Darla’s Games Day 11

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I am not quite certain what happened while I relaxed under the shower. It was sort of an out of body experience, but more individually spiritual than any sanctioned religious definition. Considering I had recently been gang raped by eleven girls sporting strap on dildos, I suppose you could say I had my reasons. And, based upon everything I heard and understood, it was going to happen again. While losing myself to the steady stream of water cascading over my bruised, tattooed and battered body, I considered everything that had happened. There was still a piece of the setup missing somewhere. Yeah, that $50 bet was the main point, but somewhere, something kept biting at the back of my head that there was another piece to that puzzle that I needed to discover. And really, how easily that whole orchestrated mess could have been avoided if I just hadn’t played pool. Or if I had played with that guy for $20 and taken a cab home.

I reflected on the 18 years of relatively no sex life before 10 days ago. What had I really done sexually? Masturbation, a few blowjobs and a bunch of hand jobs was the entirety of my sexual repertoire. Was that really so below the norm for an eighteen year old girl? And now look at me! In ten days I had become a total lesbian slut. I had my first orgasms with other people. I had been gang banged, if non-vaginal sex counts as a gang bang. It was actually rather amazing when I thought of the things I had done. I almost could feel a sense of pride in those accomplishments if they weren’t so opposite what I thought I should be. If only I could be who I was and still have these …

Well, maybe not. I mean, it isn’t like there was any of this I wanted truly was it? Well, some of the games were exciting. But, if I could go back and take them all away, I’m pretty sure I would. My budding love with Farin was thrilling. Best sex in my life. Would I be willing to trade all these dreadful things for that night and day we spent together by the stream? I’m not sure I would.

What if I had been just a non-entity? Hadn’t that been my goal really? Sure, I played soccer and lacrosse, but I wasn’t like a team captain or anything. I never aspired to do it to make a mark on the high school or the world. It was pure exercise and competition and fun for me. I didn’t get great grades. About the only thing truly different about me was my love for art. But, there are like 20 other kids in that class, so even that isn’t truly unique. So, it really all boils down to the perception of Farin.

The lesbian who had a crush on me had inadvertently orchestrated this mess by putting me on some pedestal that was invisible to everyone else. Even me. Shouldn’t I despise her for that? It is almost laughable that she got what she wanted. Was that by intent? I had to believe it was not. For my sanity to remain in tact, what little seemed left, I had to believe that she truly had no idea about this bet between her sister and Jill when she offered me up.

Ahh, history, such a 20-20 should have would have fantasy. I went through about 100 what-ifs while I zoned out. Why bother mentioning any of them? I had no time machine. I had a million regrets and no way to reverse them. So, that leaves me with 33 days of misery before I got my life back. Well, unless Darla gives me some more opportunities to bet some more time off.

Didn’t I have a couple of detentions? Hmmm. Guess I better make those up this week.

I think I had a lot of homework tonight. Better get on that. Oh yeah, I am going to Courtney’s.

Well… that seems to make no sense, but random thoughts that bring you back to your current reality seldom do.

“Carrie!” Farin was calling to me while lightly slapping my face. When my eyes groggily opened, she was holding my chin and looking very concerned.

I did a double take of waking up and let out an exasperated sigh. “Time to go?”

Farin still looked concerned. “Erm. Yeah. Time to go. You okay?”

I gave her a cursory smile and affirmed that I was not ready to go to the mental institution yet. We dried off and got dressed and headed out with Courtney to her car. Now, Courtney was your typical cheerleader… at least by my perception of a cheerleader. She had no job. She had a convertible sports car. She had the blonde hair and the blue eyes and the bouncy figure and the bouncy, but somewhat superior, attitude that I associate with a cheerleader.

And so, as we climbed into her convertible and I climbed in back with Farin sitting up front with Courtney, I cringed a bit at what she might have in store for me. I still remembered the great debt I owed her for breaking her nose and… well… trying to kill her. She was such a beautiful girl and now sported matching black eyes and a nose in a metal brace. I wondered how she was going to have me start making up for that.

