Entrapped in Her Panties

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As I looked across the bar I noticed a striking blonde haired girl, sat, talking with two friends whilst sipping a drink. She immediately stood out from the crowd with a revealing low cut all in one black dress, carefully groomed hair and the right touch of jewellery. I was alone in a strange town on a business trip, out for a drink after meetings all day. Although I tried not to stare, I realised she was looking over at times and eventually our eyes met for a split second.

As a married man I dismissed the event and put my head down in my beer resolved to another lonely night in the hotel – and never daring to imagine playing away from home.

“Hello, I’m Susan, – are you alone?”

I looked around to see this vision of a woman standing beside me having walked around from her friends to where I was sitting at the bar. Stood up she was even more stunning – in her 4 inch high heels with long legs clad in stockings raising her to all of 6 feet in height. The low cut dress clung onto her wonderful curves and showed an enticing amount of cleavage and just a hint of a lacy pink bra around her ample breasts holding them firmly in place but showing plenty of skin.

“I am here on business and just getting in a drink before going back to the hotel – would you care for one?”………

I couldn’t believe I had just done that, I had always looked at ladies in the past when on trips – but never acted on it – but too late for guilt.

“A Southern Comfort on the rocks would be lovely “– she replied – “where do you come from?”

We spent the next hour small talking, my guilt resulted in me quickly mentioning my wife at home (I had a ring on anyway) but she kept on probing and made me feel very special. A few more drinks went down and the conversation started to drift toward more risqué questions.

“Have you ever experimented with anything kinky?” she asked eventually.

I blushed instantly not knowing quite what to say. “No, not really although I have watched the odd blue film and experimented over the internet a little when I am in my Hotel room on trips?”

“Who’s a naughty boy then” she quickly quipped “you know little things can be a real turn on if you just widen your horizons a little”.

I was now hooked and my cock was beginning to wake up all on its own. I thought I’d push just a little further – “what sort of thing do you mean?” I asked.

“It could be anything, for instance supposing I said I would visit the ladies and bring you back my panties, would you visit the gents and change out of your underpants and put them on under your suit?”

Now things were fast getting a little out of control. I felt my cock strain against my underpants and throb a couple of times – I was not sure, but I think Susan had spotted the bulge and the activity in my trousers – although I was trying not to let her see.

“That is certainly in the kinky field” I admitted “it is the sort of thing I might have fantasised about a little – what would I do with the underpants?”

She gave one of those little grins that said I have you excited and fast coming under my control – and she was right. “You should stand on the toilet seat and throw them out of the window – I would want to search your person to see that you had complied” she answered

I looked a little alarmed and was having second thoughts at this point. But something inside me said what harm would it do – I have spare underpants in the hotel and the more I thought about it the more excited my groin region became.

“And just how would you go about searching my person in a public bar?” I enquired.

Over there is a booth that we can sit down in, masked by the table I will be able to give you a thorough search” she said with a full on stare into my eyes and a pout that was irresistible. “Shall I pay a visit to the ladies?”

The point of no return – my cock and groin by this time had probably been raging hard for over half an hour. I had not noticed the swing in the conversation that she had brought about but in retrospect I realised we had moved to flirting talk some time back.

“OK – shall I get another drink whilst you are gone?”

“Yes please – just take them over to the booth and take a seat – I won’t be long.”

I ordered the drinks plus a double brandy that I shot back in one for Dutch courage and moved to the booth – placing the drinks on the table I shuffled round behind the fixed table looking over to the door labelled ‘Ladies’. It was only a few moments really – but seemed like an hour waiting for her to re-appear. The door opened and out walked the two ladies Susan had been with when I came into the bar – they were chatting and giggling between themselves as they returned to their own booth on the other side of the bar. A few moments later Susan came out – clearly spruced up with makeup touched up and she walked slowly over swinging her shapely hips and smiling at me like a naughty schoolgirl. My cock gave another big throb.

She shuffled into the booth seat beside me canlı bahis and cuddled up close allowing the whole length of her body to come into contact with mine. Another throb.

