Curious No More Ch. 03

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I’m still developing my writing style so hopefully I can continue to get out my stories without breaking every English grammatical rule. These are based on true experiences. Thanks for all the feedback — good and bad. As always, please continue to send me your feedback and if you send me your email, I will do my best to get back to you. “Feedback” from females is especially appreciated. .. BTW Sorry for the delay. Life get’s busy sometimes…


Sean and I had an amazing couple of days; we fucked several more times. Bent over the bathroom counter, in the shower, on the floor, in bed…I couldn’t get enough. Although I fucked him just as much, I seemed to prefer the experience of giving my ass to him. My favorite was straddling him on top where I could ride him while we pinched each other’s nipples. After the numerous loads he had given me, Sean told me that my ass now had a nice natural groove made for receiving cocks. I had to agree. Just feeling his cock unload deep in me made me want more and more of his cock.

Sean went home after our time together but we had already set up a new “date”. During the time apart, we kept in touch with numerous emails detailing what we were going to do to each other. My cock got hard just seeing his name in my inbox. Finally the day arrived…

We had booked the same hotel and Sean called me when he arrived in the late morning. I left work and couldn’t wait to see him, my cock in a state of semi-arousal and leaking most of the morning. I went up to the room and he had left it unlocked. As soon as I opened the door, I could smell lube and pot – and Sean was lying on the bed naked with his gorgeous hard cock.

“Started the party without me?” I grinned.

“Don’t worry; I brought lots of party favors. Now get over here and suck my cock, you cum slut!” It seemed so easy now. I was so excited and there was no fear like the first time. I quickly got naked and on the bed. I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around his dick and he knew it.

“Suck it. Show me how much you missed my cock – show me how much you need it.”

I moaned around his cock as I played with his balls with one hand and grabbed his ass with the other. I started licking up and down trying to cover every inch of his cock while looking up at Sean. Sucking cock was becoming more easy and natural every time I tried it.

“It tastes so good, doesn’t it? You want to be a cock slut?” He said it more as a statement than a question. I could only keep moaning. I worked my way up to his mouth and let our tongues go deep into each other’s mouth.

“Are you going to let me catch up to your state of mind?” I asked. I loved being fucked high but Sean had other ideas. “I’ll get you there. Don’t worry – Daddy’s got a big surprise for you. Flip around on top of me.”

We got into the 69 position with me on top. I would lick his cock and then go as deep on him as I could, bobbing my head up and down. I was slowly becoming better at giving head and I loved his reaction when he felt my lips at the base of his cock. Suddenly, I felt the most amazing thing – Sean was rimming my ass.

“Oh fuck me!” I yelled. My ass just opened up for him.

It was one of the few things we hadn’t done during our first get together and in our emails Sean had promised that I would love getting rimmed so much that I would beg him to do it. He was right. I could barely focus on sucking his cock it felt so good. I wrapped my lips around his cock and moaned. He started to finger my ass between the tonguing he was giving me and pull me open even more. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock deep in my ass and I could feel my cock throbbing. He kept pulling my ass apart as he kept his tongue going in and around my ass. He wasn’t getting his cocked sucked very well because of how incredibly good he was making my hole feel.

“Does that feel good? You like having my tongue in your ass?” he asked.

“Ooooh fuck, that’s incredible…you’re making me dizzy,” I said, my head spinning.

“Get on all fours. Daddy is going to make you beg.” I got off of Sean and put my ass up in the air. I thought he was going to fuck me but Sean instead pulled my ass cheeks apart and starting tonguing me again while lightly pulling my cock. “Oh fuck that feels good. I want to do it to you,” I begged, my breathing starting to become heavy.

“I knew you’d want to try it. How often do you think about other cocks now?” Sean said as he squeezed my cock hard in his fist. He moved his hand down to my balls. Squeezing and pulling them, Sean asked, “How many times have you jerked off to someone else besides me fucking you? I know you have…”

“Unnnhhh…” I could barely respond but he was right. “A few times,” I finally managed to say. I was having fantasies about picking up guys and letting them pound my ass.

Admitting it was turning us on even more.

“You cock slut. Do you love getting your ass filled?”

“Fuck yeah. Drill my ass.”

“Do you want to get fucked by other cocks?”

I just moaned casino siteleri more.

“Answer your Daddy,” Sean demanded. “Tell me how much of a cock slut you’ve become. You know you are a cock slut.” He was licking my hole in between the questions.

