Curious WM 30 Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: Even though this story can be appreciated on it’s own it will make more sense to read “CURIOUS WM 30” first. If you do not understand man to man sex or worse, loath it, please pick another story and don’t waste your time. If you can offer insight or constructive criticism please do! I welcome any honest attempts to help me write better or understand this topic and will answer any sincere email.

“Karl, can you pickup the dry cleaning today?”

“What, dear?”

“Aren’t you listening? You seem distracted.”

“It’s nothing, dear. What did you say?”

“I need you to pick up the dry cleaning today, can you do that?”

“Of course, dear. I’ll get it this morning after I do the breakfast dishes and make the beds.” We’ve been sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms for some time now because she says I snore, maybe that’s why we don’t have sex any more than we do.

“Please don’t forget.”

“Yes, dear.” I said as I cleared the table and rinsed the dishes before putting them in the dish washer. I had just twenty minutes before I could leave for Phil’s.

Before I answered Phil’s ad my days were filled with meaningless errands. My small body shop had been acquired by a large medical firm intent on owning the entire block. They will too, the city is behind them. They’re the largest employer in the area and no matter what they say when money talks councilmen listen. It wasn’t so bad. I was just fifteen months from my sixty-second birthday so I took early retirement and spent my free time on the internet. That’s how I became interested seriously in man to man sex. I met Phil through a personal ad in a local paper and that’s why I was distracted. I couldn’t tell Martha, of course, but today I had a reason to be excited about the day!

It had been two days since I had Phil’s dick in my mouth and I missed the contrast between the velvety softness of his glans and hardness of his shaft just before he exploded in my mouth. I needed him, maybe more that he needed me!

At precisely nine, I walked into Phil’s office. An attractive young woman was seated behind the desk. She looked the part of an efficient office assistant. Hair drawn back, not a pony tail exactly, but gathered behind her head by her neck. Her plain white blouse was buttoned up to her neck and her glasses were the wire rimmed kind that made her look like a teacher or librarian. What make-up she wore was subdued, maybe non-existent!

“May I help you?” She asked sweetly, a little too sweetly, almost syrupy.

“I have a nine o’clock appointment.” I informed her.

“With Phil?” She smiled, looking directly into my confused eyes.

I was a little surprised. No, I was a lot surprised. How much did she know? If she knew our code word what else had he told her?

She stood in the doorway and announced coyly, “Phil, your nine o’clock is here.”

“Show him in, Angela. And then why don’t you get yourself some coffee, I don’t want to be disturbed for any reason, is that clear?”

“Yes, Phil. I’ll be in the coffee shop; you can call me when your consultation is over.” She nodded to me, “This way please.”

As I brushed by I felt her breasts on my arm, I swear they felt like her nipples were hard!

“Have a seat.” Phil offered. I sat in the same chair that I used on Saturday. I heard the door close and after a short, silent wait Phil went to the outer office and locked it.

“Karl, I hope you don’t mind,” he announced almost apologetically as he returned, “I’d like to spice up our scene a little. If you don’t mind, of course.”

“Tell me what it is, Phil. If it turns you on maybe it will turn me on too.”

“I want to be ‘in charge’, if you will. I want to be the Master and you to be my obedient slut slave. And I’d like you to be naked when you do me. Is that too much to ask?”

“Not at all, Phil. Is that all you want to change?”

“There is one more thing, Karl. When you are serving me, when you are sucking me I need you to show me how much my cock means to you. If you are not already hard I’d like you to be stroking your cock; you shouldn’t cum or anything just keep yourself hard while you suck me, like you are really turned on by my cock.”

“That won’t be hard at all, Phil; I am turned on by your cock. I can’t stop thinking about it! Your cock is exciting; I’m hard right now just waiting for you to let me suck you! If you’ll let me strip I’ll show you what just thinking about sucking your amazing cock does for me!”

“O.K. Then just stand behind that chair and beg me to let you take your clothes off.”

I stood behind the chair by the window with the sun bearing down like a spotlight, “Master casino siteleri Phil, may I please take off my clothes and pleasure your beautiful penis?” It was a little awkward but I did want to please him.

