Elizabeth Ch. 06: Revenge

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Elizabeth briskly yanked Vincent’s pants and boxers down as she fixed her eyes on Darcie’s, stroking his rapidly swelling penis. She held Vincent’s strong hips as she pulled him toward her and fit his cock into her capacious mouth. Vincent tilted his head back and whistled, laughing. “Boy, I did not think this day would turn out like this!” He was a simple man.

Darcie’s face, so flushed a few minutes ago, was now deathly white. “What are you doing?” she whined. “Vincent, please! If you’re going to fuck her, at least fuck me too! It’s only fair!”

“From what I hear babe, you’ve been doing a whole lotta stuff without me! Shit, Liz, where’d you learn to suck a dick like that?” Elizabeth breathlessly blowjobbed him; Vincent had never experienced anything like this.

Elizabeth was drooling now. She gathered spit to the front of her mouth and spit right onto his dick. As she sucked, frothy drool and pre-cum leaked over her tits; she rubbed it into her chest, squeezing her breasts and alternating her gaze between the married couple.

Darcie hung from the shackles, broken. She deserved this, she knew. She deceived all of her friends. She had cheated on her husband, seducing scores of women away from their husbands. Darcie turned her eyes toward her shoulder, trying not to look. Elizabeth released Vincent’s cock and breathed heavily. “Vince, sweetie, can you go get a chair for me, like a kitchen chair. Get some candles and matches too.”

Vincent groaned, and then pulled up his boxers and his pants, stuffing his wet cock into his shorts. “Can’t have my neighbors seeing my cock bouncing around now, can I?”

As Vincent left, Elizabeth sat back against the tub, putting one hand on her breast, and rubbing casino siteleri her clit hard with the other. She stared at Darcy’s hairy defenseless pussy, licking her lips while Darcie fruitlessly tried to flex her hips away, hiding her sex.

Elizabeth was wetter now then she’d ever remembered. She reveled in the fire of her revenge. She felt alive. If this is what going crazy felt like, she wished she had done it sooner.

Darcie swallowed her tears for a moment. “You should at least tell me what triggered all this.”

Elizabeth lolled her head back, stroking herself hard now. “It’s tough to say. What is it when you fucked me after you pressured me and I gave in to you? Was it that you filmed it and posted it for the entire world? Was it that I found a video of me and Charlotte online too, which means you’re working together? Which means you talk to each other and you targeted me? And that you’re both making porn of me without my consent? Do you think that would trigger me?”

Darcie hung her head in shame. “Charlotte was in the pantry filming that night. I was hiding in Charlotte’s closet filming. We did it all together.” Vincent walked in with the chair and set it down, and then came back with the candlesticks and a lighter.

Elizabeth commanded: “Vince, I want you to put those candlesticks on either side of your bed and light them for me, OK? We’ll be getting to them soon enough. That’s a good boy.” Vince grinned as he carried out the candlesticks.

“So, Darcie, why did you do it?” Elizabeth bit her lip as she thrust three fingers into herself.

“It was a game, it was a stupid game. Charlotte and I were friends, and we both got obsessed with ‘Cruel Intentions’ when we were canlı casino kids, so we thought we’d seduce all the women in the Bible study in the church and then we could watch the videos together and get off. Nobody was supposed to get hurt.”

“And why am I on the Internet? If John finds that, it’s rock solid proof of adultery and grounds for divorce. My marriage is over, my kids are gone.”

“I just felt like I, this is so terrible to say, like I owned you. Like you were this goodie goodie and I had corrupted you and now you’re mine forever. And knowing that other people get off watching us together just made it all so much hotter and sexier for me. I think I have a problem. I think I’m addicted to sex, and I just use people for time.”

Vincent came back into the bathroom, and Elizabeth stood up, her chest and tits still glistening. She stuck her fingers in Darcie’s mouth, who obediently cleaned the fluids off, glad for the contact.

“I guess I should thank you. You’ve awoken something powerful in me.” Elizabeth stepped back and put one leg up on the chair, her arms on the back of it. She locked eyes with Darcie, and demanded “Vince! Fuck me, now!”

Vince shucked off his trousers and boxers, smiled and reached out and felt under Elizabeth’s ass, putting his hand into her wet pussy. “Darcie, Darcie, Darcie. You really did step in it, didn’t you.” He slowly inserted himself into her crotch, grasping onto her hips, drawing them back to lock together with his. Vince exhaled, grabbed Elizabeth’s tit, and started thrusting.

Elizabeth gasped, arched her back and a wide smile broke across her face. She looked at Darcie, whose tears had stopped now; a flush crept across her in face. Her nipples kaçak casino were hard and jutting out. Elizabeth reached out as if to stroke her tit. Darcie’s body tensed, and she bit her lip. She needed so badly to be touched. Elizabeth giggled and moved her hand back to stroke Vincent’s face.

Vincent ran his hand across Elizabeth’s tits, bucking with a passion and fury that he hadn’t known for a long time. Darcie had been just wild for sex when they first got together, but more and more he fell asleep by himself. She would be out late with friends, and he’d be waiting for her to come home, putting the kids to bed by himself. She was always on her phone but he wasn’t allowed to see it. He suspected she was cheating on him, but had no idea how complex it was. His thrusts begin slowing. “Elizabeth, honey, I know you ain’t come yet, but I hate to say, all this excitement has just gotten me over the top. I think I’m gonna come. Do you want me to come pull out and jerk it onto my boxers like Darcie does?”

Darcie flushed and turned her head away, as Elizabeth smirked. “No, go right ahead and come in me. Don’t worry about my orgasm, I’m sure it’ll come. I’ve got a plan.” Before she even spent finished speaking, Vincent was shuddering and filling her full of his jism. He wrapped around his arms around her, crossing his wrists over her chest and squeezing her tits. He kissed her back and her neck. Elizabeth turned around and kissed him sweetly on the mouth. She reached down and grabbed his ass while staring at Darcie.

As they broke their kiss, Vincent stepped back and took a deep breath, his rapidly shrinking cock dripping. Elizabeth put her hand over her crotch to keep his fluids in. “Vincent, honey, be a good boy and get the keys out of my purse.” She grabbed Darcie by the chin and brought her face very close to hers. “Darcie, I’m gonna let you down from there, but from now on, you’re mine. I own you, body and soul. And your sweet little Vincent too.”

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