Then she leant to my ear and said quietly and slowly “I am just placing my wet panties into your pocket for you to go and change into them – remember to throw away your underpants out of the window……….aren’t you just excited?”

At this point I felt her hand move into my trouser pocket and became aware of the small bundle of cloth she was placing there. Whilst in my pocket I felt her take a quick feel of my throbbing cock and she quickly withdrew her hand – but then placed it on my groin not quite touching any part of my genetalia – but tantalising close.

I took a swig of my beer and looked into her eyes. One last bout of guilt flashed across me and I said ” this is just for a bit of fun – right”

“Absolutely – this is just for pure fun” she responded quietly and firmly.

I rose and walked toward the ‘Gents’ and as I approached the door I caught the eyes of Susan’s two friends clearly watching to see if I went in. I tried to look like I had not noticed them at all and quickly entered the facility. As I walked in I wanted to take a piss anyway – my swollen cock felt like it was bottled up so first thing was to stand at the one urinal and do so. Just as I was finishing the door opened and two men entered chatting to each other. One went straight into the only cubicle and without shutting the door stood in front of it – his mate assumed the urinal space I had just vacated and I stood by the sink washing my hands. The conversation between them continued as if I was not there at all.

“The girl in the black dress in the booth at the back looks a bit tasty – wonder if she’s spoken for?” the man in the cubicle shouted over the noise he was making.

“Probably the two girls in the front booth are a better bet” answered his friend ” but the blonde is the best fucking thing I’ve seen in many a moon” he continued.

I pretended to prune my hair after taking a long time to dry my hands and the two guys left without washing their hands and as if I was invisible. I moved to the cubicle and locked myself inside. At this point I extracted the bulge of material from my pocket and looked to see what panties she had given me. They were bright pink with a very elaborate lacy design. They were quite big in the front and were high cut, the back was more like a G string design with a wedge of material where they come out of the bum crack and attach to the waistband. The waistband itself was ornate but quite pronounced and looked like it would do the job of holding up the panties high on the waistline.

My cock had returned to its erect state and gave me a throbbing reminder that I was getting very excited. I sat down on the toilet, removed my shoes, stood up and took off my trousers and underpants in one. I then picked up the panties and slowly put my legs into the holes. As I drew them up over my bulging cock I could not resist giving it a bit of a rub through the lacy material – it felt wonderful and I nearly shot my load there and then. I quickly thought it would be most unfair to mess up Susan’s panties so I quickly withdrew my hand and simmered down a bit – but noticed a small stain of pre-cum was evident.

The panties did come up high on the waist with the back cutting in between my bum cheeks. The amount of material on the front allowed my throbbing cock to strain within the surface area including my now very full sacks underneath. The trimming around my legs was very tight so nothing was hanging out. At this point I put my trousers back on and looked up. Sure enough a small high level slit window was there, allowing some air movement, so I stood on the toilet and threw my underpants out of the window. I then returned quickly to Susan still sitting in the booth.

As I returned she gave me a wide affectionate smile and I sat down next to her again. I gave myself 6 inches or so of a gap – I was beginning to feel guilty again.

“How do they feel?” she asked

By now the guilt was again being taken over by her charm and the tantalising situation I was in. My bulge was back to full strength.

“Very feminine” I tamely noted “I thought I was going to get caught just then but think I got away with it”

“Are the underpants out of the window?” she asked

I confirmed I had done everything as asked and yes my underpants were gone (but then presumably she was now without any panties. That thought brought another throb.)

“Well then – time for my body search” she said as she shuffled back across the six inch gap and linked up with me again. It was at that moment I became aware of the two guys from the Gents looking over and the body language said it all – lucky bugger – and they moved over to Susan’s friends in the opposite booth with a bottle of Bacardi and an ice bucket full of cokes.

Susan moved close to my ear again and started to speak quietly –”let’s see what I can bahis siteleri find?”

