Droopy Drippers

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Authors note: This story my surprise some of my readers. While it does deal with one of my favorite subjects, it strays from the sexy firm tight-bodied women of which most men dream. No, this one concerns older women that have grown more mature and larger then what is considered sexy. I urge you to read on and find out what I’m talking about.

I work in an office filled with women. Ah, you say, I must be in heaven surrounded by sweet luscious sexy females. Yeah I think of it as heaven but not for the reasons you might imagine. Not one woman I work around is what you would call sexy. Not a single one. All of them are at least pretty with a couple down right beautiful, but none of them would normally be called sexy.

Sexy, in the minds of most men, would have them slender with a narrow waist, nicely curved buttocks and big firm tits. With that definition, not one of the women I work with is sexy. Every single one of them has a wide butt and an easily defined waist that isn’t narrow. What they all do have in common with sexy women are large breasts.

So now you’ve got to be thinking it’s not really heaven at all, but you are wrong. You see each of these women have something special about them most women don’t have. Be patient and I’ll try to explain. Let’s take Karen as my first example.


Karen first came to work for me two years ago. She was married to a real looser and it showed. Not a day passed that she didn’t come to work sporting at least one bruise on her arms or legs. When I would ask about them she would shrug her shoulders and say something like she had bumped into a door or something similar. I began to suspect she was being abused at home and finally pressed her for the truth.

She finally admitted her husband would, on a daily bases, slap her around before raping her. Yes I said rape. He wouldn’t make love to her but he would force her to have sex with him. When I asked why she allowed herself to remain with him she surprised me.

“From the time I was thirteen,” she began telling me, “my father raped me once a week. By the time I’d turned eighteen Dan had come into my life. We got married but I disappointed him in bed. After several sessions with a couple of marriage consultants it was decided I couldn’t have normal sexual relations. The only way I could be sexual was if I was taken by force.”

“In other words your father raping you formed deep scares in your mind,” I stated simply.

“That’s what we have been told. When we got home that afternoon Dan pulled me to the bedroom, ripped off my clothes and forced me to have sex.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, I like it very much. It was the first time I had pleased him in bed. From then on three times a week Dan would rip off my clothes and rape me.”

“That all sounds good but why the bruises?” I wanted to know.

“It started four months ago. Dan came home, yanked me down the hall to our bedroom and ripped off my clothes. I don’t know why but suddenly he started slapping my face. Before long he was hitting my body and legs. I liked it when he would strip me naked and force himself on me sexually but I didn’t like the hitting. Even my own father never hit me, he would just rape me.”

“Do you have any idea why Dan suddenly changed?”

“Oh, yes, I know exactly why. When we got married I was much thinner. I mean I had a nice looking body, but since the baby came it’s sort of…” she stopped talking as tears welled in her eyes.

“I think I know what you mean. You just didn’t loose the weight you had gained.”

“No,” she sobbed, “I didn’t. Look at me, Mr. Lewis. Is this the body of a woman that would sexually arouse men?”

Karen stood and slowly turned around showing me all of her from front to back and front again. It was true; she was larger than what most men would think of as sexy.

“Actually, Karen, I see you as being very lovely and I really mean that. OK, you’re not as slender as when you first came to work here but you still have that feminine charm that would turn most men’s heads.”

“Charm I may have but along with a fat dumpy body. What man in his right mind would find me sexy?”

“Do you consider me to be of sound mind, Karen?” I asked.

“Well of course I would, Mr. Lewis. And I’m not saying that just because you are my boss.” She flashed just a hint of a smile.

“Do you nurse your daughter?”

I saw the flush of her face as she heard my question.

“I do every day. She’s not what you would call a very greedy baby and most of the time she leaves me feeling, well, still feeling full.”

“Karen, for what it’s worth I find you to be very sexy. I don’t know, maybe it’s the way you dress or the way you walk but you never fail to capture my attention.”

The smile on her face could have instantly lit up an entire city with its brilliance. I remembered when Karen first came to work and how good she looked. Since giving birth to her daughter she had only increased her loveliness not to mention increasing her canlı bahis bust.

“Really, Mr. Lewis, that’s good of you to say but you don’t need to ply me with kind words just to make me feel better. I know I’ve gained weight and most of it is still with me.”

