Development of Hysteria Ch. 01

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If you want the juice skip to paragraph 5

Onnibel, an unassuming, plain young woman by public definition attends a specialized university; the area of accent is biotechnology research and development. Her field of expertise is identifying and classifying new/unidentified organisms. She had few people come in or go out of her lab, so little so that many of the creatures she identified would have been rejected by the board of deans. Onnibel stayed in the dorms just across the road from the lab rooms. In the lab, she tended to keep all of her lab equipment clean and separated into groups according to purpose, but her dorm could have had some work done.

On a sullen fall afternoon, a specimen was brought in from deliveries that had befuddled her colleagues of many calibre. She prudently slid one of the scalpels she had laying in a metal tray to the side under the cellophane tape running it along the seam of the box. The cardboard flaps swung open with ease revealing a smooth glass canister with a mesh-filtered breathing apparatus in the lid. Inside lay a semi flattened viscous clear mass of which shivered under the slightest acceleration. Onnibel brought over an electron microscope and unsealed the lid slipping the thing onto a metal tray and slicing a thin sheet of material on to a glass microscope slide. She adjusted the dials appropriately; the image came into focus slowly. No cells were present, but one peculiar item was present: as numerous as the atoms within the structure were tiny crystalline mechanisms that had four small LEDs arranged in a tetrahedral pattern and a silhouette of another four of what seemed like hypodermic needles on an atomic scale. She removed the slide but caught her coat sleeve on the eyepiece of the microscope dropping the slide into the canister where the glass shattered but was embedded in the organisms skin. At that point, she tried to remove the pieces of glass but only managed to cut the tip of her thumb and index finger. Closing the canister tightly, she left with her papers and her lab coat and was off to her dorm room.

What had occurred unbeknownst to her was that the creature had slipped into her bag of research papers when the glass she dropped ship the seal of its containment and she had turned canlı bahis her back to hang her lab coat up on a hook at the corner of the room. There, she went on to her dorm in which she set her bag down on her bed and stripped ready to take a shower to rinse off the experimental grime and bodily accumulations. Concurrently, the organism had slithered out of her bag, out to the living area, and had positioned itself between the two cushions of the couch. When she exited the shower, Onnibel dried herself hastily and threw on her casual wear: a set of tight-fitting jogging pants and a loose tank top. At that point, she swung onto the couch switching on her tablet to catch up on the internet videos she had missed during her work day. That is when the creature paled itself matching the pearly pink-white of its target and begun to roll towards the once bandaged wounds on her fingers of which the bandages she slid off after her shower.

Still absorbed in watching videos, She took no note of anything out of place, but the now skin-hued mass came near to the place where the bandages had been on her fingers being that she had removed them after showering and the wounds dried. It encapsulated the scratches and started quivering opening the wounds once more. From there, it entered her bloodstream, shrinking until it had disappeared altogether leaving no trace of entrance or scar. In her blood, it attached to nearly every cell in her body after just a few minutes. The only symptom she had noticed was a slight numbness in her skin and some minor itching.

That’s when the creature took control. To note, Onnibel was very physically unexciting: 5’8″, black-brown hair, bright blue eyes, a small frame, well-shaped 30 B-breasts, slightly curved, but not succubus status, and the only notable uniquity about her was the lone star tattoo that occupied the area on the front of where her left leg met her hip. The organisms fed off of Onnibel’s energy stimulating changes within her body. She took notice of a peculiar burning sensation in her clit; she paused the video she was watching, sat up, and slid down both her pants and undergarments unveiling a slightly plumper than erect clitoris. She poked it awkwardly and shivers gripped her from the newkindled sensitivity of the part. She bahis siteleri began rubbing it slowly, quaking in her seat with each down-movement. After a few minutes of this, Onnibel felt a rise in excitement and an accompanying glandular response. Her clit started to swell and she felt this pleasureful bliss circling her innermost thoughts and singing the clarity of her mind. These swift undulations became faster and ever more intense as she was now able to grasp her clit as opposed to stroking due to its size change from a mere half-inch button to a six-inch meatshaft. Harder and harder it became until the fires of guilty fun charred the string of her mind to snap under the weight of pleasure; waves of ecstasy rammed and jostled her, sweat beaded all over her body, her pussy lips enflamed and broadened accepting of any tool she may put there, natural lubricant started spilling out of her gaping pussywell, but most of all the outline of the head of a penis could be seen bold ending on her stone hard clit. To this, she was finally taken aback; she had not seen anything like it: it’s rim, bulbous head or arcing mast. About eight inches it had come to be, flaccid even. Two nodules, both two inches in diameter, formed from the top of her labia. She tucked her instruments back in her pants observing how noticeable the bulge was in her pants.

Later on, she passed out being that she had work again in the morning and she had to find the appropriate clothing to conceal her guilty secret. She returned to the lab where she threw on her lab coat again ready for her rigorous evaluation of organisms, but instead of the ordinary clipboard of serial numbers for the unclassified creatures downstairs, there was left eight more boxes identical to her encounter the previous day. Onnibel mood giddied as she juggled the possibilities in her mind. Wasting no time, she sliced open each package carefully. She then unsealed each container setting the masses gently into a larger pressurized storage capsule in which she could sneak out of the lab. At the end of her workday, she had had no problems getting used to her new facet. She tucked the storage container into her pack and hurried to her room.

Pulling out and unsealing the capsule, she placed the creature in the centre of bahis şirketleri her bed. She then pulled off all her attire revealing herself to the organism. In response, the organism again turned to match her skin color. She introduced to the creature her already hungry cuntflesh, where it wiggled in ever so smoothly letting her gape shut behind its entrance. For the first few seconds nothing appeared different except the very apparent nine-months-pregnant-with-triplets bulge instead of her always flat belly. A minute passed, and the bulge disappeared leaving nothing in its wake. A somewhat disappointed Onnibel threw back on her undergarments and slid under the covers.

A aching pain racked her chest in the midnight moon; she woke up with a start ripping the covers off her rigid body. Thus she discovered the source of her awakening: her breasts were quivering and bloating like the filling of a helium balloon but with flesh and skin. Her measly 30 B had erupted into two bustling balls of breastmeat at a 72 H. But this was not the surprise: her muff, ass and day-old dick had appropriated themselves to the proportions of her breasts reforming to six inches, twice the amount of malleable meat, and thrice the amount of flesh respectively. Ogling her extraordinary assets, she fondled each one thoroughly: stuffing a gargantuan toy her best friend had got her as a parting gift being a foot across and three feet long (it was more of a joke at the time, but she fit the whole dildo in without a hint of stretching), also fitting the toy’s partner in her accepting assflesh, as well as breast- and throat- fucking her dick into submission. Again, the burning resumed and she was ripped asunder by the flames of joy. Riding the waves as she would anything she could stuff in her unpleasable pussyhole. She removed the two toys replacing the,pm to their prior positions: stuck in a suitcase hidden under her nightstand. Onnibel also recovered her dick back to a manageable foot long only after cumming litres into her gullet. Satisfied with her work, she put her brazier back on unable to stuff all the breastflesh into the whimsy B-cup, so she left the clasp undone and didn’t even attempt to return her panties. Then, she retired, energetically deprived from her prior ordeal. She failed to take note of the unopened mail on the table of which three were from seperate colleagues whom were sending their specimens with their physical evaluation sheets and opinions to her that following week.

To be continued…

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