“You may strip slowly slave and tease yourself while I watch.”

I turned my back to him and faced the window as I tried to be as seductive as possible while I stripped. I felt a little foolish doing a bump and grind but when I was finally naked my penis stood straight out. I faced him and put my hands behind my head. With my feet slightly spread my ‘package’ was fully exposed and accurately gauged my level of excitement!

“If you want it, come and get it!”

I licked my lips. I knew that very soon I would be sucking cock again, a real cock, his cock. I dropped to my knees and licked my lips again. Phil smiled and rubbed his crotch as I crawled across the room on my hands and knees and knelt at his feet.

I raised my head and gently nuzzled his crotch with my face. “Please sir, may I unbuckle your belt?” I begged.

Phil allowed me to stimulate his package with my face before finally granting permission. “You may.”

I nuzzled him again and kissed his package while I kneaded his ass and felt his cock growing harder. “May I unzip your trousers, please?”

“You may.”

My fingers groped his crotch and squeezed his penis as my lips kissed his excited package. “May I unbutton your trousers?”

“You may.”

“Please let me help you out of your trousers so I can properly serve your beautiful cock.” I said as I licked my lips again.

He stepped out of his slacks and I folded them neatly and laid them on his desk. His cock still wasn’t completely hard yet. I put my face against his package again and nuzzled it; I could feel his cock twitch and his balls tighten. “Please let me help you out of your boxers, sir.”

His cock bounced freely as he stepped out of his boxers and my mouth watered as I looked at his cock again. It may have been an average cock but that was what I knew and all I really wanted. I hesitated, this time because I wanted to build suspense and savor the moment. I gazed at his cock and wondered at how truly beautiful it was. “Please Master; may I lick your balls?”

“You may.”

Slowly I licked him, as his cock brushed against my cheeks and nose; I licked his balls and the root of his cock, I could feel it rubbing on my ear. He lifted one leg and laid it on the desk. His crotch was now fully exposed; balls drawn up tight and his penis dangling in front of them. I licked under his balls almost to his asshole. I heard myself make obscene slurping noises that betrayed how much his cock made my mouth water. It was if his balls were made of a very delicious but melting ice cream and I was too greedy to let any of it go to waste. Again he made low groaning noises as I sucked first one ball then the other, all the while his cock waited patiently for its turn.

“May I lick your lovely cock, Sir?”

“You may,” he sighed, “be quick about it!”

I began at the root and licked slowly up the underside of his prick; lifting it as I licked. I licked up one side and down the other being careful not to stimulate the very tip. I’d suck on the side and lick, and then I’d move closer to the tip, suck gently and lick. When I couldn’t wait any longer I asked, “May I suck your cock head, Sir?”

“Do it already, you cock teaser, suck it and suck it dry!”

My lips covered the head of his penis and I gently sucked as I flicked the tip with my tongue. It grew steadily as I sucked gently. I let a half an inch more in and licked the underside as I pulled slowly back. The second time I sucked him in I took almost half of his cock. As the glans rubbed the roof of my mouth my tongue continued to lick the underside. I found the rhythm I had learned on Saturday, slowly bobbing in and out, licking and sucking as his penis slid out, using my tongue to hold it against the roof of my mouth as it slid in. I became more and more comfortable with taking it deeper and deeper until my lips found the base of his cock. Each time his cock popped free my lips smacked like a country boy sucking the meat off ribs and the little snorts and grunts I made when I sucked him in again must have sounded bizarre. Again he let me do all the work as I held onto his ass and fucked him with my mouth. In and out, faster and faster, until I felt his hands on my head. He leaned away from the desk and began thrusting into my mouth, this time he was fucking me and still I liked it. I was being fucked and jacking off at the same time. I felt his ass tighten and his cock throb. Once more his sperm filled my mouth so I swallowed canlı casino quickly and holding my cock in one hand, his balls in the other I sucked his cum from his wilting dick, spurt after spurt until there was no more.

