Eat the Mess

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Claire crossed the room to where the couple were fucking on the couch. Claire was a muscular girl, some would say too muscular. She had black hair and big fake tits. Her abs were cut and she had a large clit that slightly protruded from under its hood. Her legs were thick and strong. She had a cruel mouth and a classical, Roman nose.

“Damn, that looks good.” She said. “Look at those fat tits bounce.”

The man was fucking the woman face to face and Claire stooped to lick the sweat off his hairy nipples as she went to her knees on the floor and took one of the woman’s heavy legs. The man was of medium height with a stocky build and was about forty-five years of age. He had a long, ratty goatee and a shaved head. Hair grew across his shoulders and the top of his back and on his chest and down over his slight beer gut. His penis was of average length, but was fat and ugly with protruding veins and a broad, brutal head.

“Oh! It’s up her ass! It’s totally up her fucking ass!” Claire said.

Looking down she could see his cock sliding in and out of the woman’s asshole. A lather of sweat and juice had gathered at the base of his dick.

“What’s this one’s name, Hank?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I found her walking around downtown with half her ass and tits hanging out.” He said as he slammed against the woman.

Claire could hear their bodies slapping together. She looked up the woman’s thick, chubby body and past her huge, jiggling breasts to her face. She was incredibly whorish with fat, dick sucking lips covered in black lipstick and a slightly upturned nose and long lashes on her closed eyes. Her red hair was sweat-soaked and slick against her head and face. Her breath was ragged as she fucked back on the cock that split her asshole. Claire slapped her tits until she opened her eyes.

“What’s your name you silly cunt?” Claire asked.

“Brenda.” The woman said.

“That’s a stupid, whore name.” Claire said. “I think I’ll spit on you.”

She leaned down until her face hovered over Brenda’s.

“Open your mouth, whore.”

Brenda parted her fat lips and opened her mouth, strings of saliva webbed across her teeth. She grunted as she fucked.

“You nasty piggie,” Claire said.

She put her fingers into her mouth and thrust them to the back of her throat until she gagged and coughed up a mouthful of thick slime. She reached down and fish-hooked Brenda’s mouth open painfully wide and spat the whole viscous wad into her mouth where it slapped across her teeth and drooled to the back of her throat. Brenda choked and some of it sprayed out of her mouth and landed in big, cum-like drops on her face.

“Swallow it.” Claire said.

She looked into the woman’s eyes as she closed her mouth and sent the stuff down. She closed her hand around Brenda’s throat and shook the woman’s head.

“You’ve got a fat little neck, whore.” She said. “You’re quite a little chub. Not fat, but a nice little thick whore.”

She drooled more spit down onto her face.

“Aren’t you?” Claire asked.


Claire looked back down between Brenda’s thick legs and watched Hank’s dick going up her asshole.

“Christ, you’re really ruining her ass! Is it tight?”

“It was but it’s loosening up good.” Hank said. “Wanna see?”

“Yes!” Claire hissed.

Hank slammed his dick in two more times and moved his hands under Brenda’s legs and spread her big ass cheeks as far as he could. He pulled his cock out of her ass and Claire could see the ring of Brenda’s asshole gaping open. A strand of juice stretched from the lip of her slack ring and connected the mess with the head of Hank’s throbbing cock where it hung from his leaking piss slit. She could see into the wide, yawning hole.

“Look inside her ass.” He said.

“Oh, I am. Put it back in and rip that fuck hole up until it gapes wider.”

Hank inched forward and put the head of his dick up to the opening of the hole. Half the head poked inside without touching the sides of her rectum.

“Check it out. Her asshole is opened up bigger than my dick head!” Hank laughed.

“Good, use her fucking ass until it’s so wallowed out of shape it’ll never be right again.”

Claire looked back into Brenda’s eyes. Then she put her muscular leg over Brenda’s soft belly and sat on her with her back to Hank and the chubby girl’s tits against her mons and rubbing against her clit as they flopped around.

“You like your butt fucked out, whore?” She asked, leaning forward with her hard hands planted on Brenda’s soft shoulders. Her triceps bulged out behind her arms as she pushed down on the girl.

Brenda gasped and licked her lips.

“Want some more spit?” Claire asked.

Brenda nodded and opened her mouth and Claire hawked up a blob and spat it forcefully into her mouth. Some went in and some landed across the girl’s lips and cheek.

“Do you like to be used?” Claire asked.

“Yes.” Brenda said.

“Do you like to have your butt hole fucked open?”


“What do you want him to do to it?”

