Dawn’s Anal Awakening Ch. 03

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Dawn Simmons, 18 years of age, was ready to go to Wheaton, two states away.

She had started packing early because she didn’t want to be caught unawares when she reached her dorms. Speaking of dorms, she wondered if her roommate would be nice. While the buildings were mixed gender, the guys tended to stay on one floor and the girls on another. If her roommate wasn’t nice, it would be difficult to get the kind of sexual gratification she had gotten used to over the past months.

Oh yes, Dawn Simmons was a slut and she knew it. She was sure of it, and she loved it. According to her hot older neighbor, Eric Sherburn, not many women were open to sexual pleasure like she was! Secretly, she thought that the main reason they weren’t open to more sex was the fact that sex with the wrong person was so mediocre. And if she was really honest? There were too many people who didn’t have the proper sexual skills.

Dawn had slept with 10, maybe 11 boys around the town before she had been sexually enlightened by Eric. All of those teenage dicks could never satisfy her, but Eric’s massive rod had pulled orgasm after orgasm after orgasm from Dawn’s body. She eagerly welcomed his hard cock in any of her young holes. It didn’t matter if he wanted to fuck her mouth, her pussy, or her ass, she loved the way he did it and the mere thought of his dick made her cream her pants.

If she had never met Eric, Dawn doubted that she would have ever realized her true nature as an anal slut and lover of sex based on her past experiences with boys! But now that she knew how amazing sex could be, there was no way she could ever go back!

Mom and dad had been increasingly emotional over the past week as the start of the new term approached. Mom had gifted her lots of clothes, while dad had gotten her a used car that he fixed up. It was a garish yellow color, but Dawn loved it anyway.

Officially, orientation week started on Monday, but Dawn wanted to leave early because she wanted to settle into the dorm. She managed to persuade the office into letting her take her key earlier.

Which was why she was currently piling her suitcase into the back of her car on a Thursday morning.

“Howdy, neighbor.”

Dawn spun around, a big smile on her face. Eric stood there in his jogging shorts, looking at her with a fond expression.

“You’re leaving soon, yeah?”

Dawn fidgeted.

“Yeah, 6 am tomorrow. We’ll arrive early morning. My parents are taking the day off,” she said, feeling a little sad.

Eric nodded as if he had been expecting that answer. He moved closer and bumped her shoulder encouragingly.

“Still have a lot to pack?” he asked, waving at another neighbor who jogged past with their dog on a leash.

“Well… there are a couple of boxes Mom wants me to bring,” Dawn said slowly. She gave Eric an innocent grin. “But I think I need a big and strong neighbor to help me carry them!”

With that, she turned and walked towards her house, making sure to sway her hips from side to side.

Eric choked on thin air and then came running up to walk just behind her.

“Well, I guess it’s my duty as your neighbor to help you,” he said, adjusting his shorts to hide his boner. Dawn grinned and let him into her house.

All this time, they had been fucking in Eric’s house, because it was easier for him to do laundry or clean up the stains they left all over the house.

“Nice place,” Eric commented, moving over to the fireplace where there was a picture of Dawn at 15, wearing her braces and grinning at the camera. He turned to Dawn and raised his eyebrows. Dawn rolled her eyes then went to the stairs.

“Come on, my stuff is upstairs.”

Eric followed close on her heels until they were standing in Dawn’s bedroom.

It was done in pastel shades, with various pink and purple items everywhere, obviously a girly girl’s room. Eric felt a little dirty for what he had done to this young woman. Sure, she had been legal, consenting, and perfectly eager for his cock all those months ago, but seeing her room really drove home the fact that she was much younger than him.

“Stop feeling guilty,” Dawn said, pulling Eric out of his thoughts. She drew the blinds and locked her door quickly, stripping off as she went to her bed.

“I knew what I was getting into. Your cock is by far the best I’ve had!” Dawn said easily.

She leaned back on her elbows and opened up her legs. The anal plugs that Eric had bought for her had become almost a permanent fixture in her ass. Dawn was practically never without one of them. And ever since she had realized her anal lust was greater than most people, she usually wore the largest one so that she could get her ass reamed at a moment’s notice.

Now was no difference. Her spread legs showed off the base of her anal plug, which twitched every time she clenched her tight asshole.

Eric marveled at how wet she was already.