My heart was pounding as I answered,”Yessss. I’m a cock slut. You made me a cock slut. I’m yours. You own my ass.”

I felt Sean shift and I could hear him lube his cock up. I then felt him squirt it on my ass. I was face down with my arms spread out grabbing the sheets with my ass up. He rubbed the lube deep into my hole.

“Look at how your ass just opens up for me. I’m going to give you what you want, even though you want other cocks now too. That’s sooo fucking hot.”

“Please…fuck me,” I breathed out.

“Please fuck me, what?” Sean wanted to know.”Who am I?”

“Please fuck me Daddy! Fill me up with your cock…PLEASE!”

He lined his cock up at my hole. I swear my hole opened even more I wanted it sooo bad.

“Almost there, baby. But what is your Daddy?” Sean slapped my ass as he asked that last question.”Call me what I really am and I will give you what you want.” He slapped my ass again and I pushed back trying to get his cock in me. I was surprised by the slap but it didn’t really hurt. In fact, it turned me on a bit.

“Say it!” he demanded.

Sean then bent over me, holding my hips and whispering in my ear, his cock rubbing up the crack of my ass.”You know what you have to say to get my cock. Give in…Let it go…you know that I’ll take care of your needs.”

With my position, I had my head down and was able to see my cock just hanging there, drooling. And it was not just dripping, but streaming pre-cum, a huge wet spot forming on the sheets.

I needed to get fucked. I knew what Sean wanted me to say and I had already said it in our chats, but saying it in person was surprisingly harder. Finally, I give in, “Fuck me Master! Fuck me hard! PLEASSSSE!”

Sean leans back and starts to push it in me – I push back. I wanted it sooo bad but I still felt a bit of pain as he worked it into me all the way.

“You’re so tight.” He pulls out and applies more lube to his cock. My ass feels wide open and a little sore. This time when he slides it into me, it goes in all the way with barely any pain and it feels amazing when his hips are against my ass and I can feel his balls.

“That better? How do you like that baby?” Sean starts to slowly fuck my ass. His hands are on my hips. It feels so sexy.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” I rasped as I push back onto his cock.

“I will. Who am I?”

Saying it turned me on, “You’re my master. Please fuck me hard master!” My body filled with energy as I said it.

“That’s it. You need Master’s cock? You want to make your Master happy?”

“Oh god yes…fuck me hard…I’m your cock slut.” Sean was now starting to really pound my ass and I could barely get the words out. This feeling of getting my ass filled was becoming so natural now and so wickedly good.

He had his hands on my hips, driving his cock into me. I was pushing back, moaning and getting lost in the moment. He slapped my ass again, bringing me back though, “Yeah, you cocksucker, you like being slapped by your master. Tell me you like it – now!”

“Yesss. I like being controlled by you…Master…fuck me…unh…unh…unh!” Sean was pounding me so hard, I could barely get the words out. “You own me…my ass.. belongs… to you…Master.”

“You’re such a good little cocksucker. I’m going to load your ass up with so much of my seed.” Sean slowed down his cock thrusting and asked, “Do you want me to get you high?”

“Fuck yeah!” I was already feeling so good but something in Sean just makes me let go and relinquish to him.

“I feel soooo good. How are you going to get me higher?” I asked as I reached back and grabbed his hip and tried to pull him deeper and harder into me. He had slowed his drilling of me but it made me want him more.

“Get on top of me and ride my dick.”

Sean pulled out and I felt that distinct emptiness as his cock left my ass. Sean flopped onto his back and his cock looked incredible with it all slicked up. “Cum here you cockslut…get on this and show me how much you love getting fucked.”

I straddled Sean and leaned down to kiss him deeply. I reached under me to grab his cock and stroked it, pointing it towards my waiting ass. He reached with one hand to push my hips and ass down onto his cock while his other hand held my head in place for our tongues to feel each other.

I let him push me down onto his cock as I lean back and breath out. “Ohhhhh fuck…Feels so good to have you in me.”

“Feels soooo natural doesn’t it?” Sean replied as he started to push his cock deeper into me.”Ride it slow…enjoy it. I’m going to make you go crazy.”

I look down at Sean with my mouth slack jawed and my hands on his chest.”Are you going to get me high?”

He reaches over to the night stand canlı casino and grabs a small bottle out of a plastic bag; right away I know what it is – poppers! In our IM conversations, I told Sean how I had wanted to try poppers (among other things…) and now he was about to fulfill that experience. My cock got harder at the thought of what was to come.

