Earl Grey , Two Sugars

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No vehicles had gone by in either direction for over 45 minutes. The sun was starting to go behind the hills and I was thirsty.

I got out my stove collected water from the creek near by and started a brew of

Earl Grey with two sugars.

The water was just starting to bubble when a car pulled up, a rather fine lady in her late forties got out and came round to stand in front of me and said “Well you look like you’ve given up trying for a lift. Tell you what, you make me a cup of tea, I might make you an offer you can’t refuse”

“Well if you don’t mind waiting a while longer I’ll put some more water in my pot and we can have tea together” I replied “And what might your offer be? Come sit down and we shall talk while I get the water.”

I went to the creek and fetched more water, when I returned I introduced myself and we shook hands, and as we did I noticed a sparkle in her eye as she said her name “I’m Roseanne, but you can call me Rose”

We sat together on the grass in the shading light exchanging brief histories. Finally the water came to the boil I put in fresh tea bag, I gave Rose my tin mug and I drank from my cooking pot.

Rose’s proposition was that she needed a hand on her small holding, she couldn’t afford to pay wages but would give me bed and board and somewhere to call home for a week or two. I accepted her offer, when we had finished our tea, we got into her old clapped out estate car and headed off up a dirt track for 15 klm, that lead to her house and organic farm.

Over the course of the next few days we got to know one another, working hard from dawn to dusk we talked about everything.

Rose had a daughter at boarding school, she was just 18 and in her last term. The school fees were paid for by Roses ex-husband, but Rose got no other money from him.

Our conversation always seemed to get around to the battle of the sexes; Rose was very bitter about men and at times took her anger out on me. Until one day whilst we were struggling with a fence post that didn’t want stay upright, I threw my tamper on the ground and angrily shouted.

“LOOK! WOMAN, I don’t hate women or do I treat them with disrespect. IN FACT I can make love to a woman and not need to have an orgasm myself or need one.”

“Prove it” she retorted passionately ” I don’t believe you, no man can give a woman pleasure without having a hidden agenda for his own gratification.”

“Right” I said taking her by the hand. “I’ve had enough of this fucking post, come with me. I’m going to give you more pleasure than you’ve ever had in your life and prove to you that not all men are shits” With that I pulled her toward me and kissed her full on the mouth, hard and firm without invading her mouth with my tongue but still firm and open mouthed. Rose responded by thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

I resisted making our tongues entwine, although passionate I broke the kiss, looked her straight in the eye and said, “First we will wash, prepare and pamper your body. Then I shall reveal parts of body to you, that you have never felt pleasure from.”

When we got back to the house Rose was flushed and obviously aroused, with the anticipation. Inside the house, I first made sure the stove was full of wood to make more hot water, when this was done and the damper opened, I went to fill the bath and took Rose with me.

As the bath was filling, I slowly began to remove Rose’s cloths kissing and caressing each piece of skin as it became bare. The room filled with steam and condensation and by the time I had her naked before me the bathtub was half full. Taking her by the hand I helped her into the bath and sat her down then using a flannel wetted her naked form, rubbing soap onto the flannel I washed and scrubbed her back and shoulders.

I then asked to lay back in the hot water and relax whilst I removed my own clothes. Quickly naked I asked her to stand so that I could wash the rest of her body.

Rose looked down at my erection and said “See you have a hidden agenda, you are only doing this for your own gratification “

“Don’t get me wrong Rose” I responded “I will enjoy what I’m about to do to you and your wonderful naked body, but the difference is I will find the enjoyment in your pleasure, as much as mine. Now if you’d stand a little to the left I can get in and finish washing you, and you must not touch me, until I say so, OK?”

Rose looked at me, surprised, by my firm statement of intent, and so as not to make her feel to bullied I lent forward and gently kissed her, and drew back looking straight into her eyes I gave her a cheeky grin of reassurance.

Bending forward I retrieved the soap and flannel, squatting down in the bath I washed Roses legs and then worked my way up her thighs caressing every in of flesh as I went.

