Daddy, The Devil, and Me: Day 01

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“Do it.” He whispered into Drake’s ear. Drake had found himself. Kneeling before his son. Looking up at him. Staring into his eyes. He couldn’t tell if it was a look of terror, or total submission.

“Give into it,” whispered the voice again, “This was meant to happen.”

Drake could feel all rational thought leaving him. The voice seducing him into acting out the most depraved thing he could think of.

And he liked it.

**********A few days earlier*********

Day: 1 Year: 1982 – Summer Location: Car garage on the outskirts of a town in Massachusetts. (Drake’s Shop)

Drake was a car mechanic. Most days he’d be at the Car Shop he owned working on the neighborhood cars. He had a couple employees, they were loyal, but never quite understood the way a car works like Drake did.

He had started the shop 18 years ago, when he had just turned 20. He accidentally got some stupid bitch pregnant, she had the baby and left it on his doorstep for him to handle. He didn’t really mind though, due to his knowledge of cars, and dreams of college suddenly taken away, it was only natural he start his own car repair business and it let him live a simple life. With his new born son.

His son’s name is Adam. He couldn’t remember why the name Adam was chosen but that’s what it was. His 18th birthday was approaching and he was hoping to fix up an old car and give it to him for a birthday gift. He was also hoping his son was staying out of enough trouble so history didn’t repeat itself.

He was working on said car, underneath it on his back trying to find an oil leak. He never heard the suited man come up. When he rolled out from underneath he jumped at the unexpected appearance.

“Holy SHI- . I’m sorry I didn’t notice you there.” Drake said to the man.

“No worries. I think I’m to blame on that one.” His eyes glinted as they made eye contact with Drake.

“What can I do you for?” Drake asked.

“Well you see, I was passing through town, and sure enough as soon as I got to the other side of it my car broke down. I just walked about a half mile down the road there and this luckily was the first building I came up to.” Said the well-groomed man.

For some reason Drake paused. Somehow, this man he was sure he never had seen before had a very familiar quality about him. As if maybe they had met in a dream. And though the man was very well groomed and definitely fit, he had an almost larger than himself stature. Making him look much bigger and taller than what he probably was. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Those eyes. Something about those eyes. Peering down at him. Enveloping him, making him feel…


“Oh, sorry,” Drake shook himself together and began to stand up, “Wait. I didn’t tell him my name… did I? Maybe he saw it on a card somewhere.” Drake thought to himself as he reached out to shake his hand. “And you are?”

“Clarence.” Said the man as he firmly grasped Drake’s hand. He flashed Drake a smile and his eyes seemed to shine even brighter. For a second Drake found himself staring again. He knew he shouldn’t but something just wasn’t letting him look away.

Finally he stuttered out, “S, sorry to hear about your car. I’m about to close up shop but I can have my two guys do it, and if you wanna come with me in the tow I can get your car here and work on it tomorrow.” The sun was starting to set and Drake didn’t want to be stuck at the garage all night. With his son’s birthday in a few days he didn’t want to leave him unsupervised or eating alone. He would probably be leaving for college soon and he would miss him. They are all each other has had over the years.

“That sounds wonderful.” Said Clarence, “Do you mind if I grab some water first before heading out?”

“No of course not,” responded Drake, “Hey Gabe!” Shouted Drake, “Bring this man some water. He’s mighty thirsty, his car broke down a ways back. Then I need you and Daryl to close up shop for the night.”

“You got it boss!” replied Gabe. Gabe was in his late 20s. Very nice, not the brightest, but he always got the job done, with some guidance from Drake normally. He was a pretty hairy guy. Always had at least a five o’clock shadow or sometimes more if he forgot to shave. He was a bit of a thicker guy. Nothing huge but definitely had some extra padding on him. Almost like a rugby player who hasn’t worked out in a little bit.

Daryl on the other hand was a muscle house. When he wasn’t working at the garage, he was working out, checking out new healthy recipes to eat. He always seemed to have a different girl on his arm whenever he went out. Drake never asked his age but just assumed he had to be around Gabe’s since they were brothers. He had done their father a favor by hiring them on when they decided to stay in the area. There wasn’t a whole lot of work to be found in pretty much casino oyna the middle of no where.

“I think I will use the restroom real quick to splash some water on my face if you don’t mind.” Said Clarence. Drake nodded in agreement and pointed him towards the bathroom.

