Dreams of Paula Ch. 3

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The coming evening was the last of the conference and Carole was determined to make it memorable. There was to be a formal dinner followed by a dance and she wanted the night to end with her and Paula together in each other’s arms, making love, determining their future together.

She had bought a dress especially for the occasion. It was long, black silk, with a high polo neck and no sleeves, slit to the thigh and it clung to Carole’s body like a second skin. She wore no bra and the tiniest thong she possessed. Because the dress was so tight she could not wear a suspender belt so her sheer black stockings were hold ups. She piled her hair high on her head and ornamented it with a string of small flowers. Her make-up was restrained, her nails, both toe and finger, were painted a bright pillar box red and she completed the outfit with a pair of black sandals with a four inch heel. Gazing critically at herself in the mirror Carole felt sure that she looked as good as she could and that Paula would find her attractive.

She met Paula in the bar and once again marveled at her beauty, wondered at her good fortune in meeting such a lovely woman. Paula was dressed in a cream silk suit with a short skirt that reached barely halfway down her lovely thighs and the jacket was fastened with one button midway between her breasts and her tummy, revealing her navel. The swell of her breasts was clearly visible and it was obvious that she had chosen a bra that pushed her breasts together and up. Her blonde hair was loose, shining, framing her face, which was made up to perfection with pink lipstick and darkly outlined eyes. Sheer stockings covered her long legs and her shoes were plain, cream, with high heels. It was all Carole could do to stop herself pulling Paula close and kissing her there and then.

Over a couple of drinks they flirted, laughed, touched softly, made love with their eyes, talked of the future, of the past, of the inconsequential things that lovers talk about. All too soon it was time to go in to dinner. The seating arrangements were on a plan in the doorway and they found their table and joined the other six people there. All were women, of various ages, none as lovely as the two of them, except one. Carole was shocked to see that the Oriental girl was seated at their table.

“Have you met Lim?” Carole heard Paula ask.

Paula’s eyes were casino oyna twinkling and a wicked grin played over her mouth. Did she know? Carole’s mind was reeling, the memory of that afternoon’s occurrences making her body tingle, making her cunt twitch. Lim smiled sweetly,

“We met in a seminar this afternoon,” she said.

“Lim and I are old friends,” Paula said, giving the girl a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek.

They sat, Carole in between Lim and Paula and the dinner progressed with the three of them making polite conversation. There was a tension though, a palpable sense of impending drama. It seemed to Carole that the two girls were playing with her, teasing her, challenging her to confess, to explain what had happened. Finally, as they sat drinking their coffee and brandies, Paula leant over to Carole and whispered in her ear,

“It’s all right, my darling. I know what happened between you and Lim. It was my fault. I’ll explain later.”

She stroked Carole’s thigh, her hand inside the slit of her dress, brushing the thigh with soft, loving touches. Her lips were close to Carole’s ear and she murmured, huskily, seductively,

“I want you so much, my darling. I want to hear you tell me all about it. I want you to describe it to me as you take me, use me, love me.”

Carole felt Lim move closer, felt her hand on her other thigh, felt once again the touch of those soft fingers against her skin. The other table guests had left and the three of them sat, with Carole blatantly, openly allowing herself to be touched intimately by the two lovely girls. Her arms went round their shoulders and rested on their breasts, brushing the nipples over the clothing. It was the most erotic situation that she had ever experienced and she felt somehow sad when Lim said,

“I have to go meet someone. You two need each other. Be happy, my loves.”

Paula and Carole kissed her goodbye and Carole turned to her lover.

“Please tell me what’s been happening,” she begged.

“Lim and I have been occasional lovers for some time,” Paula began. “I’ve always had the fantasy of watching her make love to a woman as I watched, or having the woman do it and tell me all about it afterwards. It really turns me on thinking of you being taken like you were. I asked you wear no underwear deliberately and told Lim all about you, hoping that she could get canlı casino close to you.”

As Paula explained her feelings Carole became more and more aroused, excited by the thought of being used in someone’s fantasy, the thought of being observed in the act of lovemaking.