“Tell me, Karen, when you started working here what was your bust size? I’m guessing here but I would have put you at around 36C.”

“You have a good eye, Mr. Lewis.”

“And now I would guess 38D?”

“Close but try 38DD.”

“I’m surprised and you hide that fact very well. You really shouldn’t keep yourself so well hidden. I know it would make me feel better if you didn’t.”

Karen had a puzzled look on her face as she left my office that morning. For the next few weeks we interacted in the same manner we had always done, that is until the day she came in sporting one beauty of a shiner.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Lewis?” she asked. I noticed Karen had tried to use pancake make-up to hide her black eye.

“Yes, Karen. Please have a seat. We need to talk.”

She did as I asked, crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap. What she couldn’t hide, besides the shiner, was the size of her bust. I took a moment to stare at her chest before looking at her face.

“I’ve got this feeling Dan did something really bad with you last night,” I stated as a fact.

“Yes sir.” Normally Karen would always look me in the eye but this morning she wouldn’t.

“Why did he punch you in the face?”

“I leaked,” was her simple answer.

“Leaked?” I asked.

“Leaked. My breasts leaked milk and soaked the sheets.”

“And for that he punched you in the face?”

“That and the fact I droop.”


“My breasts droop on my chest. I sag, Mr. Lewis, I sag down heavy and Dan doesn’t like that.”

“I see,” I said, “or rather I don’t see. Karen, you could easily turn me in for sexual harassment but would you mind very much showing me how much you droop?”

I held my breath as she slowly raised her head and gazed into my eyes. Her lips twitched slightly almost forming a smile.

“Mr. Lewis, you couldn’t possibly be serious,” she exclaimed but with just a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Karen, I’m very serious.”

“I don’t think I can do that. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Lewis, I’m not some schoolgirl with prudish ideas. I’m still proud of my body even if it has become fat.”

“I’ve never said you were fat, Karen. You say you’re fat.”

“Yes, me and my husband. Still I don’t think I can do as you ask. I suppose now I’ll have to be thinking of finding another job.”

“Nonsense, Karen. I asked and you said no. I respect that and you will keep on working here as long as you want.”

“I don’t suppose a little peek would hurt me any,” she quietly said. “You’re right about one thing; I could file charges against you.”

“You could and I wouldn’t deny them. I respect you, Karen, and would never do or say anything that would cause you hurt or harm. It’s entirely your choice.”

Her fingers slowly moved up and slipped first one button and then another from the holes in her blouse. When she reached the fifth and final button Karen had to pull her blouse from her skirt. The last button was undone and she slowly opened the front of her blouse. I was greeted with the sight of her bra holding up her heavy looking breasts. When she slipped her blouse from her shoulders I held up my hand stopping her.

“Karen,” I said softly, “you know you don’t have to do this. You are free to stop anytime you want.”

“I can’t, Mr. Lewis. You’ve said so many nice things I feel I must give back to you something.”

“Then please stand up and let me see you in all your glory. You really are very lovely and I wouldn’t want to miss seeing anything you show me.”

Karen stood up and faced me as her face blushed slightly. Fully upright she seemed to gain confidence in herself as she proudly thrust out her chest. My eyes were glued to her chest and saw how the cups dug into her flesh. I couldn’t help it; my erection grew hard inside my pants.

With movements designed to tease Karen touched the front clasp of her bra and held her pose before slowly undoing it. I still could see nothing but the large expanse of her breasts as they overflowed the cups straining to contain them. My breathing grew short as she teased me and moved the cups to either side of her body. Like a slow motion movie I saw her breasts become bare as they moved down and down until they drooped half way to her swollen belly. I loudly gasped when Karen bent slightly from her waist and I saw her massive breasts wobble and hang with their obvious heavy weight. My erection nearly let go the built up sperm churning inside my testicles when a few drops of milk oozed from each long hard nipple.

“Lovely,” I groaned. “Absolutely lovely, Karen. I can’t remember when I’ve seen breasts more exciting than yours. And the milk oozing from your nipples,” I panted.

“You don’t think bahis siteleri they look ugly because they don’t stand up high on my chest? They do tend to sag some don’t you think?”

