David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 22

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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’ one Friday. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called ‘pervert’ but I could not prove it.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional ‘Punishment Rules of the School’ as applied to ‘Peeping Toms’. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the ‘whole’ school. This is part twenty two of my sorry tale.)


Elizabeth Daniel, the fifth girl, was experiencing a period so was dismissed. On the way out the young ladies were asked to usher in the next five girls from Class 3A.

On my back I watched the door open and five fresh faced young ladies trouped in. I could tell by the noise from their shoes that they all wore high heels. They looked at me and sniggered.

“Quiet please young ladies and gather round,” said Miss Wiff-Naseford standing astride my face. I stared up at her now familiar muff and found myself stiffen once again.

“You may have understood that Tom here is being punished for straying into the grounds of our school with binoculars,” she said as they clunked about me wearing their cruel looking four-inch stilettos.

“Well we have persuaded him to pleasure each student individually with his tongue, to ‘bring her off’ or ‘take her to her orgasm’ as it were.” She went on.

“But all this is taking up far too much time so I have now decided that Tom can stimulate two girls at the same time can’t you Tom?”

“Um..err… yes, but.err… how headmistress?” I asked politely but with a puzzled look on my face.

“You will..err…how can I describe it..’finger-fuck’ the first girl until she is almost ready for her orgasm then finish her off with your tongue. Got it?”

“So I have one lady on my face while I have my hand up the second young lady’s skirt. Is that what you mean?” I said, trying desperately to imagine how it could be done.

“Yes that is the general idea Tom. Well we’ll try with the first two straight away. Wendy Mason and Sarah Gardner. Ah yes, do you understand? Now Sarah sit next to Tom with your knickers off and legs apart.”

I watched the slim six-footer pull up her ‘autumn’ skirt, decorated in a yellow and brown leaf pattern, and ease down her panties. For one delicious moment I stared at her American tan stockings and lemon yellow petticoat and matching suspender belt. My penis jerked about as she sat next to me and then lay with her legs open with my right hand resting on her pubic hair.

I stared down at her. Her head lay on my outstretched leg and I watched her flip her skirt and petticoat over her knees allowing me a luscious view up her skirt. I rubbed her pubic mound until I felt her juices flow. Slowly, and with great care, I eased her open with my middle finger. I gradually introduced a second, then a third and began wiggling them around inside her. She flinched then relaxed and gyrated her hips in pleasure. I watched fascinated as her legs twitched and opened even further. She was clearly very aroused and groaned with obvious satisfaction.

Miss Wiff-Naseford stepped to one side and ushered Sarah onto my face. This time she crawled up my body and turned around and placed her dripping buttocks over my mouth. In no time at all my nose was pushed into her anus as my tongue flicked at her clitoris. Beneath her cotton skirt and nylon petticoat I could hear the head teacher tell Wendy Mason to remove her knickers and sit where Sarah had just sat. I reached down, under her skirt and found the warm patch of damp hair and began the process of stimulating her pubic area.

Above me I felt Sarah’s arse shake then spasm, then shake again. All around me her smooth nylon petticoat shimmied and swished as one orgasmic wave followed another. I was caught up in miniature storm as she swung her bottom from side to side, in an attempt to extract every ounce of pleasure from the contours of my upturned face.

Miss Wiff-Naseford tapped her on the shoulder and she stood up and I said goodbye to her upskirt world. Immediately Wendy sat on my face this time facing towards the headmistress.

I was buried under a pale pink petticoat and thick thighs above her dark tan stockings gripped my cheeks. My right hand was thrust up someone else’s skirt and I felt the soft fleshy folds of someone’s cunt under my finger tips. With my hand plastered with lubrication I squeezed and tweaked her clitoris and felt her bounce about gripping my wrist with her free hand. Above me I tried to cushion Wendy’s bouncing and jerking which became more and more furious. After about two or three hundred bounces canlı bahis Wendy ‘came’ and spurted her sexual secretions all over my face and hair and was hauled off by her headmistress who was now taking a much more active role in the proceedings.

Another pair of feet straddled me. It was apparently Annette Evans. I quickly noticed a bright blue skirt and dark brown hair, before I was engulfed by more petticoats, stockings and lace-edged suspenders. My tongue went straight between her legs and her ‘love-tunnel’ gaped open like a large cavern.

