Decorating Donna Pt. 03

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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read parts 1 & 2 first. (Thanks for the comments on those earlier chapters. I must admit that this chapter was well along before I saw them. A couple were spot on as to the plot’s direction…)

Just when Donna is coming to terms with her life and her public bondage restrictions, things change.

Life had again settled into a quiet routine after their last trip to Europe.

Donna’s collar, with its dangling leash, was a part of her now, she had, as with everything else, learned to live with it, and for the most part, ignore the people who found it to be an issue. Of course, as she always wore high-necked tops, no one ever really saw the leash. Although on occasion the profile of the ring at its end could be seen on her tummy. It drew a few funny looks.

Since their honeymoon, for over a year now, she’d been wearing her facial jewelry, and she had grown used to it and all of the restrictions it imposed on her life. The bell still drove her to distraction, but after her discussions with Lena, she accepted it as a meaningful part of who she had become.

And her hands also remained constrained by their regularly replaced acrylic nails with their connecting chains and the bells on her little fingers.

All of these things, aspects of Jim’s public bondage fantasy fulfillment campaign, discouraged her from going out. She only had a few friends and they were embarrassed to be seen with her.

Her daily life settled into a rather boring routine. Taking care of the house she loved so much, cooking for her husband, who she loved so much, and the abundant sex that she adored, kept her busy. It was the time with Jim that remained the highlight of her days and nights. Those evenings and weekends kept her feeling alive, and loved.

She did find a few new friends who were kinky enough to appreciate her decorations. Donna had mixed feelings about them. They were generally the types of women who adored the Kardashians and who could have starred in one of those ‘Real housewives of…’ TV shows. Donna hadn’t really fit into that mold, until recently. But at least when she talked to them, they were supportive, and encouraged her to be proud of her look.

Donna, though remained lonely and bored during the day. She had begun focusing more and more on her decorated body. It was, after all the center of Jim’s attention. And as Lena had wisely pointed out, when describing her bell as her special trademark, she was unique.

A strenuous work-out regimen in their home gym was allowing her to burn off excess energy and give her an even more beautiful and sexy shape to go with her body’s exceptional decorations.

Pleased with her new-found interest, Jim had arranged for a female personal trainer, who he pre-briefed on Donna’s accessories, and paid well to ensure that there were no issues.

Twice a week the trainer came over and worked with her to improve her technique and build her physique. In between, she spent a lot of time working out on her own.

And her dedication worked! Her body was looking better than ever, and both she and Jim were really pleased. In a few short months she lost twenty pounds of fat and gained ten of muscle.

They joked that her new ‘Barbie body’ was even more suited to her role as his personal sex object. And that concept really started to affect Donna’s attitude toward life.

While complimenting her on her sexy body, one evening, Jim casually mentioned that larger breasts would fit nicely with her now small and tight waist and shapely ass.

That got her thinking, and the more she thought about her proud new body, the more she realized that Jim was right. Larger breasts would look great on her new, improved self. After all, if she was a Barbie doll wife, she should have Barbie sized breasts. She also fondly remembered Lena’s sizeable breasts and how much she had enjoyed them during their little tryst.

The thought of larger breasts, stayed with her, and slowly grew in importance. In her mind, they would be the crowning glory to her new, sexy body. And a sexy modification that she would select, not Jim.

Months after the original comment, she finally mentioned it to him – that she thought her B’s should be expanded to Cs or even Ds, he was at first surprised and uncertain of her motives. But after several lengthy discussions, he eagerly approved.

After some research, an excellent surgeon was contacted and the procedure was scheduled. During her final pre-surgery discussion with the doctor, she threw caution to the winds and requested an implant volume that would take her to a DD cup. Go big or stay home!

A few weeks later the doctor güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri fulfilled her wish.

Her recovery was long and painful, in part because of the size of the implants that were installed to take her to her desired size.

Again, her remaining old friends thought she was nuts. Only the newer, kinkier ones appreciated her new shape. Many of them had already taken that step.

Jim, though, absolutely loved her new chest. Their sex was even better, if that was possible.

There was one issue though.

It had been months since Jim had locked her neck, and one sex filled weekend he decided it was time to again play with restricting her neck, so he pushed her head forward and locked it in place.

Where before, that position allowed her to only look at the ground in front of her, now, with her new breasts, all she could see were her boobs. They completely blocked her view.

She was virtually blind! Jim laughed his ass off. He loved that her new breasts were all she could see.

He kept her that way for an entire day, until his concern for her safety, as she stumbled around the house, overrode his sex-addled brain.

Her new breasts also required her to make substantial changes to her wardrobe. None of her tops or dresses fit anymore. With great delight, she spent months refilling her closet, and in doing so, she selected clothes that were sexy and revealing, on the verge of being sluttish. She did this in part, because Jim requested it, but also because she had somehow started actually enjoying her role as her husband’s sex object.

She even stopped caring, at least for the most part, what people thought. She was used to them judging her harshly, and was fairly content with ignoring their looks and comments.

Several months before their second wedding anniversary, Donna began pestering Jim about plans for another fun trip to Europe. Visiting Berlin, and Lena, were high on her list of things to do when they got there. She was looking forward to seeing Lena’s reaction to her new, trim and top-heavy body.

