Dinner Party – A Cuckold Journey

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• Linda, hotwife, 33 years old, a tight & fit yoga instructor of Mediterranean Italian heritage with olive skin tone and long, luscious, brown hair, and curvaceous proportions. Linda has an insatiable sexual appetite, has always dreamed of a manly man, but learned only after marriage that her husband held cuckold and sissy tendencies. Loves her husband but resents that he did not reveal this until after they got married. Feels cheated. Agrees to a cuckold marriage, and comes to enjoy dominating and humiliating her husband.

• Tony is Linda’s 35 year old husband, an average guy, white, proper Englishman, slender body type, milquetoast, slightly effeminate, poorly endowed with a 3.5 inch erect penis, thumb size girth, and minimal lasting power. Tony is highly educated and earns a good living. He takes care of Linda in every way, except one. Feels proud to have a wife of Linda’s beauty, but regrets that he cannot satisfy her in bed. Linda has changed his name from Tony to Tina to reinforce his submission.

• Brad, a 30 year old hunky masculine man and Tony’s boss at work. Muscular, tall, dark skin French-speaking Arab. Confident, dominant mannerisms. Physically in-shape, satisfies Linda with exceptional sexual prowess and stamina. Cares for Linda with much affection and wild, rough sex. He tolerates Tony as Linda’s wimp husband because she loves him. He enjoys putting Tony in his place, especially at Linda’s urging.

Other characters:

• Five party guests have some role at the party, and stay behind after the dinner:

o Jim and Julianne are coworkers of Tony’s. Julianne was once more junior to Tony, but will become his manager during the story.

o Susan and Matt are two additional co-workers.

o Karen is Brad’s secretary, a stereotypical young woman with hourglass figure and a knack for having fun.

• Other characters are non-descript, nameless guests who come for the initial party but are otherwise not important.

** Start of Dinner party:

Brad and Linda wanted to host a dinner party with several co-workers and friends. The big question on everyone’s mind was how to manage the invitation and party. From my perspective, I strongly recommended that Linda and I would be the hosts, and Brad would show up as one of the office guests. Brad was more adamant that he wanted to co-host the event as Linda’s significant other, which would put me in an awkward spot to be “outed” in front of them which I was not prepared for. Linda and I have never discussed this, and I was furious that they would bring it up for discussion without first consulting me privately. We both looked to Linda to decide. She was clearly very conflicted and said that she would have to think about it.

After dinner, she said she wanted to speak to me alone. “Brad, would you excuse me while I talk to Tina.”

“Sure, babe!” he said.

I prepared myself mentally to take a hard line on the issue. We walked over to the formal dining room, away from where Brad could hear us. She sat down and motioned for me to sit next to her. She pulled up the chair very close. “Tony, I think we’ve come far along enough that we should be honest…Brad told me that people at work are already gossiping. Are you aware of that?”

I paused and then replied, “Yes, I kind of suspected that.”

Linda looked at my sympathetically, “Husband, why didn’t you tell me?” I stared away, not sure what to say. “We should just think about whether to come clean. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I love you, and that will never change. This event may provide us the perfect window to announce it on our terms. What do you think?”

My mind was racing, and I didn’t even know where to begin. “Why do we have to announce it at all? How would we introduce guests? What would they think of us? And me?”

Linda put me at ease, “It’s simple. Brad and I would simply host the dinner together, as a couple.”

“And how would that work?” I asked.

Linda offered up, “Well, we’d have to figure that out. Here’s one way, just imagine. As the guests arrive, you’d be serving the food and drinks. After the appetizers, we’d bring everyone together to make a formal announcement about our cuckold-mistress-bull relationship. Then we’d each say a few words while the wine glasses are being served.”

I was shocked as I listed quietly.

She continued, “Then we would bring out the French maid uniform, and formally christen your place as the dinner host. After you change into the outfit, Brad and I would kiss each other, and you would begin to serve dinner to everyone. After maybe dinner, we could have a public spanking demonstration?”

“No, no way!” I said, “How could I live with myself?” I walked away. I was upset at the idea, and wanted to be by myself and avoid saying anything regrettable. I sulked for a while looking out the window at the road. It was raining steadily. The wind was blowing the fall leaves down the road. I saw birds flying to and from the feeder preparing for winter. With every season it seemed that things were changing, but this change in our lifestyle was not something I was not prepared for. I never dreamed bahis firmaları that my private fantasy could ever become an open, public affair.