Missing her sex I washed her tummy and then her breasts, making them slick with soap, not missing any part of her luscious globes taking particular care to wash the underside of her breasts which brought small involuntary gasps of pleasure free spin form her lips. Guiding her gently to sit on the top end of the bath, I knelt again in the water to wash her quim,

Being blond she had thankfully very little hair covering her mound, applying soap to her quim I very gently teased her moist flesh until it was clean and opening like a flower before me. As I was washing her quim she placed the heel, of her right foot on my left thigh and then stroked my erection with her toes. I immediately pushed her foot away telling firmly “NO, not yet, not until I say so.”

The last of the soap was rinsed, from Roses body. I reached for a towel and dried her, when she was dry I asked her to go to the bedroom and wait for me. I quickly washed myself clean, dried myself and with a towel wrapped around my middle went to find Rose.

To my momentary disappointment she was not in the bedroom as instructed.

Making me jump she said from behind me “I thought a glass of wine might go down a treat and went to open a bottle. White OK?”

“Fine” I said my composure lost for a second. Taking control again I took the proffered glass from her hand putting it down after taking a quick sip. I then gently took the bottle and her glass that was not yet filled.

I poured the wine and gave the full glass to her, picking mine up again I chinked my glass to hers and toasted “To pleasure! Now if you would be so kind as to lay face down on the bed I shall begin” As instructed Rose laid herself face down on the bed.

Taking many long sensuous minutes I massaged her back from toe to head, easing away all the knots and stress in her taught muscles. When I felt she was relaxed I gently turned her over and started to massage her front, her was glowing with a red flush and being so alabaster white the effect of her aroused flush, was all to clear to see.

So when I bent to kiss her nipples her body shuddered and she exclaimed

“Oh I feel so different, no one has ever taken so long in love making with me before, please don’t stop”

“I have a long way to go with your continued pleasuring don’t you worry, my beauty” I said reassuringly. ” Now if you would like to sit on the edge of the bed, I shall continue”

Rose complied with my request and we both took the break to have some more wine, taking the glass gently from her hand and putting it back on the bedside table, I bent forward to kiss and fondle her breasts and as I did I pushed her back onto the bed so she was again lying down, but now with her feet on the floor and her legs spread wide.

Standing between her thighs I was able to kiss my way over her breast and down her tummy to her Mon’s Venus. I knelt down, and kissing and nuzzling the soft swollen flesh of her mound. My gentle attention and teasing bought moans, of pleasure from Roses sweet lips.

Flicking, licking and caressing the petals of her quim were producing more and more shudders of pleasure through her body.

“Ooooh, this is so different I’ve never felt like this before, never, never, never…. Please don’t stop,” She crooned, holding her hands just millimetres above my head, still obeying my order, not to touch me.

The shocks and spasms of pleasure were getting stronger and more intense and I had to give to lightest of touches to her clit with my tongue. By pushing two fingers deep inside her and curling them up I was able to rub on her G-spot. The effect was instant her body started to go rigid, and she bent herself like a bow pushing her middle up and her head and shoulders down to force me to put more pressure onto her G-spot. I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue across the silken tip,

As if an electric currant was suddenly slammed through her, Rose started to come; I had to fight to keep contact with her quim and pulled my fingers out of her body.

“Nooooo, this can’t be…. Oooh fuck yes, yes, yes Noooo, no I can’t take much more, this is fantastic. Don’t stop, don’t stop Please don’t stop” she screamed as her body thrashed around in the first full orgasm, of her life.

I sat back on my heels with a grin of the Cheshire cat on my face I had achieved my promise. I got up, gently helped Rose get under the covers, and tucked her up in bed. I kissed her lightly on the head and left her in the warm after glow of orgasm.

Quietly I left the room and went to my own bed. We hadn’t eaten but what the heck; I needed rest from my labours.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, a few hours at least, as the eastern sky was starting to glow with the pre-dawn. I was awoken by the naked body of Rose, climbing in to bed next to me. I pretended to remain asleep and just moved over a little to allow her enough room. She started to kiss me oh, so gentle all over my head and face. She whispered, “Are you awake, my love?”

I moaned gently and opened my eyes to look up into her smiling face, as she bent forward to kiss me full and deep on the mouth.

Rose broke the kiss and said, “No man has ever made me feel like that bonus veren siteler before, you are a wonderful lover. Will you make love to me again and this time I want you to come deep in my body. I still tingle from what you did to me earlier.”