“This is what you do to me, you know? You showed canlı bahis me how good sex can feel. I’m really thankful that I met you,” Dawn said softly. “If it weren’t for you, I might have gone my entire life not realizing that sex was supposed to be mind-blowingly amazing. I’m glad that I let you train my ass, that I let you fuck my ass, and I’m super thankful that you helped me realize I’m a complete and utter anal slut.”

Eric groaned. She looked so young, so innocent, but she said such filthy and dirty things with that beautiful pink mouth of hers. That same mouth had eagerly slurped on his cock, tried to swallow all 10 inches of his massive schlong, then convinced him to ream her over and over and over again in her 18-year old pussy and ass.

Her holes, oh her holes! Both were always eager to be filled. Dawn preferred having her ass filled nowadays and anal always made her cum harder, but her body couldn’t hide the fact that being pounded in either hole made her incredibly wet. Her pussy gushed so easily that Eric was amazed. The mere suggestion of a cock in any of her holes could make her juices flow. Her ass was incredible as well! It had taken to the training like a duck to water, opening up to welcome all manner of invaders, being stretched just enough that Eric could fuck it relentlessly without injuring that small hole, but also tight enough to grip Eric’s cock in a vice and milk his balls completely dry.

And to think, she was offering it all to Eric now.

He crossed the room, dropping his shorts as he did so. He yanked his boxer briefs off and his cock sprung free, twitching in the cool air.

Eric looked down at the girl, marveling at how she was all his for the moment. He could have any hole he wanted and she would welcome it eagerly.

“Did you-” Eric started to ask.

“I did, this morning with the bidet,” Dawn whispered, hands coming up to massage her tit flesh and push them together. Eric shivered at the thought of Dawn bent over in her own toilet, biting her lip to stay quiet as she flushed her rectal passage out with water from the bidet while her parents were downstairs. Did the sudden gush of her bowel contents into the porcelain bowl alert them? Or did she wait till they were gone, then moan and whimper as she cleaned her hole out?

However she did it, it didn’t really matter right now. There was a willing young woman that was waiting for Eric’s hard cock.

He slowly crawled onto the bed and took hold of the base of the plug. He jiggled it once, twice, making Dawn gasp and groan with pleasure. She grabbed harder at her tits, twisting and rubbing her nipples until they were poking outwards.

Stretched out on her pastel pink bedsheets with strawberries and unicorns on them, Dawn looked vulnerable. If Eric didn’t know any better, he would have called her innocent. She was looking at him, wide-eyed trusting.

Eric pulled on the plug gently, never ceasing to admire the way Dawn’s anus stretched to give up its intruder. She made a soft sound of arousal when Eric carefully set the plug on the nightstand, then lifted her legs to her chest to show off her eager holes. Eric took in the sight of Dawn like this, her bald pussy and ass already glistening with her cunt juices. She looked like a debauched angel and Eric was loving it.

He moved to kneel between her legs, moving them until they rested on his shoulders.

Eric didn’t bother saying a word. Unlike previous times where they had fucked with increasing urgency in search of bigger and better orgasms each time, the two of them didn’t feel the need to rush what would be their final fuckfest before Dawn left for college.

Eric lined up his cock and slid it slowly into Dawn’s pussy. Her mouth parted and she exhaled softly with a moan. Eric ground his cock into her repeatedly, gently fucking her cunt and using her juices to lube up his cock. When he felt his cock was sufficiently lubricated with her pussy cream, Eric pulled his dick out of Dawn’s cunt, then slid it all the way to the hilt into her cute little derriere.

Dawn moaned softly, her hands still massaging her tits. Eric bent his head down to suck on her nipples while his hips never stopped their incessant invasion of her tight anus. He reached down to toy with her pussy and clit, teasing her G-spot and love nub in the way only he knew how, but Dawn pulled his hand away.

“Make love to my asshole, Eric,” she panted “Make sweet anal love to my hole, make me cum from anal love-making like you made me cum that first time!”

Eric moaned at her words. Making love anally was always a boost to a man’s ego. It meant that his partner trusted him unequivocally with her body. You could buy an anal fuck if you really wanted one, as long as you went to the red-light district. But the girls there couldn’t fake the tenderness of lovemaking. It was an incredible show of intimacy, one that Eric had never expected to happen with Dawn! He took her words to heart and thrust deep inside Dawn’s bowels, bahis siteleri moving his hips in circular movements to drag his cock against her rectal walls.