“Make güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it sloppy.”

“Ha ha ha!” Claire laughed. She bent and kissed Brenda on the lips. “How sloppy?”

“Until it’s wrecked.” She said.

“Until it hurts to shit?”


“Say it.” Claire said.

“Until it’s fucking open and sloppy and hurts to shit.”

“You love it in the ass, huh?”


“You like your butt hole blasted open?”


Claire was humping Brenda’s tits. Her blood engorged clit sticking out and throbbing as the large globes slapped it again and again.

“You like to be hurt?”

“A little.”

“He’s hurting your little shit hole?”


“I don’t think it’s so little anymore.”

“I hope not.”

Claire laughed and slapped Brenda across the face.

“It’s busted.”


“You like your asshole hanging open?”

“Yes.” Brenda grunted and gasped at Claire slapped her again.

“Do you like to suck cocks out of it?”


“Right out of your fucking open ass?”


“You nasty cunt! What if it’s dirty?”

“I hope it is.”

“You wanna eat a fat dick right out of your dirty ass?”

“Please let me eat it out of my ass.” Brenda said.

Claire dismounted the girl and fell to her knees again.

“Gape her, Hank.”

Hank stretched Brenda’s buttocks apart again and pulled his cock out. It sucked out covered in sweat and the juices of her ass. Her asshole was even bigger and the tender flesh just inside was red. Claire pulled her off the couch by her arms and Hank stood up as Brenda opened her mouth and his dick jumped and throbbed in front of the open mouth-hole.

“Smell it?” Claire asked.


Hank could feel Brenda’s breath over the head of his cock.

“What’s it smell like?”

“Like cock and ass.”

“Gag on that ass-cock, cunt!” Claire said as she pushed on Hank’s furry ass and his cock fed into Brenda’s mouth. Hank shoved it all the way in and Brenda choked.

“Fuck her mouth like an ass.” Claire said.

She reached under Brenda’s chin and squeezed Hank’s balls. She put her face down close to the action and held Brenda’s head in place with her other hand as he went in and out. Every time the cock slipped back out of her throat Brenda coughed and swallowed the spit and mucous it had churned up in her throat. Then the cock plunged in again, gagging her. She sucked as hard as she could. Claire took her hand away from Hank’s nuts and began to rub her hard fingers against Brenda’s clit. She stuck her fingers in the girl’s cunt and ground her thumb into her clit and Brenda began to fuck back onto her hand.

“I think the whore’s gonna cum.” She told Hank.

“She’s been a good whore.”

He pulled out and strings of saliva and throat slime spilled from Brenda’s mouth and she gagged and coughed and the ribbons of slime whipped around and clung in strands from her face and drooled down and off of her chin in sticky, wagging lines that pooled on her fat tits. She gasped and looked over at Claire as she sucked the mess back up and swallowed it.

“Jesus Christ! Whatta whore.” Hank said. Claire laughed.

“You just found her walking around down town?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He said.

“Oh my god! What a good girl! Beat your dick on her face.”

Hank slapped his veiny rod across her face and lifted it and wiped his sweaty sack on her nose and lips.

“What were you doing walking around down town?” Claire asked.

“I just wanted to be picked up and used.”

“Oh, my!” Claire worked the girl’s cunt and clit over and Brenda started bouncing up and down.

“She’s great.” Hank said. He rubbed the head of his dick against the lids of the girl’s closed eyes, occasionally dipping it in and out of her open mouth.

“What do you want done to you?” Claire asked.

“I wanted my ass blown out and cum fed to me.”

“You’re a gross little freak, huh?”


“Did you like Hank in your ass?”


“Did he rape it out?”

“Yeeeeees.” She was getting close to cumming and her pussy smacked and juiced against Claire’s hand. Claire put her other hand on her own clit and rubbed and pulled it.

“Say it!”

“He fucking raped out my fucking ass!”

“Now suck his nuts and cum on my hand.”

Hank dipped his sack into Brenda’s mouth and sagged against her face as she slurped on it. Claire worked up a froth jilling her hand on the girl’s pussy. Brenda bounced hard against it and keened around the nuts in her mouth. Her thighs trembled and she ground herself against Claire’s hand as she came, grunting like a pig as webs of girl cum sloshed around Claire’s hand.

“Damn, she almost inhaled my balls when she came!” Hank said.