Clarence went in, as Daryl was washing his hands. He had his shirt off and you could tell he had had a long day full of sweat and tears. Daryl was the most particular of the three working at the garage. If he didn’t get things perfect he wouldn’t stop until it was. Clarence flashed him a smile as he passed him through the mirror.

“I think I overheard you saying your car broke down?” said Daryl.

“Yes, sadly.” Clarence said as he began to splash water on his face.

“Well lucky you came to us. We probably are the best car repair shop in all of Massachusetts! Where you headed?” he inquired.

“Oh I haven’t been in Massachusetts for quite some time. Just thought I’d take a trip to see how things have changed.” Stated Clarence. As he reached for a paper towel to dry his face off Daryl, trying to be helpful, handed him one, but in doing so accidentally tripped and fell onto Clarence.

They both tumbled to the ground. Daryl was mortified. “I-I I am so sorry sir! I didn’t mean to. I’ve been a klutz all day and I just got dumped-“

“Don’t worry about it Daryl. Honest mistake.” Clarence grinned at him. “We all seem to be a bit down on our luck today.” They both stood up. “Don’t worry. I won’t say anything. But you got dumped? A nice young chap like you?”

“Yeah, this girl I was fuckin decided she wanted to move away to her aunt’s town a few states over. Man, I am sure gonna miss that sweet pussy.”

“Oh I’m sure you’ll be able to find something even better.” Smirked Clarence. He made direct eye contact with Daryl and grabbed his hand. “Here. Take this. It might brighten up your day.” In Daryl’s hand there was a gold coin, a type of coin he had never seen before.

“Oh sir I cannot take this. This looks much to expensive!”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Clarence, “I have plenty and I like it when I can help a man’s day…but, if you excuse meÉ”

Clarence turned around and walked out. Daryl just stared behind him.

Clarence walked out of the bathroom and headed towards Drake.

“All ready?” Asked Drake.

“Yep, lets get goin.” Responded Clarence. They both hopped into the two truck and headed down the street.

Daryl came out of the bathroom just as Gabe finally showed up with some water. “Oh dag. I was too slow. They left already!”

“Well that’s what you get for being so fucking dumb!” snarled Daryl.

“What? Dude what’s gotten into you?” asked Gabe a little caught off.

“Nothing. Sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me. Let’s just start closing up shop.” Said Daryl.

“Ok…” murmured Gabe. Still a little hurt by his brother’s words.

Day: 1 Location: Dusty road

“Where do you come from Clarence? You sure have an odd way of dress we normally don’t see around here.” Drake asked, trying to make conversation.

Clarence smiled at him, “Oh I come from the south. During the summer it does get mighty hot so I like to travel a bit north.”

“Well you seem to have brought the heat with you, the past couple days have been in almost the triple digits.” Said Drake. “You don’t even know.” Whispered Clarence under his breath.

Day: 1 – Evening Location: Drake’s Shop

The brothers were getting close to leaving. All that was left was to turn off the last of the lights that were creating twisted shadows against the cars inside. Gabe usually hated being there alone at this time so he was happy his brother was there. “Daryl sure has been acting weird all night.” He thought to himself, “Maybe it has to do with his girlfriend leaving him.” Gabe always had looked up to his brother. The way he could so easily talk to girls, get them to come home with him. There was probably not another girl left in town he hadn’t fucked.

Gabe’s first time was when his brother actually had brought a girl home when they were still living with their parents. They had all been outside on a trampoline. Next thing he knew him and his bro were taking turns pounding her. While he preferred going slow and gentle, he always admired how his brother would just go for it. As hard and as rough as he could. Being completely selfish.

They were both standing by a car and started talking. “Sorry about earlier Gabe,” said Daryl, “I just have been having a rough go at things lately.”

“It’s ok,” said Gabe.

“But hey, maybe my luck is turning around. That man gave me this gold coin today!” Daryl said as he pulled it out of his pocket. Gabe’s eyes were immediately drawn to it. He couldn’t look away.

“Whoa. That’s awesome. What are those markings on it? I’ve never seen anything like that before!” exclaimed canlı casino Gabe.

“Whatever. It’s gold though. We can probably sell it for some good money. Maybe go to the strip club one night, make it rain?” joked Daryl.