Dawn was in anal heaven. Eric was making love to her asshole in slow thrusts, sliding his cock in and out of her rectal cavity, aided only by her pussy juices! She stared deep into his eyes, feeling safe and cherished with how gently he was fucking her eager bottom.

Eric leaned down and kissed her softly, nipping at her plump pink lips. Dawn opened her mouth and twined their tongues together slowly. Eric stroked her hair, shifted her position, and then fucked deeper into her pink and puffy rosebud.

“Look at you, look at you so open for me, taking my cock so sweetly,” Eric whispered. Dawn flushed at his praise.

“Look at how your hole just gobbles my cock up, the man you marry is going to be a blessed man, to have this hole available to him every day and every night! Maybe you’ll tell him that you gave your anal virginity to me. You’ll tell him how I trained this asshole to open up, stretched it out and made it cum, then made sweet love to it!”

Dawn moaned louder. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this! When she was younger, she dreamt of making love with her future husband in their marriage bed, but here she was making love not with her pussy, but with her teen asshole, in her childhood bed!

“Oh yes yes! I’ll tell him everything,” Dawn panted “I’ll tell him how well you drilled me into my first anal orgasms, then fucked me through assgasms each day. I’ll tell him how I thought of you in school each day, dreaming of your cock pounding me in the butt! Then I’ll tell him about how you made love to my ass so tenderly, so sweetly and I’ll tell him how I came so hard from the anal love making!”

She squeezed the cock currently invading her rectal cavity. No matter how many times Eric’s cock slid home into her bottom, it never failed to arouse her. The stretch, the burn, the drag of his swollen cockhead through her inner walls and on her anal ring, everything about his cock fucking her asshole aroused Dawn to no limit.

Eric thrust deeply, visibly holding himself back from touching Dawn’s pussy, clit, or tits. He loved to manhandle her, but Dawn didn’t want that. She wanted a physical affirmation of her true nature as an anal slut, meaning she wanted to cum solely because of the cock plundering her ass!

It didn’t take long for Dawn to reach her peak. It wasn’t just the fact that she loved anal and the sensations that came from having her shitter well fucked, her body had long since associated cock with pleasure. And although she wasn’t being pounded the way she was in the past, Dawn’s body still responded as if the cock breaching her asshole was giving her the reaming of her life! Her anal delight grew and grew and grew, creating a roiling storm under her skin. Eric was looking at her with such fondness and affection as he made sweet love to her anal passage.

“Cum, my dear slut. Cum on my cock,” Eric said with a soft smile. He often repeated phrases like that just before she came, and she had been subconsciously conditioned to respond by cumming when she heard things like that!

“Ohhhhh,” Dawn moaned, her asshole clenching on Eric’s tool as it slowly but surely stretched out her brownhole.

“Oh oh oh aaaaaaah!” She cried out, unable to stop her body from shaking and convulsing as her neighbor made sweet anal love to her asshole atop her childhood bed.

Dawn’s orgasm rolled through her, making her feel like a boat upon rough seas, tossed about by the waves of pleasure. Unlike the previous orgasms Eric gave her, this one was gentler, but no less powerful, wracking her body in drawn out pleasure as her ass worked and pulsed on Eric’s thick cock. She spasmed helplessly as Eric continued to fuck into her bowels

This time, Eric couldn’t hold back. His self-control was in tatters around him. Dawn trusted him wholly with her body and her begging him to make love to her ass like this showed just how much regard she had for him. He was aroused by the fact that he had so much power over her, power to make her cum over and over and over again. That even now, without the relentless anal reaming Dawn loved to received, she orgasmed easily because his cock was fucking her ass.

“Ah ah I’m cumming!” Eric growled, his hips stuttering in their pace as he lost control. His last few thrusts were wild and rougher than he would have liked, but Dawn didn’t seem to mind. She grabbed Eric’s hips and pulled them forwards, forcing his cock deep into her ass so that he would fill her up with his hot spunk.

“Oh yeah, yeah yeah!” Dawn whispered. She kept Eric’s hips mashed up against her bottom until the last of his orgasm had rolled through him and his cock had stopped twitching inside her asshole.

“You’re so fucking amazing,” Eric said fervently. He bent down to kiss her until his cock softened and slipped out of her ass.

As always, Dawn kept her bahis şirketleri legs up. Eric reached for the anal plug and then slid it back into Dawn’s ass to keep his jizz inside. Her anus opened up around the metal and closed on the neck as easily as breathing, as if Dawn’s hole hadn’t just taken a thick cock and a sound plowing.