This session didn’t last nearly as long as our first; I was almost sad that it was over but I knew he would want more, maybe even tomorrow! “May I help you put your boxers on now?” I enjoyed acting as his valet, his slut valet, his cum hungry valet.

“You may, slut boy.”

He stepped into his shorts and as I pulled them up I kissed his cock again before it disappeared into his boxers. “May I help you put your trousers on, Sir?”

“You may, cunt mouth.”

I held his trousers as he stepped into them and then pulled them up, tucking in his shirt, buttoning his waist band, buckling his belt and finally zipping his fly. I patted his crotch before standing up. “May I get dressed, Sir?”

“Yes slave, you may.”

While I dressed Phil called Angela and told her to come back to the office. She returned while I was still putting on my shoes and socks.

Phil addressed me in a semi-officious manner. “See Angela on your way out and schedule another consultation for tomorrow at nine.” He picked up the report he was reading when I came in and went back to work.

“Phil wants to see me again tomorrow at nine, Angela. Will you please schedule it?”

“Of course, Karl.” Then she handed me a tissue and said. “There’s something on your lips you’d better wipe it off before you leave.” Her tone let me know that she knew everything. There was even something different about her appearance. She wasn’t wearing the glasses, her hair was down on her shoulders and her make up made her look more assured.

I blushed like a schoolboy. How could I have left Phil’s office with his cum on my lips for Angela to see? I wiped my lips.

“Let me see.” She smiled and said. “I’d better get it for you.” She reached for another tissue and made a little production of wiping my lips and chin. “Much better.” She announced as she tossed the tissues in the waste bin under her desk.

I was red as a beet but I thanked her and turned to leave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Karl, before your ‘consultation’.” Angela called out factiously. The way she said the word she might just as well have said ‘blow job’.

I was tongue tied, I just nodded and left. She giggled.

I was sure that Angela knew I was blowing her boss. And yet she seemed unperturbed by the idea. If anything she seemed amused that Phil had me doing him right in their office. It bothered me all day and I even felt like not going to see Phil in the morning.

But Tuesday morning came and I knew I had to go. I sat at the kitchen table and slowly stirred my coffee and nibbled on a piece of toast.

“What are you planning to do today?”


“What are you planning to do today.” Martha repeated herself. “Besides lounge around.”

“I don’t know.”

“Ilene said she saw you at the Independence Building yesterday. What was that about?”

I had to think fast. “I was checking out another accountant, he may have some different ideas about investing our nest egg.”

“Just don’t do anything until we can talk it over, alright?”

“Yes, dear.”

Martha left for work and I had less than twenty minutes to clean the table and make the beds. But by 8:30 I was on my way and at precisely 9:00 I walked into Phil’s office. Angela wasn’t at her desk. “Hello.” I called out. “Is anyone here?”

“I’ll be with you shortly.” Angela answered bruskly. “Have a seat.”

There was one straight back chair and a small table with a plant. I sat down and waited. I was a little confused again; Phil was supposed to take me into his office and send Angela for coffee.

After what seemed like forever Angela came out and sat at her desk. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting Karl; I know that you are anxious to get on with your ‘consultation’.” The way she said it made it seem dirty. “We’re in a little bind here. Phil is occupied with another client right now. They’re teleconferencing with two of their out-of-state offices and I’m sure you can appreciate that Phil must maintain confidentiality.”

“I don’t mind waiting.”

“That’s very understanding of you, Karl, but there is another problem; Phil has a 10 o’clock this morning. He wants to squeeze in your ‘consultation’ (she really knew how to make me uncomfortable) but he’s afraid there won’t be enough time.”

“If it’s that big of a problem I can reschedule for tomorrow.”

“Please, Karl. Phil really likes the way you ‘consult’ and he’s a little stressed so he’d really kaçak casino like you to ‘consult’ this morning. He just needs you to make a small change your routine and help him save some time.”

“I don’t understand; how can I help save time?”

“Phil wants you to strip out here so you’ll be ready to ‘consult’ when I announce you.”