Gabe didn’t respond. He just kept staring at the coin. It looked like there was an eye engraved on it. But it looked like it was making direct eye contact with him. Daryl continued talking, “You know. Now that my girlfriend is gone I gotta find myself another way to get off. I’ve been hard all day…” Gabe still didn’t respond. He could hear his brother but all he could do was keep staring into that eye on the coin. He began losing all other motor skills. He was feeling something he had never felt before.

“I’ve been trying to get a few moments to myself to jack off all day. Haven’t had a chance.” Daryl was slowly stroking the front of his pants with his other hand as he was talking. Staring at his brother. Watching him stare into the coin. “Do you think I should have a quick wank before we go?” Gabe still continued just staring at the coin. Every thing his brother was saying was making him go deeper and deeper into some sort of trance. All he could feel was there was something in his pants. That was getting bigger. And feeling good. The more he looked at the coin. The better he felt.

“It feels good. Looking into the coin. Doesn’t it?” asked Daryl, him stroking the full length of his cock under his torn jeans.

Finally a response from Gabe, “Mmhmm.” He sighed.

“It feels better if you put your hand on your cock.” Whispered Daryl.

Gabe did as he was told. Not sure why. There was this tiny voice in his head telling him to stop. To look away from the coin. But that voice kept getting quieter and far away. Finally he blinked and looked up. Daryl was completely nude except for his work boots. Stroking his cock. Looking directly into Gabe’s eyes. “Get on your knees bitch.” Daryl sneered. Gabe obeyed. He somehow knew what to do. Suddenly in his head, he knew he had wanted this all along. To worship his brothers cock. To worship the thing everyone in town talked about. The thing he admired since the first time he saw it. “I know you’ve always wanted this.” Said Daryl, almost menacingly.

Gabe had his face directly in front of Daryl’s cock. He was staring at it. He felt some drool come out the side of his mouth. He slowly moved his eyes up his brother’s muscled body. The lean chest. The gorgeous face. Then his eyes. The eyes glinted as they stared back.

Looking down at Gabe, Daryl was filled with lust. His own brother. About to suck his cock. Why didn’t this happen before? Gabe was always saying stupid shit and finally his mouth could be used for something useful. His own personal cocksucker. The thought of the word, “cocksucker” describing his brother made his dick bounce and harden.

That’s all it took. Gabe took his brother’s cock into his mouth. He began working it up and down the shaft like a pro. The taste of pre-cum only put him into a frenzy. He loved doing this. He needed to do this. All he wants to do is this.

“Fuck bro. Suck my fucking cock.” Daryl moaned. His hips began to move in sync with his brother’s sucking. Gabe didn’t need to be told twice. He kept deepthroating him over and over. Not coming up for air. Making almost inhuman noises. All he cared about was that dick and licking up all the pre cum.

Daryl put his hands behind his brother’s head. Forced him all the way down to his balls. “Don’t back up…stay there. Stay right fucking there.” He whispered. Spit and drool and precum were leaking out of the sides of Gabe’s mouth. His brother was literally choking him with cock. His eyes started rolling into the back of his head, vision was getting dark. He couldn’t inhale any oxygen, only cock.

And he needed more.

Luckily for Gabe, Daryl knew exactly what Gabe really needed. “Bend over and get ready for your dicking faggot.” Daryl commanded. When Gabe heard the word “faggot” he moaned. He knew that from now on that is what he was. He didn’t care why or how, but he just needed that cock. His brother’s cock, and he was gonna get it.

He dropped his pants down and bent over, and Daryl was ecstatic. His brother’s pink hairy hole. All for him. It was better than any Christmas present Gabe ever gave him. Daryl placed the coin from earlier onto Gabe’s back. It’s eye staring back up at him. He felt some form of power coming from it. He began to spit in his hand to lube up his brother and go slow, but he caught the eye on the coin, and any sense of gentleness or generosity left him entirely. Instead all he heard was a single thought.

“Rape him.”

Daryl plunged his 8 inch veiny cock into his brother, to the balls.

“GUUHHHHRRR” roared Gabe. Daryl couldn’t give a fuck.