“I can’t think of anything more erotic,” I said honestly. “Well unless you consider seeing them moving from side to side while you wiggle your shoulders.”

“You mean like this?” she asked leaning over more. Her breasts hung down even more heavily than before and moved with ease as she made slight motions with her shoulders.

“I think, Karen, I could easily fall in love with your breasts. They both look so full. Are you feeling any pain?”

“Not pain but they are uncomfortable being heavy with milk.”

“Could, could I touch one of them?” I hesitated in asking.

“I would welcome your touch, Mr. Lewis. Not only would it please me but I would like it very much. As a matter of fact you could nurse and help me feel better.”

My greatest fantasy was about to come true I thought. Not only was I going to be allowed to feel her milk heavy breasts but she was inviting me to suckle them. Moving my chair from behind my desk I scooted to the end while she met me half way. Karen kept her body bent enough so her breasts were at just the right height as she cupped and lifted them to my eager and waiting lips. Her right nipple touched my lips as they opened to take it inside. My lips closed around her long thick turgid nipple and I began to nurse.

“Yes, Mr. Lewis, suckle my breast and feed on my milk. Ah it feels so good to have you nursing at my breast. I can feel the excitement racing through my body and I tingle between my legs. You can’t know how much this means to me, Mr. Lewis.”

I would have answered had my mouth not been full of her warm sweet mother’s milk at the time. As it was my lips were tightly caressing her nipple as I nursed and I wasn’t about to release it just to answer back. Finally I stopped nursing and released her dripping nipple.

“Karen, does this excite you?”

“More than even you may know, Mr. Lewis.”

“Do you feel the desire to have sex?”

“Very much, Mr. Lewis. I would love to have you nursing as I felt you inside my body.”

We didn’t speak as she moved back a few feet. Karen was unzipping her skirt as I shed my shirt and dropped my pants. I was hard and that fact wasn’t lost on her as she gazed at my bouncing erection. She licked her lips and slowly sank to her knees. Her fingers were soft and cool as they wrapped themselves around my heated erect organ.

“I haven’t seen or felt a man this big and hard in a long time, Mr. Lewis. Would you mind very much if I tasted you?”

“To feel and watch as you tasted me would be very welcome but only if you stop calling me Mr. Lewis. It would be much better and more intimate if you called me Ed.”

“Then, Ed, get yourself ready to be tasted and nursed until I have your creamy milk. You’ve had mine and now it’s time I had yours.”

Karen was full of surprises that morning. Not only had she shown me her heavy drooping breasts, allowed me to touch and nurse them but now she was locking her lips around my heated turgid organ and letting her lips slide down its length. I was fascinated watching the first five inches slid effortlessly between her lips. When she had taken six inches of my eight I was sure she would stop, but I was wrong. Instead of stopping Karen only paused briefly to adjust herself and commenced to take what remained outside. I couldn’t believe she was taking my entire shaft as I felt the tip pressing into her open throat. Moments later, as she began to swallow, I felt the most sensual sensation of my life. My rampant organ was encased in her throat and she was messaging the first two inches by gulping and swallowing. Karen gently held and lifted my heavy scrotum as she kneaded the testicles inside.

“At this rate, Karen, I’m not going to last much longer before I climax,” I panted not wanting her to stop.

She didn’t stop the pleasure she was giving me, rather she sped up and began giving me more pleasure than I though possible. By this time she was rapidly moving her head up and down my swollen shaft and fully allowing it to penetrate her gulping throat. As much as I tried I couldn’t keep myself from my orgasm.

“Karen, oh my sweet Karen, I’m going to climax.”

I looked and saw her cupping my scrotum as she moved her head even faster. Between her legs she was busy working on herself and I could hear her muffled grunts and groans as she, too, was very close. Karen hummed and her body grew tense. She was, I knew, climaxing and that was all it took to send me into oblivion. I felt my testicles as they were sucked up tight in my groin despite her fondling. My sperm, my seaman raced up the hollow tube inside my organ as my scrotum tried its best to empty itself. Before I could grunt a warning the first hot blast gushed from the swollen sensitive head of my organ and flowed down her throat to her belly. Karen pulled back enough for her tongue to lick and bahis şirketleri lave my still throbbing and gushing organ helping me to give her more of my seed. I saw her hand moving in a blur between her legs as she tried to scream out her own pleasure but it was blocked by my rampant gushing erection. Finally I felt myself becoming drained as my erection began loosing some of the hardness it had only moments before. Karen carefully allowed me to withdraw from her lips and she looked up at me smiling.

