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{Things happen sometimes when a person gets older and I guess I am getting older. Anyway, the timeline on this piece is messed up, but it’s as close as I can get because it’s messed up for me, too.}


There is a moment between full sleep and being aware when dreams come. In that moment, the body can be frozen, unable to move, to even speak.

Those kinds of dreams often stick with a person, remembered. Then comes the full awareness, the point of realization that it was only a dream, but the delicious kind.

The kind a person wants to stay in, continue.

Someone touching, sensuous, faceless, intimate.

The eyes squeeze shut tightly, trying to recapture the moment.

I was having one, my body felt frozen, lost in that inability to move. Concentrating, I tried for a moment to call out but there was no sound. I took a deep breath, forced myself to relax as completely as I could.

Then I felt one finger respond. Sensation, sweet sensation flooded over me.

I reached out, touching the side of the soft body next to me in the bed.

My wife, Debra.

“What, honey?” She stirred, also still mostly in her own world of sleep.

“Nothing, babe. I was just having a dream I guess.”

Debs looked at me and smiled.

“Good one, I hope?”

“Yea, I guess. Sort of weird, it was like I was helpless, I couldn’t move.”

“REM sleep, honey. It happens sometimes to everybody.”

Debs should know, after all, she is a Registered Nurse. I rolled over and sat for a moment on the edge of the bed, then stood up.

“Wow, that must have been a dandy dream!” Debs told me with a giggle.

I looked down, I was fully erect, as erect as my now 69 year old body can get.

That embarrassed me for some crazy reason, why I would get a full blush going is beyond me. Debs is my wife, has been for almost four long years.

She has seen my dick hard before, in fact, she often goes to great lengths to see to it that it is.

Morning wood is a sort of rare thing for me, though. What in the hell caused that?

Oh, yea. The dream.

“Come back to bed, Danny. It looks like I need to give you a hand!” Debs was grinning now, she let the covers slip downwards, baring one breast deliberately.

She does things like that all the time, making an intentional act appear to be completely accidental. That has never changed, Debs goes to great lengths to tease her man.

Knowing very well what buttons to push, knowing everything that gets my old body going.

Almost all of the buttons, anyway.

I got back into bed.


The flight down was uneventful, the long walk through the terminal in Reno to baggage claim was hard on my old butt cheeks like always.

Debs and I have been in Reno a few times, the aitport is always fairly busy. The first time we did all that walking, then stood and waited for a shuttle.

Now there is a guy in a suit holding a card with our last names on it, and a limosine waiting. Something about those little tracking cards they give out and the fact that we did some pretty good gambling.

We won a bit of money on one of the tips, the Casino hotel wants it back so they treat us nice, meals are signed to our room and the casino host just wipes the slate clean when we leave.

I walk a lot and one would think I would not have any troubles with soreness, but I do. Things creak and groan, but Debs and I both work out at the gym, plus we also do quite a bit of that “best” exercise of all so I suppose I am in far better shape than I could be.

Let’s face facts, I am coming up on 69 years old. Way better off than some I suppose, my belly is pretty flat and when Debs wraps her naked jugs aound the old tally whacker, then starts that up and down sliding stuff and slipping her mouth over the end of it on each down stroke?

Yea, you bet it works.

Still, it’s a long walk which makes my butt hurt and it popped into my head that I could probably qualify for one of those wheelchairs and someone to push me.

Hell with that, as long as I can put one foot in front of the other I will, by God.

Still, my glutes, they hurt and it’s uphill, well, partly.

“Hey, maybe if I drool a little bit and act old I can get one of those?” I told Debs, pointing as another wheelchair went by with some heavy set old lady sitting in it, pushed by some cute thing maybe 19 or 20 years old.

“Walking is good for you.” Debs retorted.



The last trip we were in Vegas to buy some product for me to sell. I had found one of those deals a person can’t pass up, left over product a warehouse wanted to clear out to make room for some more modern stuff.

There is an advantage in knowing certain people, that can help open doors. Max was one of those people, I suppose we spoke on the phone hundreds of times back in the day when I fixed cars and sold parts. That Vegas trip was the first time we ever met face to face.