“This is my hole now! you better get use to it.” As he continuously pounded his brother, kaçak casino “Fucking stupid bitch! Always getting in my fucking way. Not anymore. You’re just a hole now!” He began laughing manically, finding the more nastier he got to his brother, the hotter he was getting. The harder he was getting. The more it felt good. He took the coin of of his bros back and held it in his fist, then with the same fist pulled his brothers hair up and leaned forward whispering in his ear forcefully,

“You’re just a little fucking hole now aren’t you? You love that cock. You’ve been after it since we were kids. Well get use to having it inside you all day you fuck.”

All Gabe could do was moan. He had lost every care in the world. All that mattered was that his brother’s cock kept fucking his hot hole. He was pushing himself back into Daryl’s cock like a wild animal. Finally understanding his place in life.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH. I FUCKING HATE YOU!” screamed Daryl as he hate fucked his brother senseless. “WHAT WOULD DAD SAY!? YOU TAKING MY COCK!? FAGGOT!” Daryl had never felt this sort of rage or power ever before.

“FUCK ME! GOD DAMN IT FUCK ME!” screamed Gabe in reply. Daryl slipped the coin out of his hand in into Gabe’s willing mouth. Gabe sucked on his fingers as he twirled the coin around with his tongue.

Daryl couldn’t help it. He pulled Gabe’s head back and leaned in and they began kissing. Unable to stop fucking, kissing, Gabe furiously jacking himself off. They both wanted this. They knew it. How could they have ever not known this?

It didn’t matter though. They didn’t care about thinking anymore. Their tongues fought over the small coin, passing between their mouths.

Gabe began shooting his load. While he was shooting he didn’t stop his movements against Daryl’s pulsating dick. At the same time, from the shock of pure ecstasy Gabe accidentally swallowed the coin.

But it didn’t matter. The coin had done its job.

Daryl saw his brother howling and the tightening of his ass on his dick was too much. He kept shooting his load deep inside of Gabe. Feeling his first true orgasm, or so it felt like to him. His dick slowly slipping out of his brother’s now trained ass. Both heaving, panting

Day 1 – Night Location: Side of the road leading into town

Drake and Clarence pulled up to the side of Clarence’s car. It was sitting off the road a bit in a ditch. “That was a bit further than half a mile I think Clarence.” Noted Drake.

“Sorry about that. Must have miscalculated.” Said Clarence. They both got out of the tow truck and walked toward the car.

“Well you better get out anything you think you might need for the night. You’ll be staying at our hotel I take it.” Said Drake.

“Yes, yes. Let me open the trunk and go through some things,” Clarence said as he popped open the trunk, “There’s a box in the front seat if you don’t mind grabbing it for me?”

Drake started walking to the car and the stopped as he opened the passenger side door the box wasn’t just any ordinary box. It was some sort of chest with weird markings all over it, things that almost seemed frightening though he couldn’t tell what it actually was. “ you smell that?” said Clarence as he closed the trunk, now holding a suitcase and briefcase.

“Oh, fu-” started Drake but it was too late. Suddenly the car catched fire, almost as if the entirety of it was covered in lighter fluid. He began to back away but couldn’t take his eyes off the chest.

“What are you doing!?” yelled Clarence, “Get away from there!”

Drake slowly started walking back toward the car. Towards the flames. He could probably grab the box without much harm. With the light of the fire he could see that there were engraved eyes on the sides of it. He took a deep breath and grabbed the chest by its sides.

“GAAARRRRRRRR!” he yelled as he felt the burn, of his hands almost melting to the chest. He throws it away off into the ground and runs away from the car back to the tow truck.

“What did you do that for!?” berated Clarence, “That chest isn’t worth it. He began to wrap up Drake’s hands with some cloth.

“I’ll-I’ll be ok. It looks worse than it is,” Drake said, “Let that chest cool down then bring it in. Looks like you’re gonna be needing a new car.”

“Well, good thing I have the money for it, and know the guy who can probably sell me one for a good price.” Clarence flashed his smile at Drake. Though Drake was in pain, for some reason he felt very relieved and comfortable around Clarence. It was as if by Clarence being around the pain wasn’t so bad.

After a bit Clarence went out and grabbed the chest. As Drake looked on at the burning vehicle he could swear he could see some eye like figure dancing in the flames. The same as on the chest. He was staring at it, almost lost in it when Clarence opened up the door and set the chest in the back seat. Drake could have sworn he still saw it steaming. “Maybe I should go to the doctor. I think I might be seeing things. Can you drive us back to town?”

“No problem.” Smiled Clarence.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20