With that she moved her hand down my chest and stomach and took hold of my erection, pushing the covers back she moved down the bed, took my cock into her mouth, and sucked on it. I lay there and enjoyed her ministrations until she moved herself to straddle my supine body and lower her moist quim onto my throbbing member.

As my cock slid into her willing flesh for the first time, it was wonderfully warm and soft, and because I hadn’t come before my senses were heightened to the sensations of being in a new woman’s body.

Rose lifted herself up down and rocking backward and forward in a sort of circular motion. She may not have had a man satisfy her but she certainly knew how to give pleasure to a man. I lay there for several minutes revelling in the pleasures of being embedded in her.

Wanting more I started to lift her up and down on my engorged cock making more friction, Rose soon got the message and rode my cock horse with gusto and it wasn’t to long that my body arched and thrust deeper into her womb to release my long pent up seed. My orgasm was all the more intense for having been waited for, and flopped back down onto the bed totally spent and quivering in bliss.

Rose bent forward, kissed me long and hard, and asked me “Are you happy? Because you’ve made me feel like a real woman for the first time in my life.”

I answered still on cloud nine “I did it for you so you can one day have a man and not hate any more.”

“But how do I know a man will make love to me the way you’ve done?” She queried rolling of my placid member to lay next to me in the narrow single bed, with her head propped on her arm.

“Its up to you to train him and tell him what YOU want.” I said. “Now, can we get some sleep I want to get that post in, so we can finish the fence and move the sheep onto the better grass.”? Bending forward kissing her lips, smiling. She nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, come lets go and be comfortable in my big double bed.”

She took me by the hand and led me to her own large bed, where we slept until the sun rose, on a bright new day. By lunchtime we had the fence finished and the sheep were eating fresh young grass.

We took the afternoon off and went to the hot pools nearby to soak away the strains of our labours. As we sat in the hot sulphurous smelling water. Rose turned to me and said “I’ve thought about this very hard and I want you to do something very special for me.”

“Yes?” I said, turning to take hold of her arm and wash it with the hot volcanic water. We were totally alone, in the middle of the forest with no other person for miles.

“I want you to deflower my daughter Rosie, when she comes home from college in a few days. She is now of an age when she will be leaving the protected confines of the convent and shortly going to university; and I don’t want her to have the horrible experience that I did when I lost my virginity”

I must have looked like a fish dragged out of water, as my jaw flapped without saying anything. I was totally lost for words, what an honour? What a compliment? I was stunned.

I answered her very slowly and carefully “Are you sure she’d want to have her Mothers lover?” I questioned. “After all its like she has no choice in the matter.”

Rose responded and said “Don’t worry I know my daughter she will agree when I’ve explained my plan for her. She knows how I hate men because they abuse woman, so when I tell her that you will be her first and make it perfect for her. She will agree and when you see her you’ll not argue at the task”

I still couldn’t believe my ears, here was the mother of an 18 year old, virgin asking me, a virtual stranger to make love to her daughter for the first time.

How was she going to get her daughter to agree, I just couldn’t see a girl raised in a Catholic boarding school going for the idea. Then Rose hit me with the coupe de grace, by saying.

“Her favourite book of all time is the Mammoth Hunters and the character Jondula, when he deflowers the virgin at the spring ceremony, presided over by the tribe Mother.

Rosie has said she’d like to have that happen to her the first time. That’s what gave me the idea in the first place.”

Well that was it; it would be easy to get Rosie to agree to her mother’s idea. All her mother had done was find a man that could deflower a virgin and do it beautifully.

A week later young Rosie came back from school. When she got out of the car I nearly came in my pants. She was a vision of pure beauty and I was to have her. She walked straight up to me, flung her arms around me kissing me, and said “Thank you, for making my Mum so happy she’s told me how wonderful a lover you are.” Will you really take my virginity?

“What?” I thought “She’s told her already deneme bonusu veren siteler and the girls gagging for it, what have I got myself into?”

I took control of my thoughts and the situation, and said “Yes Rosie, and we will make it really special for you just like Jondula did in The Mammoth Hunters.”