“I need to hold you, Paula. Shall we dance?”

“We might shock some people.”

“I don’t care. I need to hold you close. I want people to know. I want them to see us making love on the dance floor.”

They moved to the ballroom and on to the floor. They melted into each other’s arms and danced, faces touching, bodies touching, souls touching, oblivious to all around them, alone in their feelings, their love, their passion. Their lips met in a soft kiss, their tongues flickered in each other’s mouths, their hands stroked, daringly, lovingly, sensually over the other’s body. Lost in time they moved together, as one. Without speaking, telepathically almost, they moved towards the door, away from the crowd, out into the hallway, along the corridor and into the lift. Locked in an embrace they staggered to Carole’s room, needing to be together totally.

Slowly, gently, Carole undid the button of Paula’s jacket and slipped it off her shoulders. She took both breasts in her hands, cupping them, feeling their weight, stroking the nipples into firmness with her thumbs. Paula sighed, her eyes closed, her lips apart and Carole lowered her head and kissed to top of the gorgeous globes, licking, kissing, nibbling the soft flesh. Her hands moved to the front fastening of the bra, unhooked it and removed it exposing the full loveliness of her breasts to her gaze. Her lips encircled one hard nipple and with a suddenness she bit down hard. Paula squealed, grabbed Carole’s head and, arching her back, forced more of her tit into Carole’s mouth.

“Hard! Hard!” she groaned. “Bite me hard!”

Carole’s teeth pulled Paula’s nipple, stretched it, bit it until it was swollen, red, hard. She moved her mouth to the other and repeated the treatment. Low, guttural sounds were coming from Paula’s throat as she writhed under Carole’s mouth, her fingers in Carole’s hair, pulling it free, loose. They moved across the room and fell onto the bed, still with Carole’s mouth firmly clamped on Paula’s tit. Carole humped her hips against Paula and she responded, moaning, crying out,

“Yes! Oh yes! Harder! kaçak casino Hurt me, hurt me, please!”

Carole dug her nails into Paula’s back, scratching, raising angry red weals as she continued to abuse her tits. She felt Paula buck and heard her scream as her orgasm struck. She came, crying out Carole’s name, begging her never to stop. Again and again she came, lost in her own world, totally consumed by the passion she felt. As she finally collapsed Carole pulled away and stood before her.

Quickly, impatiently, she stripped off her dress and her thong and stood in her shoes and stockings looking down at Paula lying before her, her skirt obscenely rucked up over her hips, her tits bare, red from the biting. Carole climbed onto the bed and positioned herself above Paula’s head, her cunt only inches from her mouth. She lowered herself onto Paula’s face, grinding her cunt hard down on her mouth, spreading her lips wide with her fingers.

“Suck me, bitch! Suck my cunt, drink me, lick me, make me cum all over you!”

As she moved on Paula’s face she felt her tongue invade her, lapping up the juices flowing from her. She rubbed at her clit with her fingers and ground down onto Paula’s face, fucking her face, drowning her partner in her wide, wet, warm cunt. She felt Paula’s fingers on her arse and screamed as one slid in, fucking her with short, sharp strokes. She pulled at her nipples, humping up and down as she reached the point at which her orgasm flowed through her, shaking her soul, exploding in her head and leaving her trembling with the force of it.

Falling forward her mouth found Paula’s cunt and, pulling aside her panties, she sucked furiously at it as secondary orgasms rippled through her body causing tremors through her cunt. Paula came with a rush and they fell apart, lying head to toe on the bed, momentarily exhausted. Like a wounded animal Carole moved slowly round to face Paula, kissed her on the mouth, tasting her own smell, smelling her own taste. After a few minutes their breathing returned to normal, their brains started to function and they were able to talk.

“I love you, Paula.”

A simple statement but one that summed up everything that Carole was feeling. A commitment made, a bargain struck, a step into the unknown. Paula returned the sentiment and in that moment they gave themselves each to the other. A kiss sealed the compact and they lay in each other’s arms planning their future, a future that would end in sadness, recriminations and a future that would leave Carole hurt and dreaming of what might have been.

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