Sat on my right, she placed her left arm over my left shoulder her right hand began to explore. She started at the top, placing her hand between my suit jacket and shirt and felt across my shoulders down a bit over my chest – giving a playful pinch on each nipple as her hand moved by – when she reached the pocket level of the jacket she flicked inside to check the underpants were not there and carried on down toward my groin area.

When she reached the belt level she stopped for a moment and all of a sudden quickly dropped down below the table line so she could not be seen from the bar. I looked up and the barman was chatting to a customer well away from us and the two guys were in close conversation with Susan’s friends. No body had noticed.

Susan proceeded to deftly and almost professionally frisk my legs from top to bottom and just before she came back up, she used both hands to undo my belt and trousers and open up my flies. My raging cock sprang forward encased in pink lacy material and in search of some attention. She looked up in an approving way and then just as quickly as she had ducked down she was back beside me with her left arm around me again.

She leaned over to my ear again….” I see you like wearing woman’s panties – your pecker looks like it is rather excited” she whispered.

I went a little red….”It has not tried out anything like this before” I said “it seems to have a mind of its own” I whimpered.

At this point Susan moved her right hand back to my groin region and very lightly rubbed a finger along the lacy material just to one side of my hard cock. The sensation was electric as she didn’t actually touch the penis but caused the material to rub along its length. She also pinched hold of the material a little and pulled on it a bit to give my balls a wake up call (as if they needed it).

“I love a man who can get in touch with his feminine side,” she went on “always makes them feel somewhat vulnerable”

I was certainly feeling that. “How would you like to go to the next stage” she then asked.

This was now getting quite scary; here I was sat in a darkened booth in a bar, next to this gorgeous woman who was not wearing any panties because I had them on. My trousers and flies were undone and a raging hard on enwrapped in pink lacy panties was poking out and Susan was asking if I wanted to go to the next stage! What on earth might that be?

“You are a pretty scary woman” I muttered “what do mean by the next stage”

“Well” she said “I like to get in touch with my dominant side and control the men I have sex with – would you be game?”

Oh…(guilt coming rushing back)…I think this game is really fun but I didn’t want to be unfaithful to my wife” I quickly said.

“That’s ok – she will never find out and I won’t have full sex with you – I just think a bit more play would be fun…what do think” I looked at her and she was just the most lovely creature. As I looked at her she moved her eyes down her dress. The beautiful breasts were clearly excited with her nipples clearly visible through the bra and dress and she had allowed her dress to ride up so the stocking tops and suspenders were clearly visible to me. I think I could just make out a little bit of her naked fanny in the shadows.

The throb in my pink panties again started to get the better of me. “So what does this involve?” I asked.

“Well”, she said, “I will again go to the Ladies and remove my bra and you will follow to the Gents and put it on under your shirt – but this time I will help you fasten the clip so I will sneak in to the Gents once you have given me the all clear. It was the first time I put two and two together and realised the pink bra I had seen the edges of around her cleavage clearly matched with the lacy panties I was now wearing.

After about 45 seconds of hesitation I agreed to the next game-plan. She asked that I do myself up and refurbish the table with drinks whilst she went to remove her bra. I was at the bar getting served when she walked back and quietly whispered “I’m just going to have a quick word with my friends, you drop off the drinks and go to the Gents – stay in there if it is all clear, come back out if it isn’t” she moved over to the table where the guys and their Bacardi seemed to be doing the business – each had paired off with one of the girls and much chatter and laughter was to be heard.

As Susan leaned over to whisper in the ear of one of her friends I moved back to the booth with the drinks – placed them on the table and walked over to the Gents – and went inside. It was empty so I stayed there. Within 30 seconds the door opened and Susan quickly came in and urged me into the cubicle where she joined me – closing the door and locking it behind her. She then placed a single finger over her mouth to indicate that we should remain silent.

The cubicle was small and we were now very close together – me facing her bahis şirketleri and I immediately noticed how her dress now moulded itself to her breasts with nipples proud. The bra was gone. She urged me to take off my jacket and shirt and hung them both on a hook behind her. She then reached into her purse and pulled out the pink lacy bra she had been wearing.

