Don’t Violate Me, I’ll Do Anything!

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“I don’t think I need to elaborate why you were called in today, Gia,” probation officer Max Collins said.

She crossed her arms, deep blue eyes glowering at him. “Because you’re a dick for having me dragged down here over a bunch of bullshit.”

“One of the conditions of your probation is not associating with Tyrone Williams or any of his friends.”

“He’s my boyfriend.”

“Makes no difference; you shouldn’t have been in his neighborhood to begin with. Do you have any idea what it was like for me to be alerted early yesterday morning after Williams’ residence was raided by the drug task force and you were found in bed with him?”

“We weren’t doing any drugs,” Gia protested.

“Funny you mentioned such since your latest test came back positive for marijuana.”

“I only smoked a little bit. I’m eighteen and can do what I want.”

“No you cannot, young lady. You’re on probation for a reason. Instead of giving me attitude, you should be considering yourself lucky I wanted to have a discussion before deciding on whether or not to violate you.”

“You’re going to violate me over a little pot and seeing my friends? God, you’re a total dud for someone in their early thirties.”

“People who get you in trouble aren’t your real friends, Gia.”

Max couldn’t help but wonder why such a beautiful young woman would throw away her future by shoplifting, hanging out with and offering easy sex to a bunch of street thugs, and smoking marijuana.

She had shimmering dark hair, a tight, tanned body with long legs, and full breasts. She wore a cut off T-shirt with no bra underneath and tight denim shorts barely covering her ass.

It was all it took for Max not to stare any longer than needed without getting an erection.

I’m not giving up on this girl, he thought. Perhaps a violation will hammer some sense into her.

“I’m sorry, but given this latest development and your attitude, I have no choice.”

Her defiant demeanor changed, voice quivering in fear. “I’m sorry, Mr. Collins! I can’t risk going back to jail. Please don’t violate me…I’ll do anything! No more stealing, no more pot. I’ll stay away from Tyrone and his friends, suck your dick, look for a job – whatever!”

Max was taken aback. “Did you just say ‘suck my dick’? This isn’t a game, Gia.”

“I’m serious. If that’s one thing that it will take not to violate me, I’ll do it.”

Her hand lightly brushed his thigh. “You think I never noticed how you look at me? And…well, you are kind of hot for an older guy.”

“All right, but not a word to anyone about this.”

“Oh yeah, as if I’d blab to the world about giving my PO a blow job.”

He got up from behind his desk and locked the door. “You’re lucky I have a back office with considerable degrees of privacy.”

Max turned back canlı bahis şirketleri to Gia and stripped naked, exposing the longest and thickest cock she’d seen on a white guy. She licked her lips in approval, noting fully hard member could’ve easily rivaled Tyrone’s and the other “homeboys” she’d slept with.

She didn’t realize her mouth was open until she felt Max’s throbbing shaft slide between her lips and began to push it steadily deeper until the entire length was buried in her mouth.

“That’s it, baby, take down all that cock and give it a good sucking.”

Gia proceeded to give Max a blow job to remember, something he seldom received from his bitch wife. He softly groaned while she orally serviced him; one hand pumped his hard shaft and the other caressed his balls.

Max pushed her head toward his hips and fucked her face until he felt his cock hit the back of her throat, amazed she didn’t gag the entire time.

Probably got plenty of experience from sucking all that hood dick, he thought.

“Let me see those eyes, baby,” he panted. “Yeahhhh…your talent is far too good to waste on a bunch of immature hoodlums. A beautiful young woman like you needs a real man.”

She popped his cock from her mouth. “Do you like that?”

“Oh, that feels awesome. Now suck my balls.”

Gia kept her eyes fixated on Max as she altered between suctioning each nut, licking the shaft up and down, and again gulped his entire member. Her experienced mouth worked it over for about ten more minutes before he stopped her.

“You like my dick?”

“Uh huh…I do.”

“I may need a little more convincing.”


“How about a fuck, baby?”

“What? I thought you just wanted your dick sucked. Are you serious?”

Max pulled her up from the floor. “Yeah. Get your clothes off. I want to fuck you.”

“Okay…” Gia became aroused at the thought being with an older man. She kept her eyes fixated on Max as she seductively removed her T-shirt and shorts.

“Like what you see, big boy? Do I turn you on?”

His cock ached at the sight of her naked body and shaved pussy. “Hell yes. Turn around so I can have a better look at that ass.”

She turned and displayed a firm yet round bottom. Max ran his large hands over the soft flesh, giving each cheek a light slap.

“Ohhh, look at that. So big and sexy. You are so beautiful. Lay on the desk and spread your legs, baby. I want to eat your pussy.”

Max dove his head between her shapely thighs, flicking her clit and exploring her slit with his tongue. He licked, sucked, and teased Gia’s entire cunt for several minutes, with most concentration on her clit until she was close to coming.

He buried his entire face in her crotch, tongue fucking Gia before sliding two fingers into her opening. She cried out canlı kaçak iddaa in ecstasy, her body shaking with a violent orgasm.

Max pulled her onto his lap, guiding his cock inside her. He pushed Gia and down on it, slowly at first, and then increasing the tempo.