I wrote about that earlier, we got naughty. Funny I guess, old folks like us being naughty. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri But hell, we were in Vegas and what happens in Vegas??

Go there, take along an open mind, you will see. There is something about the place.

This time when I called Max, my sales rep, he told me to meet him in Reno. It seems they also had a warehouse there where they stored dead stock headed for the scrappers.

The price of metal was up pretty good, so the warehouse had moved out all of what was dead on the market stuff to ship out for recycling.

The warehouse sold small parts in case lots, it cost way too much for them to sell and ship things one or two items at a time.

In business, the really big cost in today’s world is man power.

I could sell and ship things one set at a time, since I dabbled from our house online at the auction websites.

No overhead, a mean and lean operation. Really lean, I started out trying to raise enough money to buy me a new fishing pole. I dug about everything I had in the garage out and sold it.

That wasn’t working very good, that hit me when I sold my $49.00 used fishing pole for 99 cents with free shipping.

So I called Max. Clever of me, I saw some ads run by others and figured maybe if I bought some new stuff instead of used I could make a few bucks.

It had been ages but he remembered me, still gave me some nice discounts. Then he happened to mention the “dead” stock that was going to be sold for scrap metal.

I didn’t buy any of that at first, thinking scrap metal was…well…scrap metal.

I posted the ads to try and sell the stuff I did buy.

That worked, damn near a surprise. When I called to see about buying some more, Max mentioned again in passing the “dead” inventory.

Off Debs and I went, to Vegas.

That had been a crazy risk which turned out to be not such a risk.

A shade over $100,000.00 of Debra’s money got “invested”, really!!

Hell, we were married so I knew she had some savings but Debs having that much tucked away kind of floored me.

Yea, I know. Since she is my wife, I would know how much money she has, right?

Uh huh.

Debs and I agreed from the gitgo that what was hers was hers and what was mine was mine so I never even paid any attention.

Things did come in the mail but they had her name on them, not mine so I never touched them.

“Why don’t you give it a try, honey?” She asked me after looking at the deal. I wasn’t all that surprised at her sudden interest, she knew I had already made a couple of grand just fiddling around with the other stuff I bought early on.

So in return she got her money back plus 20%, I got to keep the rest, assuming any money was left.

There was.

At first I was surprised, then I figured out that one heck of a lot of people restore old cars, they go to car shows to let people look at what they have built, and get their egos stroked.

I was already getting emails with money about as fast as I could print them, I had also traded off my big Dodge diesel truck for a smaller Ford that didn’t use $30 worth of fuel to go to the post office and back.

The big Dodge wouldn’t fit in the garage any more anyway, it was full of cases of stuff.

Several items I had already run out of and had some people clamoring for more?

I never would have dreamed where it would all end up in less than six short months, but I had already managed to move most of that original big purchase we made in Vegas.

The surprise was the word of mouth, it seems everyone who gets a good deal on something just cannot stop themselves from going over to their favorite web site and telling the world.

Next in comes the email from someone asking that magic question, “How much?” That part I didn’t expect and my twice weekly fishing trips became just twice in the last few months.

The weekend I sold 143 orders, I knew I was on to something pretty big. My average sale was a shade over $100, and about $40 of that was profit.

I can count. But I was also running out of stuff.

It was so good that I knew very well the warehouse could also have easily afforded to do the same thing, but I wasn’t about to tell them that.

Plus all of it was fast becoming one hell of a lot of work.

So here Debs and I were, in Reno, hoping to buy even more.

Me with Debra’s first loan paid in full, that was a shade over 100 grand, and I had another $25,000.00 in my own bank account.

More money than I ever had in my hands in my life except for just before the stock market crashed, and back when I sold my old 5 acre ranch under duress from some government rezoning.

If this had crossed my mind back when I took early retirement, I would have skipped that and let it build up. The first few years if a person makes any money the government takes the Social Security right back, but now I am so old I can make all the money I want to.


When we were there in Vegas the last time, I had loaded a truck with case after case of heavy güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cartons, which made my body feel like shit to use a term that fits.

