Dreaming Fantasy

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The characters and events in this story are works of fiction and do not bear any deliberate resemblance to any people or occurrences.


I took off my clothes and panties and bra, and got into bed, picking up the book on the bedside table and opening it at the bookmarked page.

I’d had a long day at work, and finally felt relaxed. I’d poured myself a hot chocolate, and was eagerly sipping at that as I fell into the world in the book, picturing myself as the heroin, and a tall, strong man with black neck-long hair as the protagonist.

I pictured him stood atop a rock, in a black frock coat with golden trim, a black waistcoat underneath, dark crimson pants, knee-high black leather riding boots, a rapier sword hanging sheathed from his belt and crowned with a black fedora hat.

As I read on, I kept imagining the hero as he swung in to save me from the baddies, who had me tied up in a train, knocking a couple overboard, fist fighting with one of the others.

I gasped as he got knocked down, and kicked in the ribs. He suddenly rolled over to one side and got up, drawing his sword, managing to drive his aggressor back far into a corner.

All of a sudden, I felt a hand push my head to one side, my long brown hair flung over across my face, and the tip of a knife being touched to my neck. Was it all over?

The chapter concluded, and I flicked over to the next page, tossed my bookmark in and snapped it shut. I’d have to wait ’til tomorrow to find out.

I put the book down on my bedside table, slid further into the covers, tugged them up to cover my shoulders, and flicked the light off.

I descended into sleep after a while, and I felt my body fall apart from relaxation.

An image soon loomed into view. I couldn’t see him all that well, but I recognised the boots, the coat, the hat and the sword immediately. My heart skipped a beat as I rushed towards him, arms outstretched.

As I got closer, and I glimpsed his face, I realised he was familiar to me. When his face emerged from the darkness, my eyes widened as I stared at Mark’s face.

Mark is a co-worker of mine, and although we never talk, he has caught my eye a few times, our gazes meeting and an exchange of smiles. I’ve even caught him looking over at me from his desk more than once, as well. We’d never spoken, just admired each other from afar.

I didn’t know if he had a girlfriend or not, but I sure as hell wanted to know.

As we met each other in my dream, his arms wrapped canlı bahis around me, pulling me into a hug, and I found myself returning it, squeezing him tightly into me, pressing my breasts against his chest, feeling them being squashed by him.

The image shifted, and we were in my bedroom. Mark and I were both completely naked, a huge cock stood firmly at attention before me, all 9 inches rigid and visibly pulsing, crying out for attention.

I knelt down before him, and grasped the base of his monster with a hand, steadying it so that I could guide it into my waiting mouth.

I wrapped my lips around the head, and swirled my tongue around the head, pushing it under the foreskin, tasting Mark as he moaned above me.

I felt his cock twitch as I continued to lick between his foreskin and his cockhead, tasting the precum oozing from the tip.

I slowly took more of him into my mouth, and felt the head touch the back of my throat. I started to bob my head up and down his cock, and worked the rest of his shaft with my hand in time with my head motion.

I heard Mark moan louder and felt him start to thrust against me as I got faster and faster, more precum oozing into my mouth.

I was starting to get really turned on by Mark’s noises, and my free hand shot down and started to massage my aching clit. Aaaaaah, that felt good!

I pulled Mark’s cock out of my mouth enough so just the head was inside it, and started to jerk his cock as fast as possible with my hand, willing for him to cum in my mouth.

Mark didn’t disappoint, and after only a few seconds, let loose his cum inside my mouth, a huge load splashing against the back of my throat, the roof of my mouth, my tongue, my cheeks, filling my mouth up and tasting so good!

When Mark had finished unloading, I swallowed his cum and got up on the bed, splayed my legs, and Mark came forwards and lined his cock up with my waiting pussy.

I felt his cockhead press lightly against me, teasing me, a jolting sensation tingling through my body in anticipation.

Then he pushed forwards, his penis parting the walls of my vagina and gliding into my womanhood with ease as I felt him fill me up. God! He felt so good inside me!

Then he stopped, and seemed to savour the moment. I looked down, and saw that he hadn’t got his whole cock inside me yet! There was still at least another 3 inches to go!

He started to push again, and I saw his cock get swallowed by my sobbing cunt, and I fell backwards and moaned at bahis siteleri the feeling of him pressing further and further into me.