The sensations she felt from the force of her body being slammed onto her probation officer’s cock made Gia hornier, reveling in the sensation of his rock-hard pole buried in her willing twat.

“Oh my God, Mr. Collins…your big cock feels so good inside me. I love how it fills my pussy. Yeah, fuck me…fuck me.”

Max slapped her ass and slammed her body up and down his shaft. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh God, you’re so good. Come on, come on, come, you want to come? Come on, do it for me. I want to hear you come. “

Gia’s hands pushed against his body and moaned with pleasure as he pushed deeper each time. Max started hammering into her sweet spot, her breasts bouncing with every motion. He grunted, slamming Gia harder onto his member until she screamed out her second climax.

Max pulled her from his lap when her orgasm abated. “Get back on your knees and clean your cum off me,” he panted.

Gia practically swallowed his entire length and sucked with enthusiasm. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

“You like tasting your own cum?”

“Mmmmm…I love it.”

“Oh yeah, baby…you have the hottest mouth. Let’s fuck some more. Would you like that?”


“Get up and sit on my cock in the opposite direction.”

“Oh my God…” Gia moaned as she sank on Max’s throbbing member and began riding Max reverse-cowgirl style. “Oooohhhh…”

“Feel good?”


“Like taking my cock in that horny little cunt, huh?”

“God, yes!”

“You’re so hot and slutty, Gia. I want to make you come again.”

“Yes..yes.” She increased the speed of her bouncing. “Do it…do it. Bet your wife doesn’t fuck you like this, does she?”

“Not very often.”

“Is it better with me?”

“Way better, baby.”

Gia began riding Max faster while he fondled her enormous breasts. “You’ve always wanted me, huh? Do you think about me while fucking your wife, Mr. Collins? You like playing with my big tits? Yessss…you definitely wanted this young pussy for a long time.”

“Mmmm, yeah. Do I give it to you better than all the homeboys you spread your legs for?”

“God, yes. Tyrone and his friends never gave me as many orgasms.” She bounced wildly and furiously rubbed her clit, her climax drawing closer. “Fuck…I’m going to come!”

“Do it again, Gia,” Max hissed. “Do it all over my cock.”

“Mmmm…ohhh…oh my God, yesss!!” she screamed when another strong orgasm washed over her body. “Deeper! Fuck deeper! Oh, yes…YES!”

She slowed her bouncing after coming on his canlı kaçak bahis cock as a low moan of satisfaction escaped his lips before rising from his lap.

Max was still hard and wanted more of her. “Bend over my desk,” he ordered, pushing her towards it.

She positioned herself against the edge and spread her legs. Max entered her from behind, building up a tempo of deep thrusts as sights, sounds, and smells of raw sex filled his office.

He gave her ass light slaps. “I can tell you’ve seen a lot of action. You fuck a lot of young thug boys, huh? How does it feel taking a real man’s dick for once?”

“Mmmm yes,” she moaned. “Ram me like the dirty hood slut I am. You feel so fucking good.”

“You’re the best goddamned sex I ever had; much better than what I get from my wife.”

Gia looked back at him with clenched teeth. “Yeah, and I better get something in return.”

Max pumped in and out of her harder. “I’m still thinking things over.”

“Fuck me, you old bastard. You want to feel me come again?”

“Do it…do it. Come on, come on…oooooooooohhh, yes…come for me…come on…”

“Yes, Mr. Collins! Yes! Oh, God, here it is!”

“Oh fuck yes, baby; I need more of you.”

“Tell me about it.”

“My cock feels like heaven deep inside you.”

“Yeah? You like fucking your probationer?”

“Yes…yes. I love it. I love it. I got you, Gia, I got you. I love your hungry pussy.”

“Fuck your hood slut raw, baby. I can’t get enough of that big nasty cock.”

Max smacked her ass and sped up his thrusts. “Like that?” Another slap. “Like that?” Yet a harder smack. “How about that?”

“Yes!” Gia cried in her final orgasm. “Ohhhhhh my God!”

“Mmmm, your pussy muscles clamping on my shaft feels amazing. You know what?”


“I’m going to come. I’m going to come, baby.”


“Yeah. Where do you want my cum?”

“You want to come all over my face?”

“On your face?”

“Yeah..on my face.”

“On your face…” Max pummeled her with every bit of strength and smacked her ass. “Oh yes, I want to shoot my load all your beautiful face!”

Reaching his orgasm, he quickly withdrew and forced Gia to her knees, the first spurts of cum hitting her cheeks. He grunted and stroked harder as additional shots of sperm landed on her nose, chin, forehead, and in her hair.

“Ohhhh, Gia.” He collapsed on a chair behind his desk. “That was so fucking good. Thank you so much.”

“Have you decided whether or not to violate me?”

Max got up, opened a window, and started getting dressed. “I’ll give one more chance to meet the conditions of your probation.” He tossed Gia her clothes and offered Kleenex to wipe her face. “I suggest you take advantage of it, young lady.”

She cleaned up and threw on her shorts and T-shirt. “Thank you, Mr. Collins; you won’t regret it.”

Gia then paused at the door, winked, and gave him a sexy stare. “Call me anytime…and I mean anytime for ANY thing.”

Max would’ve been insane not to consider an enticing offer…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20