Linda walked up to me and gave me a loving hug. “Husband, listen to me.” I was still pissed off, and did not give any reply. She caressed me tenderly as she pressed her luscious breasts into me, “I understand if you don’t want to open up to others, and I respect that. I promised you that this was always something we would agree to start together and grow together with. If you’re not comfortable in going public, we won’t do it, all right?” I looked at her with some doubt as if she really meant it. She read my mind, “Yes, I’m sincere. We won’t force you to do this at all.”

“Ok, thank you. I’m just not ready for my cuckolding to go beyond the three of us,” I replied, relieved that she was respecting my decision on this.

She added, “Of course, I can imagine how humiliating it is even now, and why you would hesitate for others to know. I’ll let Brad know that we can do the party, but only with you and I hosting, and he will have to come and act like a guest just like everyone else. He’ll understand.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “He sounded adamant.”

“Yes, I’m confident, and I’m sure he will respect our decision, because it’s coming from me, ok?”

I was satisfied and relieved with my wife’s understanding. She whispered something to Brad in his ear, but surprisingly briefly. He nodded, smiled, caressed her hair, and went about his business like it was no big deal. I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked her casually how she explained it to Brad, but she just smiled and didn’t reply.

We passed through the evening without another mention of the party. Linda realized that she had pushed me too far, and I felt a certain validation that she stuck up for me, and that I had some say as her husband in the matter. Brad, for his part, was cooperative and did not show any resentment. We conversed like friends throughout dinner. A few weeks ago, I would have found it very difficult to talk about sports, politics, and business in the presence of another man in front of my wife while dressed in a skirt. With my wife’s encouragement, it had become more natural now, although still humiliating.

A week later, at the party itself, I was dressed like my conventional self – pants and shirt. But I was not enjoying myself. I found it hard to be involved in the conversations. Brad and Linda were actively chatting with others. He was the life of the party. He proposed a toast to celebrate the holidays. He was witty and quick, and everyone was drawn to his cheerful personality. I was struggling to find interesting things to talk about, and had nothing much to say in most matters.

Linda was enjoying herself too, drinking and talking to all the guests. She seemed to flow easily from one group to another, and people sought her out to talk. She hardly seemed to notice me or include me at all. Several times when I tried to enter into conversations, it felt awkward, and the conversations would dry up.

I was growing frustrated over my own lack of socializing skills. I disappeared quietly upstairs where I could “hide away”. After about 20 minutes I heard Linda coming upstairs calling for me. “Tony, are you here?” She opened the door and exclaimed, “Oh, there you are, honey! We were wondering what happened to you?”

I replied back in a much more subdued tone, “Well, you were all having such a great time that I decided to catch up on my reading.”

Linda looked at me for a moment, then closed the door, and stood near the corner of the bed, crossing her legs and sipping her drink. “Are you not having a good time?” she asked sincerely.

“No, not really…I don’t really enjoy small talk with everyone, and it hardly feels like our party,” I replied glumly. “Brad is getting all the attention.”

“So I think that is what’s really bothering you, isn’t it?” she concluded.

“No, that’s not everything, maybe a little. It’s just that the two of you have such an easy time mingling and having fun, and I feel left out, you know, sort of…”

“Invisible?” she interjected.

“Yes, invisible is a good way to describe the feeling,” I replied resentfully. “So you know, then how come you don’t make an effort to include me more? You know that socializing is not my cup of tea!”

“Tony, I’m happy to include you, but you’re a grown man. It’s your home, your friends. You know there’s nothing preventing you from enjoying the party with everyone.”

I sat silently fuming, looking away from her. I just wanted to be alone. Linda sat down and put her arms around me lovingly.

“Look, I know what’s really bothering you. Brad is popular, and you are outwardly resenting that, but it’s not his fault, nor can you blame yourself. He’s a dominant extrovert, and you are an introvert and a submissive. I love you both for what you are. You need to be true to your own nature, darling. When the three of us are alone, you are completely at ease, and look how happy it makes all three of us. Yet, at this party, you’re trying so hard to be something that you aren’t. Just accept that you can’t kaçak iddaa compete with Brad. You are never going to be the center of attention…hell, you can’t handle being the center of attention, so why are you trying to pretend? One thing I can promise you is that if you truly embrace who you are, you will be happier.”