My face became a slick of spendings as my hand was pushed up some other young woman’s dress and into a nest of tight curls. I prized her open and began masturbating her vigorously unaware of whom she was. I wanted to wank too but had difficulty doing it to myself with my left hand as I am basically right-handed in everything I do, even tossing myself off.

I heard Miss Wiff-Naseford tell her to ask for the next five young women to enter, just as I brought Miss Evans to a shuddering, cursing, climax.

I glimpsed the next girl. She appeared to be African or Afro-Caribbean and sat firmly on my head with her cunt in my face. Her odour was extremely strong and reminded me of Maria Kingsland in the first year. Her name was Tina Cullen and I slurped my way between her labia at the same time easing my fingers inside Melissa Britton who sat open legged with her skirt up on my right hand side.

Under Tina’s large gathered floral dress with pale blue underskirt the atmosphere was almost unbearable. She clearly perspired a great deal and her combined cunt and body odours made it difficult for me to breathe. The stench was not totally off-putting, but my penis once again became ramrod stiff and lay firmly across my naked belly.

Both young ladies were moaning and groaning as Miss Wiff-Naseford shouted further words of encouragement.

Miss Cullen wiped her lips in jerking movements up and down my nose. My nostrils filled with her cunt juice and I snorted wildly trying to keep my nasal passages open. Meanwhile Melissa was squealing like a piglet on the end of my fingers. Gradually Tina grunted and climaxed pumping out warm spurts of fanny-juice into my mouth and nostrils. I was aware of the study door opening a several other girls enter by the sound of their heels.

Tina stood up and Melissa placed her shoes on each side of my face squatting down. I noticed her dark stockings a white broderie edged slip then everything went dark and quiet under her black tweed flared skirt. I heard Miss Wiff-Naseford give the new young ladies their instructions, and enquire whether they were having periods. One left so I assume she was. My right hand found itself between a fresh pair of warm thighs. I felt her stocking tops and suspender clips then I pushed my way into the damp hair. Above me Melissa was gradually ‘bringing herself off’ on me, and was very vocal about it as well.

“You fucking face fucking cunt-licker,” she cried out, clearly not in complete control of her vocabulary, neither displaying the wealth of genteel knowledge acquired during her three years at Dentwood finishing School for Tall Girls.

“Get your fucking tongue up my fucking twat you fucking miserable arse-licking fucking wanker,” continued Miss Britton clearly disappointing her mentor by her random use of choice swear words.

Eventually she gripped my tongue with her vaginal muscles and pulses, and waves shuddered into me as she orgasmed above me, her clothing shaking in the final dying spasm.

“Up you get Melissa,” said the head teacher beckoning Stephanie Bishop onto my face.

I had a second to take Miss Bishop in. She had angular horse-like features with a hooked nose and large teeth. I stared up her skirt which stank of urine and fanny-juice and had little time to prepare myself as she straddled my face with her pale tan stocking thighs. Her petticoat was cream and I could not tell what colour her skirt was from the inside. Immediately she scraped her protruding labia over my nose and mouth. I was buried under masses of tight ginger curls, which smelled ghastly. Needless to say my penis stiffened once more and I tried to wank but failed miserably.

My right hand stroked the inner thighs of another unknown woman, whose lips were already quite prominent and flowed with sexual secretions.

“Oh my goodness, Oh my,” someone said.

I couldn’t work out whether it was the woman on my face or the one gripping my three fingers inside her. The familiar bouncing, jerking and rocking began as both young ladies pushed themselves ever forwards and onwards.

Above me Stephanie Bishop moaned and wailed, clearly willing herself to achieve her pleasure. She was on a ‘plateau of exquisite sensations’ and only needed a bit more tonguing to ‘push her up into the peaks’. Then she came. It was like a tidal wave of physical emotion as I felt her body twitch and shudder involuntarily over, and over again. Her petticoat swished wildly as she regained her feet and stepped off me.

Tanya bahis siteleri Gaulton sat full-square on my face. I saw her head hair; it was blonde and wavy then I was inside her dress staring at her other, pubic, hair, this time darker and coarser. Her hole still gaped open following my fingering and I set about licking my way into her. Her labia were warm and slimy and I felt my head whirling with all this sexual stimulation.