Courtney and Farin were engaged in conversation up front, not really including me though I knew at least some of the discussion was about me. I caught Courtney casino oyna changing the angle on her rear view mirror and it looked like she was aiming it at the back seat instead of the road. Farin was complaining, but relented apparently and huffed herself into silence in the passenger seat.

“Carrie…” Courtney called back to me. “Move to the middle of the back seat for me.”

I complied. Why wouldn’t I? I unbuckled, moved and re-buckled in the middle of the seat.

The thing about Courtney that really and truly irritates the shit out of me is her evenness. She never raises her voice, never seems to get angry. Okay, like there was the time I came to her house the day after I beat the shit out of her and she was home because she couldn’t go looking like she did and she STILL spoke calmly the whole time. I mean… the girl fucking irritates me.

I looked into her eyes through the rear view mirror. She was looking right at me and smiling brightly. “Flip up your skirt and tuck the front into the waist, lift your shirt over your boobs, spread your legs and touch the doors with your feet, put your arms on the back of the seat spread nice and wide.” She said it all calmly as usual, sing-songy almost.

I know she saw the daggers flying from my eyes. But, I had crossed a line with her and kind of owed her. Sure, she deserved it, kind of. But it wasn’t really her I should have taken all that anger out on, she was just the easy target. Now, I’m not so sure she wasn’t as malicious as all the rest. Besides, I knew she was paying me back at her house and I really wanted to stay on her good side today. So, I feigned a smile and complied with her request.

When my top and skirt were up and my arms and legs stretched as instructed, she smiled at me in the mirror. Looking between me and the road the whole time she said “Gee Farin, I’m a little warm, how do you feel?”

Farin, who was enjoying turning around and seeing me all spread out, in spite of the fact that it was really for Courtney, didn’t get where she was going with it, but I guess was feeling a bit warm. Maybe she thought Courtney was just referring to her internal temperature, making a joke about how horny Farin seemed to be twisted in her seat licking her lips at me. “Mmmm Hmmm. Very warm Court, hell I feel kinda hot.”

“Me too.” Courtney smiled and licking her lip and winking at me, she lifted her right hand to draw my attention to it and turned on the blinker and pulled over to the side of the road. She blew a kiss at me in the mirror and said, “Now don’t you move a muscle slut.” And she did what I feared from the start, hit the button for the convertible top to fold up.

I closed my eyes in abject humiliation. “Open your eyes slut.” Courtney smiled. I felt a tear in the corner of my eye but refused to let it form, quickly wiping my eye while pretending to brush a strand of hair back. I looked at her through what I am sure were very pained eyes, and she just kept that smile of hers and blew me another kiss. Farin protested, but Courtney basically told her if she didn’t want to come along, she would be glad to drop her off at home. And as much as Farin was hurting that Courtney was going to have her way with me, I guess she figured better that she be there and see than not be there and have her imagination drive her insane.

So, wind blowing through my hair, nipples achingly hard from the battering they were taking from the wind, we headed down the road. Cars honked, people screamed and cheered and by encouragement, I kept a smile plastered on my face like this is exactly what I wanted to be doing.

It was humiliating and I prayed internally that nobody I knew would see me like this. To be honest, I have no idea if they did or not. My eyes were open, but I focused them on Courtney in the mirror. I just couldn’t handle that information if say… one of my teachers or friends saw me in this predicament.

We finally pulled into Courtney’s driveway at some point and she hit the button for her automatic garage door opener and drove inside. Once the door closed, I was pretty sure her fun was over and pulled my top out and back over my breasts.

“Slut, did I say you could do that?” Courtney asked, still with that fucking smile.

I glared at her and pulled it back over my breasts. “Shall I walk in and greet your mom and dad like this Courtney? Will that make you happy?”

Courtney giggled. “You are so cute when you are angry.” For a second, a very rare second that I saw so very few times in her entire life, Courtney’s smile turned down into one of the most horrifying frowns I have ever seen in my life. It scared the hell out of me. “That is when you aren’t beating the shit out of me.”

She really could have ended it right there, seeing that look on her face, with those black eyes and that broken nose was probably the worst moment of the whole night. It set the pace for what would come and caused a river of tears to start flowing down my cheeks. “I’m sorry Courtney. canlı casino I wish more than anything that I could take it back.”