Claire stood up next to Hank and they looked down where Brenda sat on her heels trying to catch her breath and recover. The girl was a mess. Claire’s clit was throbbing and her pussy had juiced down her thigh from where she had jilled herself. She slapped güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her pussy and clit as she brought the hand she had used to make Brenda cum up so they could all look at it. She spread her fingers. Her hand was sloppy to the wrist and webs of fluid connected her fingers and great dollops of thick cunt juice wobbled on the back of her hand.

“Look at that!” She said.

She whipped her hand forward toward Brenda’s face and the cream detached and strung from her hand and fingers and the lumps of cunt slop splattered across Brenda’s face and beaded on her cheeks and lips in places and in others it ran down to hang from her chin.

Claire continued to maul her pussy with one hand and she reached up and slapped her fake tits and watched them jump around.

“Get down on your knees, Hank.” She said.

He went to his knees in front of Brenda as Claire stood over them. She put her hand on the back of his head and pushed him forward.

“Eat all that shit off her face.”

“You filthy cunt.” Hank said as he leaned in and laid his long tongue against the side of Brenda’s face, taking her head between his hands and swiping his tongue down, across her lips and chin and sucked up the juice and globs.

“Show me.” Claire said.

Hank looked up and opened his mouth and she could see the goo on his teeth and clump on his tongue. She leaned down and spat into his mouth and watched her saliva land on top of the mess on his tongue and run back into his throat.

“Eat it!”

Hank gulped the spit and girl-juice down and beat his cock as he did it. Brenda was watching in fascination and pinching her large, saucer sized nipples as her huge tits sagged against her chest. Claire pushed the two of them apart and stepped forward and squatted and set her cunt down hard on Brenda’s face. Her clit lay against the girl’s nose.

“You like to eat cunt?”

Brenda nodded.

Claire bounced a little and her pussy smacked against Brenda’s face wetly.

“Suck my clit like a little dick.”

Brenda stuck her tongue out and slithered it around Claire’s protruding clit and noisily sucked on it. Hank stood and jacked his dick as he ran his other hand over Claire’s biceps and shoulders. He moved it up to her face and to her mouth.

“Gag me with your fingers,” Claire said.

She opened her mouth wide and stuck her five-inch tongue out and curled it around and between his fingers as he began to push them into her mouth.

“Come on, slut, let me hear some noise.” He said.

He pushed his fingers farther back and her tongue was trapped between his hand and her distended lips. He pumped his hand in and she retched. A loud, rude sound from deep within her. He could see her throat convulse and she gagged and coughed around his fingers. He removed his hand and she hawked the saliva and mucous into her mouth. Both of her hands were on Brenda’s head and she fucked against the girl’s face. Brenda’s hands were wrapped around Claire’s legs and clutched the round globes of her ass. She opened and closed the cheeks and kneaded them.

“Did you cough it all up?” Hank asked.

He could see that Claire’s mouth was full. She nodded.

“Gag it out on my dick.”

She leaned and he saw her throat convulse again and her mouth opened and she retched a mouthful of snotty spit that fell on his cock and ran over his hand and under to his balls and off onto the floor. She choked up another thick glob of mucous and drooled it down from her long tongue that almost touched his cock directly onto the head and shaft of his ugly dick. His hand beat it and loud sounds of suction and wetness slobbered around it.

“That was good.” Claire said hoarsely.

“You going to cum on the whore’s face?” Hank asked.

“I want her to eat out my ass first.”

She dismounted Brenda’s head. The girl’s face was plastered and glazed with viscous slop from Claire’s box.

“You like to suck shit holes?” Hank asked her.

“I’ve never done it before.”

“Lay down, cunt.”

Brenda stretched out onto her back, both of her hands on her cunt, rubbing. Claire crouched and straddled her face and Hank went to his knees behind her and stretched open the muscular cheeks of her ass. Brenda could see the lips of the woman’s leaking cunt above her and also the dark, crinkled bud of her asshole. She could smell the musk of her crack and see the sheen of sweat that covered it. The asshole winked and pulsed as Brenda brought her mouth up to it. She put out her tongue and lapped the butt hole and dug the tip into the tiny opening. She tasted the salt from the sweat and the dank taste of ass. She sucked on it and pushed her tongue in. She brought her thumb to her mouth and sucked on it to get it wet and then probed against the tight hole as she tongued it.

“She’s a liar.” Claire said. “She’s eaten ass before.”

“She’s good?” Hank asked.

“Yeah, she’s getting her tongue in and her thumb is about to slip in, too.”

“Do you want her to play around in your ass?”

“I want her to fucking güvenilir bahis şirketleri eat it.”

“Hold yourself open.” Hank said.