A hand grabbed my penis and began jerking it just as I felt shoes dig into me and my hand pushed up someone else’s skirt. I pushed my fingers into a fanny which was already wet. My penis was being expertly wanked by the woman, I assume, I was fingering.

Meanwhile Tanya was bouncing about on me mercilessly, deliberately squashing my face and pushing my head into the rubber matting. I was almost in pain as I felt semen begin to rise inside me. The hand at work on my penis was a mere blur, and the milking seemed to last forever. My fingers were working at a breakneck speed, pushing this woman further and further.

Tanya Gaulton climaxed then got off me just as I ‘came’ into Vanessa Armitage’s hand. She wiped herself on my stomach and swung her dark tan stockinged legs over me and straddled my face, pinning down my shoulders. I found it difficult to reach the thighs of Sylvia Davenport who now sat within reach with her knickers off and her legs wide apart.

I took in Vanessa’s smiling face just as she dropped her grey striped cotton skirt and white lace petticoat over me and shuffled up to place her dribbling cunt over my nose. I pushed my tongue into Vanessa’s hairy hole and pushed my third finger into the damp stickiness of Miss Davenport’s vaginal opening.

We continued in this way for some time with Maureen Price in her bright yellow shirt-waister and white petticoat taking over from Miss Davenport.

Gail Hailwood took ages to pleasure but was very vocal, and I enjoyed having her sit on my face in her pale blue flowery dress with pink petticoat, and black stockings.

Victoria Spooner was a lively Irish girl with ginger hair and a huge arse. At one point I thought that I would faint under her wide multi-tiered layered petticoat, because her ‘between-the-legs’ odour was so astringent. She kicked me with her shoes as she got up.

Heather Coulthread had an arse which moulded itself to my facial features, and had a scent that I wished to breathe in forever.

Natalie Santana and Beverly Taylor were both having periods so were prevented from joining in, although they enjoyed sucking me off, which proved to be a grand finale for the head teacher, and for Class 3A.

The girls left the room after they had all pulled their knickers back on. The room had a stale smell to it and Miss Wiff-Naseford opened a window. It was now half past three and we had certainly pleasured many more of the third year than I could have predicted.

“How are you Tom?” she asked in an unexpected buoyant mood.

I told her that I could do with a glass of water and a flannel to wipe off all the female secretions on my face, hair and ears. She rang the bell and Celia appeared, and then reappeared with the water and two face-cloths.

I flexed my muscles and lay back on my mat, happy to go to sleep through all my effort. Celia and Amelia stood over me taking it in turns to straddle my face.

Celia was amused to see my penis visibly lengthen as she stood over me. I stared up her skirt, and white slip, at her thighs above her stockings and the loose gusset of her white French knickers barely hiding the curly tufts of her pubic hair. I felt unusually attracted to this frumpish secretary particularly following our ‘night of lust’ as she had described it. I was hoping for a similar night but whom with? That was the question.

The three of us remained in conversation until Miss Wiff-Naseford made up her mind that we would pleasure at least five members of Class 3B before the evening meal that night.

“Tom, you know that this school was founded to give those girls who are exceptionally tall a good education and to prepare them for the outside world and all the social and employment pitfalls they might meet beyond these walls?”

“Yes,” I replied looking bewildered.

“And we have also told you that very tall women are at a disadvantage when it comes to socialising and…err…marriage, well the opposite is true as well,” she continued.

“What would you say if we told you that Class 3B are all exceptionally short women?” she smiled at me waiting to see my reaction.

“You mean ‘short’ as in ‘really short’? Midgets and dwarves?” I asked wondering whether I was going to be asked to perform oral pleasuring upon circus acts or members of a freak-show.

“No Tom, these are ladies who are small and look much younger than they are, although they are all between eighteen and twenty years of age.” She said trying to reassure me.

“But why have I not seen them before?” I enquired, this time insisting she tell me the whole truth.

“If bahis şirketleri truth be known Tom they eat in a separate refectory, because they prefer fish and rice dishes,” she said, muddying the water even further.

“Well what nationality are they?” I continued clearly adamant in obtaining the truth.