So we got a couple of massages in our hotel room, nothing out of the ordinary except it was a couple and they did what they called a “tandem.”

That meant both of us at once. That was just a massage, nothing other than that at all. Sure we were both naked under the sheets but the sheets stayed in place.

The first time.

When we had them back the 2nd time, things changed quite a bit, one thing led to another and Jack and Terry did quite a bit more than just a massage.

They call those, “Happy Endings” and it all just sort of…happened?

Here we were, a happy married couple allowing that? Right next to each other at the same time?

Yea, I know. Married folks, older to boot, we should not be doing things like that, I suppose.

But we did.

I even looked over as Jack used both hands on Debs, Terry was busy working on me at that exact same moment.

I saw Debs turn her head and look my way as Terry fondled me, the expression was one of…interest?

More than that.

That was when it hit me that seeing a woman with her hands on my erection was a major turnon for my wife.

That should not have been any real surprise, but it was.

Seeing some guy touching Debra, looking at her naked didn’t really excite me all that much.

I could tell that she was enjoying it, and I found it was interesting, and I was happy she was enjoying it.

Does that make any sense? Some guys I think would be jealous, angry maybe?

I don’t quite know how to explain the emotion, it wasn’t anger or even excitement, not really.

Debs is a Registered Nurse, she sees things and touches people in various stages of nude nearly every single day.

I also happen to know she gets a kick out of it, because she told me she does.

Of course that is just medical stuff, and it would all be normal except for the fact that there isn’t anything normal at all about my Debra.

Yes, I happen to know for sure that she enjoys her work very much.

In fact, the entire medical clinic she works at has a different attitude than any physician’s place I ever was in.

Nudity, touching, poking and probing, with what I know also is a real intent to help, but with an undercurrent of…what would you call it?

Playfulness, latex covered hands checking things out perhaps a tiny bit more carefully than is really required?

“Sexuality is a part of life, anything we can do to help a client is healthy.” My Debs told me more than once, word for word.

“Plus you old farts will sit home and DIE if we don’t do something!” She often added with a titter.

Then we have our friend July who is also a nurse come by maybe twice a month or so, that started with my Prostate issues and developed into something that is simply a fun outlet.

Sure as hell some of you will say that is prostitution, I don’t really give a shit. July makes some money and enjoys her work, we enjoy her doing it and we are old enough that it doesn’t hurt a damned thing.

July does Debs, too. I always assumed the touch was similar but I never asked and Debs never went into detail, no need to.

I hear tell that is supposed to be exciting to some men also, one woman touching another?

Naw. In today’s world, it seems I am old fashioned.

You know, what with boys with boys and girls with girls and some boys that ARE girls and vice-versa?

I watch the news, the world is kind of weird compared to when I was a kid.

But she never gets a massage from a male, not that I know of anyway and my Debs is so open about everything that I doubt she would keep that a secret.

We are both very mature and it’s harmless from our point of view. Plus Debra does not have a single jealous bone in her body. Not that I have ever managed to discern, and I guess that rubbed off onto me.

So that was what happened, Debs and I both got masturbated to climax in a hotel room, together, at the same time, by a couple that were almost..strangers?

That was naughty.

It was also fun, and I never saw that done before except on the internet. Other than with July, I never had that done much except for when I was young and crazy and once when I was in the Navy.

That time there were these two tiny little oriental gals.

That one cost me twenty bucks which was quite a bit of cash back then. I doubt anyone would believe some of the things those two tiny little women did, but it’s true.

Jealous? Upset watching a massuer do that to my Debs? Not really, it was…interesting, exciting, weird in a way I can’t describe.

Jack it seemed was quite expert in the female anatomy. He placed his hands with his fingers open right alongside Debra’s bare beaver, then flicked his oily thumbs upward and over her most sensitive spot.

I could see clearly that my wife got off nicely on that and I filed that trick away for future use güvenilir bahis şirketleri myself.

Jack’s wife Terry was also uninhibited with me, well aware that as an older male some things required a firmer grip.

