Cummuters Pt. 02

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Part Two: Stephen

Stephen and I hadn’t known each other for long: His parents had returned from abroad and he had transferred from his boarding school to my day school at the beginning of term. I had been appointed his mentor, to show him around and help him to settle in and over the next few weeks we got to know each other really well. One day, we had finished lunch early and went out onto the playing fields to enjoy a precious half hour in the sun before the start of afternoon classes. We stretched out under a big chestnut tree near the cricket pavilion and Stephen began to tell me about his life at boarding school. It didn’t take long for me to realise that the strict régime wouldn’t have suited me at all, but Stephen seemed to have enjoyed it and clearly regretted having to leave.

I propped myself up on one elbow and glanced over at him.

“I suppose you must miss your friends?” I asked and was surprised to see him blush heavily.

“Some of them.” He admitted cautiously.

I nodded sympathetically, not really understanding what he meant, until a slight movement caught my eye. Outlined in the grey flannel of his trousers an impressive erection was growing, trapped against his thigh by the thin fabric. Stephen was quick to notice me staring, but made no attempt to cover up. Instead, he took a quick look around him before pulling down his zip and a moment later, his handsome, uncut penis jutted proudly out from his open fly. I stared at it hungrily, trying to summon up enough courage to touch it, but before I could decide, the school bell clanged monotonously, announcing the end of our brief spell of freedom. Stephen gave me a nervous smile before hurriedly tucking himself away and zipping up. The walk back to the classrooms was torture for me, for my cock remained ramrod stiff as I puzzled over Stephen’s unexpected exposure. He hadn’t had time to make many other friends, so he must have been feeling really horny to make such a blatant approach to me.

After that afternoon, it didn’t take long before sharing our sexual pleasures became a natural and uncomplicated part of our friendship. Much to my delight, Stephen’s appetite for sex fun seemed insatiable, but there’s precious little privacy to be found in a busy school and our enjoyment was limited to furtive explorations under the cover of our desks, followed by a hurried session in the lavatories after class. Even there we had to keep a wary lookout, for I was a conscious of my status as a school prefect and It wouldn’t look good to be caught wanking off another senior; the news would get round the school in five minutes! Nevertheless, it was the best we could find, and although it gave us temporary relief, we both longed for something more satisfying.

It was around this time that my encounters with Simon on the train became a regular event and had introduced me to an exciting new realm of pleasure I had never experienced before. In fact, I became so addicted to them that they left me with little inclination to seek enjoyment elsewhere. Poor Stephen couldn’t understand my indifference to his advances and my lame excuses only seemed to make things worse. He grew more frustrated and unhappy, but I was too infatuated to realise that our friendship was at stake.

The long school term ended and I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing Simon for several weeks, so I selfishly turned back to Stephen for consolation. Not surprisingly, he treated me coolly at first, but when I tried to mend the rift between us by suggesting a fishing trip, his eyes lit up at the idea. We were both keen anglers and it would be our first opportunity to spend some time together, away from the hectic rush of school life. A few days later, we set out for my favourite lakeside spot: It was on private land, but the owner was a golfing partner of my father’s and he had given me permission to fish there whenever I wanted. It was raining hard when we arrived, but we had come prepared for every eventuality and we pitched casino siteleri my small tent in a secluded spot amongst the bushes before setting up our rods. It continued to rain all morning and after a few hours of indifferent success, even the most dedicated angler can get discouraged, so we decided to eat our lunch under cover and hope for a drier afternoon.

* * * * * * * * * *

Despite the poor fishing, the morning had been a success in other ways: Stephen and I began to chat like old times and our close friendship seemed to be restored. I had already decided to tell him about my secret adventures with Simon and this seemed a good time to broach the subject. But while I was still working out how to begin, Stephen took the initiative and asked me candidly.

“So what’s been up with you? Have you gone off me, or something?”

I took a long swig of tea before answering.

“‘Course not, you twit! It’s just…well, it’s just that something has happened: Somethin’ pretty amazing…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Stephen listened intently as I revealed my big secret. I was a bit embarrassed and tongue-tied at first, but once I got over that first major hurdle, I began to enjoy sharing my adventures with him and held nothing back. His imagination took charge and from time to time, he would grab furtively at the prominent bulge in his jeans until he couldn’t contain his excitement any longer. He gave me a self-conscious grin and I heard a quiet sound as he undid the zip of his fly.

“Go on!” he whispered urgently as he slipped his jeans down to his knees.

