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Holy COW! What an Awesome time I had last night! I went to Obsessions, like I had planned and had an incredible evening. These two chicks were there (one dancing, one not) and after awhile they just camped out at my table.

Not even trying to siphon money out me! There were two of them, one white and one black. The white one was dancing and after awhile it became apparent that the black one was her girlfriend. She was at the bar, talking to the bartender and chilling, but her friend kept coming back to her and chatting.

When the dancer started spending a lot of time at my table, she asked if I would mind if her girlfriend joined me, because the owner was going to give her the boot ( no unescorted ladies at the bar). I said SURE! That started it. A whole night of dances and drinking. We had a blast. When it was 2, we all left TOGETHER!

They came back to my hotel with me and I have to tell you I was pretty fuckin’ excited! We weren’t even in the door yet and the white gal had her friend thrown up against the door kissing her and pulling her shirt off. I am not especially attracted to black women, but this girl was GORGEOUS!

We got inside and before I could even offer them a drink or a smoke, Chase (the black girl) was naked and yanking my pants down. Erin was the white girl’s name and she stripped in a heartbeat and was on her knees in front of me sucking my cock like she hadn’t see one in years. Chase leaned over her and was kissing me and then pushed me back onto the bad, my cock came out of Erin’s mouth with a slurping sort of popping sound.

I was lying on my back, Chase moved to my right side and Erin to my left. They started kissing me and each other, all three tongues whipping against each others. They moved down in unison and sucked my nipples, then moved güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to both lick the sides of my cock and take turns sucking it deep.

I had an ass in each hand and two mouths on my cock, I was delirious! I told them to slow down or I was going to cum. They begged me to cum, actually BEGGED for it and said we had all night! Seeing them kissing each other and sucking my cock was more than I could bear!

First one and then the other, they bobbed up and down on my pole like there was no tomorrow. Erin LOVED my balls, and she started sucking them while Chase deepthroated me. Nice hard mouthfucking! When I started to cum, the both moved up and firmly tugged my foreskin back so would spray them both. Tongues lashing and whipping, Chase finished me with her hands and they both begged for me to cum on their faces. I did!

I erupted like a fucking volcano! They gulped and licked and fought over every drop. They licked it off of each others faces, making trails with their tongues and leaving strings of it on their chins. I was about to die from sheer happiness!

We smoked a coupe of joints and drank vodka and 7-up. We sat around massaging each other and having a slow and gentle touching session. I lay on my back and Erin knelt beside me, she leaned over me and laid her huge breasts on my chest (36 FF she said!). She had her ass in the air and my hands naturally found my way to it.

Chase disappeared and then I felt her mouth gulping down my cock, sucking it back to life. I spanked Erin a coupla times to judge her reaction and when she whimpered properly and whispered for more, I knew I had her. I started spanking her slowly, building tempo and severity. Chase moved back around behind her and when I pulled my hand back, she dove in to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lick Erin’s cunt .

I told Chase to lie on her back and got up, when she was down I positioned Erin on top of her in a 69. They went at each others pussies like crazy women and I started spanking Erin again. I would spank her and lick her asshole while Chase was licking and sucking her clit and tonguing her sweet pussylips. I started gently fingering Erin’s ass and she moaned like the banshee.

I would fingerfuck her ass, spank her and then finger her some more. Not wanting Chase to feel left out, I moved to kneel between her thighs and pushed Erins face back, I slipped on a condom and started slapping her pussy with my cock, I spanked her with my dick and then slowly inserted it.

I fucked her slowly and pulled Erin up to kiss me while Chase kept eating her pussy and fingering her. I reached up to get a firm grip on Erins long blonde hair and tugged her head backwards, exposing her throat. I kept fucking Chase harder and harder and attacked Erins throat like a starving vampire.

When I felt Chase bucking and grinding against me in orgasm, I let her finish and then withdrew to forcefully throw Erin back on the bed. I pinned her down by putting her hands behind her back and bound them with a ziptie.

Chase giggled and moved to watch. I told her to kneel in front of me and lick my cock clean and while she did I leaned over her and spanked Erin’s pussy. I started with just spanking the outter lips, but then parted the lips and spanked her tender inner walls.

I had her splayed open like a skinned animal and was spanking her pussy,first around it, but then directly on, her clit. She was going nuts, screaming, moaning and begging for more. Chase sucked güvenilir bahis şirketleri me to the point of cumming again and this time I backed away to jerk off on her face, making Erin whine and beg to be included, but I told her to wait.

My shinny white cum dripping from the beautiful black face was far more awesome than I could describe. When I finished, I took her hair and forced her back down on me to keep sucking me told her to clean up every drop.

Telling Chase to get back on the bed, I took a nine tails whip from my bag and Erin almost died, the look in her eyes was part terror, part glee, part lustful yearning. I told Chase to kneel on Erin, and lean over until her tits were in her mouth to be suckled. Her ass was just inches above Erin’s cunt. I spanked her ass and Erin’s pussy with first my hand and then the whip.

The tails flailing against her pussy made Erin moan loud and whimper. Chase bucked and gyrated with each slash against her ass, the tails flying up between her legs to flip against her pussy, too. First one girl and then the other. Finally I rolled Erin onto her tummy after I slid Chase off of her. I had Chase use her hands to hold Erin’s asscheeks apart, spreading them wide.

I told her to lick Erin’s puckering asshole and watched with excitement as she did. I took her hair and forced her back and started whipping Erin’s asshole and pussy. Chase held her wide open and fully exposed, stretching her pussy wide open and her ass spasming.

The whip danced it’s dance on her tender skin, I would stop and have Chase lick her and eat her and finger her and then whip them again. We went at it this way all night. They didn’t leave my room until 8:30 this morning. Erin wanted it in her ass, Chase too. I obliged them both! I didn’t have many toys with me, none except the one whip, but they promise there’ll be a next time.

We fucked and ate each other, I knelt before two spread open pussies and feasted like a maniac. They ate each other and fingered each other and shared my meat. Never have I had an experience like that before, but FUCK I hope I have it again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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