“Turn around and move forward with one leg either side of the toilet pan so I can put this on you” she urged and I complied. She came up behind me and put her arms around me with the bra in one hand. It did not have any straps so she was able to quickly open it out in position and draw the backs around doing up the clasp. She then went back to her purse and drew out two lacy pink straps and fiddled for a moment at the back.

Turning me back around she lent over each shoulder in turn, drawing the straps to the front and fixing them in position on the front of the bra. As she did this she looked me straight in the eyes with that flirtatious slightly evil smile of hers. “Now for me to give you a proper body search for those underpants” she whispered and she moved to undo my belt and flies again.

I was too far gone to resist and my cock was now absolutely aching for relief – by this time the foreplay had amounted to over two hours of constant erection. She pushed down my trousers – quickly taking a long hard stroke of my erect cock through the panties – and ushered me to sit down. Taking off my shoes she was then able to remove my trousers all together and again hung them on the hook behind her.

Turning back to face me she motioned me to stand up again – which I compliantly did and she came up really close again I was aware of her feeling her way around the panties and she suddenly made a quick motion behind my back. I felt the waist band of the panties tighten quite forcibly around me squeezing me in a sort of corset action. I quickly assessed the waist band had some sort of band sewn into them alike the plastic strips they use to handcuff prisoners and as she pulled the strap tightened on a ratchet making a rapid clicking noise. “You would not be feminine without a waistline that matches the curves I can now give you” she said again in a whisper. With this she delved back into her purse and produced two jelly implants to pad out the bra with. “Just humour me for a few more minutes and I’ll make it all worth while for you” she said. With this she stood as far back as possible to look me up and down and gave a knowing grin at her handiwork. At this moment I suddenly began to feel worried but was not sure I could easily over power Susan in this predicament. Susan spotted the little bit of panic setting in.

“One more thing” she said delving back into her purse. Although I looked down I could not see what she took out. “Then I’ll let you get dressed.”

Thank goodness for that I thought – popping out the implants would allow me to look reasonably normal with my suit on again. She manoeuvred me again so I was facing the wall with my back to her and I was peripherally aware of activity behind me. She then gently took hold of one arm at the wrist and placed my hand on the side wall of the cubicle – ” just a moment she said” – and did the same with my other hand placing it on the other side of the cubicle. A few seconds went by and she leant forward and reached around to touch my hard erection directly. My whole groin was now ready to explode with the biggest ever load of cum that I could imagine – and she knew it. She was a master tease and kept on squeezing the right point to deflate me each time I was about to come – but it was absolutely wonderful – I was just in seventh heaven.

During this whole time I stood absolutely rigidly in place so she had her bearings absolutely set and knew where and could sense when to squeeze me again to keep me hanging on. After a few minutes of this attention she stopped – and then made a move under one of my arms to sit on the toilet facing me. She looked up with a grin.

“Can I get dressed now” I asked.

She looked at me and opened her hand uncovering the tube of super glue she had taken from her purse. It was at this moment I realised my hands were in fact solidly fixed to the cubicle sides. No matter how I struggled the whole palm and fingers were stuck solid and I was totally at her mercy.

Oh yes – you can now get dressed she smirked – in fact you are well underway. Just a few measures to ensure you don’t doubt it all. With this she opened the top of the super glue and swiftly placed blobs behind the implant breasts adhering then to my skin. She then followed up with several squeezes of the tube to the straps and places on the bra and then sat down to look at the panties still encasing my erection. She continued to apply blobs of the super glue around the waistband of the panties and the leg seams to absolutely trap me into them. Then with a final flurry she traced the length of my cock with the glue seeping through the lacy material and sealing it along my whole length.

“Just imagine how the nurse will be chuckling when you go to the hospital to get this lot removed” she said now giggling with a very evil laugh. Again I struggled to try and free my hands but they were absolutely glued tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20