“I don’t know…it’s just hard being in my own home and feeling I’m left out.”

“Well, the choice is yours. Don’t take the wrong way, honey, this is our party. You can sit here and sulk like a whiny baby, or come back down and make a better effort to mingle.”

“No thanks,” I said, feeling like it was all my fault. My chilly stubbornness was apparent. She looked at my disapprovingly and kind of sadly, then turned and left, closing the door to leave me in my self-pity.

I thought about what she said again and again, stuck in a rut. I started to repeat her specific words, “embrace myself.” What the hell did she mean? “I am comfortable with myself…I had strong self-esteem. What could she have meant?” I wondered to myself. It was true that I felt a small pang of shame for resenting someone else for my own short-comings, but I was more upset with her for pointing out my inferiority complex around Brad. Who did she think she was to analyze me and then walk away with some psychological mandate to “embrace myself.” My heart rate had swelled and my face was flush. I dared not go down for fear of showing everyone how upset I was. Instead I texted Linda angrily “What the hell do you mean by embrace myself?” I tossed the phone aside and buried myself in my book.

I could hardly concentrate though, not only with the music and noise from the party, but just simmering in resentment over the way she had dismissed me. I didn’t expect she would even hear the phone ping, much less take time to respond. But about 10 minutes later, she texted me back, “Let me know if you sincerely want to understand.” I wrote back in a snarky tone, “Yeah, why else would I ask?” Not a minute later, I got an answer, “Ask your dick. Would he like to be a stud at the party? Or would he prefer that you wear a skirt and serve drinks to everyone?” The instant I read this, my penis grew erect. Her words hit me like a slap in the face. She knew me so well. She followed up with another message ‘Which will you embrace – sulking Tony or happy Tina?”

It’s like she was in my head. I was a natural cuck. My wife knew it, Brad knew it, my penis was keenly telling me that. And now my mind was coming to terms with it too. On the one hand I felt like she was manipulating me, but I knew that it wasn’t true. She was simply helping me see myself as she knew. I was starting to appreciate it. I looked again at the message to re-read the words. Sure enough the question was staring me in the face – what role did I really want to have at the party. The thought of being paraded around as her sissy cuckold in front of our guests suddenly excited me tremendously. I typed excitedly, relieved, liberated in a sense. I wrote to her, “Darling, sorry for being so stubborn. I’m ready to embrace myself as happy Tina. Can we talk?” I hesitated before sending the message to take a deep breath and absorb the moment. I hit send, and then lay down to relax.

I heard Linda coming up the stairs and saying to someone, “I’ll be right back…” She came up to my room soon enough and beamed at me with a smile. She asked me what I meant specifically. I explained, “Linda, I’d like to come back to the party as your cuckold. I want to come clean about our 3-way relationship openly. I’m tired of hiding, and what you said is true – I need to embrace myself as I am to be happy.”

She looked doubtful, “Are you really ready to come out and announce it? To everyone?”

“Yes,” I said confidently.

“You realize that this would be quite embarrassing, even downright humiliating, right? Your co-workers will treat you differently.”

“Yes, I realize that. I think some suspect something already, so I think it’s better that they know you’re cuckolding me with my knowledge and approval than for them to think that you’re cheating behind my back. If you’re fine with it, so am I.”

“Very well then,” Linda sighed and smiled at me sweetly. “I’m very proud of you. You know that I love you in a way that I can never love Brad; you are my husband, and my soul mate.”

“Thank you, Linda, I love you more than you can imagine. But it’s clear that you also love Brad in some other ways that you can’t love me!”

We both laughed. “That’s true too,” she added with a wink, “and I bet you really want to know how, don’t you, you wimpy little sissy cuck!”

“You know I do, please tell me all the things that Brad does that I can’t”, I begged.

She continued to torment me, in a seductive voice, leaning right up close to my ear, “You can only dream about it…when he and I are making love, his beefy member slides in deep and hard, and rides me all the way up to heaven, again and again. The pleasure is so intense and beyond anything I can describe to you. He makes me feel like a woman desires.” She stroked me through my pants as the racy details continued, “You, on the other hand, can’t kaçak bahis satisfy me like that, because your weenie is too little and it can’t last long, can it? It feels more like a soggy tampon inside of me.” Her teasing was so intense that I could hardly think anymore.