“Take off your clothes now, Karl, so you won’t waste any time when Phil is ready for you to ‘consult’. That way you can finish before Phil’s 10 o’clock!”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Why not Karl? I’ve seen naked men before. I’m sure that you realize that I know you are giving Phil head. You are his cock sucker, aren’t you?

“But there are no drapes!”

“You don’t deny sucking my husbands cock?”

“I didn’t know Phil was your husband, Angela.”

“Just like you think he’s CURIOUS WM 30.”

“Isn’t he?”

“Of course not, I am. The WM stands for Wanton Mistress. I’m the one who placed the ad and I’m the one who lets you suck his dick and I’m the one who wants you to strip so I can watch you do it. I like naughty slut boys, I like to watch them get naked and I like to watch them suck cocks. Will you be a naughty slut boy for me?”

“But what about the windows facing the hallway?”

“There is a wardrobe screen in the closet. Get it and set it up so you won’t be seen from outside and then get out of your clothes.”

Once again the game had changed; I needed to make up my mind. Stay and be their slut boy or leave and give up the most exciting thing I had done in years! I wanted his cock desperately, so desperately I followed her directions. When I was naked she went to the door and announced. “Karl is ready to consult now, dear”

“Very good sweetheart, you do have such a way with men, please bring him in.”

Angela walked over to me and placed her hand firmly under my balls. She squeezed them as she looked into my eyes and asked. “Are you ready to consult with Phil?” I gasped at her boldness and groaned, “Yes Angela, I’m ready.”

Call me mistress, Karl.”

“I’m ready, Mistress Angela. Please take me in to consult with Phil.”

“Tell me what you really want, Karl. Why are you really here?”

“Please Mistress Angela; take me in to see your husband Phil so I can suck his dick!”

Angela wrapped her fingers around my penis, gave it a gentle squeeze and directed, “Come with me.”

I followed meekly, like a puppy on a leash. She marched me to a spot next to Phil’s chair and pushed down on my dick. I knew to kneel. “Stand up Phil, there’s no time to waste on your balls; all you get is a quickie.” She opened his zipper, pulled out his limp penis and offered it to me.

I took him in and sucked on his flaccid member. As it responded I began to lick as I sucked. There was no foreplay, only raw oral sex.

“What’s taking so long, honey, you only have about five minutes, why don’t you fuck his face?”

“Would you hold his head still, dear, I need a little leverage.” Angela moved behind me and straddled my shoulders and hiked up her skirt. I could feel the heat from her vulva as Phil put his hands on her hips and slowly fed me his dick. Squeezed between them every thrust of Phil’s hips drove his cock into my mouth and the back of my head into her pussy. I could never have imagined being such a fuck sandwich but I loved being their slut.

“I just love watching your butt, sweetie,” Angela stated plainly as she watched her husband fuck my face in the full length mirror behind his desk. “You hump like a bunny and you’re making my pussy tingle.”

“I’m glad you like it, dear, I’m ready to cum, do you want to watch?”

“Absolutely!” Angela leaned back and pulled my mouth from his dick just as the first shot erupted. It landed on my nose and dripped towards my mouth. The second hit me in the chest and Angela pushed me back towards his crotch so I could clean the rest from his prick.

I had barely finished licking him clean when Angela grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet. “That’s enough you naughty cum slut, time for you to get dressed.” She guided me out of his office, covered in fresh cum. There were no tissues on her desk and when I asked for one she shrugged her shoulders, “We’re fresh out, I’m sorry, you’ll just have to improvise.” She smiled as she watched me scoop up her husbands cum and lick it off my fingers.

“You’d better dress quickly, it’s almost ten.”

I dressed and started to leave. “Don’t forget you have another appointment tomorrow at nine.” Angela had a way of smiling that made me feel like a cheap whore; and that wasn’t all bad. I went to my car with his cum still drying on my face and chest. When I got in my car I couldn’t wait any longer so I jacked off into my hand and then sucked my cum from my fingers. It was almost twenty-three hours till my next appointment and the anticipation made my cock hard again!

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