“Hang on a minute” I replied, as I fumbled to undo my belt and join him.

There wasn’t a lot of room in my little tent, so we both undressed quickly outside and squashed together side by side, tentatively exploring each other’s naked bodies for the very first time. Stephen’s cock was already rock hard and he began to stroke it excitedly as he bombarded me with endless questions: How big was Simon’s prick? What did it look like? And so forth. I could tell from his tightly shut eyes and his tense expression that he was picturing every scene in his mind. I had almost finished my story when his interrogation stopped abruptly and he rolled towards me and I saw the rigid bar of his cock throb wildly as it loosed several strings of his sperm over my thighs.

“You idiot!” I whispered crossly. “Couldn’t you have used a towel, or something?”

He gave me a sheepish grin and tried to wipe the mess off with his handkerchief, but I pushed him away. His spectacular eruption had made my own cock crave for attention and I needed to finish myself off quickly. As I reached down to soothe it, Stephen gave me a questioning look and murmured quietly.

“Can I…?”

“Sure.” I answered eagerly. “Only be quick; I’m feeling really desperate.”

“I will.” He agreed, adding slyly. “And I promise I won’t make any more mess.”

I lay back and closed my eyes, marvelling at his enthusiasm. I would have needed time to recover from a massive climax like he had enjoyed. Some time before, we had devised a playful score chart to measure the power of our ejaculations. Over-indulgence the night before might only produce a weakish dribble the following day and score a derisory “two” on our personal Richter scale: But Stephen’s recent eruption clearly deserved to score a “five”. He must have been saving it up for quite some time!

A stealthy movement made me open my eyes and I looked down to see that Stephen was kneeling between my legs with his blonde head poised above my rigid cock. He seemed embarrassed to see me watching him and there was a strange, predatory expression on his face that I hadn’t seen before.

“Let me try something…please?” He whispered.

For once, I was lost for words and could only nod weakly, wondering what he had in mind. I felt him grasp my cock gently between his lips and instinctively, I arched my back and pushed upward, easing myself further into canlı casino the warm depths of his mouth. My need for urgent relief soon vanished as his tongue began to explore inside my foreskin, searching for the sensitive fleshy dome inside. My skin tingled as his hand begin to roam over my chest, circling and tweaking my nipples, while his other hand gently fondled the soft skin holding my testicles. Soon my whole body was trembling with eager anticipation as he began to work steadily through his extensive repertoire of delights…this wasn’t the quiet, reserved boy I thought I knew.

Stephen wasn’t my first sexual partner by any means, but none of them had ever progressed beyond clumsy efforts to masturbate me. In our close-knit school environment, mutual ‘hand jobs’ were considered an acceptable way of relieving our adolescent urges, but anybody attempting anything more adventurous ran the risk of being thought ‘queer’ and shunned as a result. If this was what Stephen had been looking for all this time, it was little wonder that he had been so cautious in his first approach to me. Nevertheless, it was fine by me and all of my schoolboy inhibitions melted away as I surrendered my body to him completely. I felt myself drift into a blissful sort of trance and I could hear myself whispering over and over, “Don’t stop now, Stephen. Please don’t stop!”

I felt my thigh muscles start to twitch rapidly as they always did when I was ready to come. Stephen must have felt it too, for his blonde head began to bob up and down furiously, sucking and releasing my cock in a compelling rhythm until my senses reached a spine-tingling crescendo. But Stephen showed me no mercy and ignored my frantic whimpering as held me on the very brink of my climax for what seemed an age until he finally relented. I endured a moment of agonising bliss before my cock began to pump like a bellows, throbbing out its tribute to his awesome skill. It must have been quite a deluge, for I felt him swallow several times before he gave a satisfied sigh and finally released my cock from the soft prison of his lips. I lay back exhausted, staring blankly up at the canvas roof, until Stephen’s grinning face suddenly came into view.

“See! I didn’t make a mess that time, did I?” He murmured breathlessly.

* * * * * * * * * *

Outside, the weather had started to clear and the sun was shining weakly through the walls of the tent, but we gave no thought to any more fishing that day. Instead we lay close together, our arms around each other, sharing in that wonderful torpor that follows complete fulfilment.

“Did you enjoy that?” Stephen asked shyly.

“Did I ever! That was a ‘Five-star plus’” I answered weakly. “But how…I mean…where did you learn to do all that?”

“Ah-ha. You’re not the only one to have secrets, you know.” He gave me a mysterious smile and said brightly. “Perhaps it comes to me naturally.”