Jim was all too happy to plan another trip, and include a lengthy stay in Berlin on their itinerary.

With a couple of months to spare, he completed all of the plans and arrangements and they both began anxiously looking forward to yet another exciting vacation in their favorite, ‘get away from it all’ setting.

As was now their norm, they would fly into Amsterdam to devote their first ten days in that beloved city. They’d spend the following week touring other locales that they hadn’t yet explored, and then finish up their trip in Berlin for the final ten days. There, they intended to spend a lot of time with the friends they’d made on their previous visit.

Eventually, the day of their departure arrived and they jubilantly grabbed their flight. Both of them were delighted and looking forward to another repeat of the fun and adventures of their previous trips.

As soon as they got off the plane, they shifted into tourist mode and began enjoying themselves.

On their third day in Amsterdam, without warning, Jim took Donna back to the clinic where her decorations and accessories had been installed during the previous two visits.

Although she had kind of expected it, and in some warped sense looked forward to it, she was still nervous. She had no idea what Jim had planned for her this time. In the past, each item had made her life harder and the public bondage she had to endure had escalated.

As he led Donna into the building with her nose ring leash, Jim was feeling excited and happy, knowing what was to come.

The receptionist greeted them and they waited patiently for the doctor to retrieve them.

It wasn’t long before he showed up, greeting them warmly. He escorted them back into the depths of the clinic to yet another a treatment room.

This time Donna was asked to disrobe and put on a patient’s gown.

She did as instructed, wondering all the time what Jim had planned. She knew he wouldn’t tell her what was to come. It was always this way. He was fulfilling his fantasies, one by one, at her expense. And she had somehow learned to enjoy it.

Donna was escorted into a treatment room and positioned in a chair similar to those used by dentists.

She was then given a sedative, as they explained that it would be best if she slept through the procedure.

That worried her. What could they be doing that was so serious that she needed to be fully sedated?

She awoke sometime later, and immediately felt a pain in her chest. Not the ache of her implants but centered more on her nipples.

There was a nurse in the room with her and she saw that Jim was there too, quietly sitting in the corner.

Donna tentatively reached up to her breasts, and found that her nipples, where the pain was centered were covered with moist gauze pads.

The nurse came over and gently lifted the pads off, so Donna güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri could see and feel.

She discovered that she now had piercings filled with grommets, like the ones she had in her ears, mounted horizontally in her protruding nipples. They, though were not the only additions. Around the base of her nipples were large ‘shields’ that were attached to the grommets by some soldered connection.

The shields were shiny gold like her collar, and were big enough to completely cover her areolas.

Donna wasn’t surprised when the nurse explained that they were all quite permeant and that the shields were held in place by several through and through piercings in her breasts.

A technician came in, just then, and Jim got up with a package in his hand.

“Here are the attachments,” he said as he handed them to the woman.

Donna couldn’t see, but she suspected that they were rings to be inserted into her new gromets.

The technician took out two large rings the wire was about the thickness of a coat hanger, just like her hoop earrings. The rings themselves were about 2 inches in diameter. Huge!

Before putting them in place though, she attached three lengths of chain, each one longer than the other, between the two hoops and only then did she insert them into her nipples’ grommets. The two rings were then soldered shut, securing them them in place.

The three chains would drape down from her nipple rings and cover her tummy.

Donna, already not enthralled with her newes jewelry, thought that she was done until the woman took two more lengths of chain and attached one to either side of her collar’s central ring, she left them dangling as she cranked up the chair until Donna was sitting up straight.

At that point the tech asked Jim for some help. Jim took a breast in each hand and held them up as if they were supported by a half-bra, while the technician stretched the loose chains down to the top edge of the nipple shields. She carefully counted chain links and then held them taught so Jim could see. Jim nodded his approval and the woman cut the chains to length and then attached them to small holes at the top of their respective shields.

They were then carefully soldered in place, without burning her, both at the collar and at her breasts.

The woman then inspected everything before declaring the procedure complete and bidding them farewell.

The nurse, who had remained as an observer, handed Jim a hand mirror so he could show Donna her new jewelry.

Donna was not amused. She had spent a lot of time and suffering to get her new breasts, and now Jim had turned them into another public bondage accessory.

It was obvious to Donna that she would never be able to wear a bra again, although a shelf bra would probably work. One of the chains between her nipple rings was stretched taught and would prevent the cups of a normal bra from closing to her chest. The two chains from her collar would also get in the way of regular bra cups. They would, though provide some support, albeit only to her nipples.

The longest chain between her rings drooped down almost to her belly button, while the other one draped down midway between the two.

It was also obvious that her nipples were now made huge, due to the grommets, and they were pushed out by the shields. They would certainly tent out anything she wore. The giant rings would also distort any top or dress she put on and would be obvious to anyone who saw her.

Damn, she thought, her lovely and large, new breasts, designed to call attention to her beautiful body would now draw attention mainly because of her huge nipples and obvious jewelry.

She knew that with these new accessories, she would draw even more stares and comments than ever before.