She smiled again. “I know you do slut. But, you can’t and because of that, I can’t get a date for awhile, so you get to be my surrogate for awhile. And I am not a lesbian, so you’ll never quite be enough. So, we’ll find a way for you to make that up to me I’m sure. Let’s start simple. Strip naked and leave your clothes in the back seat, climb out of the car, kneel at the bottom of the steps with your hands behind your head and your knees spread wide and wait or me. I’ll be back shortly.”

And with that, she got out of the car and went inside and I heard her talking to her mom inside. Farin gave me a weak smile. “I don’t think she will really hurt you… ya know?”

I wasn’t so sure, but first things first. I stripped off my clothes and left them there in the back seat on the floor of the car. I climbed over the side and knelt at the bottom of the stairs, knees very wide apart and hands as instructed and I waited. I wondered what would happen if her mom opened the door just then. Would she scream? Would she call the cops? Would she laugh in my face? I had the impression from when I came here to see Courtney a few nights ago before the party that she thought I might be the one who beat up her daughter. Maybe she would start beating me up. I guess I would deserve it and maybe that would make everything even.

I had wiped away the tears meant for Courtney. I hoped she appreciated them because I was about sick to my stomach of crying every day. Farin tried to be helpful, but what could she do really? I told her to just try to not be involved … every time she got involved in these games, it hurt. I never told her that. I knew she did it from some need to protect me, but she was pretty close to the only person I felt I had to care about me as a person in this … whatever it was. Game? Not for me. Training? I never wanted this nor did I think it would ever change me… this was all temporary… right? From my kneeling position at the bottom of the steps, every sound in the house seemed just on the other side of the door. To be fair, there was a bit of a crack between the bottom of the door and the floor, and my head was pretty much at that level due to my kneeling position at the bottom of the three stairs. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Courtney was laughing her ass off internally while talking to her mom right on the other side of the door.

I heard them talking about school and she was telling her mom how she had some friends over to study. I panicked a little when her mom said ‘well bring them in, I’d like to meet them.’

“Yeah, they are being shy I guess. They are in the garage, if you want to go meet them. I’m going to go pick up my room real fast. I told them to just chill while I clear it with you.” Courtney said. My heart was pounding and threatened to explode.

“Want me to send up some snacks?” her mom asked.

“Sure mom. Why don’t you tell them to come on up in about five minutes.” Courtney replied.

“Courtney Covington, you bring your friends in here this instant young lady. Where in the world have your manners gone?” Mrs Covington bellowed at her daughter.

“Sorry mom, I need to tidy up. Some lady claiming to be my mother told me never to have company over to an untidy house.” Courtney giggled, her voice trailing away up the stairs.

“Carrie…” Farin whispered frantically. “Get in the car and duck down now!” She ran towards the door and I panicked. I couldn’t think and knelt there in a sort of shock. It was like I had been frozen, I just couldn’t seem to remember how to move.

Farin grabbed my arm and yanked me to the side opposite the direction the door opened, the momentum causing me to fall to the side and she drug my naked ass across the floor a few feet before leaping to the top step as the door handle was turning. She used her body to block that side of the garage, even though there was really no angle to see me from inside the hall.

Courtney’s mom looked surprised to see Farin right there at the doorway. “Oh!” She exclaimed. “Courtney said to send you and…” she looked past Farin and craned her head a bit. “I thought she said friends. Oh well, why don’t you come inside and I’ll get together some snacks for you girls to take up with you.”

“Sure, let me just grab my book bag Mrs Covington and I’ll be right in.” Farin excused herself for a moment. She tried to shut the door, but Courtney’s mom held it open waiting for her. I watched from my prone position, lying naked on the concrete floor. My breath sounded so loud to me, I was sure she would hear me and come around the corner any second. I swear my heart did actually explode, but not enough to bring me the mercy of death. But, Mrs Covington simply waited there just inside the door as Farin walked to the car, retrieved her bag and walked to the steps. She dare not look at me though I could tell she urgently wanted to. She kaçak casino went up the steps and Courtney’s mom said. “Oh flick off that light switch to your left would you Farin?”

