Driving Mom’s Friend Ch. 03

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(This is the next chapter of my story about driving my mother’s best friend to Florida. This is the story of my introduction to the Widow’s Club. There are other stories to follow if you are interested)

I awoke with a pair of lips around my cock. Muriel had awoken before me and decided to wake me up with a bang. Her tongue was working up and down the shaft of my dick. I looked at her and she smiled. Damn she looked good with my dick in her mouth. She had one hand on my dick and one hand on her pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and wet from her fingers working them. I motioned for her to swing her hips over my face so I could return the sucking. I quickly found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I spread her pussy wide open with my fingers. I slid two fingers into her dripping pussy and my baby finger into her asshole. She started pushing against my face and her head was pumping my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot strings of cum into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed my cum and then started to cum on my face. Pussy juice was running out of her cunt all over my face. When she finished, she turned around and we licked each other’s face clean.

Muriel informed me that as much as she like showing her naked body to the truck drivers, we would have to fully dress and behave ourselves for the final leg of our journey. In her words, the “Widow’s Club” can tell a freshly fucked women from a mile away. I asked what the Widow’s Club was and she said I would find out in due time.

The trip into Florida was especially boring after getting hand jobs, my dick sucked and finger fucking my passenger on the trip down. We pulled into the park where she lived. Muriel’s coach was a block over from my mother’s coach. I drove her car to mom’s place and thanked her for return ticket. She said to make sure I stop by occasionally during my stay with my mother.

It was good to see mom. She asked me about the drive down and how I got along with Muriel. I told her that Muriel was a fun lady and it was easy to travel with her. Mom said Muriel was a very special friend and she knew there would be no problems. I took some time to settle in and decided it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was time to head to the pool. With my new appreciation of 60+ year old women, I looked around the pool area and surveyed the crowd. Some good, some better.

A few minutes later, Muriel showed up. She gave me a friendly hug and started to introduce me to some of her friends. My cock wanted to start swelling, but I controlled my thoughts. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and swimming. After swimming, I went back to mom’s and she had dinner on the table. There is nothing better than a meal cooked by mom. After dinner, mom went to Muriels and I decided to call it a night.

Morning arrived and I decided it was time to take a walk. If you walked every street in the park, it was 2 miles. I decided to walk past Muriel’s coach on the later part of the hike. Sure enough, she was sitting in her lanai having coffee. She invited me in for a cup. She had on a robe that tied at the waist. She brought me my coffee and sat on the chair directly across from me. She untied her robe and opened it up so I could see her naked body. She smiled, opened the drawer in the stand next to the chair and pulled out a vibrator. Muriel told me to sit back and enjoy both the coffee and the show. She rubbed her clit with the vibrator. Then she slid into her pussy and just sat there. She told me she had been hoping I would stop by to visit so she could show me her collection of toys. I told her I walked by hoping to see her and fuck her again.

Suddenly, two of Muriel friends started walking up to the coach. She quickly tied her robe, but didn’t have time to take out the vibrator. My cock, which was at attention, went down. I had met Peggy and Vicki at the pool yesterday. They were two of the better looking ladies at the pool. Peggy looked at Muriel and started to grin. You could hear the vibrator humming away. Vicki also picked up on the noise and what was going on. They both told Muriel that they would return later to use the “club” and left.

That was it. I wanted to know exactly what the “club” was. Muriel opened her robe and removed the vibrator. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri motioned with her finger for me to follow her. Her coach was one of the larger coaches in the park. It had three bedrooms. Two of them had king size beds and the third one surprised the hell out of me. It was room filled with more sex toys than I had ever seen. There were vibrators and dildoes lined up. The walls had various bondage chains hanging, as well as mirrors everywhere. There were many television sets in the room. There was a bench that had a odd shape. Muriel said that was to make it easier to use the fucking machine. She then took me into her room and in the closet next to the club, there was a two way mirror where one could observe the action without being seen. Just below the mirror, there was a glory hole.

Muriel explained that most of the women in the park were widows. They didn’t want to hang out at bars and pick up guys to take care of their needs. Muriel’s husband had designed the room and his reward was unlimited use of the glory hole. Muriel said the widows may like their dildoes, but every once in awhile, a hard cock in the mouth was a good thing. Since her husband passed, there wasn’t much cock sucking. Muriel said she wanted to introduce my cock to the club and be back at her place at 1:30. Club started at 1pm and she wanted to make sure the ladies were ready.

I returned at 1:30 as directed. Muriel met me at the door and took me directly into her bedroom. She pulled the curtain hiding the two way mirror and there to me delight were 6 of the ladies from the park, all naked and all participating in various sex acts. I stripped off my clothes and Muriel started to suck my cock. She said she wanted the first load and then she’d let me use the glory hole. I quickly shot a load into her mouth. She got up, told me to watch the fun and when I was ready, stick my cock in the glory hole.

She returned to the club room and got naked with the rest of the ladies. Vicki was lying on the bench with a fucking machine pumping her pussy. Peggy had the largest dildo stuffed up her cunt and was screaming. Another lady had on a güvenilir bahis şirketleri strap on dildo and was fucking another lady. The other two ladies were locked in a 69 on the small bed. My dick was so hard I thought I’d shoot without anyone touching it.

I opened the glory hole and stuck my cock through it. Muriel was the first to see it (she had been watching for it) and pointed it out to the other ladies. Peggy yelled she was first and waddled over with that dildo still in her cunt. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and tried to suck my brains out through my cock. The woman with the strap on came over and started fucking Peggy while she was sucking me. Muriel directed that no one could make me cum until all the ladies had a chance to suck my cock. She said the cum shooting was reserved for the final guest who was to arrive soon. Mouth after mouth sucked my cock. Each lady had her own technique and each was wonderful. Whenever I would be ready to cum, I would knock on the mirror and they would pull off.

At 2:30, the surprise guest walked in. Mom!!!!!!!!! There was my mother, stark naked. She walked over to my cock, got on her knees and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. The angel on my right shoulder was telling me to leave, that’s your mother sucking your cock. The devil on my left shoulder was telling me to shoot my cum into her mouth. All the ladies in the room were now servicing my mother. I could see them sucking her tits, one was under her sucking her cunt and another slide a small vibrator into her ass hole. Muriel was in the background playing with her own pussy. The devil on the left shoulder won the arguement. I started to scream and shoot cum into my mother’s mouth. She wrapped her lips tight around my cock and took all the cum I had to offer. She stood up, looked at Muriel and told her she was wrong. “That cock was nicer than both of our husbands cocks.” With that, she left the room.

My limp cock was still poking through the hole. A couple of the women tried to get me back up, but at 3pm Muriel announced that the club meeting was over and she would see everyone tomorrow. They all dressed and Muriel came into the closet where I was sitting wondering what the hell just happened. She explained my mother was a charter member of the Widow’s Club. Muriel and my mother had discussed what they would do and figured that if my mother sucked my cock first, I would not be too open with what went on. I assured her she was right.

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