“Oh yes please” she responded and excitedly, almost dancing with joy. (And there was me being all worried that the whole thing would become a complete flop)

Rose and I collected greenery from the forest and decked out her bedroom to make it look all-magical. We also killed a Hogget to make a special feast for the occasion.

Rosie was all a flutter and couldn’t wait she bathed herself and took a lifetime over her toilet.

Rose and I found this most amusing, that she wanted to be so clean for the occasion.

We’d decided the ceremony should start with a meal and the proceedings take place after sunset, so Rosie would wake up the next morning a woman.

Finally all was ready, we ate our meal and made toasts to childhood and enjoying life as adults, all was very light and a little apricot wine with the addition of some wacky backey made things all the more easy.

Rosie was very relaxed and also extremely excited she wore only a thin summer dress with buttons all down the front and her nipples were quite clearly very erect. Rose flirted with me and rubbed my crotch telling her daughter that she was going to be very a happy girl later. Rosie said, “If what you’ve told me is true I’m really looking forward to it”

Rosie came round to where Rose and I were standing and they both had an arm around my shoulders. Rose said, “You feel that?,” she took her daughters hand, and placed it over my erection.

“Do you want to learn how to become really popular with the men?” Rose enquired of her daughter.

“What do you mean Mum?” replied Rosie puzzled, by her mothers statement.

At that Rose dropped to her knee’s in front me, unfastened my belt and flies, and let my trousers drop to the floor. I stepped out of then and kicked them across the room. Funnily I felt rather self-conscious. Even though I had seduced and made love to Rose. Rosie had not seen me naked or any other man for that matter.

I turned my head to Rosie and gently started to kiss her on the face and then the lips, she responded and kissed me back.

At the same time Rose pulled down my under pants and took my cock in her mouth and started to slowly suck, pumping her head back and forth. As it grew back to its full glory Rose pulled my straining member from her mouth and said to her daughter “Come on kneel down here and let your mum show how to suck cock.”

Rosie did as she was bid and knelt down next to her mother; I took the opportunity to pull my shirt off so I was completely naked. (I always feel funny being naked from the waist down but being fully undressed I’m OK, I know its weird but then that’s me folks!)

Rose holding my cock in her hand, described to Rosie all the different parts of the male phallus from the scrotum to the glands, she also explained that I was different from most men in that I’m circumcised.

Rose then showed her daughter all the different ways of giving my member pleasure. Then it was Rosie’s turn, Rose got her to open her mouth and let the head just slide in, her tongue came up and meet the underside of the glands, wow she was a natural, her soft virgin mouth took to cock sucking like a duck to water. Rosie started to pump her head back and forth and I had to put a hand one each head to steady myself.

“Don’t worry Rosie,” said Rose “He wont come I never met a man with such control as Adam, he can last for hours”

“Don’t be so sure woman ” I said groaning and swaying back and forth on my fast softening legs. “Rosie is sending electric shocks through me, she’s a natural.”

At that moment I had to pull my engorged knob out of Rosie’s willing mouth, or I would have cum. Dropping to my knee’s I pulled Rosie to me and hugged her tight, kissing her face and neck all over.

“Come” I said as I stood and took her hand pulling her to her feet. “We shall go to the anointed place, this is your special night.”

“Rose” I said to the girls mother “She will be safe with me, I shall come to you on the morrow.”

“Go with him my child, he will be your first lover” With that Rose kissed Rosie on the cheek and guided us both with a gentle push toward the anointed place.

When we reached the bedroom the candles and incense were still burning giving the room a magic aromatic atmosphere. The scene was perfect for the ritual planned; even a fairy princess could not of hoped for more.

Taking Rosie in my arms I gently kissed and pushed the shoulder straps of her dress from her shoulders, kissing the bared flesh as I went. Rosie held my head in her hands and stroked my hair as I kissed my way down her neck and shoulders. As I undid each button. I kissed the skin as it became uncovered.

By the time I was on my knees and kissing her tight tummy the dress had fallen to the floor. I was stroking and caressing her back and silk covered bottom, her head was lolling from side to side. I stood and led her to sit on the bed. Pushing her back I took the waistband of her knickers and pulled them off baring her virgin quim for my gaze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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