He held it up to my nose and tells me to take a big breathe and then hold it. He does the same. After a few seconds, I let it out and Sean smiles at me and asks “Are you ready to ride Daddy?”

“OH…MY …GAWWWD!” I almost yell as I start to ride Sean hard. My body has totally gone over the edge. I felt like everything in my body is now all connected to not just my cock, but Sean’s also. I am just an extension of his cock and I can feel his pleasure too. I feel his every ridge and vein and my cock feels bigger than ever. I straddle Sean with our hands together and all I want to do is ride him harder. I bounce on his cock, driving my ass down as hard as possible.

I had read that it will feel like stars going off in your head with poppers but it was way, way more than that. It felt like my hole swallowed Sean’s cock. I couldn’t get him deep enough yet I could feel every part of him in me, my ass grinding into his hips.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Uh..Uh…Uhhh…Oh Fuck…soooo good…oh fuck! Cum in me!” I plead. I completely abandon myself to his cock.

“You want me to cum?” he asked.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes! Please cum!” All at once I don’t want this to end because it feels so good, yet I want to cum so badly.

“Keep riding me. You’re gonna make me shoot. Fuck yeah!”

I can feel his cock head get bigger and then I can feel his shaft get bigger too. The poppers are still working on us and I’m more in touch with Sean’s cock than ever. He is pounding my prostate and I need his load. “Please cum! I need it. Make me shoot!”

He starts to cum in me and it triggers me. I can feel every twitch in his cock, every pulse. His cock has gotten so big in me, filling me up. I lift up and drive my ass down, squeezing my ass as tight as possible when I hit bottom. I’ve never felt more slutty in my life.

I start to cum as he fills me up. My cock is rock hard and it starts to spray all over him. He grabs my cock and helps me along pulling my seed out of my cock until it dribbles out on to his hand.

I keep spraying while squeezing my hole around his cock. Even after I’m done shooting my orgasm continues.

I collapse down on to Sean with his hands squeezing my ass and pushing me down on his cock. We share a deep kiss and our tongues entwine. Finally, I feel like I’m finally starting to come down from this incredible sexual high – so different from a “real drug” high and in some ways, so much better.

Breathing heavy, we break our kiss and he asks, “How’s my little slut? Did Daddy get you high?”

I kiss him again, my ass still squeezing his cock and barely getting the words I finally answer “Soooo gooooood.”

“I’m going to make you addicted to cock. Would you like that?” His hands are still squeezing and pulling on my ass cheeks.

I lift up off of his chest and answer, “I think you’ve already done that.”

He lifts up his hand that had pulled the last drops of my sperm and I lick my juice off of his fingers, sucking his thumb and fingers. It felt so gay – so gay – yet I was still so turned on at how dirty the entire act had just been that I couldn’t have cared less.

“That stuff is pretty wild. Did you try it before today?” I curiously asked. I wanted to know if he knew what effect it would have on me.

He looked at me mischievously. “Yup. My friend and I tried it 3 times. I almost like it better when I’m getting my ass fucked so maybe later you can try it if you want to bend me over? I think you like being the bottom way more than topping though. Am I right?” He smiled at me.

His cock was still in my ass, but with the huge load he put in me and his cock softening, he was slowly being expelled by my ass. I lifted up a bit and his cock slipped out. I could instantly feel his warm juice start to leak out of me and I started to clench my ass to keep it in me. I did love being fucked and I responded, “Ohhhh, your load feels so good. I think I am definitely liking being filled up. Keep treating me like a slut and we’ll see how far you can take me…Master.”

“I knew it.” Sean smiles at me as I roll off and lie on my side. “We are going to work on that submissive side of you. So much to teach you. So much to try. You wait for what I have in store for you.”

We lay on the bed and talked for a bit more while we shared a joint. He told me about some of the sex he had with his friend the last couple of weeks and hearing his stories made my cock go from slightly aroused to rock hard. Sean started to play with my cock and it felt like my cock would burst out of my skin.

“Would you fuck another guy if I told you too?” he asked.

Although I had thought about it kaçak casino and admitted I wanted to, I really wasn’t sure, “Maybe. Why?”

“That would be really hot. I want to see you explore yourself further. Knowing that you chased down some cock and got fucked because I told you too would be so amazing. Knowing that you wanted to get fucked, be a real slut,” he paused “…giving in the whole way and getting your ass filled by a stranger.”