It was pretty good and she made me shoot off solidly, although when my Debs does that, she is way better.

So is July back at home, to be honest.

We did talk a little bit about what we allowed to happen, that was much later and Debs said she was interested not so much in what happened with Terry and me, but in how I felt about her being naked, touched by a rather good looking man.

I told her that it was hot, and I was not sure why but it wasn’t like we had sex with someone, cheated.

Besides, the exact same thing was happening to me at the exact same time, in full view of my wife so what was I going to say?

“What did you think about…doing that? Did it excite you, or upset you?” I asked Debs.

“It was hot, and it felt good. But it’s better when you do it!” Debs hugged me and gave me a kiss.

“So you got all turned on letting some guy see your bare snatch, huh?” I teased her.

“Yea, and I noticed your dick wasn’t exactly shiveled up at the idea!” She teased right back.

We even told the story to July when she dropped by for one of her sessions with us after we got back home.

“Really?” July giggled, but that was all she said about it.

But that was after the Vegas trip.


Now we were in Reno, Vegas is a long ways away from where we were, no chance at all of seeing that couple again.

Yea, I know. The time line is sort of screwed up here, part of what I am trying to say. Part of me has been in dreams lately and part of me in reality.

Maybe that stroke I had a couple of years back did more to me than I thought?

The idea of a massage, seeing Jack and Terry wasn’t even in the back of my mind, I was running ideas for product through my old head. We spent that whole first day dealing with the business stuff.

Then the next morning there was my dream again, except the dream went way further than just the hands like happened in Vegas.

In my dream, the woman on top of me was naked, rubbing her vagina up and down the under side of my erection, her breasts bare and hovering above me as she did so. On the table next to me was Debra, the man working on her was naked also, sliding his body up and down hers.

It looked like the faceless man was poised, ready to enter her and I opened my mouth to stop that, found myself unable to speak or move.

Helpless. The faceless woman lifted up, poised, that was when I woke up.

Frozen, trapped in that moment between sleep and awake. I have felt that just a few times in the past. It is a bit terrifying, the harder one struggles to move the worse it gets. The way out of it is to deliberately relax, breathe, then move one finger.

That one finger, motion, and sensation flooded. Just as the man in my dream thrust, my hand touched the soft body of my wife next to me and I came alert.

I was home, a familiar room, our familiar bed. In our familar house. I looked around, completely aware of the dream.

I would swear in court on a stack of bibles that we were in Reno? But as it turned out, we were going to Reno and had not even left yet.

“What, Honey?” Debra asked me, her eyes still filled with the remnants of sleep.

That damn dream was in my head all damned day long and would not leave me.


Max, my sales rep was quite pleased to see us, he rolled up in a newer vehicle. It didn’t take long to find what I wanted, and I even bought some cases of things I was not completely sure of what it was but I knew I could figure it out.

Debs and I went half and half this time, with us it has always been what is hers is hers and what is mine is mine. She was very happy to “invest” since in the last six months I had made more money than she did.

Max even gave us a 30, 60, and 90 deal this time, which means time to pay.

I wasn’t too sure of that since I don’t like owing money much but Debs told me she would back me up if things went South.

It was a chunk of change to invest, what with me being on the conservative side I did give it thought.

Before that, all I had to spend was my $934 per month in Social Security, up a bit since we got that fat $30 per month raise.

Our lives had changed quite a bit, too, when Debs got home from her job at the clinic, she piled right in and helped me pack the orders into those flat rate priority boxes.

I kept pretty busy typing as fast as I could go using two fingers.

Even a 20% markup on the auction sites would be good, I had some stuff I had been pulling 3 to 4 times that, of course some was way less, like just $10-15 a pop. All of the fees, postage, costs added up to a lot but there was still a lot left over.

I had managed to turn that original 100 grand plus into a shade over 150 grand and still had some of the product left.

And that happened in just six short months!


I do remember the funny looks I got when we went through the scanners in Portland, they would not even let me leave my cash in my pocket, intead had me hold it in my hands with my arms in the air?

Five grand in cash is quite a wad, I had plans on having some fun in Reno.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20