“Balls!” I retorted. “I’ve wanted to try that for a long time, but I didn’t know how to do it until Simon showed me how.” I felt myself blush as I admitted. “Now, I can’t seem to get enough of it.”

“So why have you never tried to do it with me?” It was Stephen’s turn to blush. He lowered his eyes and murmured quietly. “I’ve been longing for you to do it to me for ages.”

I stared at him in surprise. “I didn’t think you’d like it. Besides, I was scared you might think that I had turned queer, or something.”

He reached over and gave my limp dick an affectionate tug.

“You can be a real idiot sometimes. Think of all the fun we’ve been missing.”

* * * * * * * * * *

We wrestled together for a few moments, but neither of us was in the mood for more. I was still curious to find out where Stephen had learnt his incredible technique, but he skilfully avoided every one of my questions and said jokingly.

“You learn a lot of things in the Boy Scouts. They even give you a special badge for it.”

“Piss off!” I countered scornfully. “I kaçak casino bet you weren’t even a Cub Scout.”

We both laughed, but then his expression became serious. He turned away from me and started to draw shapes in the condensation on the tent wall with his finger. I could tell that he wanted to say more, but wasn’t sure how to start. When he finally spoke, His voice was so low that I had to strain to hear him over the patter of raindrops on the tent roof.

“Why didn’t you want to tell me about Simon? “Is it better with him?…more exciting?”

Before I could answer, he stretched out on top of me and pressed his rigid cock against mine.

“Better than this?” He breathed huskily.

“No, it’s not better…it’s different” I answered truthfully.

He gave me an appreciative smile and I felt the two hard lumps of his testicles squeezing against my groin, as he moved his pelvis provocatively over my groin.

“That feels nice.” I murmured encouragingly, before I went on to explain.

“It really does feels different with Simon, somehow:. At first, I thought it was just going to be just a casual ‘one night stand’, but when it became a regular thing, I knew that I was completely hooked.”

A sudden notion struck me and I gave him a puzzled glance.

“I suppose I never realised that adults still did it.” I finally admitted.

He thought for a moment and replied with a chuckle.

“Perhaps they all do it–even old Warner”

We couldn’t contain ourselves as we imagined our elderly Headmaster frolicking in the nude, sporting a gigantic erection. We clung to each other, shaking with laugher, enjoying the sensual touch of our naked bodies as they pressed close together. Outside our tiny, canvas-covered world, the afternoon was passing quickly and we would soon have to think about making the journey home, but neither of us wanted to break the spell…not just yet.

* * * * * * * * * *

We lay together in companionable silence, until Stephen asked timidly.

“Will you be seeing Simon again?”

I had seen the look of envy on his face when I first told him about Simon, and his question only served to confirm my misgivings –he was jealous of our relationship. I knew my answer wouldn’t please him, but I knew it was a time for complete honesty.

“Yes. I have to. I can’t stop myself.” I saw the stricken look on his face, so I added hastily.

“But it won’t make any difference to us — not after today…Will it? “

“It already has!” He snapped and flung himself off me in one swift movement. There was an angry tremor in his voice as he retorted.

“If you like him that much, you can stick with him!”

I had to think fast or this could mean an end to our friendship, and my first selfish thought was that I might never enjoy another afternoon like this one. I paused and took a deep breath, as an idea suddenly struck me.

“There might be a way to share him with you.” Without thinking, I added sharply.

“That’s what you’d really like, isn’t it?”

He paused from pulling on his jeans and I watched his sullen expression slowly change as my taunt struck home–I had been right.

“Would you really do that for me?” He was still angry, but there was a gleam of excitement in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. I nodded, but without any real enthusiasm: I was already beginning to regret my rash offer. The thought of sharing Simon with anyone else was hard to take and it was my turn to feel jealous, but there was no going back now.

“Well, I could ask him, but he might not want to.” I said cautiously. (Simon would jump at the chance, I thought gloomily.) Despite my reservations, my imagination started to race and I recalled scenes from our afternoon together–only this time there was a difference: I pictured Simon’s athletic body joining in with enthusiasm. Perhaps a threesome might not be so bad, after all.

“On the other hand, maybe Simon likes fishing, too.” I said with a grin.

Stephen’s mood changed in a flash and he grinned at me mischievously.

“You’d have to get a bigger tent!”

* * * * * * * * * *

Author’s note: Parts III & IV follow soon. Look out for “Three men in a boat”

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