Claire brought her hands around and spread her butt open. She pushed down against Brenda’s tongue and thumb and felt them both slip in and spread her. Brenda breathed in the odor and slobbered over and into the hole and dug into it with her tongue, the bitter taste made her cum again.

Hank came around and stood over Brenda’s body and faced Claire.

“You want to suck some cock?”

She smiled. “I love the cock.”

He put his thumbs in her mouth and stretched it open. Her tongue unfolded and ran around her lips and his thumbs and then she stretched it out and touched the bottom of his cock head. He pushed into her mouth. Her tongue felt along the underside of him until she could lick his balls. He pushed in as far as he could until her overly large nose pressed against the base of his belly under his gut. She didn’t suck yet, just left her mouth hanging and stretched open as he worked his dick around inside of her mouth. He pushed his cock head against her cheek until it bulged out, then he swept it across her tongue and pressed it into the other side of her mouth and pushed out her cheek in that direction.

“You are such a good slut.” He said. “Let me just used your mouth to jerk off in.”

He took one hand away from her face and stroked the base of his dick, holding one side of her mouth stretched open with his other hand. He wagged his dick around in the warmth and wet of her mouth as she kept her tongue stretched out and slithering over his nuts. He jacked off and pushed her cheeks out and his cock drooled fluid. He pulled out and wiped it over her big nose and around on her face. She pulled her tongue back and wrapped it around his cock where it almost went halfway.

“Suck now,” Hank said as he slammed his cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her face.

Brenda now had both of her thumbs and an inch of her tongue up Claire’s ass. She stopped to spit up into the hole and onto her thumbs and went back in. She gobbled and tongued and pulled Claire’s asshole open. She could see the pink flesh inside the woman’s rectum and washed it with her tongue, rimming it and tasting the inside of the hole.

Hank pulled his dick out of Claire’s mouth and spat into it. She swirled the saliva and drank it.

“Cunt,” He said, spitting into her face-hole again.

She spat it back onto his cock and jacked him off, rubbing her nose all over the head.

“You haven’t cum yet.” She said.

“I don’t want to yet. It’s really gonna be a lot when I do. Why don’t you 69 with the whore and let me fuck your ass open?”

Claire laughed and repositioned herself on top of the girl. Brenda was sad to see her asshole lift away but became excited when Hank came around and went to his knees and put his dickhead against Claire’s ass and pushed it right in. Spit squeezed out around his dick and dripped onto her face.

“Get that whore-hole sloppy and make her eat the inside of it.” Claire said.

She spread Brenda’s pussy folds open and started sucking on her.

Hank had his cock in balls deep and his sack tea-bagged down across Brenda’s eyes. He stroked in twice, hard, and pulled his cock out to take a look at Claire’s asshole. It closed up as he pulled out.

“Not there yet.” He said.

He kept sticking his cock in, going balls deep, and pulling out over and over. Her ass-ring began to close more sluggishly. He sawed in and out and fucked her ass deep for a couple of minutes before he pulled out again. Her ass stayed open slightly.

The two women ate each other with sloppy noises and Claire went in and dug so deep her nose pressed into Brenda’s ass. The girl’s butt hole was still open somewhat and Claire nose-fucked it. Brenda was sucking Claire’s long, fat clit and then slurping juice out of her hole.

Claire could feel her ass stretching out. Hank had hurt it at first, but she liked that. She was sorry when the pain went. His cock pounded into her and it felt as if she had to take a shit. He pulled out to look at her asshole and she felt the cool air on her ring as the heat of his dick left her. She knew she would cum soon. She lifted her head.

“How does it look?” She asked.

“It’s hanging open about an inch.”

“Get back in and ruin it.”

He stuck the end of his cock back into her gape and ran his length back up into her guts. He spread her ass open and leaned over her back so he could fuck it harder. He buried his dick over and over as hard as he could.

“Fuck it up!” Claire said. “Beat it the fuck up.”

He ripped his cock out and looked. Her hole was open wide, the tender flesh of her inner ring was raw and he could look into her bowels. He jammed his cock back in and reamed it around with circular thrusts. When he pulled it out next the hole yawned open an inch and a half. He ducked down and spit into the hole and his saliva flew in and disappeared into the dark. He put his fingers into his mouth and down his throat and gagged up a nice mouthful of slime and spat it up her hole, then he blasted his dick in again.

“Rape that hole open!” Claire said as she fucked back onto him.

The muscles of her back were bunched and thick. She began to cum and fucked down onto Brenda’s face. She moaned and her cunt drooled juice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20