“Thanks for the going away present,” Dawn said, stretching her legs and arms out and relishing the sensation of the anal plug stretching her well-fucked shithole.

Eric laughed.

“Give me an hour and I’ll give you another!”

Dawn gave him a wicked grin, reaching for her clock to set the timer.

“Oh you’re so on!


Dawn reached Wheaton early on Friday morning, three cumloads in her ass and one in her pussy because she had felt it had been too neglected. It was so fortunate that Dawn was driving her own garish yellow car because otherwise her parents would have wondered why she kept fidgeting, unable to sit still. She wouldn’t know how to explain that their next-door neighbor had given her a rigorous fucking in all her holes, with extra special attention on her teenaged rosebud, which left her too sore to sit properly in the car. The cumloads in her asshole could be kept inside with her usual anal plug, but the one in her pussy was slowly sliding out, which was really arousing and made her panties wet and uncomfortable.

It was a testament to how well her ass was trained now, that she could move around carrying her stuff to and from her new dormitory without feeling the need to relubricate the plug. The soreness of her anus had become a part of everyday life, a reminder of her slutty nature. At first, she had been embarrassed and aroused at wearing the plug around her parents, but now it felt like just another accessory, albeit one buried deep in her rectal cavity to keep cum inside her.

“My little girl is going off to college!” Dad had wept when Dawn was setting up her table, putting all her cosmetics on the dresser.

“She’s all grown up now, stop crying!” Mom scolded Dad as Dawn continued to unpack, hanging up all her nice dresses and stacking her shirts in the corner.

Her parents cleaned and dusted the small living space, helping Dawn to arrange her furniture just the way she liked it.

She was to room with an older girl, or so the office had told her. The older girl’s roommate had quit college to be a superstar or something, leaving her without one. Dawn was there to fill the gap. She was thankful that the other girl wasn’t there to see how her parents wept over everything she did.

It took Dawn a good solid 8 hours to arrange everything, assure her parents that she would call if she needed help, then usher them back into the car so they could begin the drive home.

The moment she got back to her room, Dawn collapsed onto her new bed. She sighed into the bedsheets and then shimmied her jeans and panties down to her hips.

Dawn gave the plug in her hole a little jiggle, trying to recall the feeling of Eric’s cock. She moaned softly as it stimulated her rectal nerves, sending a wave of pleasure through her asshole.

“Aaaaah,” Dawn whined, wishing she was back on Eric’s cock. It had barely been a day and she was already horny for him!

She started to push and pull the plug out of her ass, letting the widest part stretch her cute little butthole. She closed her eyes and thought of Eric.


Dawn froze mid thrust at the voice coming from the direction of the bathroom. Her asshole was stretched wide open around the plug, and whomever it was had a direct full view of how it was glistening with her juices.

“Don’t let me stop you!” The voice said, coming around to stand next to Dawn.

Dawn’s face turned red out of embarrassment. She didn’t know whether to push the plug in or pull it out now. She lifted her head to look at who it was.

There, standing in the doorway to the bathroom, was a beautiful long-haired brunette. Her eyes were light hazel and her mouth was pinker than Dawn’s. Her tits were at least a 34D, supported by a bra that pushed them upwards and outwards. Dawn felt her mouth go dry at the sight of this bombshell.

“H… hey,” Dawn said weakly. The brunette crossed the room, took Dawn’s hand where it was wrapped around the base of her plug, then roughly pushed the plug back into Dawn’s eager asshole. Dawn let out a soft gasp. She thought it would stop there, but it didn’t. Oh no, the brunette tugged, pulling the plug out, pushing it in, helping Dawn to fuck her ass!

“Oh-nnngh!” Dawn moaned as her shithole was stretched. Being assfucked with her plug was erotic enough, having her hot older roommate help her with it was doubly so!

“You wanna cum like this? Or would you like something better?” her roommate asked.

“Better?” Dawn asked, head foggy from anal pleasure.

The hand guiding hers disappeared as the brunette knelt down and pulled a box out from under her bed. She opened it and withdrew something with a flourish.

“Oh my gosh!” Dawn gasped.

It was a gorgeous strap-on, the black 9-inch silicone cock attached to a soft harness! Dawn couldn’t help the way she stared at it in naked hunger.

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