “cum one more time slut and I will set you free” but the moment he finished, he watched her for a moment.

“Your already close to orgasm again aren’t you!” He watched her nod her head furiously, her breathing becoming rapid again.

He moves his hand and pushes gently down on her soaked tights covered cock, she moans loudly, she’s about to cum again so he moves away and watches her whimper and writhe around, trying to push herself over the edge. After a minute he steps back and pushes down on her cock again, her breathing gets very rapid, he steps away again. She groans in frustration, tugging at her wrists, trying to get free, she really needs to cum, he can see.

He steps back up next to her again; she’s still, watching herself in the mirror.

SMACK! Her eyes go wide, before she realizes what’s happened, she’s already started to orgasm, and loudly too. He watches her thrash around in her bindings. It has the desired effect, and he knew this would be the only way she would cum from now on, was when she was in pain. If she wasn’t in pain, she wouldn’t be able to cum hard like this, especially since he had made her cum so easily, just by raising his hand and slapping it flat on her cock, as if he was spanking her ass. It only took one hit and she has given in and cum.

He watched. She tried her best, but she couldn’t keep watching herself in the mirror for long this time. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she was Cumming, filling her already soaked tights with more of her cum. Eventually, she fainted, her body went limp and her moans stopped, but he watched for a few more seconds, noticing her body every so often trembled, ever so slightly, he knew even though she had fainted, she was still in mid orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20