“Japanese Tom, Japanese,” she replied as my eyes lit up.

I had always liked Japanese women. They had a doll-like attraction and always appeared so courteous and charming and here was I just about to orally pleasure, presumably, twenty of these little beauties.

I could not wait to breathe in the odour of their ripe little cunts or have them screeching their little ecstatic orgasms on the end of my tongue. My penis by now was rock hard as I stared up Miss Wiff-Naseford’s prim pleats.

* Class 3B


The first five girls entered the headmistress’s study. They were very short, no taller than four foot six inches, but perfectly proportioned. They bowed first to the head teacher, then to Celia and then to me. They giggled at my penis and pretended to cover their eyes in embarrassment.

Very slowly and with great patience Miss Wiff-Naseford explained to them that I was a ‘Peeping Tom’, and I liked to look at women’s bodies, preferable naked or in sexy lingerie. They all laughed at this and lifted their skirts to show off their stockings and suspenders. I laughed back hoping that I appeared to pose no threat to them.

She told them about the police and the traditional method of punishing a Peeping Tom, including all the straps and ropes and the fact that I couldn’t wank to satisfy my frustrations. They laughed and gasped as they realised what they had to do. I watched their body language. One or two were massaging their legs, and standing with their feet apart. I thought that it would only require a few minutes each to bring them to their climaxes. They appeared eager to get on with it. So did I.

Miss Wiff-Naseford then had to explain that she wanted no-one who was having a period to take part.

“No period, and no peepee in Tom’s mouth, understand? Yes?” she said to them, and she was met by lots of smiles and nodding heads.

I hoped that they understood as I wanted so badly to get through the rest of the school as quickly as possible.

I lay flat on my back with my legs stretched apart but with both hands free.

“Amaya Sasaki please step forward, ah Amaya, knickers off and pop onto Tom’s face,” she said to the little lady dressed in an immaculate school uniform.

I watched as she pulled down her knickers and stepped out of them. She wore the usual Dentwood School uniform but wore white stockings instead of black ones. She also wore Mary-Jane buckled shoes. I noticed as she removed her pants she wore a crisp lacy white petticoat under her plaid pleats. She stepped astride me, smiled then waved. In one movement she squatted on my face and I was immediately under her pleats and petticoat.

She pushed her vulva opening into me and I supported her small buttocks as I began prizing apart her lips. She smelled totally different from the other young ladies I had pleasured. There was a fishy spiciness about her and a delicate piquancy which was difficult to describe. I allowed her to rub herself against me at her own pace and within nine or ten minutes she was bouncing up on down on my upturned face. She weighed very little and I was able to comfortably bring her to her orgasm. She let out little screams and moans as she speeded up her movements. I stared at the petticoat lace that had now become wrapped around my head, and at the pleats which concertinaed out with each movement of her thighs and knees. Then all of a sudden she cried out her orgasm leaving my face sticky with her fanny-juice.

Amaya stepped off me and the next small Japanese girl stepped up. Her name was Haruka Yamamoto. She had a rounder, almost moon-shaped face and was much sturdier built. She slid her knickers down and stepped out of them. She placed one shoe then the other on each side of my face and squatted over my nose and mouth. I could see that she was aroused as her vagina drooled slimy secretions which trailed across my nostrils. She smelled slightly different but distinctly far-eastern. Within ten minutes Haruka was moaning and groaning with my tongue probing every nook and cranny of her labia and clitoris.

I supported her firm buttocks as she came making little ” Ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh,” sounds, whilst crying at the same time. She appeared to be very emotional.

Katsumi Sato, Mariko Ito and Yuriko Arakaki followed Haruka and they all attained their orgasms fairly quickly. I was surprised how easily it was going. I managed to balance them adeptly above me and I had none of the heavy jolting, or neck breaking bouncing which I had experienced with the taller girls.

Miss Wiff-Naseford looked at the clock and judged that we could continue pleasuring Class 3B until it was time for the evening meal. I drank more water as the first five were dismissed and the remaining fifteen were led in by Celia. I found it difficult to believe that all the girls standing by the door were eighteen and over as they looked so tiny. Most were four foot six inches tall although one or two were approaching five foot.

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