Eleanor Ch. 02

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* * *

Dawn was breaking over London, but there was a smog, and a fog so no one could see anything. It was pitch dark in the street and so it was in Dora’s new home except for a tiny night lamp hanging from the ceiling. She hadn’t slept well due to the itch in her breasts and her bed had been no help at all as no matter what she did she just couldn’t get comfortable. She had given up in the small hours of the morning and had moved to the platform with the two holes in it. She noticed Eleanor already on the other one with her dimly lit pendulous breasts hanging free below it. She was either asleep or dozing so Dora didn’t disturb her as she got up onto the platform and moved around till her breasts were hanging free beneath it.

She wish she had her rubber vest back on with its support and the feeling of comfort it gave her when she squeezed the two bulbs but that had been taken from her before sleep last night by the Doctor. She crossed her arms under her chin and adjusted her body slightly to make her breasts more comfortable. She looked across at Eleanor or more correctly at her breasts because she had a vague memory that the bulk of them were yellow last evening and today they were pink and there seemed to be a light sheen of moisture on them. The tip of the breast around the nipple was red much as it had been yesterday.

She tried to think of what happened yesterday but couldn’t. One thing that she did remember was being hungry and thirsty all day and using her feed trough until she had emptied it. She remembered the frame but things were foggy and she had a hard time remembering anything that happened on the frame. Now that she really thought about it there wasn’t much she remembered about anything till now. She heard someone coming and hoped they bought something to eat.

* * *

The Doctor had slept well but wanted an early start to her day. She was surprised to find the two girls on the platforms and not in bed. She noticed Dora awake and beckoned her from the room. When they were in the milking room she asked how she was and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri found that the girl was hungry.

“Then what about we get you up in your frame dear and we will see about getting you something to eat, she said

The girl seemed quite willing and was soon bent ninety degrees at her waist with her wrist and neck ready for the restraint to be bought down.

“Can I wear the rubber vest today Doctor?”

“You can certainly wear it today, now how did you sleep please?”

She slowly went through her list of questions while giving the girls hanging breasts an examination. She noted the sharp line between the skin of the girls chest and where the breast started its journey away from the ribs. It was good that it was sharp as the ointment was rather powerful and suitable only for breasts. She ran her hands lightly over the left one and felt the heat. The girl said it itched and she felt discomfort. She allowed her fingers to give a bit more pressure as they moved over the breast but could feel no distortions or anything other than perfectly smooth skin. It was a beautiful, dare she say perfect breast and it would remain so. She chided herself to remember that she didn’t own them they were on loan for a scientific cause. She heard a noise and turning on her stool she saw the French housekeeper Marie enter. They smiled a greeting and she nodded at a small desk. Marie would take some notes. She moved her hands down to the aureole and nipple and checked them over; Dora replying to a question that they were not sore. Memory loss seemed a problem though and this would be corrected today when she made the morning formula which contained a cocktail of drugs. With the questions finished she bought the feed and water teats in close to the girls mouth and saw her latch on to the feed teat. She had been worried that the mash in the feeding teat might not prove palatable but it seemed the hungry girl relished it.

“Good morning again Marie,” she said to the housekeeper “I’m sorry I was a bit short with you but my mind was on my work. How are you today güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and have you seen my maid?”

” Your maid is indisposed this morning I’m afraid Doctor,” replied the woman in her soft French accent.

” Very well then, I’m sure you will tell me latter for now we are busy. Would you get Eleanor up and on the frame please,” she said with a frown.

Alice, her maid, was a favor she was doing for someone and if she was to be a problem; well she thought, she was good with problems. Eleanor came in followed by Marie and she got up onto the frame and was secured. The Doctor went through the questions and examination while Marie took the notes. Soon Eleanor was munching on her morning mash and they were both ready for their ointment. Leaving Marie to transcribed the notes into the record book she went across the chamber to a locked door that lead to the laboratory.

Entering she locked herself in for no one was allowed in here with its drugs, chemicals and other forbidden substances. First she turned to get the afternoon mash ready. The mash was mainly oats with a syrup mixed in to give it a better taste and some water. Her brother had made many discovery’s up the Congo River the best being the one she was adding now. Sometimes a new born was reluctant to suckle but with a bit of crushed yarba berry juice rubbed on to the nipple one ended up with the opposite problem. They didn’t want to stop. She didn’t change what seemed to be a successful recipe but there would be a definite change to the formula.

The formula was strictly measured because it contained some very powerful drugs. The first was another African one. Some mothers had multiple births and there body’s didn’t seem to be able to keep up with milk production. While European medicine was still searching for an answer it seemed the people on the upper Congo had found it centuries ago. It was found in the river and was a simple river weed called “foroi”. The remedy was simplicity its self; chew the river weed. This had been developed by her brother in to a concentrated form güvenilir bahis şirketleri and this was added to the formula.

Her brothers notes had suggested that there might be some resistance to the frame and the time spent in it so had invented an hallucinogenic combined with a muscle relaxant.

It was this that she was preparing now. Yesterday there had been to much hallucinogenic so she dropped the dose somewhat. She didn’t want to damage any brains. She took two clean rubber bags from her stock and carefully filled them with the preparation. It was time to give the girls there first formulas of the day. There was a last thought though; should she put a few drops of laxative in the mix?

* * *

Eleanor was restless after having feed herself and taken some water. Her breasts were itchy and she couldn’t scratch them. The mademoiselle had put the ointment on them and although the itch was passing they were now heating up. She wished to rub them or scratch them but could do neither.

The Doctor noticed this. It would not happen again.

* * *

Marie had watched the Doctor fill the rubber bags with the formula and fit Eleanor up and she could see that the girl was suffering some distress, but then so was Dora. She would have gone to the other girl but she couldn’t be in two places at once. She felt the Doctor noticed.

* * *

Eleanor felt the harness being strapped around her skull and with her tongue adjusted the teat in her mouth. She gave a small suck on the teat and found a not unpleasant taste and then proceeded to draw down the formula and to start to swallow it.

In about ten minutes she was nicely relaxed and having happy thoughts about bunny rabbits in a field of flowers. She could hear people talking but it seemed to much trouble to listen. Ah, nice; there were hands on her breasts again and they started to feel better. She felt some one stroking her head which felt good too. Her mind moved back to the bunny rabbits, the flowers and the field; she seemed to be floating on the wind she thought.

* * *

Margret had slipped off to the surgery and was preparing the operating table for the first of the girls. It was pretty much the same as the platforms that they had been using to lie on earlier this morning except this one had some straps.


Why straps she had always wondered?


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