Fuck! How much more was there to go?! He just kept pushing and pushing his cock deeper and deeper into me! I thought he would never stop! I felt my pussy stretch and squeeze around his throbbing member as it tried to get back to its original shape.

Then I felt his hips come into contact with me, and his balls gently slap me, and I knew he was there. Fuck! It felt like I was being prised apart by a red hot iron! I was starting to pant as my arousal increased even more.

He then leant down and grasped my right breast, and pushed to towards me, offering me my nipple. I took it in my mouth and started to suck on it obediently. My hand came up and took over from his, pushing my breast towards me, keeping my nipple in my mouth as I flicked the tip with my tongue and suckled on it.

I then felt Mark’s lips wrap around my other nipple, and the suction he managed was incredible! I felt like my nipple was going to be torn right off!

I moaned at the feeling of both my nipples getting sucked at the same time, a wave of pleasure coursing through me with each pulse of suction.

Mark sped up his suckling and his rhythm lost time with mine, the pulsing from my left breast amplified massively over my right!

I felt myself getting lost in the moment, and took a sharp inhale when Mark, who was still sucking on my tit like a man possessed, started to move his hips, pulling his cock out of my tender pussy and pushing back in, fucking me with his throbbing nine-incher, my pussy stretching and contorting with every thrust.

Holy shit! I dropped my nipple out of my mouth and moaned loudly, the pleasure starting to well up inside me, getting too great for me to control.

Mark took my other breast and pushed them together so he could suck on both my nipples at the same time, causing me to spasm as the pleasure I was experiencing was magnified tenfold!

I was about to cum! I could feel the familiar sensation of an orgasm rapidly approaching! Almost there! Almost!

Mark pulled out of me, dropping my tits from his mouth, and straddled my chest, his cock right in my face, and pulled my hand to his cock. I instinctively wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke it and jerk it off as hard and as fast as I could!

Mark moaned loudly, and I knew he was about to cum! I sped up my actions and began to lick the head. That proved to be too much bahis şirketleri for him.

A jet of cum lashed out of his cock and landed on my face, a huge thick sticky trail across from my right cheek to above my left eye. A second spurt landed on the bridge of my nose, leaking down either side and into my eyes.

The third one landed on my lips, and as I went to lick it and taste him again, I found myself alone on my bed, the covers pushed aside, and a huge stain between my legs where my pussy had been leaking.

In the midst of my panting, I reached up and ran a hand over my face. Bone dry. But it had felt so real. I had felt the cum land on my face. I tasted it when he came in my mouth.

My pussy was painfully aching for attention. I switched the light on, and reached under the bed and removed a solid black plastic box. I opened the lid, and took out a long black vibrator, flicked it on to its highest setting, and plunged it into my pussy, wanting to cum as hard and fast as I could.

I worked the vibrator in and out of my pussy with my hand, the pleasure sending spasms through my body, my hips bucking with each thrust as I got closer and closer to cumming.

I was losing control, and screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through my body! I sat bolt upright as I spasmed and my pussy clamped around the vibrator, my thighs tightening and tensing as the pleasure surged through me.

My entire body was shaking from the orgasm, and it took a while for it to subside, my pussy numb from the physical and mental stimulation.

I fell backwards and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, I felt the pleasure in me rising again, and realised I’d left the vibrator in my soaking cunt. I sat up and started to work it in and out of my pussy again, another orgasm welling up inside me.

I moaned loudly as I felt the pressure build and build once more, and just as I felt my orgasm hit, I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy.

I climaxed, and climaxed hard. A huge gush of fluid leapt from me and landed on the floor past the end of the bed. I tried to scream, but my voice didn’t seem to work. My mouth opened, but no noise came out. My eyes rolled back into my head and my body tensed and relaxed and spasmed and shook like I’d just had hundreds of electric shocks one after the other!

I fell backwards onto the bed, still shaking violently as my orgasm trailed off. Everything fell quiet, the only noise being from the vibrator, humming beside me on the bed, fallen from my lifeless hand.

I looked at it, and tried to silence it, but my body seemed to have shut down completely, my hand refusing to move. My eyelids grew heavy and fell shut, sending me back into the world of my sleep.

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