“Never have I tasted the cream of any man more sweet and tasty as yours, Ed. I really and truly enjoyed drinking your creamy milk.”

“I can’t remember the last time I felt so drained, Karen. You certainly do know how to please a man with your mouth and lips. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m up for anything more.”

“Ed, I’ve never once though of cheating on my husband, but with you I’m going to make an exception. Trust me and I’ll have you back up again real soon. I can’t wait to feel you filling me inside like you just filled my mouth and throat. Feeling you gushing inside me will be the greatest pleasure I know.”

“Better than me nursing you?”

“You’re right. Filling my body will be second only having you nursing as your big hard organ fills me.”

Karen spread her legs and put them on either side of mine as she sat on my lap. She lifted her drooping milk oozing breasts to my lips and again I nursed. I felt myself growing aroused again and was surprised when my organ stopped being a limp dead hunk of meat between my legs. It grew and grew and before long it was fully aroused. I grasped Karen’s large sagging breasts and kneaded them forcing the milk from her turgid nipples and let it spay to coat my chest and belly. It was warm and felt good. Her breasts were so big and soft as my fingers easily sank deeply into her flesh.

“It feels good when you grip my breasts so firmly,” she panted, her sexual desire mounting. “Don’t think you have to be gentle. I like them taken hard and the pain makes me just that much hotter.”

I began squeezing, kneading her breasts. Karen moaned as her hips moved in my lap. My erection was sliding between her sexual lips and growing wet with her secretions. Harder and harder I dug my fingers into her soft heavy breasts. My fingers found her swollen nipples and began pinching and pulling them. The more I gave her pain the more she moaned her delight. I was as hard and erect as I was going to get when Karen lifted her hips, found my organ and slid the tip inside her hot wet sex.

I was very surprised to find her body so tight. It was almost like she was a virgin but much nicer and willing. It took me a long time before I was fully inside and we both groaned our pleasure.

“Harder, pinch and pull my nipples harder,” she gasped. “Suck on them, drink my milk and then pull on them.”

I suckled and nursed and then pulled off my lips. Karen was lifting her body up and dropping it down onto my rigid shaft. Each time she came down her sagging breasts bounced and I was mesmerized watching them bounce. As good as this was I wanted more and shoved her from my lap. There was a loud sucking sound as my organ was pulled from her body. Karen whimpered and began to cry when I calmed her. I placed her hands on the top of my desk as she leaned over it. She was far enough away that her palms touched only the edge and I could watch in the vanity mirror placed on the wall across from my desk.

Karen’s heavy breasts hung down from her chest and swayed as she moved her hips trying to regain my erection into her body. I wasted no time plunging myself back inside and holding her hips tightly began pumping my hips to her backside. In the mirror I saw her heavy drooping breasts bouncing hard as I thrust into her. The reflection showed my wet and slick organ pulling back and sliding with easy back inside her. Karen was again touching herself, her fingers flicking across the swollen nub protruding from its protective sheath. As her climax grew closer she started using her forefinger and thumb to grip and roll it around. She was panting, gasping for air as her body grew tense and I knew she was about to climax. As Karen’s body held still and tight I rammed myself as deeply inside her as I could and held myself still. My hand reached to her wobbling breasts and my fingers gripped and dug themselves into her soft yielding flesh. Thin spays of her milk coated the top of my desk soaking some of the paper scattered about. I was very surprised that I was about to climax again so soon but I felt my testicles pull up tight and release the seed boiling in my heavy sack.

Once again I felt my cream filling the thick tube of my organ and spew from the tip only this time deeply inside Karen’s body. It wasn’t her mouth and throat I was coating but her very essence. With repeated regularity as I gushed my seed filling her wanton cavity until I was spent and completely drained. Only then did I slow and then stop my pumping action from behind. Karen sighed heavily as did I, our lust sated for the moment. Slowly I withdrew and marveled as my seed oozed from her sex. We both remained quiet as we gasped for air. Finally Karen carefully pulled herself upright and we stood facing each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20