It made me uncomfortable but my cock strained even more. The idea of having sex with a stranger was very exciting. I had jerked off to that fantasy a couple of times. Sean continued to play with my cock and rubbed my precum all over my dick. “I might try that…in the right situation.”

“What if I set it up for you? Helped you go over that edge? Would you do it?”

I had a feeling he wasn’t telling me everything. I was now playing with his cock too and squeezing it hard. “What do you have in mind for me?”

“I’m going to fulfill your fantasies. All you have to do is say ‘Do it. I’m yours’ and I’ll make it happen.”

Sean had flipped around on his side and licked my cock causing me to moan.

“You’ll love it. Look at how crazy getting fucked by me makes you? Just let me help you down that road. Turn your ass out even more.” He wrapped his lips around my cock.

“Oh god…ohhhhh” I moaned.

“Do it!” Sean said “Let me really own your ass! You know you want it!”

“Will you be there?” I asked, almost unable to get the words out.

“Do you want me to?” Sean now had one hand on my cock and his other hand was playing with my hole. “If I’m there will you let yourself get filled by other cocks? Do you need Daddy there?”

“Yes.” I said it but I still wasn’t sure I meant it. Sean was safe and easy. Although I had jerked off to being with other guys, for some reason admitting to wanting to get fucked by other guys was still taboo for me.

Sean could hear my uneasiness, “Just let it go. It’s the final thing you need to admit. Look at how hard your cock is. Feels so good and natural already. Taking it a bit further will make it soooo much better. Easier.”

He swallowed my cock.

“Ohhhh fuck!”

He bobbed up and down on my cock before letting it slowly pop out of his mouth. He licked it and looked at me. “It feels so good doesn’t it? It’s ok – I own your ass and I want you to enjoy getting it filled because I know you want to get it filled. Just say ‘Load me up’ and I’ll make it happen. Say it.”

I mouthed the words but nothing really came out. Sean gripped my cock hard. “Say it! Say ‘Load up my ass! Load me up! Make me a fag!’”

“Ohhhh fuck…load me up…do it.” I finally said it loud enough for it to be heard but it still wasn’t enough for Sean.

I was on my back and my legs were bent up over me and spread while Sean held my cock and played with my ass.

“Fucking say it like you mean it!” I could feel Sean rubbing his cock on my hole. I was trying to pull him in by clenching my ass. “Load me up! Say it!”

“Load me up! Fuck me! Fuck my fag ass! I’ll do it!” I finally said it and a new erotic feeling washed over me.

All at once Sean entered me in one motion and incredibly I started to cum. He was pulling my cock with his hand while fucking my ass. My hands were on his back pulling him into me and my legs were wrapped around him. I was shooting a huge load and I just kept saying “Load me up! Make me a fag! Load me up! I love it!” It was a huge orgasm. After all the incredible sex I had experienced already, this was possibly my biggest orgasm yet.

Sean erupted into my ass as I was cumming. “Going to make you fag! I own you! Take it! You’re my fag!”

He kept pounding my ass and with his newly deposited load in my ass mixed in with the previous load, I could hear how sloppy my ass had become. It turned us both on. He kept fucking me and I kept pulling him into me. I leaned up to kiss him deeply and he returned the kiss with our tongues trying to reach deeper into each other.

We broke the kiss and he leaned up a bit and looked at me, “Do you want me to set it up?”

His cock was still in me. We were both still rock hard and I had a huge load all over my stomach and chest. I looked up at him, nodded and spoke, “Yes.”

He pushed in and out of me, slowly driving his cock into me as deep as he could. I help him tighter and pulled his hips into me as deep as I could pull him.

“Do you want it bad?”


“Are you my fag?”


“Say it.”

“I’m your fag.”

“Tell me you want other cock.”

“I want other cock – lots of cock.” It felt amazing to admit it. My cock throbbed when I said it. Sean kept slowly pushing his cock into me. I said it again, “I want to get fucked by lots of cock.”

“Are you a cock loving fag?”

“Yessss,” I moaned. Every time I admitted it, my cock felt like it would burst again.

Sean started to drive into me faster. I rocked my hips back into him and the sound of his cock slapping into my wet hole filled the room. Both our cocks were rock hard and had never went soft from our last fuck.

“Fuck me…don’t stop. Fill up my fag ass!”

“You’re so gay! You love it though…you’re a cock loving queer!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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