With Mrs Covington inside the hallway, Farin looked to the side where the light fixture was and stared down at me, pulled her hand to the switch to hide her face, and mouthed “get dressed you fucking idiot.” Before turning out the light, leaving and closing the door behind her.

I was submerged in absolute darkness. Okay, well there was that little crack below the door that let in a minute line of light on the first step, but it didn’t penetrate the darkness of the garage. I started to feel my way to the car on hands and knees. The concrete was very unforgiving to my knees.

I thought about where I was. I stopped in the middle of … I had no idea where in the garage. I gritted my teeth and slapped my own face to stop myself from chickening out and crawled back towards the light. I found the steps, lined myself back up and knelt there, spread knees and hands behind my back. I gritted my teeth to fight the fear. I was so scared, so terrified of being discovered by Courtney’s mom.

Then I thought, what if Courtney’s dad comes home and opens the garage and finds me here? What if her little brother decided to come down? I was trembling. I was absolutely mortified with fear. I was hot. I was sweaty. I was hot in the other sense of the word. I shuddered. What the hell was wrong with me?

Time was meaningless. I had no way to gauge it. It is rare that you are in a situation with no grasp of time. With at least a window you can make a guess. With your cell phone, you are never in question. It is a truly horrible experience which I recommend to no one.

Minutes, hours or days later… well, it was minutes, but it might have been a lot of them, the door knob turned. I clinched my eyes shut. I figured my ears would be enough to bring me the horror if it was not Courtney or Farin at the door. That gentle giggle coerced me to open my eyes. There was Courtney in the door way smiling at me, her head cocked to the side and her face lit up like she just confirmed something she had known all along.

She flicked on the light. “Grab your bag, leave your clothes.”

I stood up, my eyes still adjusting from being in the dark for so long. I leaned into the convertible and grabbed my bag and walked to the steps.

“You remember where my room is?” Courtney asked, still smiling and standing in the door.

I nodded. Courtney looked at the floor where I had been kneeling and motioned me to look as well. There was a small puddle on the floor. She laughed. I felt my face turn stop sign red.

“My mom is in the living room watching television. My brother is in his room playing his Wii. Maria is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Let’s see if anyone notices the naked cheerleader running up the stairs.” She giggled again. “I want you to run fast and loud. If I catch up to you, I will smack your ass so hard the whole house will hear it.” She moved to the side to allow me to pass.

I slid past her, not daring to breathe. I listened for any indication that someone might be around and was building up my nerve. It was like the locker room run through the school all over again.

“Go!” Courtney laughed loudly and slapped my ass hard. Not only was it loud, but it really, really stung.

I ran. And I don’t think I had ever run so fast in my life. I looked but didn’t check corners, just ran around the corner and up the steps. I thought I heard a gasp, but I didn’t stop to see from whom. I heard Courtney running behind me, but I was blazing with speed. I ran up to the landing, turned towards her room. Courtney was laughing loudly at the halfway landing of the stairs. I grabbed the door knob and turned…. Only it didn’t turn.

I tried again and again and knocked on the door. I looked around. Courtney was catching up, I banged the door and ran again, for another door, not knowing where it led but hoping for a bathroom. The handle turned and I pushed in elated. And I almost screamed as I found myself staring at her little brother, who dropped his controller and his lower lip. His eyes bulged out like saucers. I nearly threw up as I ran back out and slammed the door shut.

Courtney was laughing so hard she was crying and she showed me a key. She put it in the door and opened it like we had all day. I was jumping from foot to foot. Oh why wouldn’t she hurry? I heard her brother’s door knob turn and jumped behind Courtney to hide. She was laughing so hard she could barely unlock the door. She finally opened it and said, “Get in there you silly slut.”

Her brother’s jaw was nearly to his chest. He stood looking and then invited himself to Courtney’s room. “No way and keep your mouth shut to mom and dad about this or I won’t let you see her naked again.” She giggled and he turned red faced and went in his room.

Courtney came in and shut the door. She was still laughing and I was looking for somewhere to hide. Farin was sitting on the floor pouting. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. “Damnit Courtney. Your little brother saw me! How could you!”

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