When she looked up with tears forming in her eyes, Jim just smiled.

“Magnificent aren’t they. I just knew that I had to enhance your new breasts, and I think you’ll look fantastic with the new jewelry.”

All she could do in response was shake her head, sadly. Here I go again.

She dressed slowly, careful to avoid rubbing her very sensitive nipples against the material of her top. Of course, she didn’t even think about putting on her bra. The days of bras like the pretty ones she’d been wearing were over, replaced by chains and big rings.

When she was ready, she took a look in the mirror to confirm what she expected. Sure enough, the outlines of her nipples and rings were very evident, and as she moved, the outlines of the chains were on occasion, also discernable. The shape of her breasts was also different. With no bra her heavy breasts wanted to sag down, but the chains connecting to her collar held the nipples up. Movement made everything shift and jiggle. She’d have to find shelf bras to provide some support.

She laughed disgustedly and when Jim looked at her quizzically, she explained, “My bell jingles and my tits güvenilir bahis şirketleri jiggle.”

Jim laughed, “I love it all.”

“And so will everyone I meet.” Donna said, sighing.

Jim laughed again.

The nurse then handed Jim a jar of cream and a bottle of pills, explaining that they were both designed to minimize pain and encourage rapid healing. She claimed that the drugs were nearly miraculous in their abilities.

This time, when they walked out of the clinic, Donna saw that everyone was staring at her chest and her prominent nipples. Well, she thought wryly, they’re not staring at my face or collar any more.

Over the next several days, Donna was constantly distracted by the pain emanating from her nipples, as they walked around the city, enjoying the sights, food and drink of Amsterdam. She stopped at a lingerie shop and bought several shelf bras, that helped.

Jim wouldn’t let her make any substantial changes to her wardrobe. Her prominent nipples were constantly pushing out, tenting her tops. Of course, everyone noticed, and of course, Donna was embarrassed. She found it even harder now to ignore the stares and ribald comments.

She also started to suffer from back pain. Without the help provided by her old support bras, the weight of her large breasts put too much strain on her poor back. Jim also noted that her posture was suffering as the chains to her collar pulled down on her neck.

Concerned, Jim checked with the clinic, and was advised to take her to a corsetier, one of the few that still remained in business. The shop now mostly catered to the fetish crowd. A couple of ready-made examples were available, and they helped. The custom-made ones came soon (there was not a huge demand, these days, so there was little work backlog.)

They had ordered a number of them, that all included partial cups. There were white and black ones as well as several pastel shades. Some were lacy, while others were more functional. Most importantly, some were very strict and heavily boned, while others were softer and more delicate.

Donna appreciated the relief, the corsets supported her breasts and forced her into a straighter posture. What she didn’t like was the restrictions they enforced upon on her movements and breathing. Deep breaths were impossible and bending and twisting at the waist were quite difficult.

Each morning Jim had to help her get laced in, and he usually pulled the laces tighter than she liked.

Discouraging for Donna, the ones, with the most boning, and therefore the most restrictive and uncomfortable, provided the most support and the best relief for her back.

The new corsets, justified changes to her wardrobe as they gave her a much smaller waist and their structure pushed her breasts up and out. Wearing them, Donna’s breasts looked even larger, and her nipples and their jewelry were even more prominent.

Donna, and Jim too, enjoyed several long days buying new clothes for her. Jim, of course, always pushed for the most revealing and sexy outfits. Donna usually went along, but in several cases had to draw the line when Jim’s favorite was just too slutty.

She had a bad feeling that eventually, she’d wind up in those types of dresses and skirts someday, whether she liked it or not.

With her corsets and new outfits Donna did feel better. Her back bothered her less and she felt very sexy with her shapely body, her pretty new clothes and even with her prominent nipples. The outlines of her nipple rings, still bothered her as despite Jim’s compliments, they just seemed too whorish for public viewing.

Their love life remained as great as ever. Jim’s delight in playing with her nipple jewelry actually made it even better than it had ever been, if that was possible. Donna learned to love all of the attention he paid to her nipple decorations. The piercings seemed to have increased their sensitivity and she drew great pleasure in having them licked, kissed, sucked and manhandled.

As in their previous European visits, as Donna grew accustomed to her newest modifications and jewelry, and her bondage, she was able to enjoy their sightseeing more and more. The pain subsided and the stares grew less and less annoying.

By the time they made it to Berlin, she was not fully comfortable with her body and attire, but she did accept it as her new normal.

As they were both anxiously looking forward to rekindling their friendship with Lena and Hilde, as well as with Giselle and Rollie, Jim called Lena as soon as they headed to Berlin.

Lena was delighted about their return and invited them over for dinner the very next day at her home. They could enjoy a nice meal and party into night. She said that she’d invite Giselle and Rollie too.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by sexy Hilde in a purple latex cat suit. She ushered them into the lounge, where Lena, Giselle and Rollie were already waiting.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged, all around. Many of them were long and lingering. They all happily remembered their visit the previous year. Little appeared to have changed with Lena and Giselle. Hilde looked the same in her latex, and with her facial jewelry. Rollie, though looked even prettier than the last time they saw her.

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