Just then, someone knocked. Linda got up to open the door and let Brad in. “Hi, Linda, Tony. Is everything okay?”

“Brad, yes, everything’s just great. Guess what! Tony says that he’s ready to come clean with everyone about our relationship. How awesome is that?” she bubbled.

With a puzzled look, he asked, “Wow, really? Tina, you were so hesitant about this. Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, Sir, I welcome it.”

He continued, “So you’re okay going to the office on Monday knowing that all of your peers will know that I’m banging your wife–“

“And that you have to wear a skirt and panties in your own home?” Linda added.

“Yes, yes, I accept all of that,” I said standing up.

“Well then, let’s not waste any time. Are you ready to join the party?” Brad asked. “When we announce this to everyone, I hope you’re ready for a hazing.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m ready, I’m sure” I replied.

Brad still had a look of hesitation on his face. He turned his attention to Linda and whispered something to her. It sounded like he was having doubts about whether I was sincere, or if I was going to fall apart. She reassured him that I was ready to submit openly. I sighed and waited. Linda turned and walked over to me and said sternly, “Tony, you damn well better be 100% certain about this. There is no turning back once you announce to the whole office that your wife cuckolds you and your boss is sleeping openly with your wife. Brad cares about you enough that he doesn’t want you to go into this prematurely and freak out when he kisses me in front of everyone or when I tell your co-workers how you get your ass whipped by your wife.”

I had to reiterate, “Linda, and Sir Brad, I know it must be surprising to you that I’ve had this sudden change of heart, but Linda helped me see things very clearly. I’m completely convinced that this is the way to go. We have nothing to fear. I trust you both, and I submit.”

Linda nodded in affirmation to him. They paused and we all smiled. Linda instructed me, “All right then. I want you to go to our closest. In the corner, there is a white box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it. I want you to bring that downstairs and keep it on the side.”

“What’s in the box?” I asked.

“None of your business. You’ll find out when the time is right. Brad and I want to honor you in a special way at the gathering.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see…” They headed downstairs as I went to retrieve the box and followed them downstairs. For a while, we all mingled again. I poured myself some wine and prepared a plate of chips. I was giddy with excitement. I struck up a conversation with Julianne and Jim, peers of mine on the same team who I had known for several years. Jim and I had joined the firm about 3 years ago, and both had gotten promoted to associate managers. We shared a lot of interests in sports and politics and often hung out together. Julianne had joined the team about 2 years, straight out of some fancy MBA program. She initially reported to me, but then they did a re-organization where they flattened the hierarchies. She had worked hard to get promoted twice in two years to the same title as Jim and me now. She was well regarded in her role by the whole office.

It was then that I noticed Linda standing in the kitchen / dining room open area. She was clinging her wine glass with a spoon to call attention. Brad himself was far away, standing around with some of the guys. She motioned for me to come over so I excused myself as the party suddenly hushed up.

“Hi everyone… Tony and I wanted to thank you for coming over today. We’re having a great time and I hope you are also. Dinner is going to be ready soon, but while it’s warming up, Tony and I have a special personal announcement that we’d like to make.” Everyone was all ears now, looking at Linda and me.

She paused momentarily, as if to build up the drama, and then continued in a more serious tone of voice, “I’m not sure quite how to explain what I’m about to explain, except to start by saying that Tony and I have been married 12 years, 12 awesome years, with each year getting better and better. We love each other unconditionally.” She paused while making the speech to look around. It hit me then that this was a point of no return. I was being outed in public, a momentous step in the evolution of our relationship. I felt a deep rumbling of anxiety in my gut. Linda winked at me and then continued, “Well, rest assured that none of that is going to change. What we wanted to let you know now is that we recently embraced what you might call an alternative lifestyle. It’s called cuckolding, and it means that I have an open relationship with another man, while Tony remains completely faithful to only me, and it’s something that he and I both want.” She said it very confidently, as a matter of fact. Our friends were all smiling. Some had raised their glasses as if to toast, others were whispering to each other. There was a hushed silence over the dramatic news. Several people looked confused as others explained to them what it meant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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